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libnemo-extension1-3.8.0-lp150.1.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for armv7hl

Name: libnemo-extension1 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 3.8.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Tue May 15 14:59:47 2018
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild14
Size: 38640 Source RPM: nemo-3.8.0-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Nemo extension shared libraries
Nemo is the file manager for the Cinnamon desktop environment.

This package provides Nemo's shared libraries.






* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - Update to version 3.8.0:
    * Switch to Meson.
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Add missing position shift
      prior snapping a semi-positioned icon. This was causing the
      free position check to potentially check the wrong grid spot,
      causing shifting positions.
    * nemo-icon-dnd.c: When calculating drop position, use the overall
      canvas item's y centre, rather than just the icon's centre.
      This is makes the final aligned position more closely match the
      drag actor's apparent position.
    * nemo-desktop-manager: Scale the window x and y positions, as
      well as size when retrieving geometry from cinnamon.
    * nemo-icon-dnd.c: Fix missing semicolon.
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Don't allow the vertical
      adjustment to calculate out to more than half of the grid snap
      height, this will cause grid checks to evaluate incorrectly.
    * nemo-icon-container: Only mark (pseudo)-desktop icons as
      transient if keep_align is active. This restores reasonable
      behaviour for non-keep-aligned desktops, and prevents icon
      movement when refreshing and during startup.
    * Fix left pane in dual pane mode reverting to minimum width.
    * Add g_return_val_if_fail to the beginning of reposition_paned.
    * Rename Nemo icon from places to nemo.
    * nemo-window.c: Listen for a position change on the split-view
      paned widget when adding a new pane. When GtkPaned's position
      property hasn't been explicitly set, it auto-adjusts to keep
      panes equal-sized.
    * nemo-places-sidebar-.c: Get rid of old hack for the sidebar.
      It was intended originally to make sure enough vertical height
      was given to the scrolled container children in their various
      states (collapsed categories). It does not appear to be
      necessary any more, and now causes gtk theme issues.
    * Add options to preview thumbnails for up to 16GB and 32GB.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c, nemo-action.c: Replace
      g_drive_is_media_removable with g_drive_is_removable.
    * nemo-window-slot.c: Remove padding from extra_location_widgets
    * [gtk3.22] Pathbar style.
    * Use symbolic icons.
    * nemo-window: Check for an active slot when updating cursor.
    * nemo-properties-window: Use utility functions if available.
    * nemo-properties-window: Use gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple().
    * eel-vfs-extensions: Update filename extensions.
    * nemo-places-sidebar: Cleanup spacing.
    * Fix sources: Use other version macro, fix fn call.
    * actions: Fully support all system data paths, but respect the
      install prefix for looking up fixed resources.
    * Fix lmde3 build, don't build empty view by default.
    * Fix thumbmails generation.
    * nemo-file-operations: Revert a change that might be backfiring.
    * nemo-view.c: Don't try to update undo menu items in a
      non-active slot.
    * Fix open as root error.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Don't clear the editable on focus-out, this
      will get done properly when we chain up. We need to propagate
      the focus-out-event signal, which the callback wasn't doing.
    * Don't build/install gtkdocs by default
    * nemo-icon-dnd.c: Fix segfault when dragging from nemo to
    * search: Use newer GtkEntry method for focusing search box,
      remove custom code.
    * nemo-window-menus.c: Ignore "go home" shortcut on the desktop.
    * nemo-view.c: Allow view display of files to commence even when
      loading is ongoing, instead of waiting until files are entirely
      finished loading.
    * eel-editable-label.c: Don't queue a redraw on unrealised labels.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Don't perform relayouts on an unrealised
    * nemo-list-view.c: Remove and re-add columns rather than moving
      them. This prevents negative allocation warnings during the
      move calls.
    * eel-canvas.c: Don't update the scroll region when clearing the
      canvas to destroy it.
    * query editor: Simplify, remove additional filters, just a
      simple filename search.
    * nemo-window.c: Go back to explicitly setting half the width for
      the split-pane's position property, rather than counting on it
      to fall that way naturally.  The natural position can be
      affected by sizing demands of the panes' children.
    * search: Add a more convenient way for saving searches.
    * nemo-file.c: Avoid recursion when updating symbolic links that
      point to each other. See inline notes.
    * nemo-file.c: Small fix and optimisation for 40dc6ae - return
      the full link_file list as before if the target file is not a
      link, and only check if the file is a link one time.
    * libnemo-extension: Remove custom enum code for
      NemoOperationResult - it's not necessary in modern builds due
      to introspection.
    * info provider extensions: Improvements to info provider
      extension operations.
    * nemo-query-editor.c: Add mnemonic to popup search keys for
      quick selection.
    * nemo-query-editor.c: Inhibit faves popup if the list is empty,
      filter out typical keyboard modifiers during clicks on the
      favourite icon.
    * nemo-desktop-application.c: Allow nemo-desktop to provide
      coverage for the org.freedesktop.FileManager1 D-Bus interface.
    * nemo-icon-view.c: Be more selective when updating the scroll
    * refresh/reload: When reacting to a user-initiated view refresh,
      regenerate any thumbnails as well.
    * nemo-properties-window: Stop using stock buttons.
    * prefs-window: Don't use stock buttons.
