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dust-0.8.6-bp156.1.10 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for s390x

Name: dust Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP6
Version: 0.8.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp156.1.10 Build date: Tue May 14 05:28:32 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl27
Size: 3201554 Source RPM: dust-0.8.6-bp156.1.10.src.rpm
Summary: A more intuitive version of du
Dust is meant to give you an instant overview of which directories are using
disk space without requiring sort or head. Dust will print a maximum of one
'Did not have permissions message'.






* Sun May 07 2023
  - Update to version 0.8.6:
    * Increment version
    * cargo update: update dependencies
    * Add support for cargo-binstall to Cargo.toml
    * cargo update: update dependencies
    * Increment version
    * Fix: some panics are occuring when creating rayon
    * remove depth from config.toml and fix style issues
    * feat: default option for depth from config file
    * refactor: DisplayData
    * refactor: simplify
    * Update
* Mon Jan 30 2023 Soc Virnyl Estela <>
  - Update to version 0.8.4:
    * Increment version
    * fix: Stop progress indicator crashing into stderr
    * Feature: Add flag for screen readers
    * fix: Fix bug in progress bar
    * fix: only-dir flag conflicts with types
    * feature: --files-only -F
    * Update LICENSE
    * use create_dir_all instead of create_dir as that doesn't fail if the directory already exists, and make sure to propagate the error out
    * generate a man page as part of the build
    * clippy: Fix new clippy rules
    * upgrade dependencies
    * refactor: progress bar
    * refactor: progress bar
    * refactor: progress bar
    * Comment: Remove comment
    * Comment: update comment
    * Refactor: rename var
    * Refactor: PAtomicInfo class
    * Refactor: progress bar & file permissions
    * Refactor: progress bar: rename vars
    * Refactor: Progress bar: Remove atomic classes
    * Refactor: Progress bar: Remove PConfig
    * Refactor: progress bar: simplify
    * Refactor: progress bar: rm unused field
    * Refactor: Simplify progress indicator
    * refactor: update Progress bar:
    * Refactor: Update main for progress bar
    * Refactor: Reduce complexity of progress bar code
    * Implemented a progress indicator (#275)
    * Fix: naming of parameter
    * [documentation] Note about running single-threaded
    * refactor dir_walker
    * feature: Support for dereference links -L follow
    * refactor create AggregateData for
    * refactor
    * refactor
    * Fix: depth=0 bug for multiple arguments
    * fix: bug where hard links could be double counted
    * clippy: Fix new clippy
    * fix: update use of sysinfo.system
    * Update sysinfo version to 0.26.7
    * added deb-get as installation source
    * FEATURE: support only directories will be displayed. Flag -D
    * Read `inputs` from stdin when applicable
    * Add a direct dependency on the `atty` crate
* Fri Sep 02 2022 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update to version 0.8.3:
    * Fix: Only create large stack size if enough memory
    * Config file
    * New parameter: --min-size
    * New parameter: --skip-total
    * Does not include a space character as the first character in each line unless required
    * Fixes spurious permissions warning
    * Adds completion
* Thu Jul 14 2022 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update to version 0.8.1:
    * Allow -n to be used with -d
    * Tweak utils function
    * Fix archive/directory check in
    * Improve help text
* Wed May 25 2022 Soc Virnyl Estela <>
  - Update to version v0.8.0:
    * Increment version
    * Improve help text
* Sun Oct 31 2021 Enrico Belleri <>
  - initial package



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