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udev-configure-printer-1.5.7-lp151.6.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for ppc64le

Name: udev-configure-printer Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.5.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.6.3 Build date: Wed Dec 12 11:37:42 2018
Group: Hardware/Printing Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 78268 Source RPM: system-config-printer-1.5.7-lp151.6.3.src.rpm
Summary: Utility to autoconfigure printers when plugged
This package contains an utility that will ensure printers get
automatically configured when plugged on the computer.






* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - Add system-config-printer-no-simple-gui.patch: Remove _simple_gui
    class from this class pulls in a GTK stack, but
    then is actually never used (boo#1090189).
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - Do not recommend dbus(com.redhat.NewPrinterNotification) as this
    would pull in desktop applets also on a server installation
* Fri Sep 15 2017
  - Replace some old RPM variables and macros by current constructs.
  - Update package summaries.
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Drop SLE12 conditionals, unconditionally use Adwaita icon theme
    and python3.
    + Drop python3-to-python2.diff.
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Do not recommend the applet directly, but the dbus service
    to allow alternatives to get installed instead
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Add Require python(3)?-gobject-Gdk: pygobject was further split
    in order to be able to install it without X-dependencies. We
    import Gdk from gi.repository, thus also require
    python-gobject-Gdk (boo#984252).
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - Modified python3-to-python2.diff : One of the changes included
    there now comes in fix_connect_dialog_focus.diff.
  - Create a python3-cupshelpers or python-cupshelpers package
    depending on the value of the use_python3 variable.
  - Require python3-cups or python-cups (and the associated
    python3-cupshelpers/python-cupshelpers) depending on the case.
  - Remove %py_requires: It's not really needed.
  - Merge the spec file from SLE12-SP2 and GNOME:Factory
* Fri Jun 03 2016
  - Do not handle template service (configure-printer@) with the
    sytemd service_* macros (boo#982299).
  - Add rpmlintrc to silence the warnings about it.
* Fri May 06 2016
  - Add fix_connect_dialog_focus.diff: Enable the focus on the text
    entry part of the combobox in the Connect Dialog. This way, users
    can edit its content and write the ip of the remote cups server
    to connect to (gh#twaugh/system-config-printer#38).
* Fri Apr 22 2016
  - Add python3-to-python2.diff : Remove all python3 dependencies.
  - Modified python3 dependencies in the spec file too to use python2
    in SLE12.
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
* Tue Nov 17 2015
  - Move system-config-printer to the main package where also the
    respective .desktop file is packaged.
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Add system-config-printer-no-params-to-py3.patch: Do not launch
    udev-add-printer with invalid parameters (boo#942809).
* Thu Aug 06 2015
  - Explicitly BuildRequire pkgconfig(udev): its existence is
    verified in configure.
* Mon Jun 22 2015
  - Own %{_datadir}/appdata for openSUSE:42.
* Fri May 15 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.7:
    + Test device ordering: hp beats dnssd and usb.
    + Fixes for appdata file.
    + Fixed traceback (lp#1213136).
    + Set use_underline=True for previously-stock buttons
    + Increase bus settle time for usb_modeswitch devices
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.6:
    + Don't show traceback messages for missing probe helpers
    + Don't try writing bytecache when running udev-add-printer
    + Don't try decoding already-decoded Unicode (lp#1195974).
    + Fixes for CMD matching (lp#1177978, lp#1171874).
    + Fixed 'Apply' sensitivity when downloading driver.
    + Avoid deprecated things.
    + Handle missing 'functionality' field in returned data for
    + Some fixes for the New Printer dialog.
    + Don't install an OpenPrinting driver if the license is not
* Thu Mar 12 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.5:
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1176443, lp#1186475, lp#1181043, lp#1179590,
      lp#1171469, lp#1397750, lp#1167978, lp#1167978, lp#1167978.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add keyring and .sig file for gpg validation.
* Thu Mar 12 2015
  - Fix system-config-printer-no-openprinting.patch: an indent of one
    block was lost in the last rebase.
  - Require python3-cups instead of cups directly: we require the
    bindings and never speak to cups directly (boo#922000).
  - Add python3-pycurl and python3-requests Requires: needed
    dependencies to start.
* Tue Jan 20 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.4:
    + Updated aclocal.m4.
    + Included an AppData file.
    + Never set SMB Verify button sensitive without checking
      pysmb is available.
    + newprinter: fixed lock handling when OpenPrintingRequest
      is cancelled.
    + newprinter: Don't make installpackage errors completely
    + PhysicalDevice: extract hostname from hp:/net/...?hostname=
      URIs (rh#1154686).
    + If additional utilities are needed, do not
      try to install them twice.
    + Make recognition of HP MFPs with scan functionality actually
      work, instead of considering everything as HP scanner.
    + Check for both /etc/sane.d/dll.d/hpaio and
      /etc/sane.d/dll.d/hplip so that it works with both Red Hat
      and Ubuntu.
    + Import installpackage so that PackageKit-based
      package installation actually works.
    + Use D-Bus directly to communicate with
    + ppdcache: return exception rather than looping.
    + Removed empty translations.
    + timedops: Don't try to remove sources that are already removed.
    + Tell user how to retrieve journal entries as root (rh#1157253).
    + Fixed parsing of HPLIP fax type, as implicit conversion from
      string to int does not work anymore (lp#1369789).
    + Don't treat CUPS IPP conformance failure state reasons as
    + Codec fix for AuthDialog.get_auth_info (rh#1060453).
    + Fix path for screenshots.
    + Added AppData screenshots.
    + Fixed physical device identification.
    + The cupshelpers.ppds.normalize() function is used first now.