    * menus: Convert most icons to symbolic versions.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Re-apply right-click column handler when
      reloading column settings (see inline notes, this only affects
      certain Gtk versions.
    * nemo-view.c: Add label to directory menu Cut and Copy.
    * nemo-view.c: make mnemonics for Cut, Copy, Paste match Gtk's.
    * Fix function argument order.
    * Check for realized instead of mapped/visible to prevent
      needless resize calculations (and associated warnings).
    * nemo-file-management-properties: Fix 2px border width
      surrounding content (see comments).
    * Use symbolic icons for the places sidebar.
    * places-sidebar.c: Use symbolic for eject button.
    * More symbolic conversion.
    * nemo-trash-monitor.c: Add a new path for the symbolic icon.
      Our file views need a non-symbolic icon.
    * More symbolic fixes, cleanup in pathbar.
    * Missed a few trash icons.
    * extensions: Show symbolic icons properly, hide the icon if it
      is not a symbolic name.
    * Add rubber-band selection to the list view.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Remove vertical padding for headers.
      This is unnecessary, and looks bad when a theme has increased
      spacing between all rows.
    * go menu, bookmarks menu: Respect the menu-images setting.
    * nemo-trash-monitor.c: Fix a copy-paste typo.
    * nemo-icon-info.c: Stop using gtk_icon_theme_has_icon() - it
      returns false negative when attempting to check for icons that
      have been added using gtk_icon_theme_append_search_path().
      This entire branch of functionality is considered "legacy" and
      not recommended, but for dropbox emblems, where more than one
      package may attempt to provide them, putting them in the
      (recommended) hicolor icon folder won't work.
    * Use media-mount icon for right-click action.
    * Eject/unmount icon & new directory icon.
    * Force UTF-8 to workaround build error.
    * Fix some warnings.
* Sun Dec 24 2017
  - Update to version 3.6.5:
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Add null checks for GErrors - it seems
      as though g_dbus calls are not guaranteed to fill the error
    * nemo-window: Restore inadvertantly removed menu actions for
      view type selection (and their corresponding shortcuts), using
      methods and practices more consistent with currently maintained
* Tue Nov 21 2017
  - Update to version 3.6.4:
    * nemo-window: Restore initial synchronisation of view buttons.
      This was inadvertantly removed in d237626 when getting rid of
      some actual unused code related to an old way view types used
      to be selected.
* Sat Nov 18 2017
  - Update to version 3.6.3:
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Account for scale factor when using
      cinnamon- supplied monitor info. Cinnamon runs at a scale
      factor of 1 always, and things are scaled internally.
    * dnd: Make sure to clear any source_fs pointers after dnd
* Sun Nov 12 2017
  - Remove the cinnamon-translations build requirement.
* Sat Oct 28 2017
  - Update to version 3.6.2 (changes since 3.4.7):
    * actions: Escape single and double quotes that are part of a
      file path. Add a "Terminal" key in the nemo_action file, to
      execute the Exec line in a terminal window.
    * actions: Update sample action for Terminal keyword, update
      nemo_action sourceview files.
    * actions: Only use nemo_launch_application_from_command_array()
      when Terminal=true. This ensures compatibility with existing
      actions, which will continue to use g_spawn_async().
    * nemo-icon-info.h: Use standard icon sizes for the desktop.
    * nemo-action.c: Fixup a few compiler warnings.
    * nemo-icon-private.h: Avoid memory padding. Save a little memory
      use by rearranging the fields to avoid memory padding in
    * eel-editable-label.h: Avoid memory padding. Move fields in a
      structure to avoid memory padding made padding explicit to
      avoid warning messages if the padding compiler warnings are on.
    * nemo-file-undo-operations.c: Use GQueue instead of GList for
      our undo file pair lists.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Use g_remove for native (path-reachable)
      files. Allowing the normal g_file_delete involves gvfs whether
      the file is native or not.
    * nemo.desktop: Remove DBusActivatable line - we don't actually
      support it yet, it was an unnecessary change in ad5fcfc.
      This ends up just causing issues with getting nemo to launch in
      more up-to-date distributions.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Always treat desktop pseudo-files as
      semi-placed icons - that is, they can have their positions
      stored, then restored later, but their position can be adjusted
      upon placement if their previously stored position is now
    * nemo-progress-ui-handler.c: Use XAppGtkWindow for the progress
      window, so we can pass progress info to Cinnamon.
    * nemo-desktop-manager: Refactor and expand to integrate better
      with Cinnamon.
    * plugin manager: Allow launching of an extension's config
      application from the plugin window, rather than having it in
      the main menu.
    * desktop: Handle blank desktop windows properly during monitor
      change events.
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Don't just try to resize existing
      desktops if the number of monitors has changed. In this case,
      do a full re-layout.
    * nemo-progress-ui-handler.c: Don't update the status icon if
      it's not being shown.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Reduce progress ui update frequency
      during file operations.
    * Fix some warnings in libnemo-private
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Don't run on_run_state_changed() during
      the init phase when it's a fallback session as it can cause a
      nasty recursion problem resulting in a crash.
    * nemo-directory-async.c: Hold the directory alive for the
      duration of an extension provider job, to ensure clean
      termination to the job when asynchronous info providers are
    * dbus services: Normalise file names.
