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librbio2-2.2.6-7.9 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 for x86_64

Name: librbio2 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.2.6 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 7.9 Build date: Sun May 5 05:53:07 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep65
Size: 93107 Source RPM: suitesparse-5.2.0-7.9.src.rpm
Summary: MATLAB Toolbox for Reading/Writing Sparse Matrices
RBio is a MATLAB toolbox for reading/writing sparse matrices in the
Rutherford/Boeing format, and for reading/writing problems in the UF
Sparse Matrix Collection from/to a set of files in a directory.
Version 2.0+ is written in C.

RBio is part of the SuiteSparse sparse matrix suite.






* Wed Mar 20 2019
  - Remove openmpi BuildRequires, all SuiteSparse libraries are MPI
* Wed Jun 27 2018
  - Fix conditional to select the right gcc-c++ package, also for the
    devel subpackge
* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - Update to SuiteSparse 5.2.0
    * GraphBLAS 2.0.1: bug fix to GxB_kron
    * SuiteSparse_config: corrected back to SO_VERSION 5
    * GraphBLAS 2.0.0: with changes to API to conform to the latest
      specification.  The SO_VERSION of GraphBLAS must change,
      as a result, since this affects both the ABI and API interface.
    * CHOLMOD 3.1.12: bug fix (no change to the CHOLMOD ABI or API)
    * KLU 1.3.9: minor edit, not a bug fix, but code is more clear now
  - Update to SuiteSparse 5.1.2
    * improved build process for GraphBLAS
    * minor change to CSparse/Lib/Makefile, no change in CSparse version
  - Update to SuiteSparse 5.1.1
    * GraphBLAS added to top-level SuiteSparse/Makefile
    * GraphBLAS 1.1.1: bug fix to *assign, split AxB for faster compile,
      added memory usage statistics, AxB performance improvment
    * minor update to [AMD CAMD KLU]/Doc/Makefile's, no change to
      version numbers of AMD, CAMD, or KLU
  - Update to SuiteSparse 5.1.0
    * GraphBLAS 1.1.0
    * minor update to SPQR Makefile (version remains unchanged;
      no change to source)
  - Update to SuiteSparse 5.0.0
    * added GraphBLAS Version 1.0.0
    * replaced UFget with ssget
  - Use build-in build system instead of manually building everything
  - Simplify spec file
  - Add build_csparse_shared.patch to build CSparse as a shared library
* Wed Feb 14 2018
  - Make openblas optional, using lapack instead
* Mon Oct 16 2017
  - Fix csparselib define: libcsparse-%{csparseso}. This results in
    the (wrongly named) package libcsparsever-3_1_9 being renamed to
    libcsparse-3_1_9, matching the content of the package. The old
    name is, exceptionally, obsoleted by the new package name (not
    provided, as nothing but the -devel package should ever have
    referenced the package by name). The obsolete is guarded to no
    longer apply, should the version change.
* Mon Jul 10 2017
  - Fix RPM groups.
  - Trim pointless trailing line whitespace from descriptions.
    % must be encoded as %%.
  - Trim past-time history from suistesparse_config description.
* Sun Jun 11 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.5
    * minor fix to SuiteSparse/Makefile for 'make install'
  - Update to version 4.5.4
    * minor update to SPQR for ACM TOMS submission
  - Update to version 4.5.3
    * minor changes to Makefiles
  - Update to version 4.5.2
    * licensing simplified (no other change); refer to PACKAGE/Doc/License.txt
      for the license for each package.
  - Update to version 4.5.1
    * update to Makefiles.  Version 4.5.0 is broken on the Mac.
    That version also compiles *.so libraries on Linux with
    underlinked dependencies to other libraries in SuiteSparse.
    For example, AMD requires SuiteSparse_config.  The links to
    required libraries are now explicitly included in each library,
    in SuiteSparse 4.5.1.
    * minor change to CHOLMOD/Check/cholmod_write.c, when compiling with
    options that disable specific modules
  - Update to version 4.5.0
    * better Makefiles for creating and installing shared libraries
    * CHOLMOD now uses METIS 5.1.0, which is distributed with SuiteSparse
    * fix for MATLAB R2015b, which changed how it creates empty matrices,
    as compared to prior versions of MATLAB.  This change in MATLAB
    breaks many of the mexFunctions in prior versions of SuiteSparse.
    If you use MATLAB R2015b, you must upgrade to SuiteSparse 4.5.0
    or later.
  - Update to version 4.4.7
    * note that this minor update fails on the Mac, so its
      listed on my web page as a 'beta' release.
    * Improved the Makefiles of all packages.  They now create *.so
      shared libraries (*.dylib on the Mac).  Also, there is now
      only a single file.  It now determines
      your system automatically, and whether or not you have METIS
      and CUDA.  It also automatically detects if you have the Intel
      compiler or not, and uses it if it finds it.  There should be
      no need to edit this file for most cases, but you may need to
      for your particular system.  With this release, there are almost
      no changes to the source code, except for the VERSION numbers
      defined in the various include *.h files for each package.
  - Use faster openblas.
    * Remove blas-instead-of-openblas-SuiteSparse_config_mk.patch
  - Remove upstream-included no-removal-of-suitesparse_config-output.patch
* Sat Dec 05 2015
  - Update to version 4.4.6
    * SPQR 2.0.2: changed default tol when A has infs, from inf to realmax (~1e308)
* Wed Nov 18 2015
  - Package forgotten C++ includes (*.hpp), too.
  - Adjust download link
* Wed Sep 23 2015
  - Update to version 4.4.5
    + CHOLMOD 3.0.6:
    * minor fix to CHOLMOD (-DNGPL did not work as expected)
    * added MATLAB interface for row add/delete (lurowmod)
    + KLU 1.3.3: Fix for klu_dump.c (debugging case only)
    + UFcollection:  added additional stats for matrix collection
    + AMD: changed the license.  Was LGPL only, now either LGPL or BSD,
      at the user's option.  See AMD/Doc/License.txt for details.
* Wed Apr 01 2015
  - Update to version 4.4.4
    + CHOLMOD version number corrected.  In 4.4.3, the CHOLMOD_SUBSUB_VERSION
      string was left at '4' (it should have been '5', for CHOLMOD 3.0.5).
      This version of SuiteSparse corrects this glitch.
    + Minor changes to comments in SuiteSparse_config.
    + SPQR version 2.0.1 released (minor update to documentation)
* Tue Jan 27 2015
  - Fix linking config
  - Add linking tests
* Tue Jan 20 2015
  - Update to version 4.4.3
    + CHOLMOD 3.0.5: minor bug fix to MatrixOps/cholmod_symmetry
  - Update to version 4.4.2
    + CHOLMOD 3.0.4: serious bug fix in supernodal factorization,
    introduced in CHOLMOD 3.0.0 (SuiteSparse 4.3.0).  Can cause segfault,
    and has no user workaround.
  - Upstream SuiteSparse preferes OpenBLAS, added patch
    to use BLAS as SuiteSparse 4.4.1 did
* Mon Nov 10 2014
  - Update to version 4.4.1
    + Minor update:  two bug fixes (affecting Windows only) for
      CHOLMOD and KLU
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Update to version 4.4.0
    + (added GPU acceleration to CHOLMOD and SPQR.  Up to 10x faster
      than a multicore CPU.) Not yet working in the package
    + changed to a consistent method for all of SuiteSparse, for
      malloc/calloc/realloc, and printf, using SuiteSparse_config.



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