    + jobviewer: alweys fetch auth-info-required attribute
    + Don't try installing smb backend a second time.
    + Show New Printer dialog immediately for printer_with_uri mode
    + monitor: another update timer handling issue.
    + Cancel deferred timer on quit (rh#1145388).
    + Moved appdata file back to top level.
    + Fixed Error Policy label content.
    + Changed GtkAlignment xalign/yalign properties to
      halign/valign on child.
    + Dropped xscale/yscale properties.
    + Dropped GtkViewport resize_mode property.
    + Converted GtkAlignment *_padding properties to
      GtkWidget margin_* equivalents.
    + Set orientation of some internal GtkBox widgets.
    + Changed GtkHBox/GtkVBox widgets to GtkBox.
    + Removed GtkAlignment widgets.
    + Refer to button label by id, not parentage.
    + jobviewer: tell monitor which printers to watch.
    + monitor: job-removed when moved out of watched set of printers.
    + jobviewer: React to button-press-event for Move To submenu
    + Catch IPPError when writing server settings (rh#1159584).
  - Changes from version 1.5.0:
    + Don't ask PackageKit to look for drivers for empty
      device IDs.
    + monitor: only run one timer at a time.
    + Don't fill the makes list after downloadable driver
    + OpenPrintingRequest object for grouping queries.
    + Use items() instead of iteritems() with Python 3 dicts.
    + Use items() instead of iteritems() in
      GroupPhysicalDevicesRequest's _group().
    + Fix for automatically adding Bluetooth printers.
    + Memory leak fixes in udev-configure-printer.
    + Don't run gpk-install-package-name directly, use
      installpackage module.
    + Main window: don't try removing the populateList timer
      when not set.
    + monitor: don't try removing the update timer when not set.
  - Changes from version 1.4.7:
    + Use GLib.idle_add, not GObject.idle_add.
    + Take the gdk lock before entering gtk_main() (rh#1052203).
    + Definitive postscriptdriver.prov is in pycups.
    + More Python3 fixes..
    + Fix LPD/LPR Probe (lp#1372213).
    + socket's send() takes bytes and recv() returns bytes.
    + Don't try nested classes, as CUPS forbids it (rh#1140627).
    + Moved DOWNLOADABLE_* config constants to
  - Changes from version 1.4.6:
    + Explicity use /usr/bin/python3.
    + Makefiles consistent for python3.
    + Consistent use of PYTHON env var in Makefile.
    + Python3 changes for pickle handling.
    + Keep device URI field updated.
    + Codec issue fixes.
    + Always show connections for new printers when it makes sense.
    + fix resolution for unicode URIs.
    + Always display error when unable to fetch PPD for remote
      printer (rh#1087052).
    + Use urlparse for decoding DNSSD URLs.
    + Python3 syntax fixes.
    + GUI: chain up to parent constructor.
    + Prevent printer-action menu items being incorrectly sensitive
    + dbus: reload PPDSs in FetchedPPDS safely.
    + dbus: rewrite openprinting search as async and call destroy
      on NP dialog.
    + Revert "Don't download OpenPrinting drivers in D-Bus service
    + Don't call Gtk.evengs_pending() in nextNPTab (rh#1052203).
    + Explicitly use /usr/bin/python3 in udev-add-printer
    + More robust argument handling in udev-configure-printer.
    + Use Gtk main loop in D-Bus service (rh#1116756).
    + Fixed type causing bluetooth queues not to be removed.
    + use subprocess.DEVNULL instead of std...=file(/dev/null,...).
    + Don't set subprocess's stdout to non-writable fd.
    + Fixed __cmp__ conversion to ruch comparisons (lp#1364196).
  - Adjusted BuildRequires for Python3 Port:
    + Removed: python-devel, python-xml, dbus-1-python, python-cairo,
      python-gobject, python-smbc.
    + Added: python3-devel, python3-lxml, dbus-1-python3,
      python3-cairo, python3-gobject, python3-smbc.
* Fri Oct 24 2014
  - Update system-config-printer-no-openprinting.patch: do not crash
    when printing a traceback. As we disable openprinting, our
    status is always 403 and the noise of a traceback not welcome
* Sun Jul 13 2014
  - Use Adwaita-icon-theme on openSUSE 13.2 (GNOME 3.14):
    gnome-icon-theme merged the multiple subpackages and was renamed
    to adwaita-icon-theme. The presence of the icon is responsibility
    of GTK 3.
    + Conditional BuildRequires / icon location:
    - openSUSE > 13.1: adwaita.
    - openSUSE <= 13.1: gnome.
* Fri Jul 11 2014
  - Update to version 1.4.5:
    + Some codec fixes.
    + Traceback fixes.
    + IPv6 address entry fix.
    + Auth info saving improvement.
    + Some loop/hang bug fixes.
    + Use LockButton for fewer auth dialogs.
  - Rebase system-config-printer-Gtk-introspect.patch.
* Tue Mar 25 2014
  - Update to version 1.4.4:
    + Some UI fixes.
    + D-Bus signature decorator fix.
    + Job authentication fixes.
    + Makefile fixes.
    + Model names are now sorted by normalized name.
  - Add system-config-printer-no-applet-in-gnome.patch: do not start
    printer applet in GNOME (rh#677676).
* Tue Feb 04 2014
  - Remove old python bindings dependencies which are replaced by
    gobject-introspection typelib ones: python-gnomekeyring,
    python-gtk, python-notify.
  - Add python-cairo as dependency, was pulled before by python-gtk.
* Sun Dec 01 2013
  - Update to version 1.4.3:
    + Make GnomeKeyring integration work with GIR.
    + Fix module name when retrieving item from keyring.