    * desktop: Don't show the "Show hidden files" menu item. We have
      never show hidden files on the desktop, so having this is
    * Add .rar and .7z to the archive mounting action.
    * When activating files on the desktop (only), deselect them
      after activating them.
    * nemo-toolbar.c: Add an option to hide an elevated privileges
    * Rename show-superuser-toolbar to show-root-warning.
    * file: Let renames work on Google Drive Renaming. An item on
      Google Drive does not change the actual GVfs path because the
      path is made up of document-ids, which do not change.
      A rename operation only affects the title of the entry.
      In GIO terms, only the standard::display-name changes, but the
      standard::name remains the same.
    * file, file-undo-operations: Let renames on Google Drive be
      undone. We really should be using standard::display-name when
      renaming files - g_file_get_basename is simply not the right
      thing to use. Moreover, in case of Google Drive, the URI might
      not change with the display name and we can not get the old
      display name from the old GFile.
    * A send by mail action.
    * Fix permissions on files/usr/share/nemo/actions/
    * Update the man page.
    * Update translations.
  - Remove nemo-implicit-pointer-decl.patch,
    nemo-void-return-no-return.patch: merged upstream.
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.7:
    * eel_g_list_str_copy: Replace contents with g_list_copy_deep.
      May improve performance somewhat for very high volume file
      copies (lp#1663186).
    * nemo-main-application.c: Try to start as a service first, then
      a client. This allows nemo to be started via dbus (which
      requires it be run with the G_APPLICATION_IS_SERVICE flag) as
      well as being able to connect to an already-running instance as
      we can now.
    * nemo-main-application.c: Re-add "no-desktop" command line
      option. We don't use it anymore, but some programs apparently
      hardcode nemo with this flag rather than use xdg-open or
      mimetype activation. This allows them to continue working as
    * nemo-view.c: Fix "follow link to original file" action when the
      link is on the desktop. In these cases, we need to launch a
      directory handler and pass it the full file name (which for
      most file managers should open the folder and select the file).
    * nemo-query-editor.c: Use a copy of the query text to check if
      the query is empty (or all spaces). The function g_strstrip
      modifies the string in-place, and passing the modified query
      text causes issues when typing multiple words (separated by
      spaces) in the query.
    * Configure: Disable a tracker by default.
    * nemo-desktop-icon-grid-view.c: Store layout timestamps any
      time the layout is changed by a user action.
    * Desktop: Remove metadata for pseudo-files on the desktop such
      as Computer and Home when they're removed via preferences.
      This simulates their deletion with respect to how metadata
      timestamps are tracked and validated.
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Mark the sort as dirty any
      time a file is added or removed (this determines whether and
      when the sort direction indicator is shown in the context menu
      when auto-arrange is not active.
* Sun Jul 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.6:
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Reset lazy flag when the icon
      position is stored in auto-layout mode.
    * nemo-file.c: Don't check for valid thumbnails if thumbnailing
      is disabled.
    * nemo-action.c: Use non-blocking checks for a directory.
    * css: Treat NemoBlankDesktopWindow the same as NemoDesktopWindow
      with regards to themes, add a couple fixes to our application
      css to prevent background issues with certain themes
      (BlackMATE, Ambiance).
    * move-to/copy-to dialogs: Allow remote locations in the sidebar.
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.5:
    * search (ctrl-f): Don't search for an empty string.
      If the user wants to search for every file, one can use the
      wildcard (*).
    * nemo-application: Only check/create the config directory at
      startup for nemo, and have nemo-desktop check both config and
      Desktop directories.
    * nemo-window-menus.c: Fix control-n (new window) action callback
      when used from the desktop process - it should launch the
      preferred file manager instead of attempting to spawn a window
    * Suppress deprecated warnings.
    * Add --enable-silent-rules to debian/rules, quiet C89 warnings.
    * l10n: Generate desktop files.
* Mon Jun 26 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.4:
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Skip default placement if we
      are in auto-layout mode. We get false lazy flags on new icons
      since the original desktop did not use auto-layout. We need to
      handle this because we both store layout timestamps and provide
    * nemo-window-slot.c: Initialise cache_bar to NULL, this is
      checked for in nemo-window-manage-views
* Wed Jun 21 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.3:
    * Remove decoration from desktop window (shows in weston).
    * Desktop: Relax control of positioning for placed icons.
      At startup, they are loaded and set to their stored position,
      but not force-aligned, allowing the layout to ignore
      fluctuations in the work area during system startup.
      Fix some logic around "orphan" icons as well to prevent issues
      with icons not being shown due to being falsely classified as
    * icon container: Be more specific about when to flag icons
      coming from a different monitor due to a desktop configuration
    * metadata: Add back cached position values in NemoFile.
      Be sure to clear the timestamp metadata on files being
      moved/copied to or from the desktop. This ensures the lazy flag
      operates correctly. With the desktop becoming a separate
      process, transfers that include position info need to be
      handled slightly differently, as the old way of just setting
      metadata and reacting to it from a new container won't work -
      the file gets debuted in the other process sooner than (or not
      reliably after, at least) the metadata is written, resulting in
      inconsistent positioning.
    * Add gvfs-info action for inspecting file metadata (for purposes
      of debugging) - right-click a file and it will send gvfs-info
      output on that file to stdout.
