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cephfs-top- RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 for noarch

Name: cephfs-top Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150400.3.6.1 Build date: Mon Feb 20 12:59:36 2023
Group: System/Filesystems Build host: goat10
Size: 37886 Source RPM: ceph-
Summary: top(1) like utility for Ceph Filesystem
This package provides a top(1) like utility to display Ceph Filesystem metrics
in realtime.




LGPL-2.1 and LGPL-3.0 and CC-BY-SA-3.0 and GPL-2.0 and BSL-1.0 and BSD-3-Clause and MIT


* Tue Feb 07 2023
  - Update to 16.2.11-58-g38d6afd3b78:
    + test/CMakeLists.txt: move 'APPEND rgw_libs Boost::filesystem' to top level
* Fri Jan 27 2023
  - Update to 16.2.11-57-g9be7fb44a33:
    + Replace %usrmerged macro with regular version check
  - default to ses7p branch
* Fri Jan 27 2023
  - Update to 16.2.11-56-gc067055f8f5:
    + (bsc#1199183) osd, tools, kv: non-aggressive, on-line trimming of accumulated dups
    + (bsc#1200262) ceph-volume: fix fast device alloc size on mulitple device
    + (bsc#1200501) cephadm: update monitoring container images
    + (bsc#1200978) mgr/dashboard: prevent alert redirect
    + (bsc#1201797) mgr/volumes: Add subvolumegroup resize cmd
    + (bsc#1201837) mgr/volumes: Fix subvolume discover during upgrade (CVE-2022-0670)
    + (bsc#1201976) monitoring/ceph-mixin: add RGW host to label info
    + (bsc#1202077) mgr/dashboard: enable addition of custom Prometheus alerts
    + (bsc#1203375) python-common: Add 'KB' to supported suffixes in SizeMatcher
    + (bsc#1204430) ceph-crash: drop privleges to run as "ceph" user, rather than root (CVE-2022-3650)
    + (bsc#1205025) rgw: Guard against malformed bucket URLs (CVE-2022-3854)
    + (bsc#1205436) mgr/dashboard: fix rgw connect when using ssl
* Thu Oct 06 2022
  - Update to 16.2.9-539-gea74dd900cd:
    + (bsc#1202292) Add -DFMT_DEPRECATED_OSTREAM to CXXFLAGS
* Tue Jul 26 2022
  - Update to 16.2.9-538-g9de83fa4064:
    + (bsc#1201604) cephfs-shell: move source to separate subdirectory
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - Update to 16.2.9-536-g41a9f9a5573:
    + (bsc#1195359, bsc#1200553) rgw: check bucket shard init status in RGWRadosBILogTrimCR
    + (bsc#1194131) ceph-volume: honour osd_dmcrypt_key_size option (CVE-2021-3979)
    + (bsc#1196046) mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for configuration files
* Thu Jun 09 2022
  - Update to 16.2.9-158-gd93952c7eea:
    + cmake: check for python(\d)\.(\d+) when building boost
    + make-dist: patch boost source to support python 3.10
* Thu Jun 02 2022
  - Update to ceph-16.2.9-58-ge2e5cb80063:
    + (bsc#1200064, pr#480) Remove last vestiges of image paths
* Mon May 23 2022
  - Update to
    + (jsc#SES-2515) High-availability NFS export
    + (bsc#1196044) cephadm: prometheus: The generatorURL in alerts is only using hostname
    + (bsc#1196785) cephadm: avoid crashing on expected non-zero exit
    + (bsc#1187748) When an RBD is mapped, it is attempted to be deployed as an OSD.
* Tue Apr 19 2022
  - Update to 16.2.7-969-g6195a460d89
    + (jsc#SES-2515) High-availability NFS export
* Thu Mar 31 2022
  - Update to v16.2.7-654-gd5a90ff46f0
    + (bsc#1196733) remove build directory during %clean
* Wed Mar 30 2022
  - Update to v16.2.7-652-gf5dc462fdb5
    + (bsc#1194875) [SES7P] include/buffer: include <memory>
* Thu Mar 24 2022
  - Update to 16.2.7-650-gd083eaa3886
    + (pr#469) cephadm: update image paths to
    + (pr#468) cephadm: use snmp-notifier image from
    + (pr#467) cephadm: infer the default container image during pull
    + (pr#465) mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for inventory address
    + Sync _constaints file for IBS and OBS
* Tue Mar 15 2022
  - Update to 16.2.7-640-gceb23c7491b
    + (bsc#1194875) common: fix FTBFS due to dout & need_dynamic on GCC-12
    + (bsc#1196938) cephadm: preserve authorized_keys file during upgrade
* Tue Mar 08 2022
  - Update to 16.2.7-596-g7d574789716
    + Update Prometheus Container image paths (pr #459)
    + mgr/dashboard: Fix documentation URL (pr #456)
    + mgr/dashboard: Adapt downstream branded navigation page (pr #454)
* Fri Mar 04 2022
  - Update to 16.2.7-577-g3e3603b5dd1
    + Update prometheus-server version
* Mon Jan 10 2022
  - Update to 16.2.7-37-gb3be69440db:
    + (bsc#1194353) Downstream branding breaks dashboard npm build
    + (bsc#1188911) OSD marked down causes wrong backfill_toofull
* Mon Nov 22 2021
  - Update to 16.2.6-463-g22e7612f9ad:
    + (bsc#1178073) mgr/dashboard: fix downstream NFS doc links
* Wed Nov 10 2021
  - Preservation of Bugzilla, Jira and CVE citations from earlier incarnations of
    this changes file after double-checking that none of these fixes got lost in
    the pacific rebase:
    + bsc#1163764 (--container-init feature cherry-picked to octopus)
    + bsc#1170200 (mgr/dashboard: Fix for CrushMap viewer items getting compressed vertically)
    + bsc#1172926 (mgr/orchestrator: Sort 'ceph orch device ls' by host)
    + bsc#1173079 (mgr/devicehealth: device_health_metrics pool gets created even without any OSDs in the cluster)
    + bsc#1174466 (mon: have 'mon stat' output json as well)
    + bsc#1174526 (mgr/dashboard: allow getting fresh inventory data from the orchestrator)
    + bsc#1174529 (rpm: on SUSE, podman is required for cephadm to work)
    + bsc#1174644 (cephadm: log to file)
    + bsc#1175120 (downstream branding)
    + bsc#1175161 (downstream branding)
    + bsc#1175169 (downstream branding)
    + bsc#1176390 (mgr/dashboard: enable different URL for users of browser to Grafana)
    + bsc#1176451 (Drop patch "rpm: on SUSE, podman is required for cephadm to work")
    + bsc#1176489 (mgr/cephadm: lock multithreaded access to OSDRemovalQueue)
    + bsc#1176499 (mgr/cephadm: fix RemoveUtil.load_from_store())
    + bsc#1176638 (ceph-volume: batch: call the right prepare method)
    + bsc#1176679 (mgr/dashboard: enable different URL for users of browser to Grafana)
    + bsc#1176828 (cephadm: command_unit: call systemctl with verbose=True)
    + bsc#1177078 (mgr/dashboard: Fix bugs in a unit test and i18n translation)
    + bsc#1177151 (python-common: do not skip unavailable devices)
    + bsc#1177319 (--container-init feature cherry-picked to octopus)
    + bsc#1177344 (mgr/dashboard: support Orchestrator and user-defined Ganesha cluster)
    + bsc#1177360 (cephadm: silence "Failed to evict container" log msg)
    + bsc#1177450 (ceph-volume: don't exit before empty report can be printed)
    + bsc#1177643 (Revert "spec: Podman (temporarily) requires apparmor-abstractions on suse")
    + bsc#1177676 (cephadm: allow uid/gid == 0 in copy_tree, copy_files, move_files)
    + bsc#1177843 (CVE-2020-25660)
    + bsc#1177857 (mgr/cephadm: upgrade: fail gracefully, if daemon redeploy fails)
    + bsc#1177933 (cephadm: configure journald as the logdriver)
    + bsc#1178531 (cephadm: set default container_image to
    + bsc#1178837 (rgw: cls/user: set from_index for reset stats calls)
    + bsc#1178860 (mgr/dashboard: Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1)
    + bsc#1178905 (CVE-2020-25678)
    + bsc#1178932 (cephadm: reference the last local image by digest)
    + bsc#1179016 (rpm: require smartmontools on SUSE)
    + bsc#1179452 (mgr/insights: Test environment requires 'six')
    + bsc#1179526 (rgw: during GC defer, prevent new GC enqueue)
    + bsc#1179569 (cephadm: reference the last local image by digest)
    + bsc#1179802 (CVE-2020-27781)
    + bsc#1179997 (CVE-2020-27839)
    + bsc#1180107 (ceph-volume: pass --filter-for-batch from drive-group subcommand)
    + bsc#1180155 (CVE-2020-27781)
    + bsc#1181291 (mgr/cephadm: alias rgw-nfs -> nfs)
    + bsc#1182766 (cephadm: fix 'inspect' and 'pull')
    + bsc#1183074 (CVE-2021-20288)
    + bsc#1183561 (mgr/cephadm: on ssh connection error, advice chmod 0600)
    + bsc#1183899 (bluestore: fix huge reads/writes at BlueFS)
    + bsc#1184231 (cephadm: Allow to use paths in all <_devices> drivegroup sections)
    + bsc#1184517 (cls/rgw: look for plane entries in non-ascii plain namespace too)
    + bsc#1185246 (rgw: check object locks in multi-object delete)
    + bsc#1185619 (CVE-2021-3524)
    + bsc#1185619 (CVE-2021-3524)
    + bsc#1186020 (CVE-2021-3531)
    + bsc#1186021 (CVE-2021-3509)
    + bsc#1186348 (mgr/zabbix: adapt zabbix_sender default path)
    + bsc#1188979 ("mgr/cephadm: pass --container-init to "cephadm deploy" if specified" and "Revert "cephadm: default container_init to False")
    + bsc#1189173 (downstream branding)
    + jsc#SES-1071 (ceph-volume: major batch refactor - upstream PR#34740)
    + jsc#SES-185 (SES support with cache software)
    + jsc#SES-704 (mgr/snap_schedule)
* Fri Nov 05 2021
  - Update to 16.2.6-462-g5fefbbf8888:
    + rebased on top of upstream commit SHA1 dd7139c66c1d36da50475ec97d8d6b54b07d1dea
    * (bsc#1191751) rgw/tracing: unify SO version numbers within librgw2 package
    * spec: make selinux scriptlets respect CEPH_AUTO_RESTART_ON_UPGRADE
* Mon Sep 20 2021
  - Update to Version:
    + rebased on top of upstream commit SHA1 dbc87327c37d0f305c2107e487cb98a072ae858b
      upstream 16.2.6 release
* Thu Sep 02 2021
  - Update to 16.2.5-504-g6a3a59bd19e:
    + rebased on top of upstream commit SHA1 0d1e1f2973cae7645126fc88a72743367c790d9d
    + (bsc#1189605) cmake: exclude "grafonnet-lib" target from "all"
* Fri Jul 30 2021
  - Update to 16.2.5-113-g8b5bda7684e:
    + (bsc#1188741) compression/snappy: use uint32_t to be compatible with 1.1.9
      improved version of patch that did not work as intended
* Tue Jul 27 2021
  - Update to 16.2.5-111-ga5b472dfcf8:
    + (bsc#1188741) compression/snappy: use uint32_t to be compatible with 1.1.9
* Thu Jul 22 2021
  - Update to 16.2.5-110-gc5d9c915c46:
    + rebased on top of upstream commit SHA1 7feddc9819ca05586f230accd67b4e26a328e618
    + (bsc#1186348) mgr/zabbix: adapt zabbix_sender default path
* Thu Jul 08 2021
  - Update to 16.2.5-29-g97c2c82c2f5:
    + rebased on top of upstream commit SHA1 0883bdea7337b95e4b611c768c0279868462204a
      upstream 16.2.5 release
    + cherry-pick fix for bsc#1188111:
    * include/denc: include used header
    * mon,osd: always init local variable
    * common/Formatter: include used header
* Sat Jun 26 2021
  - Update to 16.2.4-564-g9689286366a:
    + rebased on top of upstream commit SHA1 e57defcbcc91e67aac958c4a52d657a7a907e8ef
* Thu Jun 24 2021
  - Update _constraints: only honor physical memory, not 'any memory'
    (e.g. swap). But then, be happy with 8GB (bumping the current
    x86_64 worker pool from 16 to 64). (Dominique Leuenberger)
* Fri May 14 2021
  - Update to 16.2.4-26-g555d38aa5a5:
    + rebased on top of v16.2.4 tag
    * mgr/dashboard: fix base-href: revert it to previous approach
    * (bsc#1186021) mgr/dashboard: fix cookie injection issue (CVE-2021-3509)
    * mgr/dashboard: fix set-ssl-certificate{,-key} commands
    * (bsc#1186020) rgw: RGWSwiftWebsiteHandler::is_web_dir checks empty subdir_name (CVE-2021-3531)
    * (bsc#1185619) rgw: sanitize \r in s3 CORSConfiguration’s ExposeHeader (CVE-2021-3524)
    * systemd: remove ProtectClock=true for ceph-osd@.service
* Thu May 06 2021
  - Update to 16.2.3-26-g422932e923:
    + rebased on top of upstream pacific SHA1 381b476cb3900f9a92eb95d03b4850b953cfd79a
      Pacific v16.2.3 release
    * cephadm: normalize image digest in 'ls' output too
      Pacific v16.2.2 release
* Wed May 05 2021
  - Update to 16.2.1-283-g9f37a4bec4:
    + rebased on top of upstream pacific SHA1 717ce59b76c659aaef8c5aec1355c0ac5cef7234
      Pacific v16.2.1 release
    * (bsc#1183074) - (CVE-2021-20288) ceph: Unauthorized global_id reuse
    * (bsc#1184231) cephadm: Allow to use paths in all <_devices> drivegroup sections
* Tue Apr 13 2021
  - _constraints: raise s390x disk constraint to 42G after seeing a build fail
    with "write error: No space left on device"
* Thu Apr 08 2021
  - Update to 16.2.0-91-g24bd0c4acf:
    + rebase on top of upstream pacific SHA1 4cbaf866034715d053e6259dcd5bd8e4e1d1e1ed
* Thu Apr 01 2021
  - Update to 16.2.0-31-g5922b2b9c1:
    + rebase on top of upstream v16.2.0 (first stable release in Pacific series)
    + (bsc#1192838) cephadm: Fix iscsi client caps (allow mgr <service status> calls)