    + Use correct key to determine if auth is required.
    + More debug output for the OpenPrinting database query module.
    + Assign the driver type "pdf" with higher priority than the
      driver type "exact-cmd".
    + Bugs fixed: lp##653132, lp##1220066, rh##1009865, rh##1018191,
      rh##1017561, rh#1004753, rh#1003219
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Nov 28 2013
  - Add system-config-printer-Gtk-introspect.patch: Require Gtk 3.0
    typelibs. We know we can't use Gtk 2.0 (bnc#852450).
  - Require system-config-printer from -applet instead of only
    system-config-printer-common (bnc#852842).
* Tue Aug 20 2013
  - Update to version 1.4.2:
    + Bugs fixed: rh#998277, rh#994506, rh#989096, rh#989050,
      rh#986939, rh#984284, rh#957733, rh#979119, rh#978970,
      rh#975705, rh#975058, rh#974845, rh#973662, rh#971973,
      rh#971404, rh#971548, rh#971459, rh#971417, rh#970646,
      rh#969846, rh#968142, rh#965771, rh#962207, rh#964673,
      rh#965678, rh#957444, rh#961882, rh#965678.
* Fri May 10 2013
  - Update to version 1.4.1:
    + Make man page and --help output consistent.
    + Bugs fixed: rh#957343, rh#957444, rh#951710, rh#915483,
      rh#950162, rh#948240.
* Mon Apr 15 2013
  - Update to version 1.4.0:
    + Support for firewalld.
    + Use gi.repository throughout.
    + Removed old bits (gtk_label_autowrap and gtkspinner).
    + Some locking fixes.
  - Drop system-config-printer-fix-name-of-udev-helper.patch: fixed
  - Rebase system-config-printer-no-openprinting.patch.
  - Add gobject-introspection BuildRequires: needed to get automatic
    typelib() requires.
* Mon Feb 11 2013
  - Add system-config-printer-fix-name-of-udev-helper.patch to fix
    udev-configure-printer to be called at all.
* Thu Nov 29 2012
  - Add python-pycurl Requires to python-cusphelpers subpackage, as
    pycurl is imported from cupshelpers/
* Mon Nov 05 2012
  - Ensure that the udev related files are installed in the correct
    path (/usr/lib/udev).
* Tue Oct 09 2012
  - Update to version 1.3.12:
    + Fixed udev rules so a systemd service is created for the device
    + Cleaned up systemd service description.
    + udev: Allow remove to take the same format address.
    + Catch-all for gnomekeyring exceptions (bgo#859760).
  - Fix %post/%postun scripts to reference the new service name (and
    do not handle demo.service; an obvious copy/paste error).
* Tue Aug 14 2012
  - Update to version 1.3.11:
    + Fixed most recent change in cupshelpers: The cupshelpers config
      module was not being imported.
* Thu Aug 02 2012
  - Update to version 1.3.10:
    + Changed application name in desktop file
    + Use cups-config to determine serverbin directory
    + Improved sorting of device lists
    + Add "--show-jobs" command line option
    + Use hpcups instead of ps with HP LaserJet 12xx/13xx
    + Suppress misleading notifications (lp#855379)
    + PDF printer support
    + Various enhancements on udev-configure-printer.
  - Replace libudev-devel and libusb-compat-devel BuildRequires with
    pkgconfig(libusb-1.0), following upstreams change.
  - Add pkgconfig(libudev) BuildRequires: it was pulled in implicit
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Pass --with-systemdsystemunitdir=%{_unitdir} to configure to
    have the systemd service files installed
  - Add systemd BuildRequires in order to have the %{_unitdir} macro
  - Drop xz BuildRequires, as it now comes for free with the build
* Fri Mar 02 2012
  - Update to version 1.3.9:
    + Improved output from check-device-ids script.
    + Don't warn about changed cupsGetPPD3 behaviour in CUPS 1.5.3.
    + Avoid temporary file leaks.
    + Handle file disappearances when caching PPDs (rh#786232).
    + Fixed several debugprints (rh#785581).
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Feb 05 2012
  - Update to version 1.3.8:
    + Use pycurl 'https' support for openprinting (CVE-2011-4405)
    + Really fix SMB probing in PrinterFinder.
    + Require newer pycups; drop compatibility code.
    + Don't penalise pxlmono now that rh#661814 is fixed in
    + Several fixes related to cups authentication.
    + Various other code changes.
    + Bugs fixed: rh#743446, rh#751610, rh#755913, bgo#757520,
      rh#772112, bnc#735322, lp#653132, lp#653132, lp#653132,
      lp#844976, lp#874445, lp#653132.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop system-config-printer-subprocess-no-shell.patch: fixed
  - Rebase system-config-printer-no-openprinting.patch.
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - Fix coding errors caught by Stephen Shaw <> in
* Thu Dec 08 2011
  - Add system-config-printer-subprocess-no-shell.patch: avoid
    escaping issues when running commands. Fix bnc#735322.
* Tue Dec 06 2011
  - Add system-config-printer-no-openprinting.patch: this disables
    the feature where PPD drivers can be downloaded from See discussion in bnc#733542. As a side-effect,
    this fixes CVE-2011-4405.
* Wed Oct 26 2011
  - Modified categories in .desktop file so that it is grouped with
    "System" applications in the desktop menus (bnc#714333)
* Thu Oct 06 2011
  - Update to version 1.3.7:
    + Show private job attributes for "my jobs" (rh#742279).
    + Enable Test Page button when application/postscript is
    + Some preferreddrivers.xml fixes (lp#855412).
    + Handle errors saving troubleshoot.txt (lp#789602).