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Improve updates after
      thumbnail generation.
* Wed May 24 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.2:
    * nemo-icon-container.c: don't force a native window for the
      desktop - fixes prelight hover sticking on the desktop when
      leaving an icon to pass into another window.
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container: Don't show bracketed empty
      spots, it's tacky.
    * nemo-main.c: Remove back end requirement (only needed for the
    * icon view/desktop: Fix hidpi scaling on the desktop.
      This also fixes compact view mode in hidpi, which was
      semi-broken since hidpi was implemented, and very broken since
      the desktop grid was added.
    * nemo-icon-dnd.c: Depopulate the dnd grid of the selected icons
      so insertion marks aren't drawn in the icon's source position.
    * nemo-window-manager-views.c: Simply close the window if the
      current view has no backward history, instead of jumping home
      or to the parent directory. The most common time for this to
      occur is a directory opened from the desktop - if you delete
      that directory, the window showing it then shows the desktop in
      a directory, which doesn't make much sense.
    * nemo-window-manage-views.c: Invalidate file info before
      reloading the view, not after.
      This fixes mount permissions being incorrect.
    * dnd: Restore capability of "moving" files from and to the
      desktop via drag'n'drop.
    * Fetch file-roller mimetype info from a GDesktopAppInfo at
      startup, instead of a static (and woefully out of date) list.
    * nemo-file.c: Add EFAULT as a valid exception to the access_ok
      function. This can throw when the file has just been moved or
      is in the midst of being moved and the internal asynch updates
      have not completed yet (usually during a fairly large transfer).
      As a result, the icon cache problem bar appears needlessly.
    * desktop: Size thumbnails more appropriately - scale them to our
      icon size in height only, and allow the width to increase as
      much as our max text width while maintaining the image aspect
    * desktop thumbnails: Pad the thumbnail height when it ends up
      smaller than the desired height due to aspect ratio and width
      This ensures a nice alignment when keep-aligned is active.
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Highlight the current dnd
      rectangle in debug mode.
    * desktop grid: Use the layout size for determining constraint to
      the canvas bounds instead of max size - this prevents files
      with very long names from being pushed out of the grid alignment.
    * misc: Clean up minor leaks, other issues.
    * desktop grid: Include additional text (Icon Captions) in
      calculations for the ellipsis limit, and update the desktop
      when these change - instead of forcing the user to reload or
      restart to see changes.
    * nemo-style-application: Remove drop shadow from the selection
      and pre-light states of desktop icons. The shadows are drawn
      outside the calculated bounds of these items, and are
      problematic to account for without doing frequent full screen
    * DnD: Draw the highlight box around the entire text when an item
      is prelit and highlighted as a drop target. The highlight box
      was only drawing as if to surround only the normal, ellipsised
      text, rather than the full, unellipsised height.
    * Set a default font for the desktop - this is overridden by
      distributions in most cases, but having something is better
      than leaving it blank - you could set it to "Foo Sans 15"
      and it would still show the labels, even though you lack that
      actual font.
    * Add a default to our theme - Using the default font was always
      supposed to be a fallback option, however the check in various
      places for whether the gsettings key is empty or not is incorrect:
      GSettings::get_string() will always return a string, never
      NULL, so we need to check if the string is not empty instead
    * desktop: Fix missing icons when "show orphans" is disabled
      (we were incorrectly interpreting a monitor number of -1 (which
      means, no previous location) and a missing monitor).
    * Fix visual sort function - sort function was incorrect for the
      new grid, and the new order was never set after a sort when
      running the alignment routine.
    * nemo-places-sidebar: Use folder-recents for the recent icon.
    * grid view: Don't re-enable auto-arrange when changing zoom
    * Desktop dnd - Use more sensible behaviour when keep-aligned is
    * Fix dnd for netscape url drops.
    * nemo-mime-actions.c: Don't fail for non-local links (like
      dragged website links) - the check here is for the foreign url,
      not the local desktop file (link), so it will never succeed,
      and is not necessary.
    * DnD: Fix some positioning issues with auto-align local moves,
      and non-local icon moves (like nemo->nemo-desktop transfers).
    * nemo-icon-view-grid-container.c: Keep the icon list synched
      with the visual order of the desktop.
    * dnd: Split out some container-specific code that had bled over a
    * Modify desktop icon order.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: store the desktop location during a
      duplicate job, to fix DnD duplicate positioning on the desktop.
* Sun May 07 2017
  - Update to version 3.4.1 (changes since 3.2.2):
    * Nemo-Icon-View: Fix missing cast warning.
    * restore prototype lost in Nemo 3.2.0.
    * Add a missing include.
    * Fix quirks with tabs and search widgets.
    * Don't reload while a reload is ongoing.
    * Wildcard search for search-engine-simple.
    * Fix a crash when attempting to delete an empty selection on
      the desktop.
    * Update polkit pkexec support.
    * Fix search never resolving.
    * nemo-dbus-manager.c: Add MoveURIs method.
    * Improve date display.
    * Use 24-hour date format when requested.
    * Translate date formats.
    * nautilus-file: Implement smarter dates.
    * nautilus-list-view: Add a modified column with time.
    * nautilus-file: Clarify translators comments.
