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typelib-1_0-Fwupd-2_0-1.0.6-lp150.1.2 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for aarch64

Name: typelib-1_0-Fwupd-2_0 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.0.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Fri May 11 13:44:14 2018
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-4
Size: 23084 Source RPM: fwupd-1.0.6-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: GObject-introspection bindings for libfwupd
fwupd is a simple daemon to allow session software to update device firmware on
your local machine. It's designed for desktops, but this project is probably
quite interesting for phones, tablets and server farms, so I'd be really happy
if this gets used on other non-desktop hardware.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Update hasbang in installed files from /usr/bin/env python3 to
* Tue Apr 03 2018
  - Update url
  - Small packaging cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - Update to version 1.0.6:
    + New Features:
    - Add bash completion for fwupdmgr.
    - Add support for newest Thunderbolt chips.
    - Allow all functions that take device arguments to be
    - Allow devices to use the runtime version when in bootloader
    - Allow overriding ESP mount point via conf file.
    - Delete any old fwupdate capsules and efivars when launching
    - Generate Vala bindings.
    + Bugfixes:
    - Allow ctrl-d out of the prompt for devices.
    - Allow to create package out of provided binary.
    - Correct handling of unknown Thunderbolt devices.
    - Correctly detect new remotes that are manually copied.
    - Fix a crash related to when passing device to downgrade in
    - Fix running the self tests when no fwupd is installed.
    - Fix Unifying signature writing and parsing for Texas
    - Only send success and failure reports to the server.
    - Use a CNAME to redirect to the correct CDN for metadata.
    - Use a longer timeout when powering back the Thunderbolt
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - Ensure library package has a dependency on main package,
    otherwise it won't be usable.
* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - Update to version 1.0.5:
    + New Features:
    - Offer to reboot when processing an offline update.
    - Report the efivar, libsmbios and fwupdate library versions.
    - Report Thunderbolt safe mode and SecureBoot status.
    - Show the user a URL when they report a known problem.
    - Support split cabinet archives as produced by Windows Update.
    + Bugfixes:
    - Be more careful deleting and modifying device history.
    - Clarify which devices don't have upgrades.
    - Ensure the Thunderbolt version is xx.yy.
    - Fix a daemon warning when using fwupdmgr get-results.
    - Fix crasher with MST flashing.
    - Fix DFU detach with newer releases of libusb.
    - Include the device VID and PID when generating the device-id.
    - Set the RemoteId when using GetDetails.
    - Stop matching 8bitdo DS4 controller VID/PID.
    - Use help2man for dfu-tool and drop docbook dependencies.
    - Use ngettext for any strings with plurals.
    - Use the default value if ArchiveSizeMax is unspecified.
* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - Update to version 1.0.4:
    + New Features:
    - Add D-Bus methods to get and modify the history information.
    - Allow the user to share firmware update success or failure.
    - Ask the user to refresh metadata when it is very old.
    - Store firmware update success and failure to a local
    + Bugfixes:
    - Add a device name for locked UEFI devices.
    - Allow each plugin to opt-in to the recoldplug action.
    - Fix firmware downloading using gnome-software.
    - Fix UX capsule reference to the one specified in efivar.
    - Never add two devices to the daemon with the same ID.
    - Rescan supported flags when refreshing metadata.
  - Add pkgconfig(json-glib-1.0) BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - Update to version 1.0.3:
    + New Features:
    - Add a new plugin to add support for CSR "Driverless DFU".
    - Add initial SF30/SN30 Pro support.
    - Support AppStream metadata with relative <location> URLs.
    + Bugfixes:
    - Add more metadata to the user-agent string.
    - Block owned Dell TPM updates.
    - Choose the correct component from provides matches using
    - Do not try to parse huge compressed archive files.
    - Fix a double-free bug in the Udev code.
    - Handle Thunderbolt "native" mode.
    - Use the new functionality in libgcab >= 1.0 to avoid writing
      temp files.
