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monitoring-plugins-ups-2.2-lp150.1.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for armv7hl

Name: monitoring-plugins-ups Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Tue May 15 19:07:25 2018
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: armbuild14
Size: 51388 Source RPM: monitoring-plugins-2.2-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Test UPS service on the specified host
This plugin tests the UPS service on the specified host.

Network UPS Tools from must be running for this plugin
to work.




GPL-2.0+ and GPL-3.0


* Wed Nov 08 2017
  - add monitoring-plugins-2.2-mariadb_102_build_fix.patch to fix
    build with MariaDB 10.2 (in our case the build with libmariadb
    library from the mariadb-connector-c package)
    * upstream commit d6bd787123aa9ccd96edec8286ec22dd0442c620
* Tue Oct 10 2017
  - replace "ptrace" with "capability sys_ptrace" in
    usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_procs apparmor profile to avoid
    errors on SLE-11
* Wed Sep 20 2017
  - add "ptrace" to usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_procs apparmor
* Thu Jul 13 2017
  - Remove unused gnutls from buildrequires
* Fri Apr 28 2017
  - Replace %__-type macro indirections. Drop %clean, replace
    - exec \; by -exec +.
* Fri Apr 21 2017
  - disable requires for apparmor on non-suse for now
* Fri Apr 21 2017
  - adapt buildrequires for centos
  - enclose all permissions handling with if suse_version
  - wrap recommends with if suse_version
  - disable radius check (no freeradius-client-devel rpm found)
* Fri Jan 13 2017
  - update to 2.2:
    + The check_http -S/--ssl option now accepts the arguments 1.1 and
      1.2 to force TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 connections, respectively
    + The check_http -S/--ssl option now allows for specifying the
      desired protocol with a + suffix to also accept newer versions
    + Let check_http check HTTPS web sites via proxies
    + check_http: add timeout to performance data as max value
    + check_http: report certificate expiry date in UTC
    + check_snmp: add IPv6 support
    + check_snmp's performance data now also includes warning/
      critical thresholds
    + New check_snmp -N option to specify SNMPv3 context name
    + Let check_smtp's -D option imply -S
    + Let check_smtp's -e option match against the full SMTP response
    + check_dig: expected response is now case-insensitive
    + New check_mailq -s option which tells the plugin to use sudo(8)
    + New check_nt -l parameters: seconds|minutes|hours|days
    + New -W/-C option for check_ldap to check number of entries
    + check_users: add support for range thresholds
    + check_fping now auto-detects IPv6 addresses
    + check_radius now supports the radcli library
    + Support OpenSSL 1.1
    + check_http: fix host header port handling
    + Let check_real terminate lines with CRLF when talking to the server,
      as mandated by RFC 2326
    + Fix check_procs on HP-UX
    + check_smtp's -e/--expect option can now be combined with -S/--starttls
    + Fix incorrect performance data thresholds emitted by check_ups
    + Don't let check_procs miss some processes on busy Solaris systems
    + The format of the performance data emitted by check_mrtgtraf has
      been changed to comply with the development guidelines
    + check_ssh now returns CRITICAL for protocol/version errors
    + If a plugin is invoked with -h/--help or -V/--version, the exit status
      is now UNKNOWN
    + The superseeded was removed, please use check_ntp_peer
      or check_ntp_time instead
  - refreshed patches
  - removed monitoring-plugins.check_snmp.snmpv3-context.patch:
    included upstream
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_disk:
    include abstractions/nameservice to be able to check nfs mounts
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - remove monitoring-plugins-postgresql.patch : fixed upstream
  - remove monitoring-plugins.negate.validate_arguments.patch : fixed
  - add patch comments to spec file as requested by rpmlint
  - rebase all patches to current code stream
* Fri Oct 16 2015
  - update to 2.1.2:
    + check_snmp's performance data now also includes warning/critical
    + New check_snmp "-N" option to specify SNMPv3 context name