    * nautilus-file: Fix a memory leak.
    * nautilus-file: Fix code style.
    * Mark time format with xgettext:no-c-format.
    * file: Fix date string day difference calculation.
    * Use long day and month names if space allows.
    * Make libselinux dependency controllable by configure switch.
    * Raise tracker version.
    * Don't run aclocal.
    * location-bar: Use a GFile in location-changed signal.
    * l10n: Generate desktop file via generate_aditional_file.
    * Add Cinnamon panel shortcuts (trash, computer, etc.) to the
    * Fix compiler warnings in the eel/ directory.
    * nemo-desktop-window, nemo-blank-desktop-window: Clean
      delete-event handling up.
    * window: Make NemoWindow a GtkApplicationWindow.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Use only template filenames for new
    * nemo-navigation-action.c: Add new_tab_action.
    * Remove CFLAGS line - the optimisation is
      dangerous, and the fatal warnings for unused stuff was just
      annoying when trying to refactor - warnings are enough.
    * Use GTimer for tracking startup speed, and also use one to
      track view loads.
    * nemo-view.c: Add idle timer for benchmarking.
    * Split off desktop handling into new process.
    * Split off old icon container into the existing subclass
      NemoIconViewContainer and set up a new subclass -
      NemoIconViewGridContainer to match with a new
      NemoDesktopIconGridView class. The old style is accessible via
      the org.nemo.desktop 'use-desktop-grid' setting.
    * Fix autostart file name so cinnamon session doesn't fail.
    * Remove a bunch of comments, fix auto-layout not sticking.
    * nemo-icon-container: Move debug drawing to the grid container
      subclass. Trigger it using NEMO_DEBUG=Desktop when running
    * Implement horizontal layout.
    * General fixes, icons, metadata issues between monitors. Provide
      per-monitor metadata for desktop containers.
    * Improve DND during keep-aligned, allow for insertion of items.
      Implement zoom scaling and allow adjustment.
    * Improve highlighting of hovered items
    * Fix desktop folder launching - xdg-open was never intended to be
      the final answer.
    * Fix ellipses change listening - the is_desktop flag was being
      set too late in the view construction process to connect to the
      correct gsettings key.
    * Fix regression causing metadata to be inconsistent in nemo
      client window when navigating to and away from the Desktop
    * Add some gsettings listeners for grid stuff.
    * Fix dnd between monitors - clamp grid values, and ensure we
      have a grid on the target monitor.
    * Fix zoom switching, dnd placement, snapping.
    * nemo-desktop-utils.c: Improve how we store the monitor number
      for a desktop window.
    * Use black instead of theme colour for pre-light label
    * nemo-icon-canvas-item.c: Extend redraw area slightly for canvas
      items. This ensures any small shadow we have is cleaned up
      after an item is de-selected.
    * nemo-desktop-icon-grid-view.c: Don't trigger a real update
      while updating menus.
    * Disable zoom for the desktop window (allow it only via context
    * nemo-desktop-application: Clean some commented lines up.
    * Fix desktop file error (gh#linuxmint#nemo#1477).
    * nemo-navigation-action.c: Extend, Fix Middle-Click
    * l10n: Update POT file.
  - Rebase nemo-void-return-no-return.patch.
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Update to version 3.2.2 (changes since 3.2.0):
    * Add missing "Desktop" DEBUG flag.
    * Add space to Name[en_GB].
    * file-operations: Don't recurse for trash operations.
    * Force X11 backend.
    * Remove screen metadata (we only ever have one screen).
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Don't update position metadata on most
      file operations - it's costly, and can cause lockups.
    * l10n: Generate additional files.
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Update to version 3.2.0:
    * Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros.
    * Fix GCC pointer signedness warnings.
    * Add a .view style class on the icon view scrolled window.
    * window: Remove a custom get_preferred_width/height implementation.
      We already take care of the default size when we create the
      window, and these only break assumptions of the default
      GtkWindow's handlers.
    * pathbar: Avoid GTK+ warnings.
    * pathbar: Remove a hardcoded width for sliders.
    * Close an open_as_root child on child exit.
    * nemo-context-menu-menu-item.c: Use correct grammar in the
      context menu toggle.
    * Fix a GTK+ 3.21.3+ desktop redraw issue (gh#linuxmint/nemo#1231).
    * Replace a deprecated gtk_icon_info_free() with g_object_unref().
    * file-operations: Reduce the time for reliable transfer rate.
    * Remove a 'Show text in icon' preference.
    * nemo-view.c: Unescape uris being passed to file-roller during
      drag-and-drop (replaces %20 with spaces).
    * Expand grid width to canvas.
    * Minimum of one column.
    * Update nemo-file.c.
    * trash-monitor: Change trash monitoring process.
    * Fix --geometry option when Nemo is already running.
    * Keep warnings as warnings when building the packages.
    * nemo-window.c: Save sidebar width 100ms after last change.
    * nemo-application.c: Fix maximised window state preservation.
    * Remove conditional ellipsis code for GTK+ < 3.12.0 builds.
    * Bind double left click on blank to go to parent directory.
    * Add an option to manage double cick in blank area (off by
      default) because it changes previous behaviour.