    + (bsc#1200317) mgr/cephadm: fix and improve osd draining
    + (bsc#1206158) add iscsi and nfs to upgrade process
* Fri Mar 26 2021
  - Update to 16.1.0-1217-g8e1da7347e:
    + rpm: drop extraneous explicit sqlite-libs runtime dependency
* Thu Mar 25 2021
  - add README-packaging.txt as a source file to ceph-test.spec
    (to pacify obs-service-source_validator)
* Thu Mar 25 2021
  - Update to 16.1.0-1216-gbaca20b112:
    + spec: prepare openSUSE usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Thu Mar 25 2021
  - Update to 16.1.0-1215-gd99465b6ba
    + rebase on top of upstream commit 3eb70cf622aace689e45749e8a92fce033d3d55c
      (tip of "pacific" branch)
    * introduce libnpmem and libpmemobj dependencies to for RBD_RWL and
      RBD_SSD_CACHE features backed by system PMDK
    * introduce libcephsqlite
* Thu Mar 25 2021
  - Add README-packaging.txt
* Wed Jan 27 2021
  - Update to 16.1.0-46-g571704f730
    + rebase on top of upstream v16.1.0 (Pacific release candidate)
    + (bsc#1192840) mgr/ CLICommand: Fix parsing of kwargs arguments
    + drop obsolete downstream patches that were causing conflicts:
    * cephadm: use by default
    * cephadm: add global flag --container-init
    * mgr/cephadm: append --container-init to basecommand
    * cephadm: remove container-init subparser from "deploy"
* Wed Nov 25 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-7500-g78f6791981:
    + cephadm: add global flag --container-init
    + mgr/cephadm: append --container-init to basecommand
    + cephadm: remove container-init subparser from "deploy"
* Mon Nov 23 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-7497-g63a0682c7e:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 8c6b533ee85e7fe2cd19e5dbb6f0363898f5a2ee
* Thu Oct 08 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-6239-g0c2e605e78:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 6d1f1f63b711797e21ff8ff12662d07d86546e66
    * cephadm: Fix error setting 'mgr/cephadm/container_init' config (PR #37500)
* Thu Oct 08 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-6229-g71574673b0:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 f68197eca4b4dceef9fbf497d640b4600663d3ed
    * ceph-volume: don't exit before empty report can be printed (PR #37591)
* Mon Oct 05 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-6177-g01e4ab745b:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 f8ea1f38aee3d8715186a756331a23d4b51121f2
    * ceph-volume: pass filter_for_batch as keyword argument (PR #37545)
* Sun Oct 04 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-6162-g892bfa3fef:
    + drop the following commits:
      + lvmcache: refactor argument parsing and add -h flag
      + ceph-volume: install lvmcache plugin
      + ceph-volume: add lvmcache plugin and its tests
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 0a92d5094fc0baae3af223aa16b271d2e5e6f349
      + mgr/devicehealth: device_health_metrics pool gets created even without
      any OSDs in the cluster (bsc#1173079)
* Fri Sep 18 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-5613-gb1a0951432:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 5df5d8f8ff463f2560180dc8e9722d6690b0fa12
* Thu Sep 03 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-4863-g5d95d9d41d:
    + cmake: detect and use sigdescr_np() if available (bsc#1175266)
* Fri Aug 28 2020
  - Update to 16.0.0-4862-g8ac6038555:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "master" branch, SHA1 46c912978aa6a0b0f67094a27933c7bea829e6c9
* Fri Aug 28 2020
  - build only one frontend language (English) by default, to speed
    up tarball generation
* Wed Aug 26 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-822-g24d833526b
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 0887d548597b9d2381de42c1cc8a5c01d264ae8b
* Mon Aug 10 2020
  - Update to
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 96411838ef6fef9a5285ca4d5c0708e6a599632e
* Sun Aug 09 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-511-g40953bf9d6
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 f3b8bc0d11ca4f8167615007645759e905b1ada5
* Sun Jul 26 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-465-g5e8d9ae6bd
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 213e2c803b4f68c9f0b33119c64638a6813d2692
* Fri Jul 17 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-381-g734ae877b4:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 d0da4070a19a55ebe9c55904d6da2ad38833aae0
* Wed Jul 15 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-342-g6987dec446:
    + cmake: add empty RPATH to ceph-diff-sorted
* Tue Jul 14 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-337-g55cec95eaf:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 405556b2629d8274dea2e14ee017c70a7dfb24a1
    + Monitoring: Use downstream container images
* Fri Jul 03 2020
  - Update to 15.2.4-89-g583fe198f6:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 5a3693ca1e7148b0365557740d6f70f3db8cd0e8
    * upstream Octopus v15.2.4 release, see
    + mgr/dashboard: Downstream branding (add fix for bsc#1170498)
* Mon Jun 29 2020
  - Update to 15.2.3-579-g762c7116a8:
    + mgr/dashboard: Downstream branding
* Mon Jun 29 2020
  - Update to 15.2.3-578-g498d3083b7:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 7b12a033c2fbeb415846ddda46d91eeab998e7a4
* Tue Jun 16 2020
  - Update to 15.2.3-455-g04541bbb8e:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 ec315386e94adb4f844f6f3b7ce519e8f7789213
    * python-common: only validate host_pattern if present
* Mon Jun 08 2020
  - Up ceph-test disk constraint to address "no space left on device"
    build error seen in OBS
* Fri Jun 05 2020
  - Update to 15.2.3-252-gf2237253cd:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 22279597fa9ca40ba2f05af9f186a99ce73a6047
    * upstream v15.2.3 release
* Mon May 25 2020
  - Update to 15.2.2-60-gf5864377ab:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 9e890709ef53ce29006c6fc754dd80e25df186d0
* Tue May 19 2020
  - Update to 15.2.2-18-g1dbcddb5d8:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 0c857e985a29d90501a285f242ea9c008df49eb8
    * Upstream v15.2.2 release
    * mon, mgr: require all caps for pre-octopus tell commands (bsc#1170021, CVE-2020-10736)
* Tue May 05 2020
  - Update to 15.2.1-277-g17d346932e:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 752b293586d0c8749483e60e43c7a98c1e0d7b19
    * rpm: drop "is_opensuse" conditional in SUSE-specific bcond block
* Mon May 04 2020
  - Update to 15.2.1-246-g66cd0e5497:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 939661f696d3d9eb4d31e998a3ad1487852a4741
* Mon Apr 13 2020
  - Update to 15.2.1-16-gb3a86250a6:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 9fd2f65f91d9246fae2c841a6222d34d121680ee
    * upstream 15.2.1 release
      + fix Nonce reuse in msgr V2 secure mode (bsc#1166403, CVE-2020-1759)
      + prevent RGW GetObject header-splitting XSS (bsc#1166484, CVE-2020-1760)
* Mon Mar 30 2020
  - Update to 15.2.0-108-g8cf4f02b08:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 9267cc03e1b1612109dd57cc6ce74c34ed1f1d00
    * cephadm: Fix truncated output of "ceph mgr dump"
* Tue Mar 24 2020
  - Update to 15.2.0-29-g274f7bc2e7:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 a8062613c81ad08815edcdf06e668fcc77270a03
    * upstream 15.2.0 (first Octopus stable) release
* Mon Mar 23 2020
  - Update to 15.1.1-220-g0f87374dc1:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 243cbd6224921f7f5c2463705c75cb9eafd0db5c
    * upstream 15.1.1 (Octopus release candidate) release
    + cephadm: read everything when calling "ceph mgr dump"
* Fri Mar 13 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-2160-g310e512e18:
    + rebase on tip of upstream "octopus" branch, SHA1 465f3855623e30f3b4694f3090adbe27c8cd49c3
* Thu Mar 05 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-1766-g3d31471523:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 25b8ecc216b02e848f9719ced8c84670de656e78
* Mon Mar 02 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-1521-gcdf35413a0:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 28c08615e5c27e5a0986e3191ca4427cdc32f538
* Tue Feb 25 2020
  - significant changes since the last Factory SR:
    + ceph-rpmlintrc: silence RPMLINT warnings and document ones that are in
      the process of being fixed ("WIP")
    + fix s390x build failure
    + fix GCC 10 build failure (boo#1161086)
    + spec:
    * drop Python 2 support
    * make Python 3 build work on CentOS 8
    * globally change %_python_buildid macro to %_python3_pkgversion
    * Use pkgconfig() style BuildRequires for udev/libudev-devel
    * add cmake_verbose_logging bcond
    * rename ceph-daemon subpackage to cephadm
    * add scriptlets to cephadm subpackage
    * rename ceph-mgr-ssh subpackage to ceph-mgr-cephadm
    * stop calling MGR modules "plugins"
    * move "always-on" MGR modules into their own subpackage, ceph-mgr-modules-core
    * make ceph-mgr-cephadm explicitly require openssh on SUSE
* Tue Feb 25 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-1207-g89308cc4c6:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 0ffbe4a5ef73036309a3c6488be4dbb1b667a4c7
    + drop temporary fix "cephadm: Don't call prepare-host from bootstrap"
* Fri Feb 21 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-951-g36f83482b6c:
    + cephadm: Don't call prepare-host from bootstrap
      (temporary fix to keep cephadm running on SUSE after upstream merged
* Thu Feb 20 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-950-g0ba22d2e46:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 e79e42467970c1be210d674e90dab21ce73e2872
    * mgr/orch: resurrect ServiceDescription, 'orch ls'
* Mon Feb 17 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-818-g5f8ed0e957:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 eb72aebb92f1bfce00aedaebf140789871eb943f
    * includes "mgr/orch: new cli, phase 2" patches (PR#33244) needed
      by latest ceph-bootstrap
* Thu Feb 13 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-636-g2280954009:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 e36d47a8c3f4181d68a4cd680bdde72064dee910
* Mon Feb 03 2020
  - Update to 15.1.0-168-gfda88e35c8:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 80487f4a604da94778e65f666e1177a3ed84543e
    + spec: Use pkgconfig() style BuildRequires for udev/libudev-devel
* Thu Jan 30 2020
  - Update to 15.0.0-10092-gb5fd1b8250:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 3913835a8f0b9b34ceffd4dc02e1e8203227be02
* Thu Jan 23 2020
  - Update to 15.0.0-9544-gefdea72067:
    + cmake: Improve test for 16-byte atomic support on IBM Z (bsc#1161688)
* Tue Jan 21 2020
  - Update to 15.0.0-9543-g1c7fc80ba1:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 089e97c27013612672099281fad76746f19290e3
* Mon Jan 20 2020
  - Update to 15.0.0-9494-g22cdfe7b96:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 26c66630bd98dfce113f66ab4e081e5a7b0216c0
* Tue Jan 07 2020
  - Update to 15.0.0-9092-gd050bc3f0a:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 dfd90da59c0b2eda9ca61fed1d508ddc2ab32a2b
* Thu Dec 19 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-8683-gb78b3635a5:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 3e1e6a6694bb133c57e2b05a6316dcebae390815
    + drop libxio Provides/Obsoletes (they are no longer necessary because libxio
      is long gone)
    + drop runtime dependency on gptfdisk (it was needed for ceph-disk,
      which has since been removed)
    + spec: drop "_python_buildid" macro (it was needed to support py2 builds,
      which upstream is finally moving away from)
* Wed Dec 18 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-8588-g58b5b29433:
    + spec, debian: cephadm requires lvm2 (bsc#1159466)
* Wed Dec 18 2019
  - ceph-rpmlintrc: fix syntax error introduced by change mentioned
    in previous changelog entry
* Tue Dec 17 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-8587-gf0521c1db5:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 068aafb2ea3c71b5adda79467847ee03b77bb35e
    * cephadm: do ceph-volume activate+deactivate as part of systemd unit