    + New check_nt "-l" parameters: seconds|minutes|hours|days
    + New check_mailq -s option which tells the plugin to use sudo(8)
    + New -W/-C option for check_ldap to check number of entries (Gerhard Lausser)
    + The check_http -S/--ssl option now accepts the arguments "1.1" and "1.2"
      to force TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 connections, respectively
    + The check_http -S/--ssl option now allows for specifying the desired
      protocol with a "+" suffix to also accept newer versions
    + Let check_real terminate lines with CRLF when talking to the server, as
      mandated by 2326
    + Fix check_procs on HP-UX
    + check_smtp's -e/--expect option can now be combined with -S/--starttls
    + Fix incorrect performance data thresholds emitted by check_ups
    + The format of the performance data emitted by check_mrtgtraf has been
      changed to comply with the development guidelines
    + check_ssh now returns CRITICAL for protocol/version errors
    + If a plugin is invoked with -h/--help or -V/--version, the exit status
      is now UNKNOWN
    + The superseded was removed, please use check_ntp_peer or
      check_ntp_time instead
  - use source url
* Thu Aug 20 2015
  - fix wrong requires for monitoring-plugins-dbi* packages
    (fixes bnc #914486)
* Sat Aug 01 2015
  - add apparmor profiles for the following checks:
    + check_disk
    + check_load
    + check_procs
    + check_swap
    + check_users
* Sun Jul 26 2015
  - add a note about permissions for the extra-opts file in README
* Wed Jan 21 2015
  - use the check_ircd script as submitted via GitHub
* Sat Dec 27 2014
  - update to 2.1.1:
    + Fix check_ntp's jitter checking
    + Fix check_ntp's handling of invalid server responses
    + Fix check_apt's handling of invalid regular expressions
    + Fix check_real's server response processing
    + Fix backslash escaping in check_tcp's --help output
    + Fix check_jabber to work with Openfire servers
    + Fix check_oracle bad string matching when testing TNS server
    + Fixed check_ifstatus performance data output
    + Fixed expire time output for sslutils
    + check_dns now verifies if the answer is returning from the queried
    + Fix check_by_ssh to accept --hostname as argument
    + New check_hpjd -p option for port specification (abrist)
    + New ./configure --with-qmail-qstat-command option to specify the path to
    + New check_ifstatus -n option to ignore interfaces by name
    + check_ntp_peer has now specific state output for each metric
    + New check_mysql -n option to ignore authentication failures
    + Added IP and port or socket name to error messages
    + New check_ntp_time -o option to add expected offset
    + check_disk shows now troubled partions in verbose mode
    + check_dig has now support for drill and dig
    + check_dig has now support for -6 option
    + Add performance data to check_file_age
  - removed upstreamed patches:
    + monitoring-plugins-1.4.14-ntpd.patch
    + plugins.negate.validate_arguments.patch
    + monitoring-plugins.check_ntp.c-64bit-portability-issue.patch
  - adapted monitoring-plugins-1.4.14-check_log.patch to new version:
    + monitoring-plugins-2.1.1-check_logfile.patch
  - added the following new patch:
    + monitoring-plugins.check_hpjd.c-64bit-portability-issue.patch
  - refreshed the other patches
  - ran spec-cleaner
  - require portmap on older distributions for building instead of
  - newer openSUSE versions use rsyslog: require virtual syslog
    package for build
* Sun Aug 10 2014
  - remove nagios-devel from BuildRequires
* Tue Jul 22 2014
  - allow plugins to open files in /etc/monitoring-plugins/
    (Apparmor profiles in /etc/apparmor.d/)
  - add README files for check_ping and check_ntp_time
  - enhance all README files with Apparmor information
  - whitespace and some spelling fixes on check_cups
  - added debug option to check_cups
* Tue Jul 15 2014
  - package rename: nagios-plugins => monitoring-plugins
  - adapted README files and package documentation
  - provide /etc/monitoring-plugins/ directory (incl. README) as
    mentioned in the latest documentation
  - update to 2.0:
    + check_mailq now supports auto detection of qmail, postfix, exim
      and nullmailer with fallback to sendmail
    + check_ide_smart now defaults to plugin output, original
      output appended with -v
