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yubikey-manager-4.0.9-150400.9.3.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for noarch

Name: yubikey-manager Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 4.0.9 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150400.9.3.1 Build date: Wed Jun 7 11:29:13 2023
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: sheep66
Size: 1147951 Source RPM: yubikey-manager-4.0.9-150400.9.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Python 3 library and command line tool for configuring a YubiKey
Python 3 library and command line tool for configuring a YubiKey.
YubiKey Manager (ykman) is a command line tool for configuring a YubiKey over
all transports. It is capable of reading out device information as well as
configuring several aspects of a YubiKey, including enabling or disabling
connection transports an programming various types of credentials.






* Mon Dec 19 2022
  - Keep this version until version 5.0.0 or
    yubikey-manager-qt v1.2.4 and yubioath-desktop v5.1.0 was fixed
  - Some small .spec file fixes
* Wed Oct 05 2022
  - Update to version 4.0.9 (released 2022-06-17)
    * Dependency: Add support for python-fido2 1.x
    * Fix: Drop stated support for Click 6 as features from 7 are being used.
* Mon Mar 28 2022
  - Update to version 4.0.8 (released 2022-01-31)
    * Bugfix: Fix error message for invalid modhex when programing a YubiOTP credential.
    * Bugfix: Fix issue with displaying a Steam credential when it is the only account.
    * Bugfix: Prevent installation of files in site-packages root.
    * Bugfix: Fix cleanup logic in PIV for protected management key.
    * Add support for token identifier when programming slot-based HOTP.
    * Add support for programming NDEF in text mode.
    * Dependency: Add support for Cryptography ⇐ 38.
* Thu Oct 14 2021
  - version update to 4.0.7
    * Version 4.0.7 (released 2021-09-08)
    * * Bugfix release: Fix broken naming for "YubiKey 4", and a small OATH issue with
      touch Steam credentials.
    * Version 4.0.6 (released 2021-09-08)
    * * Improve handling of YubiKey device reboots.
    * * More consistently mask PIN/password input in prompts.
    * * Support switching mode over CCID for YubiKey Edge.
    * * Run pkill from PATH instead of fixed location.
    * Version 4.0.5 (released 2021-07-16)
    * * Bugfix: Fix PIV feature detection for some YubiKey NEO versions.
    * * Bugfix: Fix argument short form for --period when adding TOTP credentials.
    * * Bugfix: More strict validation for some arguments, resulting in better error messages.
    * * Bugfix: Correctly handle TOTP credentials using period != 30 AND touch_required.
    * * Bugfix: Fix prompting for access code in the otp settings command (now uses "-A -").
* Tue May 18 2021
  - Update to version 4.0.3
    * Add support for fido reset over NFC.
    * Bugfix: The --touch argument to piv change-management-key was
    * Bugfix: Don’t prompt for password when importing PIV key/cert
      if file is invalid.
    * Bugfix: Fix setting touch-eject/auto-eject for YubiKey 4 and NEO.
    * Bugfix: Detect PKCS#12 format when outer sequence uses
      indefinite length.
    * Dependency: Add support for Click 8.
* Thu May 06 2021
  - Update to version 4.0.2
    * Update device names
    * Add read_info output to the --diagnose command, and show
      exception types.
    * Bugfix: Fix read_info for YubiKey Plus.
    * Add support for YK5-based FIPS YubiKeys.
    * Bugfix: Fix OTP device enumeration on Win32.
    * Drop reliance on libusb and libykpersonalize.
    * Support the "fido" and "otp" subcommands over NFC
    * New "ykman --diagnose" command to aid in troubleshooting.
    * New "ykman apdu" command for sending raw APDUs over the smart
      card interface.
    * New "yubikit" package added for custom development and advanced
    * OpenPGP: Add support for KDF enabled YubiKeys.
    * Static password: Add support for FR, IT, UK and BEPO keyboard
  - Drop now unneeded python3-six, python3-usb and
    libykpers-1-1 dependencies
  - python3-pyOpenSSL is optional, so move from Requires to Recommends
* Tue Feb 04 2020
  - Update to 3.1.1
    * Add support for YubiKey 5C NFC
    * OpenPGP: set-touch now performs compatibility checks before prompting for PIN
    * OpenPGP: Improve error messages and documentation for set-touch
    * PIV: read-object command no longer adds a trailing newline
    * CLI: Hint at missing permissions when opening a device fails
    * Linux: Improve error handling when pcscd is not running
    * Windows: Improve how .DLL files are loaded, thanks to Marius Gabriel Mihai for reporting this!