* Thu Dec 21 2017
  - Unbreak compilation on non-x86, upstream renamed options to disable
* Tue Dec 19 2017
  - Update to version 1.0.2:
    + Add a plugin for the Nitrokey Storage device
    + Add support for the original AVR DFU protocol
    + Allow different plugins to claim the same device
    + Allow quirks to set common USB properties
    + Move a common plugin functionality out to a new shared object
    + Optionally delay the device removal for better replugging
    + Set environment variables to allow easy per-plugin debugging
    + Use a SHA1 hash for the internal DeviceID
    + Add quirk for AT32UC3B1256 as used in the RubberDucky
    + Disable the dell plugin if libsmbios fails
    + Don't register for USB UDev events to later ignore them
    + Fix a possible buffer overflow when debugging ebitdo devices
    + Fix critical warning when more than one remote fails to load
    + Fix DFU attaching AVR32 devices like the XMEGA
    + Ignore useless Thunderbolt device types
    + Refactor ColorHug into a much more modern plugin
    + Release the Steelseries interface if getting the version failed
    + Remove autoconf-isms from the meson configure options
    + Show a nicer error message if the requirement fails
    + Sort the output of GetUpgrades correctly
  - Changes from version 1.0.1:
    + Add support for HWID requirements
    + Add support for programming various AVR32 and XMEGA parts using DFU
    + Add the various DFU quirks for the Jabra Speak devices
    + Allow specifying the output file type for 'dfu-tool read'
    + Move the database of supported devices out into runtime loaded files
    + Support the IHEX record type 0x05
    + Use help2man to generate the man page at build time
    + Use the new quirk infrastructure for version numbers
    + Catch invalid Dell dock component requests
    + Correctly output Intel HEX files with > 16bit offset addresses
    + Do not try to verify the element write if upload is unsupported
    + Fix a double-unref when updating any 8Bitdo device
    + Fix crash when enumerating with Dell dock connected but with no UEFI
    + Fix uploading large firmware files over DFU
    + Format the BCD USB revision numbers correctly
    + Guess the DFU transfer size if it is not specified
    + Include the reset timeout as wValue to fix some DFU bootloaders
    + Make the error message clearer when sans fonts are missing
    + Support devices with truncated DFU interface data
    + Use the correct remote-specified username and passord when using fwupdmgr
    + Use the correct wDetachTimeOut when writing DFU firmware
    + Verify devices with legacy VIDs are actually 8Bitdo controllers
  - Add help2man as BuildRequires.
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - Fix dependencies and build options for non-x86 architectures. At
    least FW updates for USB are arch independent, and EFI FW updates
    can also be applied on Aarch64.
* Fri Oct 27 2017
  - Update to version 1.0.0:
    * Add the plugin documentation to the main gtk-doc
    * Add a waiting-for-auth daemon state
    * Add fwupd_remote_get_checksum() to use in client programs
    * Generate the LD script from the GObject Introspection data
    * Prevent fwupd from mounting filesystems
    * uefi: Do not use system-specific infomation for PCI devices
    * uefi: Support uploading the firmware splash image
    * dell: only set coldplug delay when we know we need it
    * dell: only run SMI to toggle host MST GPIO on systems with host MST
    * dell: add functionality to blacklist HW with problems
    * dell: only run on intended chassis
    * thunderbolt-power: always run after thunderbolt plugin
    * Allow plugins to depend on each other
    * Add support for SMBIOSv3
    * dell: prefer to use hwids to get DMI keys and DE table
    * debian: remove /etc/fwupd.conf on upgrade
    * unifying: Use fu_plugin_check_supported()
    * Add fu_plugin_check_supported()
    * unifying: Use a device whitelist to avoid breaking devices
    * Fix various printing issues with the progressbar
    * dell: Fix a trivial whitespace issue
    * Do not fail to load the daemon if cached metadata is invalid
    * Do not store the newest release as part of the FuDevice object
    * Add a method to return a list of upgrades for a specific device
    * Move the downgrade calculation to the daemon
    * Make FuDevice derive from FwupdDevice rather than FwupdResult
    * Add a command 'clear-offline' to fwupdmgr
    * Merge releases where multiple remotes provide the same firmware
    * Remove the UniqueID property
    * uefi: Do not set the release version
    * udev: Do not match USB devices, even with a GUID set
    * Use the intel-wmi-thunderbolt kernel module to force power
    * dell: drop thunderbolt force power code
    * unifying: Add hardcoded summaries for peripheral kinds
    * Create
    * Ensure more devices set the device summary
    * Add an 'Summary' property to each device
    * Add a human-readable title for each remote
    * unifying: Disable if the kernel has no CONFIG_HIDRAW support
    * Move deprecated symbols to a new header