    + Extra-Opts are now enabled by default
    + check_swap now supports a configurable state when there is no swap
    + check_radius now supports the FreeRADIUS Client library
    + New check_mysql_query -f option to specify a client options file
    + New check_mysql_query -g option to specify a client options group
    + Add performance data to check_mysql_query
    + New check_file_age -i/--ignore-missing option to return OK on
      nonexistent files
    + Make check_ping, check_users, and check_disk work on Windows
    + New check_ssh -P option to specify the expected SSH protocol version
    + check_dns now emits the warning and critical thresholds with
      the performance data
    + Don't let e.g. check_http's -C option reset SSL version
      if e.g. -S 1 -C 5 is specified
    + Don't have check_http's -N option expect an argument
    + check_ide_smart could disable offline auto-tests but could not re-enable
      them. For this reason all SMART command modes have been disabled
    + check_dig: fix wrong IPv6 arguments order (Stéphane Bortzmeyer)
    + check_dig: make sure not to give up too early when a timeout is
      specified with -t
    + check_log: don't stumble over log lines that include a % character
    + check_nt: add UPTIME to perfdata
    + Handle SNMPv3 noAuthNoPriv properly with check_snmp
    + Fix compilation with GnuTLS
    + check_snmp now evaluates negative values properly, which means it
      might return CRITICAL in cases where it used to return OK. If this
      is undesired, the warning/critical threshold(s) must be fixed by
      specifying e.g. ~:100 instead of 100
    + check_procs now ignores its parent process to avoid unexpected results
      when invoked via certain shells
    + no longer defines ECH
    + check_ide_smart -q/--quiet and -n/--nagios (Nagios-compatible output)
      are now deprecated but accepted for backward-compatibility
    + check_ide_smart -0/--auto-off, -1/--auto-on and -i/--immediate:
      options have been disabled because they were broken
    + State retention: the NAGIOS_PLUGIN_STATE_DIRECTORY environment
      variablew has been renamed MP_STATE_PATH.
      The old variable will continue to work in v2.0.x
    + Add the UID of the invoking user to the state retention file path.
      This helps solving permission issues when different users run the same plugin
    + check_swap used to allow returning OK on a system without swap when
      only percent thresholds were used.
      This is no longer the case and one must now use -n/--no-swap=<state>
  - enable check_radius
* Sun Jan 19 2014
  - adapt URL to new upstream page (bnc#859105)
* Sun Dec 22 2013
  - Add SNMPv3 context support to check_snmp following an idea of
    Lars Mathwig <>
* Wed Nov 27 2013
  - Get rid of the old SUSE spelling in READMEs
* Tue Nov 19 2013
  - update to 1.5
    * removed contrib directory
    * New check_dbi plugin for checking an (SQL) database using DBI
    * Let OpenSSL load its configuration file (see the
    OPENSSL_config(3) man page)
    * Add performance data to check_apt
    * Add performance data to check_procs
    * Added -4/-6 options to check_dig
    * New check_oracle --connect option to perform real login
    * New check_nagios -t option to override the default timeout
    * New check_disk -f/--freespace-ignore-reserved option to
    ignore space reserved for root
    * New check_disk -N/--include-type option to limit the filesystem
    types to check
    * Allow for building the plugins in parallel
    * Add --without-{dbi,ldap,radius} options to ./configure
    * Made Verbose output of check_sensors compliant
    * New switch -E/--extended-perfdata for check_http to print
    additional performance data
    * New check_http -d option to specify a string to expect within
    the response headers
    * New check_http -J/-K options for client certificate
    authentication support
    * Add support for executing queries to check_pgsql
    * Let check_pgsql accept a UNIX socket directory as hostname
    * New check_pgsql -o option to specify additional connection parameters
    * New check_fping -S option to specify the source IP address
    * New check_fping -I option to specify the interface to bind to
    * Let check_fping support IPv6
    * New check_procs -k option to ignore kernel threads (on Linux)