    + Removed some stale code.
    + Make connections list more easily accessible (lp#842092).
    + Improved handling of remote CUPS queues via DNS-SD, and IPP
    + Better display of CUPS servers from "Find Network Printer".
    + Fixed SMB method for printer finder.
    + Don't handle tooltips during mainloop recursion (rh#664044,
    + Fixed bold print of tab labels on option conflicts.
    + Preserve installable options on driver change.
    + Update printer properties dialog correctly when PPD changed.
    + Fixed typo triggered by private job attributes (lp#827573).
    + Marked some translatable strings that weren't (rh#734313).
* Tue Sep 06 2011
  - Split the main subpackage in various smaller subpackages, to
    enable more fine-grained dependencies (gnome-control-center only
    needs the dbus service, and we don't want to force people to
    install the whole system-config-printer in that case):
    - Create common subpackage that contains files common to more
      than one subpackage.
    - Create applet subpackage that contains the notification icon
      monitoring printing stuff when the user is logged in.
    - Create dbus-service subpackage that contains the dbus service.
    - Rename lang subpackage to common-lang, so that it gets
      installed with the common subpackage.
    - Make all those subpackages depend on the common subpackage, for
      obvious reasons.
    - Add other dependencies between those subpackages:
      . Add applet subpackage Recommends to main subpackage: it makes
      sense to have the applet if the main tool is installed.
      . Add dbus-service subpackage Requires to applet subpackage:
      the applet relies on the dbus service to manage jobs.
    - Move dbus-1-python, python-cups, python-cupshelpers,
      python-gnomekeyring, python-gobject, python-gtk, python-notify,
      python-smbc Requires from main subpackage to common subpackage
      since all those python modules can be used by the various
    + Remove unneeded dbus-1-x11 and desktop-file-utils Requires.
    + Add a system-config-printer-applet Recommends to
    udev-configure-printer: the udev tools create a notification for
    the user if the applet is installed.
    + Make python-cupshelpers noarch.
    + Move the com.redhat.PrinterDriversInstaller.conf dbus
    configuration file to python-cupshelpers, where it really
    belongs (since this is where the dbus server is implemented).
    + Drop support for openSUSE <= 11.1.
* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - Update to version 1.3.6:
    + Allow entering @,?,=,& characters in Device URI text field
    + IPPAuthConnection: avoid traceback (Ubuntu #828030).
    + Removed PackageKit client code in missingPackagesAndExecutables
    + Properties dialog: make OK button sensitive even when no
      changes to save (lp#444280).
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Aug 24 2011
  - Also provide icon of size 256x256 (bnc#713902)
* Sat Jul 30 2011
  - Update to version 1.3.5:
    + Expose more things via D-Bus: driver selection, missing
      executables checking, and physical device grouping.
    + Bug fixes:
    - Fixed cupsFilter search in missing executables check.
    - Use PackageKit to resolve missing executable filenames to
      packages, instead of having a static mapping in the source
    - Fixed DNSSD hostname resolution.
    - Fixed firewall code to handle json errors when used with the
      older system-config-firewall D-Bus service.
    - Fixed LPD probing (rh#726383).
    - Use "hostname" instead of "IP address" when asking for names
      of browse servers (rh#726134).
* Sun Jul 17 2011
  - Update to version 1.3.4:
    + udev:
    - Don't rely on retriggering printers; enumerate them from
      systemd instead.
    - Don't complain about missing/invalid device ID for devices
      we've already handled.
    + UI:
    - Removed unused Printer Groups feature.
    - Don't show "No printers configured" page if the printers are
      filtered in any way.
    - URL-quote URIs when using "Find Network Printer" (lp#808137).
    - Downloadable drivers: don't display printers for which there
      are no drivers (rh#668154).
    - Kerberos support for the SMB 'Verify' button (requires new
      enough pycups).
    - Removed IPP/HTTP device screen in favour of "Enter URI"
    - Converted ComboBoxEntry widgets to Entry+EntryCompletion in
    - Robustness in ppdsloader in the face of errors (lp#766818).
    - Changed Make/Model/State labels into GtkEntry widgets so
      contents are always fully selectable (rh#719217).
    - Convert iters to paths before comparing (rh#717062,
      lh#791690, trac#221).
    - Set translation domain in D-Bus service (lp#783967).
    - Ensure consistency in jobviewer if add_job fails (rh#693055,
    + Driver preferences:
    - Avoid PostScript for HP LaserJet 2100 Series (rh#710231).
    - Raised priority for SpliX driver (lp#793741).
    + Other:
    - Adjusted test code in so it doesn't look like a
      tempfile vulnerability.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add xz BuildRequires to be able to decompress the tar.xz source.
* Sat Jul 02 2011
  - Move %{_sysconfdir}/cupshelpers/preferreddrivers.xml to
    python-cupshelpers subpackage as the file is from there.
  - Own %{_sysconfdir}/cupshelpers to fix build.
* Thu Jun 09 2011
  - Remove python-gnome Requires as no modules from python-gnome are
  - Add missing python-gnomekeyring Requires.
  - Change python-gobject2 Requires to python-gobject, following the
    package renaming.
* Fri Jun 03 2011
  - Update to version 1.3.3:
    + Main application:
    - Allow % character in SMB URI (lp#747400).
    - More error handling (lp#744783).
    - Avoid traceback if printer duplication fails (rh#694629).
    - Fixed off-by-one error in monitor.
    - Fixed printer renaming (lp#726954).
    + Printer Properties dialog:
    - Added PrinterModified D-Bus signal to printer properties
    - More robustness for printer properties dialog when printer
      removed (lp#741987).