* Mon Dec 16 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-8442-g094a533242:
    + spec:
    * fix cephadm user/group creation
    * cephadm subpackage: start summary with a capital letter
    + ceph-rpmlintrc: silence some RPMLINT warnings
* Thu Dec 12 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-8370-gec9b27b5e0
    + ceph-daemon is renamed to cephadm
    + mgr/ssh is renamed to mgr/cephadm
* Tue Dec 10 2019
  - increase disk space needs in _constraints for some architectures
* Mon Dec 02 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-7866-g639502405f:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 95dd54889a9c113f77dd6c2c7e77166335a59794
* Sun Nov 24 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-7686-g54042e1a06:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 2c06beb5ec38c8b9f7bd84152da3f5708de8d0c0
    * Revert "Merge pull request #16715 from adamemerson/wip-I-Object!" (bsc#1157443)
    * spec: add explicit openssh dependency to ceph-mgr-ssh (bsc#1157527)
* Thu Nov 21 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-7456-ge089cead79:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 e4b3036422df70e3c911240e3bba6a8bd3e9c792
* Mon Nov 18 2019
  - Update to 15.0.0-7219-g353896020b:
    + rebase on tip of upstream master, SHA1 7ffb5d9e79207da81af933f4e95655e16558c739
* Fri Nov 15 2019
  - Update to 14.2.4-386-g73475e3ee1:
    + os/bluestore: consolidate extents from the same device only (bsc#1156282)
* Fri Oct 18 2019
  - Update to 14.2.4-378-gac1bcd6547:
    + qa/suse: move dashboard-e2e to tier3 and add debugging code to
* Wed Oct 02 2019
  - Update to 14.2.4-373-gc3e67ed133:
    + Support iSCSI target-level CHAP authentication (bsc#1145617)
    + Validation and render of iSCSI controls based "type" (bsc#1140491)
    + Fix error editing iSCSI image advanced settings (bsc#1146656)
    + Fix error during iSCSI target edit
* Wed Sep 25 2019
  - Addendum:
    + upstream Nautilus 14.2.4 brings the following notable changes:
    * fixed a ceph-volume regression introduced by 14.2.3 (NOTE: SES customers
      were never exposed to this regression) (bsc#1132767)
* Wed Sep 25 2019
  - Addendum:
    + upstream Nautilus 14.2.3 brings the following notable changes:
    * Fixed a denial of service vulnerability where an unauthenticated client
      of Ceph Object Gateway could trigger a crash from an uncaught exception
    * Fixed bsc#1151994 - Nautilus-based librbd clients can not open images on
      Jewel clusters
    * The RGW num_rados_handles has been removed in Ceph 14.2.3 (bsc#1151995)
    * "osd_deep_scrub_large_omap_object_key_threshold" has been lowered in
      Nautilus 14.2.3 (bsc#1152002)
    * The ceph dashboard now supports silencing Prometheus notifications (bsc#1141174)
* Wed Sep 25 2019
  - Addendum:
    + upstream Nautilus 14.2.2 brought the following notable changes:
    * The no{up,down,in,out} related commands have been revamped (bsc#1151990)
    * radosgw-admin gets two new subcommands for managing expire-stale objects (bsc#1151991)
    * Deploying a single new BlueStore OSD on a cluster upgraded to SES6 from
      SES5 breaks pool utilization stats reported by ceph df (bsc#1151992)
    * As of 14.2.2, Ceph cluster will issue a health warning if CRUSH tunables
      are older than "hammer" (bsc#1151993)
* Tue Sep 17 2019
  - Update to 14.2.4-352-g2060e25d1c:
    + rebase on top of upstream Nautilus v14.2.4 release, SHA1 75f4de193b3ea58512f204623e6c5a16e6c1e1ba
      for details, see
* Thu Sep 05 2019
  - Update to 14.2.3-349-g7b1552ea82:
    + rebase on top of upstream Nautilus v14.2.3 release, SHA1 0f776cf838a1ae3130b2b73dc26be9c95c6ccc39
      for details, see
    * ceph-volume: prints errors to stdout with --format json (bsc#1132767)
    * mgr/dashboard: Changing rgw-api-host does not get effective without
      disable/enable dashboard mgr module (bsc#1137503)
    * mgr/dashboard: Silence Alertmanager alerts (bsc#1141174)
    * mgr/dashboard: Fix e2e failures caused by webdriver version (bsc#1145759)
    + librbd: always try to acquire exclusive lock when removing image (bsc#1149093)
* Thu Aug 29 2019
  - Update to 14.2.2-354-g8878cf2360:
    + rgw: Move upload_info declaration out of conditional (bsc#1137189,
* Wed Aug 14 2019
  - Update to
    + rgw: fix for CVE-2019-10222/bsc#1145093 for the beast frontend
      ("rgw: asio: check the remote endpoint before processing requests")
* Thu Jul 25 2019
  - Update to 14.2.2-348-gf6da3d1d18:
    + rebase on top of upstream Nautilus v14.2.2 release, SHA1 4f8fa0a0024755aae7d95567c63f11d6862d55be
    + mgr/volumes: add CephFS subvolumes library (bsc#1135205)
    + mgr/dashboard: Warn that tcmu-runner backstore is tech-preview (bsc#1137261)
    + mgr/dashboard: Add, update and remove translations (bsc#1140737)
    + osd/PG: fix cleanup of pgmeta-like objects on PG deletion
* Fri Jul 12 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-475-g83b977ffbd:
    + packaging: remove SuSEfirewall2 support
* Thu Jul 04 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-469-g454d851f0a:
    + lvmcache: refactor argument parsing and add -h flag
    + qa/deepsea: expand testing of dashboard (branding and E2E tests)
    + spec:
    * package the Dashboard E2E tests
    * drop explicit systemd BuildRequires in case of building for SUSE
      (allow OBS to pick better candidates to shorten rebuild queues)
* Wed Jun 05 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-468-g994fd9e0cc:
    + spec:
    * install grafana dashboards world readable (bsc#1136110)
    * put "without python2" conditionals around python3-* provides/obsoletes
      (align with upstream)
* Mon Jun 03 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-467-g9e10776aa2:
    + mon/Monitor: allow probe if MMonProbe::mon_release == 0 (bsc#1132396)
    + spec: make python3-rgw replace python-rgw on upgrade
* Fri May 31 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-463-g99339b576a:
    + qa/deepsea: redirect journalctl output to a logfile
    + spec: install/package ceph-volume lvmcache plugin
    + common: make ms_bind_msgr2 default to "false" (bsc#1124957)
* Thu May 30 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-457-gb42e3171b3:
    + qa/deepsea/salt:
    * 1node5disks salt configuration
    * grafana_service_check validation test
    * Disk drive replacement test
    * use "ceph_cm_ansible: false" instead of "ceph_cm: salt"
    + spec: Disable LTO in spec when being used (bsc#1135030)
* Wed May 22 2019
  - civetweb: fix file descriptor leak (bsc#1125080, CVE-2019-3821)
    (fix has been in since February 2019)
  - rgw: sanitize customer encryption keys from log output in v4 auth
    (bsc#1121567, CVE-2018-16889) (fix has been in since February 2019)
* Tue May 21 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-448-g1bd10a856f:
    + monitoring: update Grafana dashboards
    + mgr/dashboard: fix some performance data are not displayed
    + monitoring: SNMP OID per every Prometheus alert rule
    + mgr/dashboard: Validate if any client belongs to more than one group
    + mgr/dashboard: Admin resource not honored
    + mgr/dashboard: Unable to see tcmu-runner perf counters (bsc#1135388)
    + mgr/dashboard: iSCSI form does not support IPv6
* Mon May 20 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-440-g0ac6920288:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, SHA1 1dc43a036fcc0121e3a0c1fe7ca6cd77cde1bf60
    + client: fix vxattr nanosecond field padding (bsc#1135219, bsc#1135221)
* Tue May 14 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-431-gd032e5dd80:
    + ReplicatedPG: add CHECKSUM->CMPEXT req translation (bsc#1123360)
    + MDS + libcephfs snapshot btime support (jsc#SES-183)
* Mon May 13 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-423-g3df171fd28:
    + rgw: cloud sync fixes (jsc#SES-97)
* Mon May 13 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-419-gb72ca927c1:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, SHA1 8e188313cf2f790f131e21a3a02094e32cf02087
    + replaced ~25 downstream ceph-volume lvmcache commits with a single squashed commit
    + rgw: object expirer fixes (bsc#1133139)
    + rgw_lc: use a new bl while encoding RGW_ATTR_LC (jsc#SES-327)
    + rgw: beast IPv6 (jsc#SES-454)
* Tue May 07 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-426-g7a12897012:
    + nautilus: core: Give recovery for inactive PGs a higher priority (bsc#1133461)
    + spec: new subpackage ceph-prometheus-alerts
    + nautilus: librbd: re-add support for nautilus clients talking to jewel clusters
    + systemd: ceph-mgr: set MemoryDenyWriteExecute to false
* Tue Apr 30 2019
  - Update to 14.2.1-345-g040ffffe0e:
    + Upstream v14.2.1 release
      draft release notes:
    + rpm: have pybind RPMs provide/obsolete their python2 predecessors (bsc#1125899)
    + ceph-volume: add lvmcache plugin (jsc#SES-267)
* Thu Apr 18 2019
  - Update to 14.2.0-636-g19cfb53b0c:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, SHA1 d947e804dd316c89c28d25948947927fa290e227
    + downstream branding no longer displays Ceph logo in error popup (bsc#1131984)
    + mgr: make scripts more robust (jsc#SES-478)
* Tue Apr 09 2019
  - Update to 14.2.0-465-gdfed19b089:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, SHA1 c09e90d1847fc4ffdd7384c9adf7f60c13479095
    * dashboard improvements:
      [#] Add Polish language
      [#] Add date range and log search functionality
      [#] Add refresh interval to the dashboard landing page
      [#] Add separate option to config SSL port
      [#] Filter iSCSI target images based on required features
      [#] Fixed auth TTL expired error
      [#] Fixed error when trying to create NFS export without "NFSv3"
      [#] Fixed error when trying to create NFS export without "UDP"
* Fri Mar 29 2019
  - Update to 14.2.0-345-g183e6fe4f5:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, upstream SHA1 d4290f8edcbadbfecb9396a43a586afe0d0afd00
    * common/blkdev: get_device_id: behave if model is lvm and id_model_enc isn't there
    * mon/ print min_mon_release correctly
    * mgr/dashboard: dashboard giving 401 unauthorized
* Wed Mar 27 2019
  - _constraints: increase x86_64 ceph memory constraint to 10G
    after seeing "memory exhausted" build failure on a machine with 9.8G
    total memory (including swap)
* Mon Mar 25 2019
  - Update to 14.2.0-328-gf3638ba646:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, upstream SHA1 41b9e7f94f1f08e8607ef574befaaaf6998a89dd
    * librbd: ignore -EOPNOTSUPP errors when retrieving image group membership
    * crush: various fixes for weight-sets, the osd_crush_update_weight_set option, and tests
    * osd/OSDMap: add 'zone' to default crush map
    * common/blkdev: handle devices with ID_MODEL as "LVM PV ..." but valid ID_MODEL_ENC
    * mgr/orchestrator: Add error handling to interface
    * mon/OSDMonitor: allow 'osd pool set pgp_num_actual'
    * rgw: ldap: fix early return in LDAPAuthEngine::init w/uri not empty()
    * mon/MgrStatMonitor: ensure only one copy of initial service map
    + drop downstream patch "rgw: dmclock: async scheduler: wrap yield_ctx around
      ifdefs" (replaced by
* Mon Mar 25 2019
  - _constraints: increase aarch64 ceph memory constraint to 10G
    after seeing "memory exhausted" build failure on a machine with 9.8G
    total memory (including swap)
* Thu Mar 21 2019
  - Update to 14.2.0-300-gacd2f2b9e1:
    + spec/ceph-mgr: drop "Recommends: ceph-mgr-ssh"
    + cmake: empty INSTALL_RPATH for (boo#1129921)
* Tue Mar 19 2019
  - Update to 14.2.0-296-g063d979413:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, SHA1 3a54b2b6d167d4a2a19e003a705696d4fe619afc
    * upstream Nautilus 14.2.0 (stable) release
      release notes:
    + rpm: fix "rhel <= 7" conditional (bsc#1129595)
    + rpm: refrain from building ceph-resource-agents on SLE (bsc#1129597)
* Fri Mar 15 2019
  - Update to 14.1.1-457-g1411dbed54:
    + rebase on top of upstream nautilus branch, SHA1 98653b3db92f69023cb62526791d4d9aa5d6ec23
    * upstream Nautilus 14.1.1 (RC2) release
    * mgr: Fix broken get_localized_module_option function (bsc#1127342)
    * spec: ceph-osd gets new runtime dependency, libstoragemgmt
    + dashboard: Update downstream branding (bsc#1129224)