    * Let check_procs use /proc/<PID>/exe (if available) instead of
    getpid(2), unless -T is specified
    * Let check_mysql support SSL
    * Let check_mysql add perfromance metrics for all checks
    * New check_mysql -f option to specify a client options file
    * New check_mysql -g option to specify a client options group
    * New check_snmp --offset option to allow for adding/substracting
    an offset value to sensor data
    * Let check_snmp support an arbitrary number of OIDs
    * Fixes:
    + Change the MAIL FROM command generated by check_smtp to be
      RFC compliant
    + Fix compilation of check_http without SSL support
    + Fix check_snmp reversed threshold ranges
    + Fix check_snmp memory violation when using more than 8 OIDs
    + Fix check_apt security regular expression
    + Fix check_http handling extra header (-k) containing semicolons
    + Fix check_apt handling unknown exit codes from apt-get
    + Fix deprecated imports of
* Wed Oct 23 2013
  - update apparmor profiles usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_cups and
    usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_ping with /usr/bin/ paths (bnc#847229)
* Fri Aug 30 2013
  - allow family="inet6" sock_type="raw" in apparmor profile for
* Tue Aug 13 2013
  - update apparmor profile for ntp check (added nameservice)
* Sun Aug 11 2013
  - add capabilities sys_admin and sys_rawio to ide_smart check
* Mon Aug 05 2013
  - add apparmor profiles for these checks:
    icmp, ide_smart, ping, ssh
* Wed Jul 17 2013
  - enhance the documentation for checks with special privileges
* Thu May 23 2013
  - add check_procs_perf plugin
* Fri Feb 22 2013
  - release for 12.1 & 12.2 as update: fixes bnc #778970 & bnc #789428
* Fri Feb 01 2013
  - added nagios-plugins-cups from
  - recommend additional plugins in nagios-plugins-all
  - decrease dependency in nagios-plugins and nagios-plugins-extras
    to allow obsoleting the old packages
* Wed Jan 30 2013
  - allow name resolving for check-ntp plugin in apparmor config
* Tue Dec 25 2012
  - added nagios-plugins-check_disk_printf.patch: fix wrong number
    of printf arguments if verbose
  - refreshed patches
* Fri Dec 21 2012
  - skip sensors package also for s390 and s390x
* Mon Nov 05 2012
  - enhance apparmor profile for check_ntp_time (IPv6 support)
* Thu Oct 11 2012
  - nagios-plugins-nagios can also check icinga
    - > require 'monitoring_daemon'
* Sat Jul 28 2012
  - Fix build with missing gets declaration (glibc 2.16)
* Thu Jul 12 2012
  - update to 1.4.16:
    + applied patch that adds both critical and warning thresholds
      to certificate expiration checks of check_tcp, check_http, check_smtp
    + check_tcp: Print performance data even with -D
    + check_snmp: * use single quotes for perf data labels
    * Fix performance data label containing spaces in
    * Add --perf-oids option for check_snmp to retain
      optional 1.4.14 compatibility
    * Accept multiple labels specified with "-l"
    + check_disk_smb: Add performance data
    + check_dhcp: * Don't misinterpret the "siaddr" field
    * Fix handling of "pad" options
    + check_ping: * Improve parsing of ping6(1) output
    * fix check_ping where output of ping6 when unreachable
    * add missing newline to die() calls
    + check_users: * Whitespace fixes, etc.
    * improve performance
    + Added check_range shell function
    + check_http: * Don't ignore SSL initialization errors
    * Add support for specifying SSL protocol version
    * check for and print the certificate cn
    * use standard threshold functions
    * improved tests for check_http
    + check_by_ssh: added -F config file to specify alternative ssh config
    + check_sensors: * Use symbolic exit codes
    * Minor whitespace fixes
    * Detect FAULT status. This can be suppressed
      with the new "--ignore-fault" option.
    + check_ldap: * now correctly handles the long option --hostname
    * Fix check_ldap overriding the port when --ssl was
      specified after -p
    + check_smtp: * fix where duplicate messages were displayed for
      certificate errors
    * New option to check_smtp to ignore failures when
      sending QUIT
    * Abort on missing/unexpected greeting
    + check_ssh:  * Add perfdata to check_ssh
    + check_procs: * Fix for regex input of '|', being output causing
      problems with Nagios' parsing of performance data.