    + New Printer dialog:
    - Fixed PPDs loader when using CUPS remotely or when DBus not
      available (rh#693515).
    - Handle failure to load PPDs more gracefully (lp#742409).
    - Avoid traceback when cancelling New Printer dialog after
    - Make sure everything is ready before handlers might be called
    + Job Viewer:
    - Ensure consistency in jobviewer if add_job fails (rh#693055,
    - Be defensive against CUPS returning incorrect job IDs
    + Other bits:
    - More uses of
    - udev-configure-printer: be more defensive when parsing CUPS
      response (lp#760661).
    + Other bugs fixed: lp#733088, lp#748964, lp#759811, lp#777188.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed May 18 2011
  - Update to version 1.3.2:
    + Main application:
    - rh#685098: Set connected state when connecting to server
    - Handle the situation where cupsd has died/restarted more
    - Renamed ui/*.ui -> ui/*.glade again, fixing translations.
    + Printer Properties dialog:
    - lp#729966: Just hide Printer Properties dialog on
    - Extra job options: print-quality, printer-resolution,
    - Automatically show horizontal scrollbar in job options screen
    - Ignore "output-mode-default" attribute as it is not settable.
    - Handle IPP_TAG_RESOLUTION types (requires pycups-1.9.55).
    - Don't traceback if option value cannot be handled.
    - rh#679103: Fixed traceback in
    + New Printer dialog:
    - rh#685091: Handle URIs in Find Network Printer entry, and use
      'Enter URI' instead of 'Other'
    - trac#213: Use "Do It Later" instead of "Cancel" for adjust
      firewall dialog
    - rh#680683: Fixed an instance where NewPrinterGUI might not
      have self.printers set
    - IPPHostname can contain colon (to specify port).
    - Fixed automatic driver installation when changing the driver.
    - Removed stale code left over from conversion to gobjects.
    - Ensure all uses of ppdsloader supply the Device ID.
    - Fixed some small typos in newprinter --help output.
    - rh#680288: Prevent traceback after 2nd drivers search dialog
      is cancelled
    + Driver handling:
    - Activated and fixed testing mode for device ID/driver
    - Match HP-Fax2/3/... PPDs, as well as Ubuntu/Debian hpijs-ppds
    - preferreddrivers.xml: Identify hpcups and hpijs fax PPDs.
    - Match native hpijs driver (drv:///hp/hpijs.drv/...) as hpijs.
    - Handle Ubuntu locations of hpcups.drv and hpijs.drv.
    - preferreddrivers.xml: match OpenPrinting gutenprint PPD names
      as gutenprint.
    - Removed DES field check altogether.
    - xmldriverprefs.test: show order more clearly.
    - Make xmldriverprefs.test() debugging optional.
    - More debugging during PPD selection.
    - Prefer foomatic PostScript drivers before PCL drivers (except
      foomatic-recommended ones).
  - Update to version 1.3.1:
    + Fixed traceback due to libsane-hpaio installation check.
    + Removed duplicate method definition.
    + Defer calls to populateList initiated by monitor.
    + firewall: fixed cache behaviour.
    + Fixed page sequence when adding a printer with an
      exactly-matching driver.
  - Update to version 1.3.0:
    + Only show maintenance buttons when capable (rh#658564).
    + Compare printer make/model names only by words and numbers
      (like they sound).
    + XML-based driver preference rules.
    + Don't use status icon when notification server supports
    + Fetch Device ID for existing device when changing PPD, allowing
      a more complete choice of drivers.
    + Include generic drivers as candidates whenever CMD field is
    + Show all ID-matched drivers when adding a new printer.
    + Speed-ups in cupshelpers.ppds.ppdMakeModelSplit.
    + PPDs: Use ppd-product values to add to make/model list.
    + Show number of processing / pending jobs (rh#606868).
    + PPDs are now cached, with support for If-Modified-Since.
    + Adjust the firewall for SMB browsing.
    + Start CUPS service if not already started (rh#577226).
  - Rebase system-config-printer-icon-brp-friendly.patch.
  - Drop system-config-printer-firewall-menu.patch: no longer needed.
    This means we can remove the gnome-patch-translation
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
      least one desktop file.
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
  - Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
    english documentation is not there anymore.
* Wed Oct 13 2010
  - Update to version 1.2.5:
    + Do not accept some invalid characters in various entries.
    + Add examples of IPP URI to NewPrinterWindow (rh#575795).
    + Delete Bluetooth printer's queue when unpaired.
    + Create ~/.printer-groups.xml only when group is created.
    + Add CMD-field matching for PPDs (rh#630058).
    + Save name of PPD which matches best to the detected printer,
      not only make/model.
    + Mark more strings as translatable.
    + Fix some crashes.
    + Small improvements and fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 24 2010
  - Update to version 1.2.4:
    + udev helper: use CUPS defaults when connecting.
    + Blacklist certain printer state reasons (rh#520815).
    + Exclude dnssd backend from udev search.
    + Do not error out on missing firewall D-Bus service.
    + Prioritize HP's hpcups driver against HPIJS.
    + Improvements for setting up Bluetooth printers.
    + udev-configure-printer: Match usblp, libusb, HPLIP, and USB
      device file URIs.
    + Fill the queue list when clicking "Probe" in LPD printer setup
    + Remove the ":9100" from discovered "socket://..." URIs.
    + Integration of the dnssd CUPS backend and assosiation of DNS-SD
      names and IPs.
    + When setting up a printer search for local drivers before
      searching the internet.
    + Access OpenPrinting via the web query API with redirect
    + Prioritize DNS-SD-based URIs against IP-based URIs.
    + On discovered network printers do not only cache make and model
      but also the device ID.