    * Introduce an s390x cross compile target to CI
    * Add ModifyRemote as an easy way to enable and disable remotes like the LVFS
    * Do not auto-open all USB devices at startup
    * dfu: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * unifying: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * colorhug: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * ebitdo: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * altos: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * steelseries: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * usb: Use FuDeviceLocker
    * Add FuDeviceLocker to simplify device open/close lifecycles
    * dfu: Remove DEVO support
    * dfu: Remove the now-unused symtab support
    * Remove the ELF support from libdfu and move the code to the altos plugin
    * Use -Werror when building in Travis CI
    * Do not install the libdfu helper library
    * Parse the SMBIOS DMI table directly
    * usb: Disable the fallback USB plugin
    * Test for missing language translations at build time
    * Fix the libdfu self test failure on s390 and ppc64
* Fri Oct 27 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.8:
    * Add a command 'clear-offline' to fwupdmgr
    * Do not fail to load the daemon if cached metadata is invalid
    * Fix a crash when using fu_plugin_device_add_delay()
    * Fix the libdfu self test failure on s390 and ppc64
    * Format the BCD USB revision numbers correctly
    * Never fallback to an offline update from client code
    * Prevent fwupd from mounting filesystems
    * dfu: Allow flashing when the target does not specify an
    * dfu: Do not try to verify the element write if upload is
    * dfu: Fix uploading large firmware files
    * dfu: Include the reset timeout as wValue to fix some hardware
    * dfu: Set the vendor ID to the runtime USB VID
    * dfu: Use 0x0101 as an alias for 0x0110
    * thunderbolt: move test for mock environment
    * udev: Do not match USB devices, even with a GUID set
    * uefi: Do not set the release version
    * unifying: Disable if the kernel has no CONFIG_HIDRAW support
* Tue Sep 19 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7:
    + 10 months worth of bugfixing, integrating more vendor specific
      Firmware update paths.
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.1:
    + Delete duplicate translations (gh#hughsie/fwupd#89).
    + Do not hardcode docbook2man path.
    + Fix fwupdmgr timeout with missing pending database.
    + Fix compiler warnings.
    + Fix a crash when enumerating devices on a Dell WLD15.
    + dell: don't initialize libsmbios on unsupported systems.
    + Do not fail to start on Dell hardware.
    + Adjust systemd confinement restrictions.
    + Do not dlclose modules when running under valgrind.
    + Really remove the NoNewPrivileges systemd confinement.
    + Release fwupd 0.8.1.
* Mon Feb 27 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.0:
    + Show a different error when checking for updates while on
    + battery power (gh#hughsie/fwupd#68).
    + Clarify the test in --help and man page related to offline
    + (gh#hughsie/fwupd#69).
    + libdfu: Use a heuristic for the start address if the firmware
    + has no DfuSe footer.
    + dell: Don't return the address of a stack variable.
    + dell: Fix a possibly-impossible-to-hit buffer overrun.
    + close USB devices before error returns (gh#hughsie/fwupd#73).
    + Make libelf support optional.
    + Always make sure we're getting a C99 compiler.
    + Fix redeclaration of polkit autocleanup functions.
    + Uncomment SystemdService parameter in the dbus service file
    + (gh#hughsie/fwupd#74).
    + Make all providers and plugins share a GUsbContext.
    + Unexport libebitdo.
    + Move the plugins into plugin-specific directories.
    + Convert the providers to plugins to simplify code and for
    + future features.
    + Add support for Logitech Unifying devices.
    + Add a set of vfuncs that are run before and after a device
    + update.
    + Return the pending UEFI update when not on AC power.
    + Move the UPower functionality to a plugin.
    + Fix udev plugin loading.
    + fix dfu plugin loading.
    + Disable PrivateNetwork on systemd service.
    + Use more restrictive settings when running under systemd.
    + dell: add a new method for forcing a controller to flash mode.
    + Add VerifyUpdate to update the device checksums server-side.
    + Move the Option ROM parsing to the Udev plugin.
    + Move the device add delay to shared code.
    + Add initial skeleton for Intel Thunderbolt support.
    + unifying: Use the actual bootloader VID/PIDs when in firmware
    + mode.
    + Allow the metadata to match a version of fwupd and the existing
    + fw version.
    + Add fwupd_result_get_device_version_bootloader().
    + Fix the appstream-glib version guards.
    + dell: Add coldplug methods to let other plugins turn on
    + TBT/GPIO.
    + libdfu: Don't read data from some DfuSe targets.
    + Add the ability to run a prepare->exec->cleanup on coldplug.
    + Allow plugins to request that all plugins re-coldplug.