    + spec: build ceph-test package on x86_64 arch only (bsc#1129274)
* Mon Mar 04 2019
  - Edge ceph package memory constraint upward to address "virtual memory
    exhausted: Cannot allocate memory" build failure sseen in OBS
* Fri Mar 01 2019
  - Update to 14.1.0-559-gf1a72cff25:
    + rebase on top of upstream master branch, SHA1 34f04be35bb9abcb5860b4c975b105adacc7a3aa
    * fix GCC-9 build (bsc#1121395)
    + SUSE branding for Ceph Dashboard (Sebastian Krah)
    + spec:
    * Drop use of $FIRST_ARG (Franck Bui)
    * fix ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local runtime deps
* Sun Feb 24 2019
  - Update to 14.1.0-402-ga396e8bf3b:
    + rebase on top of upstream master branch, SHA1 1f909bc88be501e58cfbe1bab55efc20de10fa8d
    * upstream v14.1.0 (Nautilus RC1) release
      + see draft release notes:
    * rados: provide user with more meaningful error message (bsc#999643)
    * librados3 is dead: long live librados2
    * several MGR modules (notably the dashboard) have been split off from
      ceph-mgr into dedicated subpackages
    * upstream v14.1.0 introduces an optional dependency on rabbitmq-c
      + disabled, for now, since openSUSE does not ship this package
    + rgw: dmclock: async scheduler: wrap yield_ctx around ifdefs (bsc#1126554)
    + arch tweaks (enable lttng build for ppc64le, drop ppc64 openSUSE, add
      s390x openSUSE)
* Fri Feb 15 2019
  - Update to 14.0.1-3975-g14d8f3cab5:
    + rebase on top of upstream master branch, SHA1 24fcffb94ccda5cb11eeb74315c78e053fbb1c66
    * Enabling and using the dashboard should be possible and strongly
      encouraged - see for the
    + spec:
    * enable s390x build for openSUSE
    * disable lttng build on s390x, enable it on ppc64le
    * new subpackages for the larger MGR plugins (notably, dashboard)
    * drop RHEL-specific subman code blocks
* Wed Jan 30 2019
  - Update to 14.0.1-3346-g0364ec8d2f:
    + rgw: Fix for SignatureMismatchError in s3 commands
* Wed Jan 30 2019
  - Update to 14.0.1-3344-g0834db3c15:
    + spec: drop arch-specific conditional around RGW crypto plugin libraries
    + make-dist: prefer Python 3
* Tue Jan 29 2019
  - Update to 14.0.1-3341-gb471954ff4:
    + rebase on top of upstream master branch, SHA1 602c875bd68a091be485bfba7e2d62b3f08ba7b3
    * msgr V2
* Fri Jan 25 2019
  - Update to 14.0.1-3176-ge8d910619e:
    + rebase on top of upstream master branch, SHA1 cc26a67890b58c678d4bb26f6a408cf1742317b5
    * spec: fix xmlsec1 build dependency for dashboard make check
* Mon Jan 14 2019
  - Update to 14.0.1-2789-g6c941e4d76:
    + rebase on top of upstream master branch, SHA1 c70a3d8e30be84ea8db41e7329ed1577aeee9ab9
    * MON now supports Kerberos authentication
    * MGR now works with Cython >= 0.29
    * spec: add xmlsec1 dependency for dashboard make check
    * spec: change rbd-mirror and ceph-radosgw runtime dependency
      from ceph-common to ceph-base to address
* Tue Dec 11 2018
  - Update to 14.0.1-1555-g42662f72f4:
    + spec: fix libradospp-devel runtime dependency
    + spec: remove redundant "Provides: libxio" and "Obsoletes: libxio"
    + spec: explicitly require python3-Cython < 0.29 (bsc#1118611)
* Mon Dec 10 2018
  - _constraints: Increase aarch64 disk space constraint for ceph-test
    to address build failure seen in openSUSE:Factory:ARM
* Wed Dec 05 2018
  - Update to 14.0.1-1547-g08fca371b5:
    + spec file: make ceph-common remove provides for libradosstriper1
    + use root:graphana for the dashboard directories on suse
* Wed Dec 05 2018
  - _constraints: remove duplicated aarch64 ceph-test entry
* Mon Dec 03 2018
  - Update to v14.0.1-1546-ge9be8525c8:
    + mgr/volumes: Fix Python 3 import error
      (fixes cluster deployment in py3 environment)
* Fri Nov 30 2018
  - Update to v14.0.1-1545-g01bead277f:
    + based on upstream master 4d3cc9f9092d8a86d128192a811733ce23ad070a
    + plus two spec file fixes:
    * make ceph-grafana-dashboards own its directories
    * fix cython package version to less than 0.29
* Wed Nov 28 2018
  - spec file: make ceph-common provide/obsolete libradosstriper1
    (in SES5 ceph-common requires libradosstriper1 with exact version match,
    while in SES6 there is no libradosstriper1 at all)
* Tue Nov 06 2018
  - Update to v14.0.1-154-g7588072b82:
    + based on upstream nautilus 5f51cd286b747b1729006a5b98fb08b1b646237a
      (v14.0.1 release)
* Mon Oct 29 2018
  - Bump ceph aarch64 memory constraint from 8 to 9G to address
    an EOM build failure seen in IBS
* Thu Oct 25 2018
  - Update to v14.0.0-4389-g4c34d15e48:
    + based on upstream nautilus a0b5445bc8400b9b1f398a414001164b2d8dd290
    + First downstream nautilus build. Notable changes:
    * The 'ceph-disk' OSD deployment/introspection/management tool is gone.
      Use 'ceph-volume' instead.
    * Builds with Python 3.7 (boo#1113946)
    * The 'ceph osd rm' command has been deprecated. Users should use
      'ceph osd destroy' or 'ceph osd purge' (but after first confirming it is
      safe to do so via the 'ceph osd safe-to-destroy' command).
    * The MDS now supports dropping its cache for the purposes of benchmarking:
      "ceph tell mds.* cache drop <timeout>"
    * The 'ceph pg <pgid> list_missing' command has been renamed to
      'ceph pg <pgid> list_unfound' to better match its behaviour.
    * The 'rbd-mirror' daemon can now retrieve remote peer cluster
      configuration secrets from the monitor.
    * The is fully obsolete and references to it in the docs
      have been removed or clarified.
    * The libcephfs bindings added the ceph_select_filesystem function
      for use with multiple filesystems.
    * The cephfs python bindings now include mount_root and filesystem_name
      options in the mount() function.
    * erasure-code: add experimental *Coupled LAYer (CLAY)* erasure codes
    * The 'cache drop' OSD command has been added to drop an OSD's caches:
      "ceph tell osd.x cache drop"
    * The 'cache status' OSD command has been added to get the cache stats of an
      OSD: "ceph tell osd.x cache status"
* Wed Oct 10 2018
  - Update to 13.2.2-86-g62b49f06c4:
    + rebase on upstream 13.2.2 release
    + IMPORTANT NOTE: this release contains a regression in CephFS
      which was not yet fixed at the time of this build. Do not use
      this build on a production cluster!
      For details, see
* Tue Sep 11 2018
  - Update to 13.2.1-427-g6cd01d4dd2:
    + cmake: no libradosstriper headers if WITH_LIBRADOSSTRIPER=OFF
* Mon Sep 10 2018
  - Update to 13.2.1-426-gd2d4852e84:
    + based on upstream mimic 510d48e10be716cf61b9ddd51e8bc847288ae15a
    + bsc#1101262 - ceph's SPDK builds with march=native
    + migrate DeepSea QA bash scripting from DeepSea repo
* Fri Aug 17 2018
  - Update to 13.2.1-106-g9a1fcb1b6a:
    + based on upstream mimic 0323ca11569b183509129c180dcec427aecf2a0a
    * including upstream 13.2.1 release - for details, see
    + ceph-disk: let extract_parted_partition_numbers return a list
      (fixes a py3 issue)
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - Update to v13.2.0-210-g0e990e900d:
    + based on upstream mimic 4ed78ecf2f27aae1e9eb27f83611285ec7445ebd
    * bsc#1099162, CVE-2018-10861
    * bsc#1096748, CVE-2018-1128, CVE-2018-1129
    + increase memory constraint for build workers after builds started
      failing on workers with exactly 8G of RAM ("free -h" reports
      7.8 GiB for these workers)
* Tue Jun 05 2018
  - Update to v13.2.0-39-geb7f429568:
    + based on upstream mimic f38fff5d093da678f6736c7a008511873c8d0fda
* Thu May 31 2018
  - Update to 13.1.1-173-g127c33d64e:
    + based on upstream mimic dda69eea663bcabc5ad99f5ca8370f43575f475d
    * fix GCC8 builds (bsc#1084645)
    * fix python3 module loading (bsc#1086613)
    * ceph-brag no longer packaged upstream
* Thu Apr 26 2018
  - Update to 13.0.2-1874-ge31585919b:
    + based on upstream master 510762f51e346836492a0a8f83a056944ee6e046
    * add liblz4 build- and runtime dependency
    * move ceph-disk runtime dependencies from ceph-osd to ceph-base
* Fri Apr 20 2018
  - Update to 13.0.2-992-g418baeac64:
    + fix ceph-detect-init for recent SUSEs (bsc#1090072)
* Mon Apr 16 2018
  - rewrite README-ceph-test.txt for clarity
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Update to 13.0.2-984-g852d3f1411:
    + based on upstream master aaac83abb516f824f1caef470686b1bffeffa8b4
    + fixes s390x build failure (bsc#1089291)
    + introduces liboath0 runtime dependency (bsc#1089302)
    + fixes RGW SSL deployment
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Update to 13.0.2-819-gf64b021d4c:
    + based on upstream master 3ab655b55d2b363c0352dfbb90caed2ffcd42432
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - reduce ceph-test constraints for ppc64le and s390x
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - Reduce ceph-test constraints on aarch64
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Update to 13.0.1-3204-g17e0216271:
    + osd: fix s390x build failure (bsc#1081526)
    + cmake: add chrono to BOOST_COMPONENTS (bsc#1086017)
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Update to 13.0.1-3202-g7a60121a01:
    + latest master (dashboard_v2 MGR module renamed to dashboard)
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - add interactive verification of Ceph version number sanity
* Fri Mar 16 2018
  - Update to 13.0.1-3023-g71b0480e48:
    + mimic-dev2 (including notably dashboard_v2 MGR module)
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - forward port DeepSea integration suite from ses5
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - Update to version 13.0.1-2078-g85df538001:
    + spec file:
    * revert "enable --without-python2 bcond for all distros" (as of Code 15,
      Python 2 bindings will not be built by default: projects wishing to build
      them will need to provide --with-python2 explicitly) (bsc#1081836)
* Fri Feb 16 2018
  - Update to version 13.0.1-1987-g4a523803f8:
    + py3 MGR fixes (bsc#1080758)
    + spec file:
    * test/bench: remove smallio bench tools
* Fri Feb 02 2018
  - Update to version 13.0.1-1567-gae149ea5f9:
    + increment upstream version number to 13.0.1 (mimic dev release)
    + spec file:
    * enable --without-python2 bcond for all distros (the Build Service will
      control py2/3 build via this option)
* Mon Jan 29 2018
  - Update to version 13.0.0-5171-g4d4101fe78:
    + spec file:
    * change version number format
    * define _defined_if_python2_absent if, and only if, building without
      python2 bcond
* Fri Jan 26 2018
  - Update to version 13.0.0-5169-g26918cdcc9:
    + rebase to latest upstream master, including spec file changes:
    * eliminate Python 2 dependencies (bsc#1076403)
      N.B.: this has the consequence that we no longer build or ship
      Python 2 versions of the Python bindings for librados, librbd,
      libcephfs and librgw
    * drop lowmem_builder bcond and rewrite associated code to be distro-agnostic
    * move distro-conditional BuildRequires to appropriate section
    * use more recent toolchain on RHEL 7
    * ceph-base: put runtime dependencies in alphabetical order
    * correct Group for python bindings subpackages
    * move ceph-volume to ceph-osd and adjust systemd macros accordingly
    * ceph-osd subpackage now requires lvm2 for ceph-volume
    * ceph-test: peg version of ceph-common dependency
    * drop deprecated scripts rcceph and ceph-crush-location
    * fix permissions of rbd resource agent
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - ceph-rpmlintrc: add lines to quash RPMLINT warnings
    + ceph-base.x86_64: E: devel-file-in-non-devel-package (Badness: 50) /usr/lib64/ceph/crypto/
    + librados2.x86_64: E: devel-file-in-non-devel-package (Badness: 50) /usr/lib64/ceph/
    + ceph-base.x86_64: E: devel-file-in-non-devel-package (Badness: 50) /usr/lib64/
    + ceph-base.x86_64: E: devel-file-in-non-devel-package (Badness: 50) /usr/lib64/
* Sat Nov 25 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new %_fillupdir macro
* Sat Nov 25 2017
  - Update to version 13.0.0-3531.g3692e00bab:
    + rebase to latest upstream master
    + Add "" script to automate the checkin process, along
      with a "README-checkin.txt" file containing basic information.