    + Fix recognition of remote CUPS queues when setting up an IPP
    + Avoid connecting to cups twice in PPDsLoader.
    + Make udev-configure-printer work for Bluetooth.
    + rh#618357: Changed shebang in executables
    + Various other bug fixees.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase system-config-printer-icon-brp-friendly.patch
* Sat Aug 07 2010
  - Clean up update to 1.2.3.
  - Force installation of udev rules and helpers in /lib/udev instead
    of /etc/udev, since the default is to put a binary in /etc/udev,
    which is wrong.
* Wed Jul 07 2010
  - Update to version 1.2.3:
    + Add Bluetooth auto-config to udev-configure-printer.
    + Make sure automatically-created queues will work.
    + Don't add queues for Graphtec devices.
    + Use sysconfdir for udev rules.
    + UI improvements.
    + Bug fixes.
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 1.2.2:
    + Resolve DNS-SD hostnames for physical device comparison.
    + Handle connection failures to cups better.
    + UI improvements.
    + Bug fixes.
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 1.2.1:
    + Many improvements in check-device-ids.
    + Use cups-pk-helper method for canceling jobs.
    + Add 25%, 50% and 75% level markers in the inklevel widget.
    + Improve Firewall interaction (Fedora-specific).
    + Fix a few crashes.
    + Bug fixes.
    + Updated translations
  - Add glib2-devel BuildRequires.
  - Rebase system-config-printer-icon-brp-friendly.patch.
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - Update to version 1.2.0:
    + The my-default-printer application has been removed.
    + Printer drivers are automatically installed when possible.
    + The basic/advanced server settings dialogs have been merged.
    + PPDs are now fetched asynchronously.
    + The job viewer has seen many improvements.
    + Updated translations.
  - remove fixme regarding polkit-1: current configure would not
    even know about it.
  - Rebase system-config-printer-icon-brp-friendly.patch to apply
    without fuzz.
* Sat Feb 27 2010
  - Update to version 1.1.93:
    + Display a warning when the wrong IEEE 1284 ID is detected
    + rh#566938: catch RuntimeError in when
      cupsGetPPD2 fails
    + Removed HP and Kyocera IEEE 1284 Device ID hacks
    + Increased new printer notification timeout to 20 minutes.
    + Added simple program to check IEEE 1284 Device IDs against PPDs
    + Update translations.
* Sun Feb 21 2010
  - Update to version 1.1.92:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Use stock 'add' icon for new-printer button (lp#394071)
    - Use gtk.STOCK_ instead of gtk- throughout
    - Avoid clearing selecting device settings when adding a
    - Update the PolicyKit code to use the correct signature for
    - ppsloader: avoid traceback
    - Set timeout for InstallPrinterDrivers D-Bus call
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 10 2010
  - Update to version 1.1.91:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Make it obvious when a printer is disabled.
    - Update 'Time submitted' column when clicking Refresh in job
    - Fixed traceback when renaming a printer.
    - Fixed async pycups fallback again.
    - Fixed statereason localization for raw queues (rh#558156).
    - Set model for LPD queue ComboEntry.
    - Only add current device to list when all devices found
    - When retrying authentication as another user, forbid
    - Use tooltips in jobs treeview.
    - Avoid non-zero page sizes in SpinButton adjustments.
    - Only show jobs for selected printers in job viewer.
    - Better error handling when renaming a printer (rh#561182).
    - Troubleshooter checks local SELinux file contexts.
    - Fixed drop-down list for connection dialog.
    - Avoid crash filling makes list when no make detected
    - Fixed automatic driver assignment via applet.
    - Minor bugfixes and HIG fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jan 20 2010
  - Update to version 1.1.90:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Parse foomatic's special DRV Device ID field (rh#550108).
    - Driver selection fixes (rh#550075).
    - Remove my-default-printer application.
    - Handle cancelJob's optional purge_job parameter in PolicyKit1
    - Changed 'Clear job' to 'Delete job'.
    - Make sure the printer we added still exists before selecting
      it (rh#551436).
    - Set notification timeouts appropriately (rh#550829).
    - "Copy" action in context menu is now called "Duplicate".
    - Make sure there are enough ink level values (rh#541882).
    - Reinstated job completion notifications with better text.
    - Remove job attributes viewer tabs for jobs that have been
    - Use asyncconn for canceling/deleting jobs.
    - Ability to retrieve job files which have been preserved.
    - Set D-Bus timeout when calling asynchronously.
    - Restore option values for serial device.
    - Fixed window modality and transience.
    - PrinterDriversInstaller implementation: this is a system bus
      service to install drivers via PackageKit.
    - Use asyncconn to fetch PPDs.
    - Don't rely on cups-pk-helper being around (rh#556170).
    - Make sure serial device widgets are always initialized
    - Clean up temporary files when localizing statereason
    - Removed support for installing HP's proprietary plug-in.
    - Fix various tracebacks (rh#550442, rh#550437, rh#553141,
      rh#554372, rh#554268, rh#555552).
    - Avoid leaking resources.
    - Code cleanups.
    - Updated translations.
    + udev-configure-printer/udev-add-printer:
    - avoid traceback when no CMD field present.
    - try to install drivers first.
  - Update system-config-printer-icon-brp-friendly.patch after
    my-default-printer removal.
  - Remove system-config-printer-hide-my-default-printer.patch:
    my-default-printer was removed.
* Wed Dec 23 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.16:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Don't fail if smbc module is not available.
    - Don't overwrite BrowsePoll settings with basic settings
      dialog (rh #543986).
    - Fixed cupsd.conf parsing when lines begin with blanks
    - Constraints handling fix.