    + thunderbolt: Detecting new devices and add an actual device to
    + the daemon.
    + Add support for flashing the ChaosKey.
    + thunderbolt: add some guards around empty arrays.
    + dell: Adjust the coldplug preparation and cleanup sequence.
    + dell: Fix possible linker problem.
    + Revert "thunderbolt: add some guards around empty arrays".
    + Add fu_plugin_set_coldplug_delay() to allow hardware to
    + initialize if required.
    + altos: Add error checking when using termios.
    + ebitdo: Subclass FuDevice like the altos plugin.
    + altos: Set the flags in the init_real so they work for the
    + cmdline tool.
    + unifying: Subclass FuDevice like the altos plugin.
    + Include all debug messages when run with --verbose.
    + dell: introduce a standalone (noinst) tool to force mode
    + flashes.
    + Introduce plugin for Synaptics MST hubs.
    + synapticsmst: Add cascade support.
    + Only register the D-Bus service when all devices have been
    + added.
    + synapticsmst: Refactor away the global state.
    + synapticsmst: fix cascade support in the plugin.
    + Updates for thunderbolt plugin.
    + thunderbolt: Add special handling for safe mode on Dell systems
    + (gh#hughsie/fwupd#84).
    + synapticsmst: Iterate all nodes rather than hardcoding to 3.
    + synapticsmst: build GUID using dock type.
    + Add a new function fu_dell_supported to fu-dell-common.
    + synapticsmst: add a test suite.
    + synapticsmst: Fix up some trivial whitespace issues.
    + Fix a refcounting issue in the udev plugin.
  - Add rpmlintrc untill security review is resolved
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.5:
    + Clean up PO files
    + Verify devices support updating in mode they are called.
    + Fix an assert when unlocking the dummy ESRT device
    + Don't create the UEFI dummy device if the unlock will happen on
    + next boot
    + dell: Match on TB16 as well
    + Fix a -fstack-protector-strong crash when uploading firmware
    + Enable the stack protection in local builds
    + dell: If running in test suite, don't try to get product ID
    + from sysfs
    + libfdfu: Show a warning when getting the alt-name failed
    + dfu: Fix listing devices using the ST reference bootloader
    + Show the nicely formatted target name for DfuSe devices
    + libdfu: Fix two possible critical warnings for corrupt USB
    + descriptors
    + libdfu: Correctly offset addresses when one zone has multiple
    + sectors
    + libdfu: Do not do GetStatus on dfuse upload
    + libdfu: Fix uploading from DfuSe devices
    + libdfu: Use the device offset when writing DfuSe firmware
    + libdfu: Add DfuAction enumerated value to represent a device
    + action
    + libdfu: Use an animated progress bar when performing DFU
    + operations
    + libdfu: Do not do a zero-byte download when in DfuSe mode
    + libdfu: Fix verification of written DfuSe firmware
    + libdfu: Ensure the device is open before claiming the interface
    + libdfu: Ensure the mode is set correctly when faking a runtime
    + libdfu: Re-get the quirks when the DfuDevice gets a new
    + GUsbDevice
    + libdfu: Add quirks for HydraBus as it does not have a DFU
    + runtime
    + libdfu: Match the device booloader or runtime VID and PID when
    + checking firmware
    + Add a 'replace-data' command to dfu-tool
    + string
    + libdfu: Add dfu_sector_get_zone() to get the continuous memory
    + zone number
    + libdfu: Wait for DNBUSY to be cleared when checking the DfuSe
    + status
    + libdfu: Correctly erase DfuSe devices
    + Enable hardening flags on more binaries
    + libdfu: Correctly set the element address when uploading from
    + DfuSe devices
  - Add pkgconfig(gmodule-2.0) BuildRequires: Align with what
    + configure checks for.
  - Add pkgconfig(libsmbios_c) BuildRequires: Support dell bios.
    + Unfortunatly, until we have fwup packaged and enabled, this will
    + not work.
  - Add disabled pkgconfig(libtbtfwu): For future thunderbolt
    + support.
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.4:
    + Add a fallback for older appstream-glib releases
    + Write the ELF files with the correct section type
    + Fix libfwupd self tests when a host-provided fwupd is not
    + available
    + Add dfu_firmware_add_symbol()
    + Add the Altos symbol table to the DfuFirmware
    + Use the symtab to set the VID/PID from Altos IHEX firmware
    + images
    + Show the human-readable version in the 'dfu-tool dump' output
    + Allow specifying the argument to 'dfu-tool set-release' in
    + major.minor format.