* Fri Nov 24 2017
  - Update to version 13.0.0-3512.gb018e431a6:
    + rebase to upstream "Mimic" (13.0.0) development snapshot
    + drop OBS source services in favor of generating the spec file
      and tarball using the upstream "make-dist" script
    + new version number format, replacing timestamp with git tag
    + reduce tarball size from 114 MB to 47 MB by omitting unused parts
      of boost
* Tue Nov 21 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1511279898.8aa892202e:
    + bsc#1060904
    * rgw: keystone: bump up logging when error is received
    + bsc#1067705
    * rgw: set sync_from_all as true when no value is seen
    + bsc#1066182
    * rgw: data sync: set num_shards when building full maps
    * dencoder/rgw: expose rgw sync status types
    * rgw: set num_shards on 'radosgw-admin data sync init'
* Thu Nov 09 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1510221942.af9ea5e715:
    + bsc#1066502
    * mon/osd_metadata: sync osd_metadata table
    * mon/OSDMonitor: tidy prefix definitions
    * mon: implement MDSMonitor::get_store_prefixes
    * mon/mgr: sync mgr_command_descs table and mgr_metadata table
    * mon/MgrMonitor: populate on-disk cmd descs if empty on upgrade
    * mon/MgrMonitor: read cmd descs if empty on update_from_paxos()
    + bsc#1067088
    * osd: make the PG's SORTBITWISE assert a more generous shutdown
    + bsc#1066182
    * rgw: ListBucketIndexesCR spawns entries_index after listing metadata
    * rgw: fix error handling in ListBucketIndexesCR
    * rgw: RGWDataSyncControlCR retries on all errors
    + RGW fixes:
    * test/rgw: add test_multipart_object_sync
    * cls/rgw: increment header version to avoid overwriting bilog entries
    * rgw: disable dynamic resharding in multisite environment
* Fri Oct 27 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1509128342.9347aa6662:
    + common/common_init: disable ms subsystem log gathering for clients
    + spec file: add %{_sysctldir}/90-ceph-osd.conf to ceph-osd
    *,debian/rules: change aio-max-nr to 1048576
    * sysctl.d: set kernel.pid_max=4194304 (bsc#1061461)
* Sun Oct 15 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1507910930.aea79b8b7a:
    + rgw: Remove assertions in IAM Policy (bsc#1063014, CVE-2017-16818)
* Thu Oct 12 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1507819941.856710ff58:
    + rgw: stop/join TokenCache revoke thread only if started (bsc#1059458)
    + systemd: reinstate TasksMax=infinity
* Thu Oct 05 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1507226092.b783a015b9:
    + Revert "SIGPIPE suppression for platforms without SO_NOSIGPIPE or MSG_NOSIGNAL"
    + msgr: add a mechanism for Solaris to avoid dying on SIGPIPE
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1507108986.dc637a73e2:
    + rgw: defer constructing keystone engine unless url is configured
      (issue#21400, pr#17775)
* Sat Sep 30 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.1+git.1506764331.9e2e945bd0:
    (upstream luminous 9d8acf6f3f85dd1410629cc680474e38f3be9838)
    + upstream Luminous v12.2.1
* Thu Sep 21 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.0+git.1506009682.0e5b4307f3
    (upstream luminous a931cf68120d99661b785cc794e2b6965d621f06):
    + ceph-disk: fix mountpoint check for systemctl enable --runtime
    + spec file:
    * ceph-fuse requires fuse; make that dependency explicit
    * drop obsolete qemu symlink hack in librbd1 %post
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.0+git.1505141259.1264bae1a8:
    + rgw_file: fix LRU lane lock in evict_block() - bsc#1054061
    + os/bluestore: fix deferred write deadlock, aio short return handling -
    + mon/OSDMonitor: don't create pgs if pool was deleted - bsc#1056967
* Wed Aug 30 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.0+git.1504118058.706f78da1a:
    + fix ceph --version to say "stable" instead of "rc"
    + spec file: add python-numpy-devel build dependency for SUSE
    + bsc#1053836
    * Revert "osd: adjust osd_min_pg_log_entries"
    * osd/PGLog: write only changed dup entries
* Tue Aug 29 2017
  - Update to version 12.2.0+git.1504013812.01ea30bcc9:
    + upstream Luminous v12.2.0 (first stable) release
    * increment version number to 12.2.0
    + spec file
    * edge mem_per_process upward after seeing some OOM-esque build failures
    * package ceph-volume man pages
* Thu Aug 17 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.4+git.1502953626.155adb5253:
    + ceph.spec: provide libxio 1.7 and obsolete libxio <= 1.7
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.4+git.1502878199.4183317204:
    + ceph.spec: obsolete libxio
      (Note to reviewer: libxio was only ever used by Ceph (for an experimental
      IB/RDMA feature), it was never submitted to Factory, and its functionality has
      been integrated into Ceph in a different form. For all practical purposes,
      libxio has been replaced by Ceph itself.)
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.4+git.1502871088.edf82a59df:
    + latest upstream luminous (a5f84b37668fc8e03165aaf5cbb380c78e4deba4)
    * increment upstream version number to 12.1.4
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.3+git.1502698163.45fc586a51:
    + latest upstream luminous (6808af486d3bdce966232810004648502c967b13)
    * increment upstream version number to 12.1.3
* Sat Aug 05 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.2+git.1501914637.59afe41c49:
    + spec file
    * ceph-volume added to ceph-base RPM, where it co-exists with ceph-disk
* Fri Aug 04 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.2+git.1501865907.88dc8cdc9d:
    + latest upstream master (7350fa65d79b5f0ace427e609565f07be35cfe62)
    * os/bluestore: allow multiple DeferredBatches in flight at once
      (pr#16769, issue#20295, bsc#1043399)
* Thu Aug 03 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.2+git.1501790037.82d6a9c37a:
    + osd: move CMPEXT response munging into completion function
* Wed Aug 02 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.2+git.1501684697.aa6b0153ef:
    + upstream luminous v12.1.2 release candidate
    + latest upstream master (e27a78c9ed3984b54a312ced3ad67fcc8f464fc0)
    * mon: add mgr metdata commands, and overall 'versions' command for all
      daemon versions (bsc#1050063, pr#16460)
* Wed Aug 02 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.1+git.1501669490.04d0738487:
    + mon: extensible output format for health checks
* Mon Jul 31 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.1+git.1501501507.6dd9e8fd8c:
    + update to latest upstream master (fa70335db25f2b661b329d5d8f37039b77f2d1ae)
    + spec file:
    * build/ops: rpm: Drop legacy libxio support (pr#16449)
    + Other notable changes:
    * osd: moved OpFinisher logic from OSDOp to OpContext (pr#16617)
* Fri Jul 28 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.1+git.1501231943.67577225bc
    + Notable changes:
    * rgw_file: properly & |'d flags (bsc#1047977)
* Wed Jul 19 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.1+git.1500447879.e5aac115d7:
    + upstream 12.1.1 (release candidate)
    + Other notable changes:
    * build/ops: rpm: fix typo WTIH_BABELTRACE (pr#16366)
    * build/ops: rpm: put mgr python build dependencies in make_check bcond
    * ceph-disk: support osd new (pr#15432)
    * ceph: allow '-' with -i and -o for stdin/stdout (pr#16359)
    * cls/rbd: trash_list should be iterable (pr#16372)
    * doc: update quick start to add a note for mgr create command for luminous+
      builds (pr#16350)
    * libradosstriper: fix format injection vulnerability (pr#15674)
    * mgr/dashboard: add OSD list view (pr#16373)
    * mon, osd: misc fixes (pr#16283)
    * mon/MDSMonitor: fix segv when multiple MDSs raise same alert (pr#16302)
    * mon/MgrMonitor: fix standby addition to mgrmap (pr#16397)
    * mon/MgrMonitor: only induce mgr epoch shortly after mkfs (pr#16356)
    * mon: Fix output text and doc (pr#16367)
    * mon: add force-create-pg back (pr#16353)
    * mon: skip crush smoke test when running under valgrind (pr#16346)
    * os/bluestore: use reference to avoid string copy (pr#16364)
    * osd: combine conditional statements (pr#16391)
    * osd: restart boot process if waiting for luminous mons (pr#16341)
    * rgw: S3 lifecycle now supports expiration date (pr#15807)
    * rgw: acl grants num limit (pr#16291)
    * rgw: delete object in error path (pr#16324)
    * rgw: drop unused find_replacement() and some function docs (pr#16386)
    * rgw: fix err when copy object in bucket with specified placement rule
    * rgw: fix potential null pointer dereference in rgw_admin (pr#15667)
    * rgw: raise debug level of RGWPostObj_ObjStore_S3::get_policy (pr#16203)
    * rgw: req xml params size limitation error msg (pr#16310)
    * rgw_file:  add service map registration (pr#16251)
    * test,rgw: fix rgw placement rule pool config option (pr#16380)
    * test/fio: print all perfcounters rather than objectstore itself (pr#16339)
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.0+git.1500295948.39d2e5f424:
    + spec file:
    * socat build dependency only for make check
    * fix typo WTIH_BABELTRACE
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.0+git.1500284183.1ed97736ab:
    + Spec file changes:
    * bump epoch (not relevant for SUSE)
    * add socat buildrequires
    * libcephfs2 now obsoletes libcephfs1 (bsc#1047020)
    * fix a regression in ceph-base %postun scriptlet
    + Selected other changes:
    * Revert "msg/async: increase worker reference with local listen table enabled backend"
    * build: build erasure-code isa lib without versions
    * ceph-disk/ceph_disk/ Replace ST_ISBLK() test by is_diskdevice()
    * filter out audit from ceph -w
    * common,config: OPT_FLOAT and OPT_DOUBLE output format in config show
    * common/Timer: do not add event if already shutdown
    * compressor/zlib: remove g_ceph_context/g_conf from compressor plugin
    * core: make the conversion from wire error to host OS work
    * core:" Stringify needs access to << before reference" src/include/stringify.h
    * crush/CrushWrapper: make get_immediate_parent[_id] ignore per-class shadow hierarchy
    * doc/mgr/dashboard: update dashboard docs to reflect new defaults
    * doc/rados.8: add offset option for put command
    * doc: fix link for ceph-mgr cephx authorization
    * doc: update intro, quick start docs
    * isa-l: update isa-l to v2.18
    * librbd: fail IO request when exclusive lock cannot be obtained
    * mgr,librados: service map
    * mgr,mon: debug init and mgrdigest subscriptions
    * mgr,mon: enable/disable mgr modules via 'ceph mgr module ...' commands
    * mgr/ClusterState: do not mangle PGMap outside of Incremental