    * nemo-file.c: Only append .desktop to desktop files when they
      actually need it. Trusted desktop files (ones that typically
      get made and placed on the desktop) don't show their extension,
      so when you try to rename them, the new name needs .desktop
      appended to it.
    * Improve the description
      of the click-to-rename feature.
    * nemo-thumbnails.c: Don't set a stack size.
    * nemo-application.c: Look for already-existing desktop windows
      before attempting to manage the desktop.
    * desktop: Don't rebuild the desktop any time _NET_WORKAREA
      changes - this can happen fairly frequently in some situations,
      causing crashes due to the asynchronous nature of nemo's
      directory loading back-end.
    * eel-gnome-extensions.c: Use preferred terminal emulator when
      using "Run in terminal" to execute something.
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Run layout_changed when the widget
      scale factor changes.
    * file-undo-operations: Change trashed files matching condition.
    * icon view: Use the correct container size for applying margins
      to the icon container. Also, make sure icon data is fully
      loaded before positioning items - desktop pseudo-items don't
      necessarily have the correct bounding boxes defined by the time
      layout occurs. Load this data just before trying to position
      the icon, rather than just after.
    * nemo-desktop-utils: Adjustments for Gtk 3.22 changes in monitor
      management. gdk_screen_get_monitor_workarea() no longer returns
      a valid workarea, it simply returns the geometry.
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Reload the desktop in an idle callback.
    * nemo-application.c: Add a whitelist for ignoring existing
      desktop handlers by WM_CLASS match. By default 'conky' is in
      the list.
  - Remove nemo-fix-desktop-redraw.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Move gtk-doc to the devel package.
  - Update nemo-implicit-pointer-decl.patch and
* Tue Sep 27 2016
  - Add nemo-fix-desktop-redraw.patch from upstream commit 4e5a103:
    fix a GTK+ 3.21.3+ desktop (boo#1001431, gh#linuxmint/nemo#1231).
* Thu Jun 23 2016
  - Update to version 3.0.6:
    * Generate action files manually (as opposed to during the build).
    * nemo-desktop-utils.c: return 0 for monitor index if a widget
      isn't realised (this can happen during configuration changes
      and during session startup).
    * nemo-desktop-icon-view.c: Disconnect from the same gsettings
      instance we connected to.
    * nemo-desktop-manager, nemo-application: Fix some cleanup
      issues - disconnect from the correct objects when disposing of
      the desktop manager, and destroy the desktop manager earlier
      in Nemo's destruction so there are no issues freeing the
    * notebook: Remove unused ifdef code.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Detach the column header menu from metadata
      when setting it up. Use the actual view's layout instead. When
      reacting to visible columns being changed, simplify things by
      iterating through the treeview column to build a new metadata
    * nemo-list-view.c: Don't show trash-specific columns in the
      header menu.
    * list view: Make changes to the search results view persistent.
      gvfs can't save metadata for the search 'folder' so we store it
    * eel-canvas.c: Fix touchscreen selection in icon views.
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Update to version 3.0.5 (changes since 3.0.3):
    * Add standard settings for EelEditableLabel.
    * Build-require cinnamon-translations.
    * Use g_hash_table_remove_all and get rid of some callbacks.
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Update to version 3.0.3:
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: When gtk overlay scrolling is in effect,
      add some padding right of the sidebar eject icons, otherwise
      they are covered by the scrollbar when it pops up.
    * Update pot file.
* Sat May 21 2016
  - Update to version 3.0.2:
    * Fix build.
    * Fix action i18n scripts to write UTF-8.
    * nemo-icon-view: Include nemo-application.h needed in
      nemo_icon_view_add_file for: nemo_application_set_cache_flag,
    * nemo-pathbar: Use gint for slider_width instead of gint16
      silences an incorrect pointer type warning.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Don't explicitly unref columns anymore –
      they'll get handled when the tree view is destroyed.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Re-enable desktop type-to-select feature.
      Also make a couple fixes on the positioning logic for this
      little popup. Where possible, it will avoid overlapping panels.
    * desktop windows: Maximise instead of relying on gdk for monitor
      workarea – it's inaccurate for anything but the primary monitor.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Special case desktop windows for search
      popup – now that we can rely on the window being the correct
      size to account for panels, we can reliably position this popup
      off of those panels.
    * prefs: Don't try to hardcode a minimum size for the
      preferences dialog.
    * Use g_themed_icon_new instead of
    * nemo-window.c: As of 9cb9c48 we maximise the desktop
      containers to make sure they use the correct work area as set
      by muffin. This started causing the window state 'maximized'
      key to be set to true when opening a new nemo window.
      This corrects that issue, using disable_chrome as an indicator
      to ignore the window – only the desktop windows set this true.
* Thu May 12 2016
  - Update to version 3.0.1:
    * pathbar: Always show the pathbar up and down arrows.
      Dynamically adding and removing these buttons was causing the
      visual style of buttons in the pathbar to break.
    * Fix segfault on changing the number of colums when in list view.
    * Fix uninitialised is_desktop flag.
    * Port Python scripts to Python 3.x: /data/extract_action_strings,
    * nemo-list-view.c:  Fix initial column sizing: expand the
      filename column only to fill available space.
      Other columns will start with their natural size.
    * nemo-view: Switch to nemo_get_file_by_uri so we don't get a null
      pointer if the file isn't already loaded internally.