    + sections
    + Support writing the IHEX symbol table
    + call
    + Load the symbol table from ELF firmware
    + Load the Altos USB descriptor from ELF files
    + Fix a possible crash when uploading firmware files using libdfu
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.3:
    + build: Fix gtk-doc build when srcdir != builddir
    + In get-details output, display the blob filename
    + Ensure the update ID is set when getting local firmware details
    + Use a private gnupg key store
    + Add support for installing against multiple devices from a CAB
    + file
    + Use the correct firmware blob when installing a composite
    + device update
    + in get-details output, display update_name rather than Unknown
    + Device
    + statements
    + Don't make failures critical while checking versions or locked
    + state
    + Show a more detailed error when installing firmware on the
    + wildcard
    + Add Dell TPM and TB15/WD15 support via new Dell provider.
    + file
    + Allow blacklisting devices by their GUID
    + header file
    + Add XPS 9250 to Dell TPM modeswitch blacklist
    + Only display flashes left in results output when it gets low.
    + Add a small library for talking with 0bitdo hardware
    + Add another compile warning and fix up any build failures
    + Embed fwupd version in generated libfwupd and libdfu
    + documentation
    + Update fwupdmgr manpage for new commands and arguments
    + build: Fix gtk-doc build when srcdir != builddir
    + online not offline
    + Get the firmware version correctly from 0Bitdo gamepads
    + Switch to the Amazon S3 CDN for firmware metadata
    + Fix writing 8Bitdo device firmware
    + be updated
    + Show the vendor flashing instructions when installing
    + Split out the DFU file formats to separate files
    + Add fwupd_result_remove_device_flag()
    + get-updates output
    + Allow providers to export percentage completion
    + Add fwupd_client_get_status()
    + Handle the 8Bitdo bootloader in a better way
    + Show a progress notification when installing firmware
    + Add fwupd_result_get_unique_id()
    + Use the SHA1 hash of the local file data as the component
    + origin
    + Use the correct define prefix for FwupdDeviceFlags
    + libdfu: Fix hang when parsing corrupt IHEX files
    + Add a set-target-size command to dfu-tool
    + Support the 'DEVO' cipher kind in libdfu
    + Add a set-address command to dfu-util
    + Disable the Dell specific code by default
    + Conditionally enable all providers based upon what's installed
    + Add a summary of providers that are enabled from configure
    + Do not use the deprecated GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS
    + Ignore devices that do not add at least one GUID
    + Do not attempt to add DFU devices not in runtime mode
    + Save the unique ID in the pending database
    + libdfu: Add initial ELF reading and writing support
    + Add dfu_firmware_format_from_string()
    + Normalize the DfuFirmwareFormat enums
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.2:
    + Allow devices to have multiple assigned GUIDs
    + Only return updatable devices from GetDevices()
    + Add fu_device_get_alternate()
    + Allow metainfo files to match only specific revisions of
    + devices
    + Re-read flags for a device after a provider's unlock routine is
    + done
    + Test for a locked device when trying to install firmware update
    + Enforce allowing providers to take away flash abilities
    + Support returning multiple GUIDs from GetDetails
    + Add a GetDetailsLocal() method to eventually replace
    + GetDetails()
    + break
    + libdfu: Add DfuVersion enumerated values
    + libdfu: Show the DFU protocol version in 'dfu-tool list'
    + Only claim the DFU interface when required
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.1:
    + Fix libdfu CRC check for big endian architectures
    + Add dfu_image_get_element_default()
    + Fix libdfu CRC check for big endian architectures
    + Fix big endian issues when reading and writing DFU and DfuSe
    + files
    + Remove non-interactive pinentry setting from fu-keyring
    + Set the system's DMI product name as the DisplayName for UEFI
    + Re-order output of get-devices to be easier to read
    + Make the device display name nicer
    + update version
    + Return all update descriptions newer than the installed version
    + Add summary and name field for Rival SteelSeries
    + Fix a critical warning when restarting the daemon
    + Add a 'supported' flag to the FuDevice
    + Add fwupd_client_connect()
    + Add a 'monitor' debugging command for fwupdmgr
    + Add device-added, device-removed and device-changed signals
    + Match the AppStream metadata after a device has been adedd
    + Re-match devices when the AppStream metadata is updated
    + Show 'Unknow Device' in fwupdmgr when a device name is not set
    + Set the device description when parsing local firmware files
    + Add support for a new device field "Flashes Left".