    * mgr/restful: bind to :: and update docs
    * mgr: Zabbix monitoring module
    * mon,crush: create crush rules using device classes for replicated and ec pools via cli
    * mon/MgrStatMonitor: do not crash on luminous dev version upgrades
    * mon/MonClient: respect the priority in SRV RR
    * mon/Monitor: recreate mon session if features changed
    * mon/OSDMonitor: do not allow crush device classes until luminous
    * mon/OSDMonitor: guard 'osd crush set-device-class'
    * mon/mgr: add detail error infomation
    * mon: Fix status output warning for mon_warn_osd_usage_min_max_delta
    * mon: add support public_bind_addr option
    * mon: collect mon metdata as part of the election
    * mon: debug session feature tracking
    * mon: do crushtool test with fork and timeout, but w/o exec of crushtool
    * mon: fix hang on deprecated/removed 'pg set_\*full_ratio' commands
    * mon: include device class in tree view; hide shadow hierarchy
    * mon: maintain the "cluster" PerfCounters when using ceph-mgr
    * mon: revamp health check/warning system
    * msg/async: increase worker reference with local listen table enabled backend
    * msg/async: make recv_stamp more precise
    * msg: QueueStrategy::wait() joins all threads
    * msg: make listen backlog an option, increase from 128 to 512
    * os/blueStore: Failure retry for opening file
    * os/bluestore/BlueFS: clean up log_writer aios from compaction
    * os/bluestore/BlueFS: clear current log entrys before dump all fnode
    * os/bluestore/KernelDevice: batch aio submit
    * os/bluestore: Make BitmapFreelistManager kv itereator short lived
    * os/bluestore: cap rocksdb cache size
    * os/bluestore: clear up redundant size assignment in KernelDevice
    * os/bluestore: differ default cache size for hdd/ssd backends
    * os/bluestore: fix deferred_aio deadlock
    * os/bluestore: move object exist in assign nid
    * os/bluestore: only submit deferred if there is any
    * os/bluestore: reduce some overhead for _do_clone_range() and _do_remove()
    * os/bluestore: use bufferlist functions whenever possible
    * os/filestore/FileJournal: FileJournal::open() close journal file before return error
    * os/filestore/HashIndex: randomize split threshold by a configurable amount
    * os/filestore: call committed_thru when no journal entries are replayed
    * os/filestore: do not free event if not added
    * os/filestore: queue ondisk completion before apply work
    * os/filestore: require experimental flag for btrfs
    * osd/OSD: auto class on osd start up
    * osd/PrimaryLogPG solve cache tier osd high memory consumption
    * osd/ReplicatedBackend: reset thread heartbeat after every omap entry
    * osd/filestore: Revert "os/filestore: move ondisk in front
    * osd: Check for and automatically repair object info soid during scrub
    * osd: Preserve OSDOp information for historic ops
    * osd: check queue_transaction return value
    * osd: clear_queued_recovery() in on_shutdown()
    * osd: compact osd feature
    * pybind/mgr/dashboard: bind to :: by default
    * pybind/mgr/dashboard: fix get kernel_version error
    * rbd-mirror: ignore permission errors on rbd_mirroring object
    * rbd: do not attempt to load key if auth is disabled
    * rgw: fix compilation with cryptopp
    * rgw,test: fix rgw placement rule pool config option
    * rgw/rgw_frontend.h: Return negative value for empty uid in RGWLoadGenFrontend::init()
    * rgw/rgw_rados: Remove duplicate calls in RGWRados::finalize()
    * rgw: /info claims we do support Swift's accounts ACLs
    * rgw: Correcting the condition in ceph_assert while parsing an AWS Principal
    * rgw: Do not fetch bucket stats by default upon bucket listing
    * rgw: Fix a bug that multipart upload may exceed the quota
    * rgw: Initialize pointer fields
    * rgw: fix leaks with incomplete multiparts
    * rgw: fix memory leak in copy_obj_to_remote_dest
    * rgw: fix not initialized vars which cause rgw crash with ec data pool
    * rgw: fix radosgw-admin data sync run crash
    * rgw: fix s3 object uploads with chunked transfers and v4 signatures
    * rgw: fix the subdir without slash of s3 website url
    * rgw: fix zone did't update realm_id when added to zonegroup
    * rgw: log_meta only for more than one zone
    * rgw: rgw_file skip policy read for virtual components
    * rgw: using RGW_OBJ_NS_MULTIPART in check_bad_index_multipart
    * rgw: verify md5 in post obj
    * rgw_file: add compression interop to RGW NFS
    * rgw:fix s3 aws v2 signature priority between header['X-Amz-Date'] and header['Date']
    * bind restful, dashboard to ::, not
    * vstart: add --rgw_compression to set rgw compression plugin
    * vstart: allow to start multiple radosgw when RGW=x
* Mon Jul 03 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.0+git.1499090920.2c11b88d14:
    + With this update, Ceph no longer autocreates a pool called "rbd" with id 0
      Deployment tools must take this into account!
    + systemd: Add explicit (bsc#1042973)
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.0+git.1498654198.20d6a47cc9:
    + build/ops: rpm: put mgr python build dependencies in make_check bcond
      N.B. this effectively eliminates the following build dependencies:
      python-Babel python-beautifulsoup4 python-CherryPy python-coverage
      python-flup python-Genshi python-html5lib python-logutils python-nose
      python-Paste python-PasteDeploy python-PasteDeploy python-pecan
      python-pyquery python-singledispatch python-waitress python-WebOb
      python-WebTest python-Werkzeug python-WSGIProxy2 pytyhon-python-openid
* Mon Jun 26 2017
  - spec file:
    + removed BR libatomic_ops-devel as upstream replaced it with std:atomic
    + removed defattr as they are no longer needed on sle12 and newer
* Mon Jun 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.0+git.1498478524.117b171715:
    + include 12.1.0 tag to make "ceph --version" happy
    + tests: drop hadoop-s3a tests
* Sat Jun 24 2017
  - Update to version 12.1.0+git.1498309403.f4fc02fff4:
    + upstream 12.1.0 release; for details, see
    + revert several pre-release commits that are no longer needed
      because the issues have been fixed upstream in the meantime
    + build/ops: rpm: sane packaging of %{_docdir}/ceph directory
* Fri Jun 23 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1498202776.b806032985:
    + Integration testing changes:
    * add DeepSea integration suite test definitions for teuthology
    * re-enable several RGW tests that upstream only runs on Ubuntu
    + use git describe --match
    + ReplicatedPG: add CHECKSUM->CMPEXT req translation
* Wed Jun 14 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1497426468.6984d41b5d:
    + qa: add initial deepsea suite (task and test yaml)
    + fix "ceph osd df" (regression in latest upstream master) (pr#15675, issue#20256)
    * mon: move creating_pgs and reweight_by_utilization into new MonPGStatService
    * mon: move most PGMapStatService into PGMap; rename PGMon's to PGMonStatService
    * mon: mgr: move 'osd df' handling to manager
    * mon: inherit PGMonStatService from the PGMapStatService
    * move the OSDUtilizationDumper code into OSDMap
    * mon: mgr: enable "osd df" on the manager
    * qa: add a script which looks for commands with no tests
    * qa: test 'osd df' in cephtool/
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1496909744.9f667dc335:
    + build/ops: rpm: one License line to rule them all
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - up memory _constraint for ceph-test to address ppc64le OOM seen in IBS
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1496902753.b18dc53186:
    + build/ops: rpm, COPYING: drop GPL 2.0 with Autoconf Exception
      (autoconf no longer used)
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1496754880.35cb2861ce:
    + merge upstream master (b1d06a6b54)
* Sat Jun 03 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1496494491.ba3c561a92:
    + merge upstream master (97d6e150e5)
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1496306960.2db336d85e:
    + merge upstream master (b19352eec3), fixes bsc#1041492
* Tue May 30 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1496147556.f1d6115861:
    + cmake: build boost::context and coroutine only with rgw Beast frontend
    + build/ops: rpm: reverse s390 bcond conditional block
    + build/ops: rpm: no rgw Beast frontend on s390x
    + build/ops: deb: no rgw Beast frontend on s390x
    + cmake: delete excidentail reintroduced line.
    + cmake: link radosgw with boost libraries
* Sat May 27 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1495849076.4457d36178:
    + rgw: remove fastcgi from default rgw frontends
    + RGW: Turn off fcgi as a frontend
    + build/ops: drop libfcgi build dependency
    + build/ops: rpm: apply epoch only if %epoch macro is defined
* Fri May 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1495798013.23dd2b67dc:
    + re-drop %{epoch}: prefixes
* Fri May 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1495787939.3f6446f64f:
    + build/ops: rpm: adapt License line to Release 2.0 of SPDX spec
* Fri May 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.3+git.1495675338.07282a4057:
    + upstream 12.0.3 release
    + osd/PG: Add two new mClock implementations of the PG sharded operator queue
      (pr#14997, bsc#1040103)
    + build/ops: rpm: make librbd1 %post scriptlet depend on coreutils (boo#1040230)
    + build/ops: rpm: move RDMA build dependency to distro-conditional section
    + build/ops: rpm: move python-prettytable to distro-conditional section
    + cmake: added empty RPATH to
    + rpm: drop %{epoch} from new rados-objclass-devel subpackage
    + cmake: fix boost components for WITH_SYSTEM_BOOST
    + cmake: build boost::context only if rgw Beast frontend is in use
    + build/ops: rpm: reverse s390 bcond conditional block
    + build/ops: rpm: no rgw Beast frontend on s390x (bsc#1040119)
    +, debian/control: build/runtime dependency for cherrypy
* Wed May 10 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.2+git.1494343993.7527e4f0b8:
    + ReplicatedPG: drop CACHE_PIN->WRITESAME req translation (bsc#1038063)
* Tue May 09 2017
  - _constraints: up ceph.spec disk constraint to 28G after seeing a
    build failure in OBS
* Fri Apr 28 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.2+git.1493341348.9148e53:
    + ceph osd: add support for new op cmpext
    + ceph_test_rados_api_misc: add cmpext tests
    + librados: add cmpext API
    + ceph_test_rados_api_aio: add cmpext tests
    + test/librados/c_operations: add cmpext tests
    This patchset is a straight cherry-pick of the upstream OSD/librados cmpext
    changes (bsc#1035937).