    * Bugfix: set-touch now accepts the cached-fixed option
    * Bugfix: Fix crash in OtpController.prepare_upload_key() error parsing
    * Bugfix: Fix crash in piv info command when a certificate slot contains an invalid certificate
    * Library: PivController.read_certificate(slot) now wraps certificate parsing exceptions in new exception type InvalidCertificate
    * Library: PivController.list_certificates() now returns None for slots containing invalid certificate, instead of raising an exception
* Tue Dec 17 2019
  - Use modern python macros for building
  - Run tests
* Wed Aug 21 2019
  - Version 3.1.0 (released 2019-08-20)
    * Add support for YubiKey 5Ci
    * OpenPGP: the info command now prints OpenPGP specification version as well
    * OpenPGP: Update support for attestation to match OpenPGP v3.4
    * PIV: Use UTC time for self-signed certificates
    * OTP: Static password now supports the Norman keyboard layout
* Sat Jun 29 2019
  - Version 3.0.0 (released 2019-06-24)
    * Add support for new YubiKey Preview and lightning form factor
    * FIDO: Support for credential management
    * OpenPGP: Support for OpenPGP attestation, cardholder certificates and
      cached touch policies
    * OTP: Add flag for using numeric keypad when sending digits
* Wed May 29 2019
  - Version 2.1.1 (released 2019-05-28)
    * OTP: Add initial support for uploading Yubico OTP credentials to YubiCloud
    * Don’t automatically select the U2F applet on YubiKey NEO, it might be
      blocked by the OS
    * ChalResp: Always pad challenge correctly
    * Bugfix: Don’t crash with older versions of cryptography
    * Bugfix: Password was always prompted in OATH command, even if sent as
* Mon Mar 11 2019
  - Version 2.1.0 (released 2019-03-11)
    * Add --reader flag to ykman list, to list available smart card readers
    * FIPS: Checking if a YubiKey FIPS is in FIPS mode is now opt-in, with the --check-fips flag
    * PIV: Add commands for writing and reading arbitrary PIV objects
    * PIV: Verify that the PIN must be between 6 - 8 characters long
    * PIV: In import-certificate, make the verification that the certificate and private key matches opt-in, with the --verify flag
    * PIV: The piv info command now shows the serial number of the certificates
    * PIV: The piv info command now shows the full Distinguished Name (DN) of the certificate subject and issuer, if possible
    * PIV: Malformed certificates are now handled better
    * OpenPGP: The openpgp touch command now shows current touch policies
    * The ykman usb/nfc config command now accepts openpgp as well as opgp as an argument
    * Bugfix: Fix support for german (DE) keyboard layout for static passwords
  - Packaged man page
* Wed Jan 09 2019
  - Version 2.0.0 (released 2019-01-09)
    * Add support for Security Key NFC
    * Add experimental support for external smart card reader. See --reader flag
    * Add a minimal manpage
    * Add examples in help texts
    * PIV: update CHUID when importing a certificate
    * PIV: Optionally validate that private key and certificate match when importing a certificate (on by default in CLI)
    * PIV: Improve support for importing certificate chains and .PEM files with comments
    * Breaking API changes:
    * Merge CCID status word constants into a single SW enum in ykman.driver_ccid
    * Throw custom exception types instead of raw APDUErrors from many methods of PivController
    * Write CLI prompts to standard error instead of standard output
    * Replace function `ykman.util.parse_certificate` with `parse_certificates` which returns a list
* Mon Nov 12 2018
  - Added libykpers-1-1 as dependency (bsc#1115370)
* Wed Oct 10 2018
  - Version 1.0.1 (released 2018-10-10)
    * Support for YubiKey 5A
    * OATH: Ignore extra parameters in URI parsing
    * Bugfix: Never say that NFC is supported for YubiKeys without NFC
* Fri Sep 28 2018
  - Version 1.0.0 (released 2018-09-24)
    * Add support for YubiKey 5 Series
    * Config: Add flag to generate a random configuration lock
    * OATH: Give a proper error message when a touch credential times out
    * NDEF: Allow setting the NDEF prefix from the CLI
    * FIDO: Block reset when multiple YubiKeys are connected
  - Applied spec-cleaner
  - Removed explicit version dependencies
* Wed Jul 11 2018
  - Version 0.7.1 (released 2018-07-09)
    * Support for YubiKey FIPS.
    * OTP: Allow setting and removing access codes on the slots.
    * Interfaces: set-lock-code now only accepts hexadecimal inputs.
    * Bugfix: Don't fail to open the YubiKey when the serial is not visible.
  - Version 0.7.0 (released 2018-05-07)
    * Support for YubiKey Preview.