    + src/ reshuffle so enableable bits are only
    + referenced when on
    + Add support for a --force flag to override provider warnings
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.7.0:
    + Use g_usb_context_wait_for_replug()
    + Run vendor plugins as required
    + Add a plugin for SteelSeries hardware
    + Add fwupd_device_flag_to_string()
    + Return the device flags when getting firmware details
    + Show device flags in 'fwupdmgr get-devices'
    + Add fwupd_trust_flag_to_string()
    + Export FwupdUpdateState in libfwupd
    + Export FwupdUpdateFlags in libfwupd
    + Add FwupdResult to libfwupd
    + Add a self test framework for libfwupd
    + Add FwupdClient to libfwupd
    + Use FwupdClient from libfwupd in fwupdmgr
    + Use libfwupd inside the daemon
    + Emit a FwupdClient::changed when the daemon emits this signal
    + Rename some of the new libfwupd API to align with the D-Bus
    + names
    + libdfu: Fix up some NULL/FALSE confusion
    + libfwup: Fix up some NULL/FALSE confusion
    + FwupdClient
    + Allow other checksum kinds in FwupdResult
    + Allow SHA-256 hashes when verifying
    + Show the checksum kind in the fwupdmgr output
    + Add Alienware to the version quirk table
    + Do not use /tmp for downloaded files
    + Add fwupd_result_has_device_flag()
    + Do not return updates that require AC when on battery
    + Connect to UPower at startup
    + Test that GPG key import actually was successful (or didn't
    + change a key already in the keyring)
    + Use g_auto() in FuKeyring
    + Return errors of the correct type when using libfwupd
    + Allow overridding the location of the pending database for
    + test suite
    + Allow overriding the location of the provider offline files for
    + test suite
    + Validate that the dbus system bus is available before running
    + libfwupd tests
    + Update for changes that have happened in the project
    + Add some basic explanation of how to use fwupd with various
    + frontends
    + Split out the libdfu-devel package
    + Revert "Allow overridding the location of the pending database
    + for test suite"
    + Revert "Allow overriding the location of the provider offline
    + files for test suite"
    + Allow the test suite to run in %check
    + Generate gtk-doc documentation for libfwupd
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.6.3:
    + Require AC power before scheduling some types of firmware
    + update
    + Install the hardcoded firmware AppStream file
    + Correct the BCD version number for DFU 1.1
    + Add an unlock method for devices
    + Add ESRT enable method into UEFI provider.
    + Only read PCI OptionROM firmware when devices are manually
    + unlocked
    + Do not use deprecated API from libappstream-glib
    + Ignore the DFU runtime on the DW1820A
    + Export the attribute and quirk values in libdfu
    + Show ignored DFU devices in dfu-util, but not in fwupd
    + Allow defining update vfuncs with no runtime support
    + Revert "Allow defining update vfuncs with no runtime support"
    + Add a simple plugin infrastructure
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.6.2:
    + Add 'Created' and 'Modified' properties on managed devices
    + Fix get-results for UEFI provider.
    + Support vendor-specific UEFI version encodings
    + Move quirks directly into a single table and file.