    * Add desktop settings action.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Ensure a minimum usable sidebar width
      when resizing windows or panes.
    * Set minimum size for File Management Preferences window.
    * Increase default width of File Management Preferences window.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Clean up column changes: only add columns and
      connect to them once, remove some unnecessary checks.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Give the name column a default width that
      the column-double-click autosize action can use. Otherwise it
      makes the name column as small as possible (the opposite what
      it's supposed to do, or what the other columns do).
    * Update m4 files.
* Mon Apr 25 2016
  - Update to version 3.0.0:
    * Fix wrong desktop size on Gtk 3.20+.
    * Add missing includes.
    * Fix pointer types, to avoid warning.
    * Respect dbus_satisfied flag for menu enties on blank desktops.
    * Fix printf format specifier.
    * Don't draw the desktop on a cloned monitor.
    * Fix some missing cast warnings.
    * Fix fallback style for GTK 3.20+.
    * Add style class nemo-window-pane.
    * Add style class nemo-properties-dialog to GtkBuilder file.
    * Add style class in nemo_desktop_window_init (same as Nautilus).
    * Add style class to places sidebar.
    * Add style class to nemo-window.
    * Use a more specific class name for places sidebar.
    * nemo-icon-info.c: Remove invalid
      GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_GENERIC_FALLBACK flag (triggers warnings in
      Gtk 3.20+).
    * nemo-window: Add new flag NEMO_WINDOW_OPEN_FLAG_SEARCH and use
      the same slot if this flag is passed to
      nemo_window_slot_open_location_full to avoid opening a new
      window (and a crash) when starting a search with the open in
      new window preference enabled.
    * Updated makepot and pot file.
  - Rebase nemo-void-return-no-return.patch.
* Wed Mar 09 2016
  - Update to 2.8.7:
    * Improve context menu toggle:
    - shows separate distinct regions of the menu item now;
    - tooltip manifests as right-justified text next to the toggle
    * Use g_strcmp0 instead of unsafe strcmp.
    * file: Don't crash when the original file path has reserved
    * file-operations: Make sure to use correct filename when
      restoring from Trash.
    * file-utils: Ensure directories exist before restoring from trash.
* Fri Nov 27 2015
  - Update to 2.8.6:
    * nemo-view.c: Fix Open context menu entry not updating its label
      when a new selection is made. Also, fix tracking the context
      toggle when the menu has scroll bars.
    * nemo-view: Fix invalid View reference when view types change,
      and the tooltip is updated for the context menu toggle.
* Fri Nov 20 2015
  - Update to 2.8.5:
    * list view, icon view: Do not trigger click-on-rename until
      button release, in order to preserve the possibility of
      dragging an already-selected single item.
    * icon-view/container: Fix click-to-rename issue where selection
      count was not up-to-date, requiring an extra click to trigger
      a rename after selecting a single icon from having no selection
    * bookmarks: Fix crashing and inconsistent behaviour when
      working with remote bookmarks.
    * nemo-icon-container: Prevent interactive search on the desktop.
* Thu Nov 12 2015
  - Update to 2.8.4:
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Handle NULL NemoFiles when deciding
      queue: this happens in both directions when dragging/copying
      files to and from a Virtualbox guest or host.
    * Removed context menu option from preferences.
* Wed Nov 11 2015
  - Update to 2.8.3:
    * Add control to context menu to toggle simple/complex menu.
    * nemo-list-view: Implement click-to-rename.
    * Remove nemo-directory-view-ui-light.xml (no longer needed).
    * Update pot file.
* Mon Nov 09 2015
  - Update to 2.8.2:
    * file operations queue: Refactor slightly to make it easier to
      manage what gets queued and what gets started immediately.
    * nemo-window-pane.c: Prevent search from appearing on desktop.
    * preferences: Move context menu toggle to the top of the
      Display page.
    * file operations window: Raise the window when another operation
      is added, if the window is visible (not status-iconed).
    * click-to-rename: move logic to earlier in the click event, in a
      way similar to how double-clicks are handled. Also, handle the
      preference change in nemo-view – this way it can be re-used
      later to handle list views as well. Also, this keeps us from
      interacting with GSettings so much.
    * icon view: Fetch click-to-rename preference when the view is
      loaded, do not allow click-to-rename on read-only files.
    * thumbnails: Detect and throttle back thumbnail generation for
      files that are being actively updated on disk.
    * file queue: Add some additional checks for determining whether
      or not to start a file operation immediately.
    * Add option to disable queueing.
    * job queue: Refactor to reduce duplication, add debugging info,
      add filesystem comparison to detect false "local" paths (local
      paths to non-local or non-native filesystems and mounts).
    * nemo-query-editor: Fix some casts to prevent build warnings.
    * click-to-rename: Fix accidental rename triggering with multiple
      selection in icon view
    * click-to-rename: Fix previous commit (broke double-click upon
      initial selection.)
    * list view: Do not clear the rename widget twice.
    * Fixed Nemo crashing when quickly clicking on two unmounted
      volumes in the sidebar.
* Tue Oct 27 2015
  - Update to 2.8.1:
    * nemo-list-view.c: Fix editable not being destroyed after a
      canceled rename in certain instances. This would cause the
      action bindings for cut/copy not to be released from the text
      entry box, breaking cut/copy/paste until Nemo is restarted.