      Now replaced with ','
  - removed upstreamed patches:
    + nagios-plugins.ctypes.patch
    + nagios-plugins.check_dhcp-char.patch
    + nagios-plugins.asprintf.patch
    + nagios-plugins.check_by_ssh.warncrit.patch
    + 05_check_linux_raid_fix_striped.dpatch
    + 10_check_disk_smb_spaces.dpatch
    + 11_check_disk_smb_NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.dpatch
    + 13_check_smtp_greeting.dpatch
    + 14_check_icmp_multiple_ips.dpatch
    + 15_check_sensors_fault.dpatch
    + nagios-plugins-enhance_check_sensors.patch
  - suggest instead of recommending the following sub packages in the
    former nagios-plugins package:
    + nagios-plugins-nagios
    + nagios-plugins-xenvm
    + nagios-plugins-game
* Sun Jun 10 2012
  - fix permissions of apparmor profile files
* Mon Jun 04 2012
  - add Apparmor profile for check_dhcp
  - add Apparmor profile for check_ntp_time
  - soften the nagios-plugins-nagios dependency to avoid an
    installed Nagios after an upgrade
  - point users to the README.SuSE files for check_dhcp, check_icmp
    and check_ide_smart
* Fri Jun 01 2012
  - teach check_by_ssh old options -w and -c again
* Mon May 21 2012
  - Use BuildRequires: libgnutls-devel instead of gnutls-devel for
    Factory in keeping with gnutls package naming changes.
* Wed May 16 2012
  - rename nagios-plugins-libs to nagios-plugins-common as this
    package contains more than just the libraries
* Fri Apr 27 2012
  - fix build on ix86
  - only recommend subpackages that have new (and not always available
  - move examples directory to the libs package: the permissions
    file there is more useful here
  - new subpackage nagios-plugins-all recommending all other
* Thu Apr 26 2012
  - do not package check_xenvm on ix86 as this setup is (no longer)
* Wed Apr 25 2012
  - added nagios-plugins-enhance_check_sensors.patch (thanks to
    Craig Gardner): return unkown if the needed kernel module
    is not loaded
* Mon Apr 23 2012
  - introduce a new subpackage nagios-plugins-libs that contains
    most of the content of the former nagios-plugins package. That
    should make updates easier as the nagios-plugins package itself
    can now require all former included packages and the single
    check-packages just need to require the nagios-plugins-libs
    package on demand
  - change recommends to requires in nagios-plugins and
    nagios-plugins-extras, so users with 'solver.onlyRequires'=true
    can also upgrade to the new package layout without problems
  - provide the nagios-plugins-xenvm package only for x86 hardware
    as the required xen-tools are just built there
* Tue Apr 17 2012
  - update README.SuSE as users should also allow broadcasts in their
    firewall if they use check_dhcp (thanks to Rüdiger Oertel)
  - split up the checks into subpackages to follow the other
    distributions and allow users to install a minimal setup on their
    machines with minimal dependencies (moved dependencies into
  - run set_permissions on newer distributions
  - added nagios-plugins-wrong_return_in_check_swap.patch:
    preventing check_swap from returning OK, if no swap activated
* Wed Feb 22 2012
  - add GPL-3.0 implicitely to fix bnc #677711
* Wed Feb 08 2012
  - added hint to permissions file to nagios-plugins-README.SuSE
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - fix missing Group in subpkg
  - remove Author from Description
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - use nagios-rpm-macros rpm now to define global macros
  - use the following patches from Debian:
    + 05_check_linux_raid_fix_striped.dpatch
    + 10_check_disk_smb_spaces.dpatch
    + 11_check_disk_smb_NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.dpatch
    + 13_check_smtp_greeting.dpatch
    + 14_check_icmp_multiple_ips.dpatch
    + 15_check_sensors_fault.dpatch
  - split up nagios-plugins-fping package, and recommend it in
    nagios-plugins-extras for backwards compatibility
  - disable rpath in configure
  - sort configure arguments alphabetical
  - install check_bgpstate check in nagios-plugins-check_bgpstate
  - remove .pl endings from check_netapp and check_linux_raid, but
    provide symlinks for backwards compatibility