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Update to version 0.6.1:
    + Only dump the profiling data when run with --verbose
    + Always persist ColorHug devices after replug
    + Do not misdetect different ColorHug devices
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.6.0:
    + Add support for updating USB devices with DFU
    + libdfu: Add support for DfuSe firmware
    + libdfu: Generate gtk-doc documentation
    + libdfu: Don't rely on specific hardware to be present
    + libdfu: Move the VID:PID checks from the tool to DfuDevice
    + libdfu: Use a custom error domain
    + Use the same device identification string format as Microsoft
    + libdfu: Fix crash when setting a target size
    + libdfu: Allow setting the alternate settings in DfuSe firmware
    + libdfu: Add a merge command to dfu-tool
    + libdfu: Allow choosing a different alt-setting when downloading
    + libdfu: Fix a crash when setting a NULL image name
    + libdfu: Correctly implement auto-boot in dfu_device_download()
    + libdfu: Check for extra args to dfu-tool convert
    + libdfu: Call the progress callback when doing detach
    + Ignore the DFU device detach:attach when verifying
    + libdfu: Require a --force flag to flash wildcard firmware
    + Use new API available in fwup 0.5
    + libdfu: Make the element address 32 bits in size
    + libdfu: Support the ST-specific bitCanAccelerate
    + libdfu: Only do a Detach notification if we're actually doing
      to do it
    + libdfu: Use the progress bar for all uploads and downloads
    + libdfu: Improve the output of 'dfu-util list'
    + libdfu: Support download and upload to ST DfuSe devices
    + libdfu: Fix multi-interface devices like the Neo Freerunner
    + libdfu: Add a pkgconfig file
    + libdfu: Use signals to propagate device state
    + libdfu: Add a context object to handle device hotplug
    + libdfu: Add an example showing GObject Introspection
    + libdfu: Do not ref DfuDevice in DfuTarget so the auto-close
    + logic works
    + Close DFU devices as soon as possible after the transfer has
    + Emit the changed signal after doing an update
    + Rescan the DFU device after replug to get the new version
    + libdfu: Add dfu_context_get_device_by_platform_id()
    + libdfu: Add dfu_device_get_runtime_release()
    + libdfu: Add dfu_device_get_display_name()
    + libdfu: Fix self tests after recent API change
    + Split out the DFU provider as a new file
    + libdfu: Copy the platform ID and invalidate the GUsbDevice when
    + libdfu: Accept multiple spaces after the DfuSe sector name
    + libdfu: Verify the GUsbDevice is set before using it
    + libdfu: Remove the weak pointer when destroying the DfuTarget
    + libdfu: Fix dfu_device_wait_for_replug() so it can work with a
    + Export the AppStream ID when returning device results
    + Rescan the DFU device after firmware has been updated
    + libdfu: Handle cancellation with ctrl+c in dfu-tool
    + libdfu: Add a quirk to support DFU runtime-less devices
    + libdfu: Add an explicit 'attach' method
    + libdfu: Add dfu_firmware_get_image_by_name()
    + libdfu: Make reading and writing to targets easier to
    + understand
    + Fix compile with --disable-shared
    + libdfu: Display all the files shown with 'dfu-tool dump'
    + libdfu: Fix a few crashers found using afl
    + libdfu: Fix another bug discovered by the fuzzer
    + libdfu: Add commands to encrypt and decrypt firmware images
    + libdfu: Show better device errors
    + libdfu: Add DfuCipher which is a property on a target and a
    + firmware file
    + libdfu: Add support for the draft 'DFU Metadata Table
    + Specification'
    + libdfu: Only enumerate the DfuContext when required
    + libdfu: Fix several reported crashes in the inhex32 import code
    + Release fwupd 0.6.0
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.5.4:
    + Fix compile error against fwupdate git due to dropped
    + functions.
    + Use strerror() when printing errors from libfwupdate
    + Use new API available in fwup 0.5
    + Release fwupd 0.5.4
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.5.3:
    + Avoid seeking when reading the file magic during refresh
    + Do not assume that the compressed XML data will be NUL
    + terminated
    + debugging
    + Use the correct user agent string for fwupdmgr
    + Release fwupd 0.5.3
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.5.2:
    + Ensure D-Bus remote errors are registered at fwupdmgr startup
    + Show the dotted-decimal representation of the UEFI version
    + number
    + require appstream-glib 0.5.1
    + not found
    + When the version is from the 'FW' extension do not cache the
    + device
    + Support cabinet archives files with more than one firmware
    + Add the update description to the GetDetails results
    + Add profiling data to debug slow startup times
    + Fix verify-update to produce components with the correct
    + provide values
    + Clear the in-memory firmware store only after parsing a valid
    + XML file
    + Release fwupd 0.5.2
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.5.1:
    + Fix the error message when no devices can be updated
    + offline update: Use glib api for for reading symlinks
    + Release fwupd 0.5.1
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.5.0:
    + Do not merge the existing firmware metadata with the submitted
    + files
    + Raise the dep on GLib to support and use g_autoptr()
    + Do not reboot if racing with the PackageKit offline update
    + mechanism
    + Release fwupd 0.5.0
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.1.6:
    + Install fwupd and fwsignd into /usr/lib/$(triplet)/fwupd
    + instead.