    - Clear device screen each time a new dialog is presented.
    - Prefer Foomatic/hpijs to hpcups for the time being.
    - Rearchitecture code for more asynchronous code, and use it to
      fetch the device list in a safe way.
    - Adapted to new pycups API for cupsSetPasswordCB2.
    - Ignore state reason.
    - Fix various tracebacks.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Dec 16 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.15:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Fix a traceback.
    - Don't update properties if apply failed (rh#542503).
  - Changes from version 1.1.14:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Avoid unnecessary "publish printers" dialog.
    - Translate job-hold-until and retry-current-job values.
    - Attempt to discover whether the firewall needs adjusting.
    - Iconify jobs window into status icon.
    - Handle hpcups driver for 5400 series in test suite.
    - Added SMB support to 'Find Network Printer'.
    - Fixed device fetch when not using polkit-1.
    - Cancel PrinterFinder when new-printer dialog closes.
    - Added IPP and JetDirect support to 'Find Network Printer'.
    - Use the correct URI for probed CUPS queues.
    - Better order for network printer probes.
    - Use make-and-model to guess the PPD driver for a discovered
      printer, if no device ID is available.
    - Improve default name of printer, when the name already
    - Auto-select raw queue correctly when changing PPD.
    - Attempt to determine make and model of network printers
    - Don't display properties dialog for first test page
    - Fixed visibility tracking for jobs window.
    - Strip 'zjs', 'zxs', 'pcl3' from make-and-model (rh#531048).
    - Added support for custom state reasons.
    - Catch IPP errors when updating from notified events
    - Fail nicely if new printer is deleted during test page prompt
    - Suggest installing foomatic-db-ppds when appropriate.
    - Install the foomatic package if foomatic-rip is missing.
    - Retry when reconnection (due to authentication) fails
    - Various small bug and UI fixes.
    - Various code improvements.
    - Fix various tracebacks.
    + udev-configure-printer/udev-add-printer:
    - Build system fixes.
* Sat Oct 10 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.13:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Use correct statereason level icon names.
    - Handle icon load failure gracefully.
    - Fix cleaning of TurboPrint PPD listings of CUPS 1.4.x.
    - Avoid error dialog after cancelling operation via PolicyKit
    - Fetch devices in a separate thread to avoid blocking
    - Add polkit-1 support, and make it conditional on "configure
    - -with-polkit-1".
    - Fixed traceback with older versions of GTK+.
    - Fixed proxy authentication.
    - Allow PPD/device changes for raw queues.
    - Extended TimedOperation class to allow callbacks
    - Fixed cupspk support for DevicesGet
    - Allow parameters to cupshelpers.getDevices
    - Allow for more than one spinner task
    - Use callbacks when fetching devices
    - Fixed spinner UI bug
    - Fixed cancellation in TimedOperation class
    - Fetch network devices as soon as local devices are received
    - Make sure to cancel the fetchDevices callback when not needed
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase system-config-printer-firewall-menu.patch to apply with
* Wed Aug 26 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.12:
    + system-config-printer:
    - Don't get tripped up by "-" when checking for missing
    - HP's Bluetooth printers return a model name with added "_BT"
      in their device ID.
    - Added support for localized marker names
    - Fixed parenting of WaitWindow when adding printer.
    - Don't attempt to use PolicyKit if we are root.
    - Support for cups-pk-helper's DevicesGet method.
    - Use modern gtk tooltip support.
    - Fixed typo handling exceptions from
    - Use set_default_size instead of setting width and height
    - Fixed missing treeview update in properties dialog.
    - Fixed identification of CUPS native gutenprint drivers.
    - Prefer native CUPS drivers to foomatic drivers.
    - Busy/ready cursor handling fixes.
    - Use separate thread for verifying IPP queue.
    - Set an appropriate status icon tooltip when configuring
    - Fixed cupspk handling of disabling a printer.
    - Show a 'paused' emblem for disabled printers.
    - Use preferred object path for AuthenticationAgent.
    - Kill job creation times timer on the jobviewer is destroyed.
    - Only update job creation times once per minute at rest.
    - Job status icon and state reason in jobs treeview.
    - Show rejecting printers as insensitive.
    - Added experimental package tagging for PPD files.
    - Removed notification when job has completed.
    - Fixed applet traceback when printing test page.
    - Don't allow Back/Forward to lose troubleshooting diagnostic
    - Code cleanups.
    + udev-configure-printer/udev-add-printer:
    - Compare MFG and MDL case-insensitively.
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Aug 08 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.11:
    + udev-configure-printer/udev-add-printer:
    - don't add fax queue if already present
    - don't fork if DEBUG environment variable set
    - Enable/disable queues with paired device URIs
    - use '/' as delimiter when examining device URI
    - make sure we don't configure the same printer twice
    - Don't set USB configuration in udev-configure-printer
    - Serialize CUPS-Get-Devices requests
    - Exit early in udev-configure-printer if device already mapped
      to URIs
    - don't require pycups 1.9.46 just yet
    - Fixed name uniqueness checking
    - Notify the correct printer name
    - create fax queues using prefix of printer queue
    - fixed duplicate devpath check
    - fixed removal when cupsd not running
    + system-config-printer:
    - Use case-insensitive matching when cleaning up the PPD nick
      names to get the model names for the make/model/driver list
    - Made extracting make and model from the NickName of
      TurboPrint PPDs working again
    - Made the field for freely typing in an URI actually work
    - Better method of determining current device URI
    - Printer icon should not show 'printing' when job stopped
    - Updates for hplip 3.9.6
    - Let the checks for adding a device to a physicaldevice object
      parse HPLIP URIs correctly to extract the host name/IP from
    - jobviewer: notice jobs that have stopped due to backend
    - Fixed cupspk's implementation of adminGetServerSettings()
    - A warning is given that renaming destroys print job history
    - Small improvements for printer rename confirmation
    - API improvement in cupshelpers: limit job fetches
    - troubleshoot: treat http and https schemes as potential CUPS
    - Make properties dialog OK button insensitive when no changes
    - Validate BrowsePoll entries
    + Code cleanups and plug leaks.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Aug 05 2009
  - Fix build on 11.1 and earlier: we don't want the udev helpers
* Thu Jul 23 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.10:
    + Support for HPLIP 3.9.6.