    * Add command to configure enabled applications over USB and NFC. See ykman config -h.
    * Add command for selecting which slot to use for NDEF. See ykman otp ndef -h.
  - Applied spec-cleaner
* Tue Apr 17 2018
  - Version 0.6.1
    * Support for YubiKeys with FIDO2. See ykman fido -h
    * Report the form factor for YubiKeys that support it.
    * OTP: slot command is now called otp. See ykman otp -h for all changes.
    * Static password: Add support for different keyboard layouts. See ykman otp static -h
    * PIV: Signatures for CSRs are now correct.
    * PIV: Commands on slots with PIN policy ALWAYS no longer fail if the YubiKey has a management key protected by PIN.
    * Mode: The U2F mode is now called FIDO.
    * Dependencies: libu2f-host is no longer used for FIDO communication over USB, instead the python library fido2 is used.
  - Cleaned up spec file (spec-cleaner)
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - Version 0.6.0 (released 2018-02-09)
    - OpenPGP: Expose remaining PIN retries in info command and API.
    - CCID: Only try YubiKey smart card readers by default.
    - Handle NEO issues with challenge-response credentials better.
    - Improve logging.
    - Improve error handling when opening device over OTP.
    - Bugfix: Fix adding OTP data through the interactive prompt.
* Wed Jan 03 2018
  - Version 0.5.0 (released 2017-12-15)
    - API breaking changes:
    - OATH: New API more similar to yubioath-android
    - CLI breaking changes:
    - OATH: Touch prompt now written to stderr instead of stdout
    - OATH: -a|--algorithm option to list command removed
    - OATH: Columns in code command are now dymanically spaced depending on contents
    - OATH: delete command now requires confirmation or -f|--force argument
    - OATH: IDs printed by list command now include TOTP period if not 30
    - Changed outputs:
    - INFO: "Device name" output changed to "Device type"
    - PIV: "Management key is stored on device" output changed to "Management key is stored on the YubiKey"
    - PIV: "All PIV data have been cleared from the device" output changed to "All PIV data have been cleared from your YubiKey"
    - PIV: "The current management key is stored on the device" prompt changed to "The current management key is stored on the YubiKey"
    - SLOT: "blank to use device serial" prompt changed to "blank to use YubiKey serial number"
    - SLOT: "Using device serial" output changed to "Using YubiKey device serial"
    - Lots of failure case outputs changed
    - New features:
    - Support for multiple devices via new top-level option -d|--device
    - New top-level option -l|--log-level to enable logging
    - OATH: Support for remembering passwords locally.
    - OATH: New option -s|--single for code command
    - PIV: set-pin-retries command now warns that PIN and PUK will be reset to factory defaults, and prints those defaults after resetting
    - API bug fixes:
    - OATH: valid_from and valid_to for Code are now absolute instead of relative to the credential period
    - OATH: period for non-TOTP Code is now None
* Sat Dec 30 2017
  - Fix RPM groups.
* Wed Nov 15 2017
  - Version 0.4.6 (released 2017-10-17)
    - Will now attempt to open device 3 times before failing
    - OpenPGP: Don’t say data is removed when not
    - OpenPGP: Don’t swallow APDU errors
    - PIV: Block on-chip RSA key generation for firmware versions 4.2.0 to 4.3.4 (inclusive) since these chips are vulnerable to CVE-2017-15631.
  - Version 0.4.5 (released 2017-09-14)
    - OATH: Don’t print issuer if there is no issuer.
  - Version 0.4.4 (released 2017-09-06)
    - OATH: Fix yet another issue with backwards compability, for adding new credentials.
  - Version 0.4.3 (released 2017-09-06)
    - OATH: Fix issue with backwards compability, when used as a library.
  - Version 0.4.2 (released 2017-09-05)
    - OATH: Support 7 digit credentials.
    - OATH: Support credentials with a period other than 30 seconds.
    - OATH: The remove command is now called delete.
  - Version 0.4.1 (released 2017-08-10)
    - PIV: Dropped support for deriving a management key from PIN.
    - PIV: Addded support for generating a random management key and storing it on the device protected by the PIN.
    - OpenPGP: The reset command now handles a device in terminated state.
    - OATH: Credential filtering is now working properly on Python 2.
  - Version 0.4.0 (released 2017-06-19)
    - Added PIV support. The tool and library now supports most of the PIV functionality found on the YubiKey 4 and NEO. To list the available commands, run ykman piv -h.
    - Mode command now supports adding and removing modes incrementally.
* Mon May 15 2017
  - Initial Release 0.3.3



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