    + Use the new secure metadata URI
    + Update the offline update service to invoke right command
    + Don't apply firmware if something else is processing the
    + offline update
    + Remove fwsignd, we have the LVFS now
    + Depend on appstream-glib >= 0.5.0
    + Add application metadata when getting the updates list
    + Simplify the version properties on devices to avoid complexity
    + and bugs
    + Release fwupd 0.1.6
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.1.5:
    + Allow fwupd to be autostarted by systemd
    + Sign the test binary with the correct key
    + Do not pre-convert the update description from AppStream XML
    + Devices with option ROM are always internal
    + Prefer the GUID from the firmware than the device
    + Allow no arguments to 'fwupdmgr verify-update' and use sane
    + defaults
    + Add the ability to remove a vendor on the LVFS site
    + Fix validation of written firmware
    + Move the verification and metadata matching phase to the daemon
    + Add a simple config file to store the correct LVFS download URI
    + Make parsing the option ROM runtime optional
    + Add a Raspberry Pi firmware provider
    + Use the AppStream 0.9 firmware specification by default
    + Generate the ColorHug test files at runtime
    + Release fwupd 0.1.5
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.1.4:
    + man/ Add --sgml to docbook2man invocation
    + Make statements about storing private keys stronger.
    + Provide a way for clients to add new firmware metadata to the
    + system cache
    + Fix fwupd-offline-update.service
    + Revert "man/ Add --sgml to docbook2man invocation"
    + Add a Udev firmware provider
    + Extract the version string from the ROM in PCI devices
    + Add a 'verify' command that verifies the cryptographic hash of
    + device firmware
    + Make the ROM parsing more robust and add self tests
    + Get the version number out from Intel VBIOS too
    + Provide a way to dump the option ROM using the command line
    + build: gusb is required even without colorhug
    + remove unused variables
    + Do not return NULL as a gboolean
    + Fix Intel VBIOS detection on Dell hardware
    + Do not use the subsystem information when constructing the fake
    + GUID
    + Actually parse the PCI option ROM
    + Accept multiple files at one time when using fwupdmgr dump-rom
    + verify run
    + Add a 'verify-update' command to fwupdmgr
    + Fix trivial bug when parsing firmware versions
    + Keep hitting the hardware until it gives us enough ROM
    + Make the version parsing more resilient to corrupt firmware
    + Fix the example .inf file to reflect reality
    + Fix ROM PPID searching to work for all ROMs
    + Move the LVFS website to the fwupd project
    + Add the ability to create detached signatures
    + Allow cab files to be saved
    + Add a simple signing server that operates on .cab files
    + Automatically download metadata using fwupdmgr if required
    + Don't call efibootmgr after fwupdate.
    + Associate the contact email address directly with the vendor
    + key
    + Use the actual LVFS GPG key
    + Allow running fwsignd as the non-root user
    + metadata
    + Do not merge existing LVFS metadata
    + Do not use the file hash when storing the LVFS submitted
    + firmwares
    + Move GetUpdates to the daemon
    + Change the DBus method for installing firmware to 'Install'
    + Allow installing an offline UEFI update without --offline
    + Add a 'fwupdmgr update' command to update all devices to latest
    + versions
    + 'update' command
    + Increase the size limit of firmware to 50Mb
    + Only sign files when the entire file has been copied
    + Fallback to offline install when calling the update argument.
    + Reload appstream data after refreshing.
    + Release fwupd 0.1.4
* Thu Dec 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.1.3:
    + Coldplug the devices before acquiring the well known name
    + Add an UNKNOWN status so we can return meaningful enum values
    + Run the offline actions using systemd when required
    + Get the firmware version from the device descriptors
    + Added syntax highlighting
    + More markup
    + Support OpenHardware devices using the fwupd vendor extensions
    + Move boolean properties on the device to a set of flags
    + Release fwupd 0.1.3
* Wed May 27 2015
  - Update to version 0.1.2:
    + More markup
    + Fixed typos and markup for executable
    + Add slovak translation
    + Add helper code to validate public key signatures
    + Decompress any firmware signatures in the .cab file
    + Verify firmware if a detached signature is present
    + Show the firmware trust status when doing GetDetails()
    + Only allow signed firmware to be upgraded without a password
    + Add some guidelines for vendors to README
    + Small grammar fix
    + Extract the .cat file alongside the firmware
    + Release fwupd 0.1.2
* Mon Apr 13 2015
  - Update to version fwupd_0_1_1:
    + Do not crash when there are no devices to return
    + Add a 'get-updates' command to fwupdmgr
    + Add and document the offline-update lifecycle
    + Create runtime directories if they do not exist
    + Create a libfwupd shared library
    + Export the status as an enumerated value rather than a string
    + Release fwupd 0.1.1
* Mon Apr 13 2015
  - Initial package.



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