    * src/nemo-extension-config-widget.c: Make "No extensions found"
      un-clickable like the other two lists.
* Wed Oct 21 2015
  - Update to 2.8.0:
    * pathbar: use a private struct and use use
    * Fix compile errors.
    * Don't use hardcoded script and action paths, remove unused sys
      script path.
    * Use definitions from nemo-global-preferences.
    * Move action key definition to nemo-action.h to be external
    * Show comment as tooltips for actions in action config, and
      improve comments for some actions.
    * Remove nemo_window_slot_go_to().
    * Combine the search bar and query editor.
    * Add search_is_not_empty, to fixe a segfault in treelist.
    * Only include the domain if the method is SMB.
    * Bump some deps and build-deps.
    * Quick rename.
    * Fix default sort order bug in list view.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix a couple of drag-and-drop issues
      when there are no bookmarks, or when the xdg-bookmark area is
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix a memory leak.
    * connect-to-server: Remember the last connection type.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Fix column sorting when default sort type is
      "Detailed type".
    * nemo-connect-server-dialog.c: Fix previous commit.
    * Fix build warnings, missing prototype.
    * nemo-window-pane.c: Fix crash during location entry.
    * Fix indentation.
    * Don't assign the position of the last closed window to the
      first opened window (it would be really confusing if it worked…
      and it didn't really work since gtk_application_get_windows()
      seemed to also count the desktop window).
    * Prefs: Rephrase quickrename option.
    * nemo-action-config-widget.c: Localise non-localised comment
    * Update pot file.
    * Re-add revealer animation on search bar.
    * Fix Query Editor Row not displaying.
  - Fix dependencies.
  - Rename and rebase nemo-2.4.0-void-return-no-return.patch to
  - Some cleanup.
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - update version 2.6.7
    * progress window: simplify slightly, have info widgets
      manage themselves
* Tue Jun 02 2015
  - update to version 2.6.5
* Thu Apr 23 2015
  - update to version 2.4.5
* Wed Nov 05 2014
  - update version 2.4.0
  - drop support for openSUSE 12.3 which will be EOL soon
  - drop patch: nemo-2.3.0-revert-hidpi-support.patch
  - add patch: nemo-implicit-pointer-decl.patch
    * use strcmp without including string.h
* Tue Aug 12 2014
  - add patch: nemo-2.3.0-revert-hidpi-support.patch
    * revert Hi-DPI support on openSUSE 12.3, whose GTK+ doesn't
      support it
* Tue Jul 15 2014
  - update version 2.3.0
    * simplify button event handling for nemo panes
    * Don't switch the current tab on right-click events
    * rename function for relative tab reordering
* Wed Jul 09 2014
  - update version 2.2.3
* Thu May 22 2014
  - update version 2.2.2
* Fri May 02 2014
  - update version 2.2.1
* Sun Apr 20 2014
  - update version 2.2.0
  - add patch: nemo-2.2.0-void-return-no-return.patch
* Tue Nov 26 2013
  - update version 2.0.8
    * Fix passing non-latin uri's to actions.
* Mon Nov 25 2013
  - update version 2.0.7
    * Revert "Use gksu instead of pkexec until systemd/glib/whatever is fixed."
    * Revert "Add a bit more space between items in the places sidebar"
    * Add a bit more space between items in the places sidebar
    * Don't show custom mimetype handlers in the menu.
    * Don't crash when browser mode is off and multiple folders are selected and opened.
    * Don't display actions for special items like desktop icons
    * list-view: prevent name column from shrinking to uselessness
    * Fix orphan tooltips in icon view and desktop when deleting items
    * Use gksu instead of pkexec until systemd/glib/whatever is fixed.
* Tue Nov 12 2013
  - update version 2.0.6
    * Fix action string script, update nemo action translations
* Mon Nov 04 2013
  - update version 2.0.5
    * When renaming test.folder in listview, select entire filename.
    * remove nemo-2.0.3-GTK_STOCK.patch
    * clean spec file
* Sat Nov 02 2013
  - update verson 2.0.4
    * Fix pathbar button middle-click action
* Mon Oct 28 2013
  - update version 2.0.3
    * Don't use g_list_copy_deep, it isn't supported in Mint 13
    * Unhide certain default mime actions from the open-with menu.
    * Add a shortcut to /usr/share/icons in the icon picker dialog
  - drop patch: nemo-2.0.1-g_list_copy_deep.patch, upstreamed
* Mon Oct 21 2013
  - update version 2.0.1
    * see
  - enable documentation
  - remove lang_package, now cinnamon has a package called translation
  - use gnome-common's version to wise detect Tumbleweed
  - add patch: nemo-2.0.1-g_list_copy_deep.patch, fix g_list_copy_deep
  - add patch: nemo-2.0.1-view-no-return.patch, fix OBS gcc checks
  - add patch: nemo-2.0.1-GTK_STOCK.patch, GTK_STOCK_* deprecated
* Mon Nov 19 2012
  - Update to version 1.1.2
    + small fixes
* Wed Nov 07 2012
  - Add dbus-1 (directory ownership) and xz (unpack sources in 12.1)
    to BRs
* Tue Nov 06 2012
  - initial package from version 1.1.0



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