* Thu Apr 27 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.2+git.1493291471.adb6a43:
    + rocksdb: sync with upstream (bsc#1025891)
    + build/ops: cmake: explicitly disable MSSE 4.2 if not supported
* Thu Apr 27 2017
  - _constraints: set higher disk and memory constraints so s390x
    builds don't fail
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.2+git.1493238434.71681fd:
    + cmake: added empty RPATH to
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.2+git.1493227670.3396ca1:
    + rgw: use a vector for options passed to civetweb
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.2+git.1493192333.3305a0c
    + merge upstream master (0d368d2c8544247a4aed9c71c74e77b0c6bbfb22)
      including 12.0.2 development release
* Tue Apr 25 2017
  - revert commit a9a50f690085091bb4446095418237f9fef712c8 in preparation for
    rebasing against the upstream implementation.  (bsc#1035937)
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Add script to address s390 constraints
    tweak needed in IBS
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.1+git.1491557762.4e47e9f
    + merge upstream master (2950ad91d25d0d6e2e3fb6842d5bbc36353ba2a5)
      including fixes for:
    * bsc#1030068 (s390 build)
    * bsc#1031311 (ceph-mon.service not enabled via systemd preset)
* Tue Apr 04 2017
  - Mention bugs fixed in jewel codestream that are also fixed in the current
    + msg/simple/Pipe: avoid returning 0 on poll timeout (bsc#1014338)
    + build/ops: fix undefined crypto references with --with-xio (bsc#977940)
    + ceph-create-keys: add missing argument comma (bsc#1008894)
    + common: Improve linux dcache hash algorithm (bsc#1005179)
* Tue Mar 14 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.0+git.1489432599.165c23f:
    + merge upstream master (0c2f5f7214d2410a7519f88e65ed5273d6480227)
      including fix for upstream issue#18694 "ceph-disk activate for partition
* Fri Mar 10 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.0+git.1489159457.410e200:
    + build/ops: fix Group strings for library packages
* Fri Mar 03 2017
  - Update to version 12.0.0+git.1488553020.e902441:
    + Recent upstream master (3c0af07629dc661aba84e2fef696339ac7171914)
    + Builds with GCC7 (boo#1025891)
* Wed Feb 08 2017
  - Update to version 11.1.0+git.1486588482.ba197ae:
    + Update to latest upstream master (3d740bd)
    + cmake: added empty RPATH to several executables
    + rocksdb: sync with upstream
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Update to version 11.1.0+git.1484919552.9216e9a:
    + Revert "rpm: put distro conditionals around Source0 in spec file"
    + Revert " revert Source0 line to upstream version"
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - add logic to remove s390 architectures from ExclusiveArch
    line in ceph-test.spec (rationale: ceph-test is not shipped for s390x)
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Update to version 11.1.0+git.1484745543.7b08de5:
    + Update to latest upstream master (36874c8) - significant changes:
    * cmake: Turn libcommon into a shared library (PR#12840)
    * cmake: fix rpath on shared libraries and executables (PR#12927)
    + Fix build failure in ppc64le and s390x, caused by missing
      "-momit-leaf-frame-pointer" gcc option in these architectures:
      + rocksdb: build with ppc64 (PR#12908)
* Tue Jan 17 2017
  - Update to version 11.1.0+git.1484659687.3472421:
    + rpm: tell openSUSE to never clean the spec file
    + Enable ppc64le and s390x builds in SLE
    + rpm: lttng only on x86_64 and aarch64
* Thu Jan 05 2017
  - Update to version 11.1.0+git.1483528076.d86680e (latest master)
    + Merge branch 'master' into ses5 (Merge: 185bcce798 a7b78620f0) with conflicts:
      conflicts in qa/ where resolved with theirs
      conflict in src/osd/ was resolved with picking ours plus a method rename
      int ReplicatedPG::do_extent_cmp -> int PrimaryLogPG::do_extent_cmp
* Tue Dec 13 2016
  - Update to version 11.1.0+git.1481663255.bf42706:
    + Update to upstream 11.1.0 release; for details see
    + move script from build service package to git repo
* Tue Nov 29 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.2+git.1480437645.66595d3
    + Update to latest upstream master (boost library is now included in the
      tarball, so the tarball is much larger than before and the build takes
      longer to complete)
    + ceph_ver_hack_sh adaptation (upstream dropped src/make_version script)
    + rocksdb: do not build with --march=native (bsc#1012553)
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.2+git.1480105120.6b8e9e5:
    + Revert commit 8aee8db140bcbd1ffd2a7b571dbbade10bec9de3 because it
      conflicted with upstream
    + update to latest upstream kraken (11.0.2) - for details, see
* Mon Sep 12 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1473684054.73e4b4a:
    + safe_io: Improve portability by replacing loff_t type usage with off_t.
    +  mon: remove the redundant list swap in paxos commit_proposal
    + msg/EventPoll.h: add override to virtual functions
    + msg/EventKqueue.h: add override to virtual func
    + msg/EventSelect.h: add override to virtual funct
    + ceph-disk: Compatibility fixes for Python 3
    + ceph-disk: Use true integer division in get_dev_size
    + ceph-disk: Fix bug in FileLock
    + ceph-disk: Allow ConfigObj to write in binary mode
    + ceph-disk: Use context manager with FileLock
    + ceph-disk: Use os.path.isabs instead of .startswith('/')
    + ceph-disk: Set space_symlink to the path, not file object
    + ceph-disk: PEP8ify
    + rgw: rgw file fix bug of rgw_lookup can not exact match file name
    + rgw: fix the wrong return value
    + rgw/rgw_coroutine: move WaitContext to .cc file
    + client: pass a mask parameter to path_walk
    + mds/mdstypes: add btime to inode
    + mds/Server: set btime=ctime on creation
    + mds/MDCache: set btime on system inodes
    + include/ceph_features: add FS_BTIME features
    + mds: pass btime in InodeStat MClientReply, if feature is present
    + client: keep btime in Inode and InodeStat
    + ceph: break up ll_getattr into two functions
    + client: move the device bitshift handling macros to Client.h
    + libcephfs: add a ceph_ll_getattrx and ceph_statx
    + libcephfs: add a test for "lazy" statx
    + mds/client: add btime to CapSnap and MClientCaps
    + mds/mdstypes: add change attribute to inode
    + mds/Server: set change_attr to 0 on creation
    + mds/MDCache: set change_attr to 0 on system_inodes
    + include/ceph_features: add FS_CHANGE_ATTR feature
    + mds: pass change_attr in InodeStat MClientReply, if feature is present
    + mds/client: keep change_attr in Inode, CapSnap and MClientCaps
    + mds: ensure that change_attr reflects metadata changes on clients that hold CAP_FILE_EXCL
    + mds/client: bump the change_attr at the appropriate time for files
    + libcephfs: return the change_attr in the statx.stx_version field
    + tests: add a ChangeAttr test
    + mds: make frag_info_t add_dirty() function take a pointer to touched_mtime
    + mds: add change_attr to frag_info_t
    + test: add test for change attribute of directories
    + cephfs: rename ceph_mds_request_head and _args with a _legacy postfix
    + MDS: allow the MDS to accept requests to set the btime
    + client: add the ability to set the btime
    + client: add a ceph_fstatx
    + client: extend the Btime test to cover fstatx as well
    + journal/JournalTrimmer: move C_RemoveSet struct
    + rbd_mirror/ImageSynceThrottler: move struct to .cc
    + libcephfs: add unmount function in cephfs.pyx
    + rgw: fix typo of "minite" to "minute" in
    + rgw/ fix sleep time according to the error message
    + crush: don't normalize input of crush_ln iteratively
    + crush: remove clutter
    + mds: remove max_mds config option
    + add option to turn on multimds
    + rgw: right parenthesis is missing in radosgw-admin help message on caps
    + SQUASH: client: request AUTH caps on the directory during create if we'll need to check perms locally
    + SQUASH: Revert "mds: ensure that change_attr reflects metadata changes on clients that hold CAP_FILE_EXCL"
    + SQUASH: client: always take a change_attr update from the server if it's newer
    + SQUASH: mds/client: don't get clever with ceph_mds_request_head_legacy encode/decode
    + rgw/rgw_rados.h: remove unneeded class C_Tick
    + SQUASH: client: querying for stx_version field requires getting all shared caps
    + SQUASH: mds/client: add routines to copy to/from ceph_mds_request_head_legacy
    + client: properly set inode number of created inode in replay request
    + test/librbd/fsx: enable exclusive-lock feature in krbd mode
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: fix async compaction txn
    + scripts/bdev_grep: parse bluefs style extents too
    + SQUASH: client: request all shared caps if ctime was requested
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: factor unflushed log into runway calculation
    + osd/ReplicatedBackend: move classes to cc file
    + os/bluestore: honour allow-eio flag during read
    + CmakeLists.txt: use LIB_RESOLV instead of resolv.
    + osd/ReplicatedPG: move classes to .cc file
    + librbd: potential double-unwatch of watch handle upon error
    + cls/journal: add async client_update_state method
    + journal: allow to trim journal for "laggy" clients
    + librbd: optionally flag "laggy" journal clients disconnected
    + rbd: new command to disconnect journal client
    + rbd-mirror: decode_client_meta should return false on error
    + rbd-mirror: resync was possible only when image replayer start had succeeded
    + rbd-mirror: stop replay when client is disconnected
    + rbd-mirror: option to automatically resync after journal client disconnect
    + qa/workunits/cephtool/ fix omision of ceph-command
    + os/bluestore: use global compressor if possible
    + build/ops: fix /etc/os-release parsing in
    + osd/ remove repeated searching of map
    + test/cephfs: add mount&&unmount test
    + mds: s/used_ions/used_inos/
    + Add dependencies from ceph_smalliobenchrbd on cls_rbd, cls_journal, and cls_lock.
    + ceph_test_objectstore: add SyntheticMatrixSharding
    + ceph_test_objectstore: occasional umount/fsck/mount
    + ceph_test_objectstore: test shards for longer
    + crush/ bug fix: index out of range
    + Makfile: Fix rocksdb error when make dist
    + src/CMakeLists.txt: exclude parts not buildable on FreeBSD
    + src/pybind/CMakeLists.txt: conditionaly build cython tools
    + src/tools/CMakeLists.txt: conditionaly build ceph-client-debug
    + src/test/objectstore/CMakeLists.txt: conditionaly build tests
    + mds: trim null dentries proactively
    + cmake: include(SIMDExt) in src/CMakeLists.txt
    + mds: log path with CDir damage messages
    + hint in extent_alloc code
    + remove wrap argument and handle in wrappers
    + Hint argument in alloc_blocks + test case changes
    + os/bluestore: shard extent map
    + os/bluestore: make nid and blobid allocation less racy
    + os/bluestore: optimize compress_extent_map
    + os/bluestore: fix fsck used_block bitmap
    + os/bluestore: use block_size for allocator unit
    + os/bluestore: make blob_t unused helpers use logical length
    + os/bluestore: instrument big/small writes
    + os/bluestore: instrument transaction count
    + os/bluestore: instrument onode reshard events
    + os/bluestore: dump some stats after fsck
    + os/bluestore: assert shared blob cache cleared on split
    + remove autotools
    + test/objectstore/CMakeLists.txt: fix libaio conditional
    + buffer: clear append_buffer on clear()
    + os/bluestore: tunable prealloc size for ExtentMap inline_bl
    + os/bluestore: don't dirty onode if its size is already at desired offset
    + os/bluestore: remove never reachable asserts
    + os/bluestore: drop unnecessary separator between fields
    + os/bluestore: fix key+name sort wonkiness
    + os/bluestore: encode shard id in single byte
    + os/bluestore: small put_ref cleanup
    + os/bluestore: remove faulted debug hackery
    + os/bluestore: bits for unit tests
    + unittest_bluestore_types: resurrect blob and extent_map unit tests
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: do not start racing async compaction
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: fix Dir memory leak
    + buffer: implement buffer::list::reserve(n)
    + os/bluestore: do not waste memory on cached encoded blobs
    + qa/workunits/objectstore: fix
    + os/FuseStore: only flush if dirty
    + build: drop dryrun of from script
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: For logs of rocksdb & bluefs only use directio.