    + Fixed 'location' field for printers added remotely.
    + Avoid traceback when adding new printer.
    + Parse nmblookup failures correctly.
    + Avoid non-fatal traceback when adding IPP printer.
    + Make sure we find https URIs from https backend.
    + Prevent traceback on IPP notification after properties dialog
    + Fixed incorrect authentication in the troubleshooter.
    + Arrows for adding and removing class members are sensitive only
      if something is selected.
    + Small fix for class members arrows: always de-sensitise buttons
      after use.
    + Another fix for selecting an added printer.
    + Spot stopped jobs with CUPS 1.4 as well.
    + Map gutenprint filenames to the package name.
    + Use gpk-install-package-name to install packages, not the PK
      D-Bus API.
    + Always update the jobviewer status icon on job events.
    + Fixed UI oddities when changing PPD/device.
    + Avoid possible traceback when receiving printer-added-events.
    + Fixed initial radio button selection for SMB authentication.
    + Make sure to URL-encode usernames and passwords correctly.
    + Don't run Properties dialog on new printer.
    + Don't mention the job number in completed jobs notification.
    + Check exit codes for child processes.
    + Removed IPP browser.
    + Improved matching of printer model names.
    + Added PIXMA comment to test suite.
    + Efficiency fixes for PPDs Device ID matching.
    + Fixed --debug option for PPDs self-test function.
    + Efficiency and readability improvements in PPDs Device ID
    + Avoid cups.setServer/setPort.
    + Fixed incorrect "printer not shared on server" message.
    + Drop libsexy support in favour of GTK+ 2.17's equivalent.
    + Avoid reloading all PPDs when calls to jockey fail.
    + Small speed-up (0.09s) for the case where jockey is not
    + Don't reload all PPDs if the query has already finished.
    + 75% speed improvement in ppdMakeModelSplit().
    + New udev-based queue configuration system.
    + Improve window size.
    + Fixed hang on start-up when trying to resize the window.
    + Fixed tracebacks in cupshelpers.ppds test suite.
    + Fixed Device ID matching for HPLIP PPDs.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add cups-devel, libudev-devel, libusb-compat-devel BuildRequires.
  - Pass --with-udev-rules to configure.
  - Package the udev helpers in udev-configure-printer. This package
    Obsoletes cups-autoconfig, since the new udev helpers now do this
  - Split cupshelpers python module in python-cupshelpers package
    since it's needed by udev-configure-printer.
  - Drop system-config-printer-cups-autoconfig-notifications.patch:
    we will now use the udev tool and we will receive notifications
    without this patch.
* Mon Jul 20 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.8 (this is not a complete list of changes
    since upstream uses git, but some changes aren't listed in
    + Set relaxed PPD conformance
    + Fixed URI parsing when verifying IPP URIs
    + Set glade's textdomain in the jobviewer (lp#341765)
    + Made hp-plugin call also working with HPLIP 3.9.2
    + Adjusted border padding for New Printer window
    + Use ValueError in PhysicalDevice to indicate device is
    + Import debugprint in cupspk
    + Fixes on automatic printer model selection and suggestion of
      queue name
    + Style and efficiency improvements
    + Fixed XmlHelper crash on invalid XML file (lp#370469)
    + Clean up temporary PPD files when we're finished with them
    + Reconnect to CUPS if the connection gets lost during the
      installation of a driver from OpenPrinting
    + Scroll to new job if it was added just above the visible range
    + Use grey ink-drop when there is no marker-colors value
    + Fixed conversion from broken-down UTC time to simple UNIX time
      for held jobs
    + Track printer state changes for the printer context menu
    + Removed some stale code in cupshelpers
    + Make sure the job context menu cannot get out of date
    + Select a newly-added printer
    + Make troubleshooter work again by disabling cupspk for it
* Wed Apr 15 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.7 (this is not a complete list of changes
    since upstream uses git, but some changes aren't listed in
    + Prevent some tracebacks
    + Various improvements for printer model identification
    + Added support for https device URIs showing the IPP screen
    + Efficiency fixes
    + Do not use setlocale() for locale-independent
      uppercase/lowercase conversion
    + jobviewer: don't abort if we couldn't show a notification
* Sat Mar 14 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.6 (this is not a complete list of changes
    since upstream uses git, but some changes aren't listed in
    + Use setlocale() to save current LC_CTYPE value, not getlocale()
    + Don't try search for a model series if there are no digits in
      the model name
    + Adapted D-Bus policy file to the new D-Bus defaults
    + Better PPD fallback searching.
    + Strip " hpijs" from PPD names.
* Fri Mar 06 2009
  - Update to version 1.1.5 (this is not a complete list of changes
    since upstream uses git, but some changes aren't listed in
    + UI improvements in the new printer dialog.
    + Include local printer attributes in diagnostic output.
  - Drop system-config-printer-bnc456110-non-blocking-probe.patch:
    fixed upstream.
  - Drop system-config-printer-fix-add-printer-git051bc7f0.patch:
    fixed upstream.



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