  - provide check_host and check_rta_multi for users changing from
* Mon Aug 01 2011
  - added info about check_dhcp in README.SuSE (see bnc #640367)
* Fri Oct 08 2010
  - unfuzz patch
* Wed Jul 28 2010
  - removed zlib from Requires to make rpmlint happy
  - update to 1.4.15
  - removed 1.4.14 specific Patches
  - fixes through update:
    * Fix check_ircd binding to wrong interface (#668778)
    * Add proxy-authorization option to check_http (Marcel Kuiper -
    [#1323230], Bryan Irvine - #2863925)
    * check_icmp now increment the sequence counter in each packet
    * Fix usage of repeated -o options in check_snmp
    * Try to detect arguments passed via --with-ping[6]-command and
    set options accordingly (#2908236)
    * Fix memory leak in check_http for large pages
    (Jimmy Bergman - #2957455)
    * Fix compilation with GCC 2.96 (Konstantin Khomoutov - #2977105)
    * Fix regression introduced in #1867716 where partially valid
    performance strings would not be printed anymore
    * Fix regression in check_http ssl checks on some servers -
    make SNI an option
    * Fix guest mode support in check_disk_smb
    * Fix check_disk_smb and check_ircd failures when run via ePN
    * check_ldap now allows for specifying an empty LDAP base
    * Fix compilation error of pst3 in Solaris 8
    * Fix check_radius returning OK on unexpected results
    (Craig Leres - #2911752)
    * Fix translations when extra-opts aren't enabled
    (Jan Wagner - #2832884)
    * Fix parsing of multi-line strings in check_snmp (broken in 1.4.14)
    and enhance output in such case (#2832451)
    * Fix detection of pst3 64-bit compile flags with Sun CC
    * Fix cmd_run overwriting the environment, which would break
    some commands that needed it
    * Allow check_ifstatus to accept version=2c - used to only allow
    version=2 (Brian Landers)
    * Fix examples in check_disk, where it implied was possible to
    suffix unit values to warn/crit parameters
* Fri Jun 18 2010
  - enable ipv6 usage (looks like default configure does not detect
    this right)
  - define ping6 commandline in configure
  - added Patches from Debian:
    + check_game_cmdline.patch
    + check_smtp_help.patch
    + check_snmp_perfdata.patch
* Sun Dec 20 2009
  - add nagios-plugins-1.4.14-implicit_decl.patch to spec file
* Tue Dec 15 2009
  - enhanced the documentation in the example permissions file
* Sun Dec 13 2009
  - added run_permissions in post in case somebody uses the delivered
    example file
* Sun Dec 06 2009
  - enabled extra-opts
  - fix pathnames to ntp commands
  - remove check_sensors on archs with no support for it
  - added the following patches:
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-ntpd.patch (remove wrong comment)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-check_log.patch (fix pathnames)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-command_cfg.patch (fix pathnames)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-nmap.patch (fix tempdir)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-check_inodes.patch (initialize vars)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-implicit_decl.patch (fix implicit decl.)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-check_ircd.patch (Make it working on
      multihomed host - thanks to
* Tue Nov 24 2009
  - refresh patches wit fuzz=0
* Wed Sep 16 2009
  - update to 1.4.14
    for a full list of changes have a look at
* Sat Jul 25 2009
  - moved example file command.cfg to doc directory, the nagios package
    brings its own configuration files, this command.cfg confuses
* Wed Jul 08 2009
  - added parameters to configure in spec to get more information from
    check_proc (bnc#519240)
* Fri Jun 05 2009
  - added contrib to doc
  - spec mods
    * cleanup specfile
      o RPM Tags
    * fixed deps on sub-pkg extras
    * use of rpm macros
    * add S:11, S:12 in prep
    * simplify filelist for libexecdir
      o checks for extras pkg are excluded in main pkg
    * reworked files for doc
* Fri May 15 2009
  - fixed buffer overflow in check_ntp_peer (bnc#498669)
* Wed Mar 04 2009
  - added accidentally removed README and example again



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