    + os/bluestore: remove some copy-pastes
    + cmake: make py3 a nice-to-have
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: only extend extent on same bdev
    + msg/AsyncConnection: add const to mem functions
    + msg/AsyncMessenger: add const to function
    + client/barrier: move C_Block_Sync class to .cc
    + osd/ remove unneeded searching of map
    + Set ARM_CRC_FLAGS from the CRC test rather than ARM_NEON_FLAGS
    + rpm: Moved ceph-client-debug from ceph-base to ceph-test package
    + rpm: Renamed bcond tests flag to make_check
    + rbd-nbd: fix kernel deadlock during teuthology testing
    + rbd-nbd: mask out-of-bounds IO errors caused by image shrink
    + librbd: invalidate cache before trimming image
    + librbd: ignore cache busy errors when shrinking an image
    + librbd: potential seg fault when blacklisting an image client
    + cmake: Use WITH_TESTS flag to guard the build of ceph-test scripts/binaries
    + rpm: Added ceph_test_package bcond flag to control the build of ceph-test package
    + deb: Moved ceph-client-debug from ceph-base to ceph-test package
    + ceph-objectstore-tool: add a way to split filestore directories offline
    + install-deps: exit non-zero when we cannot match distro
    + librbd: possible deadlock if cluster connection closed after image
    + osd/ReplicatedPG: remove class redeclaration
    + librbd: ignore partial refresh error when acquiring exclusive lock
    + osd/ remove unneeded returns
* Fri Sep 09 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1473424516.3b8b524:
    + Revert "ceph_disk.main: s/get_dev_size/get_free_partition_size/"
    + Revert "ceph_disk tests/test_prepare: s/get_dev_size/get_free_partition_size/"
    + Revert "ceph_disk tests/test_get_free_partition_size: New unit tests"
    + Revert "ceph_disk tox.ini: add tests/"
    + rpm: put distro conditionals around Source0 in spec file
* Fri Sep 09 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1473418476.095f67c:
    + revert Source0 line to upstream version
    + conditionalize %prep command
* Fri Sep 09 2016
  - enable cephfs_java build unconditionally
  - new (merged) commits from upstream master branch:
    + mailmap updates
    + rgw: fix the handling of rgw_swift_url_prefix.
    + rgw: ONLY improve code formatting around RGWRESTMgr.
    + rgw: add support for the crossdomain.xml resource of Swift API.
    + rgw: add support for the healthcheck feature of Swift API.
    + swift /info implementation.
    + rgw: settle /info implementation across other swift-at-root features.
    + compressor: isa-l extension for zlib plugin Signed-off-by: Alyona Kiseleva <>
    + mon: tear down standby replays on MDS rank stop
    + mon/MDSMonitor: move C_Updated class to .cc file
    + rgw_file: fix/update rgw_open flag arguments
    + rgw_file: fix/update rgw_create flag arguments
    + doc: remove btrfs contradiction
    + msg: make async backend default
    + msg/simple: wait dispatch_queue until all pipes closed
    + rgw_file: implement stateless write completion timer
    + rgw_file: add RGW_OPEN_FLAG_STATELESS as a synonym for V3
    + rgw_file:  log on write completion events at level 10
    + rgw file: allow RGWLibFS::write_completion_interval_s to be set in conf
    + osdc/ObjectCacher: move C_ReadFinish, C_RetryRead
    + osdc/Journaler: move C_DelayFlush class to .cc
    + rgw: fix RGWAccessControlPolicy_SWIFT::create return value check error
    + librgw: add API version defines for librgw and rgw_file
    + make-dist/ Fix srpm build breakage.
    + ceph_timer: prefer using directive to typedef
    + rgw_file:  explain semantics of RGWFileHandle::commit
    + compressor: Better arch ifdefs for isal code
    + mds/MDSTable: add const to member functions
    + os/bluestore: fix some #includes
    + -b for bluestore
    + os/bluestore/bluestore_types: make blob_t get_chunk_size const
    + os/bluestore: use Blob const and non-const accessors
    + os/bluestore: avoid reencoding unchanged blobs
    + os/bluestore: decode blobs on demand
    + mds/SnapRealm.h: add const to member functions
    + os/bluestore/bluefs: avoid check "locked" field for newly created file
    + os/bluestore/bluefs: check against locked field during unlink
    + os/bluestore/bluefs: assert refs of file don't underflow
    + os/kstore: kill dead code
    + rgw: remove duplicated calls to getattr
    + debian: should dh_python3 python3-* not python-*
    + pybind: silence -Wsign-compare warning
    + test/ceph_test_msgr: fix -Wsign-compare warnings
    + test/unittest_alloc: fix -Wsign-compare warnings
    + librbd: API methods to directly acquire and release the exclusive lock
    + doc: add graphic for cap bit field
    + mds/MDCache.h: remove unneeded access specifier
    + librbd: skeleton implementation of client-side image cache
    + librbd: blocking parent IO completion no longer required
    + librbd: remove use of owner_lock on IO path
    + Revert "osdc: ObjectCacher flusher might needs additional locks"
    + librbd: support bufferlist payload for AioImageWrite
    + librbd: add internal support for scatter/gather IO
    + librbd: initial integration of ImageWriteback to AioImageRequest
    + librbd: consolidate IO clipping to reusable method
    + librbd: differentiate between image and object cache
    + librbd: C_ImageCacheRead bridge from Context to AioCompletion
    + librbd: integrate image cache hooks into IO path
    + common/Throttle.h: remove unneeded class
    + cmake: fix the tracing header dependencies
    + src/test/bench/CMakeLists.txt: RBD exclude
    + src/CMakeLists.txt: RBD|KVS|FUSE exclude
    + src/librbd/CMakeLists.txt: krbd and secret.c are LINUX dependant
    + src/os/CMakeLists.txt: AIO|FUSE exclude
    + src/test/CMakeLists.txt: RADOSGW|RBD exclude
    + src/test/common/CMakeLists.txt: BLKID exclude
    + initial distro detection based on /etc/os-release
    + ceph_test_objectstore: fix ObjectStore/StoreTest.BluestoreStatFSTest/2 on ssd
    + ceph_test_objectstore: disable statfs checks on available space
    + messages/MOSDMap: mark as enlighten OSDMap encoder
    + cmake: remove unused librados_api target
    + cmake: replace Findlttng-ust.cmake with FindLTTngUST.cmake
    + cmake: let librados_api_obj depend on librados-tp
    + os/bluestore: yet another statfs test fix
    + Revert "osd/ReplicatedPG: for sync-read it don't cacl l_osd_op_r_prepare_lat."
    + doc/release-notes: v0.94.9
    + os/bluestore/bluefs: use map to track dirty files
    + os/bluestore/bluefs: update mtime of inode in unified path
    + os/bluestore/bluefs: drop redundant eof check for read_random()
    + os/CMakeLists.txt: undubble usage.
    + test,pybind: silence -Wsign-compare warnings
    + test/perf_local: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings
    + os/bluestore: get rid off "isa-l" type in ZLibCompressor ctor
    + Allow compressor build without YASM
    + script/bdev_grep: update to use hex
    + os/bluestore: improve failed csum debug output
    + librbd: improve image state machine debug log messages
    + librbd: deadlock when replaying journal during image open
    + os/bluestore: end scope of std::hex properly
    + os/bluestore: don't over-gift if bluefs free is smaller than bluestore_bluefs_min
    + os/bluestore: use _setattr for SETATTR
    + os/bluestore: make object existence check robust
    + ceph_test_objectstore: assert umount succeeds
    + ceph_test_objectstore: clean up Rename test a bit
    + ceph_test_objectstore: fix TryMoveRename test
    + os/bluestore: add onode/buffer cache statistics
    + os/bluestore: end scope of std::hex properly
    + cmake: pass -DINTEL* to gf-complete cflags
    + os/bluestore: conditional checking label of bluefs devices
    + src/CMakeLists.txt: -Woverloaded-virtual is already included in -Wall on Clang
    + os/bluestore: don't overwrite type if it does already exist and at desired type
    + os/bluestore: trivial cleanups
    + os/bluestore: replace store with logger in Cache
    + os/bluestore: check iterator before using during fsck
* Mon Aug 29 2016
  - add Source line for ceph-rpmlintrc
  - move Source line for ceph-rpmlintrc from ceph.spec to ceph-test.spec
    (see for rationale)
* Mon Aug 29 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1472455009.a17726c:
    + drop ceph-rpmlintrc source line
    + drop epoch prefixes
* Sun Aug 28 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1472384770.c9f3af8:
    + test/rgw: add --gateways-per-zone to
    + rgw: RGWDataSyncCR fails on errors from RGWListBucketIndexesCR
    + rgw: RGWCoroutinesManager::run returns status of last cr
    + os/bluestore: fix whitespace in bitset apply helper
    + cmake: do not link secret.c if not necessary
    + cmake: do not link against keyutils if not necessary
    + os/bluestore: fsck on mkfs (on by default)
    + os/bluestore: ensure block device size is a multiple of the block size
    + Revert " don't try to package __pycache__ for SUSE"
    + rpm: force creation of Python 3 __pycache__ on SUSE
    + doc: add v0.94.7 changelog
    + doc: add v0.94.8 changelog
    + doc/releases: add v0.94.8 to timeline
    + doc/release-notes: fix v10.2.2 changelog link
    + unittest_bluefs: fix block device sizes
    + doc: do not list all major versions in get-packages.rst
    + doc: add missing PR to hammer 0.94.8 release notes
    + doc: release-notes.rst: move misplaced line
    + doc: fix two broken links in releases.rst
    + doc: add 11.0.0 to releases table
* Sun Aug 28 2016
  - forward-port insert_line_before() function from
    filesystems:ceph:jewel/ceph version
  - README-ceph-test.txt: new file
  - ceph-test.spec: add as a source file
* Fri Aug 26 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1472202104.8999301:
    + rgw: add deadlock detection to RGWCoroutinesManager::run()
    + src/common/ Reduce logging noise if lockdep is not tested
    + osd: fix updating same_interval_since logic of project_pg_history()
    + osd: drop duplicated sched_scrub during tick()
    + osd: move methods which don't need osd_lock from tick into tick_without_osd_lock()
    + mon/PGMonitor: mark dump_object_stat_sum() as static
    + mon/PGMonitor: calc the %USED of pool using used/(used+avail)
    + rpm: proper packaging of udev directories
    + LTTng-UST disabled for openSUSE
    + ceph-disk: do not activate device that is not ready
    + osd: update reture type of get_pg_or_queue_for_pg() to PGRef
    + common/WPQ: add sanity check to avoid potential access violation
    + osd/osd_types: kill undefined_shard() method of pg_shard_t
    + release-notes.rst: draft 0.94.8 release notes
    + PG: introduce and maintain upset
    + mon/MonClient: should update sub_sent with sub_new
    + osd: set objecter.osdmap when starts
    + rgw: fix for assertion in RGWMetaSyncCR
    + PG: use upset rather than up for _update_calc_stats
    + rgw: do not try to encode or decode time_t
    + cls_rgw: fix the compiler warning
    + msg/async: fix compiler warnings
    + os/filestore: silence compiling warnings
    + test/rbd: silence compiling warnings
    + rgw: silence a compiling warning
    + msg/async/kqueue: avoid remove nonexist kqueue event
    + librbd: cache was not switching to writeback after first flush
    + mon/OSDMonitor: fix potential division-by-zero error
    + mon/OSDMonitor: get rid of snprintf when formatting output string
    + mon/OSDMonitor: avoid duplicated calls when determining osdmap boundary
    + osd/OSDMonitor: avoid duplicated assignment of oldest_map/newest_map
    + osd/OSDMonitor: drop redundant check of exists()
    + mon/PGMonitor: skip scrub checking if we can
    + mon/PGMonitor: drop redundant loading of dumpcontents
    + mon/PGMonitor: fix potential underflow
    + debian: replace SysV rbdmap with systemd service
    + os/bluestore: break down onode vs bnode_map size in log
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: do direct io by default (not buffered)
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: rename buffered_io option
    + os/bluestore: add multiple finishers to bluestore
    + os/bluestore: fix decoding hash of bnode
    + cmake: fix unmatched endforeach
    + debian: enable dh_python3 for python3 packages
    + debian: exclude python3* packages in dh_shlibdeps
    + debian: drop python-argparse dependency
    + os/bluestore: fix race condition during get_fs_usage()
    + os/bluestore: use bluefs_max_prefetch for log file prefetch
    + os/bluestore: use hex if we are running out of space
    + os/bluestore: fix assert
    + osd: bail out if transaction size overflows
    + os/filestore/FileJournal: bail out if transaction is too large
    + os/FuseStore: remove unneeded header file
    + os/Memstore.h: add override to virtual functions
    + os/MemStore: move OmapIteratorImpl to cc file
    + os/bluestore: include bluefs space in statfs result
    + common/config_opts: fix comment(radio -> ratio)
    + msg: kill unused macros
    + mon/OSDMonitor: add output field name of average/overload_utilization
    + test/librados: rados_connect() should succeed
    + check existence of OSD data directory
    + osd/ReplicatedPG:wipe off param op from generate_subop()
    + ceph-post-file: migrate to RSA SSH keys
    + ceph-post-file: Ignore keys offered by ssh-agent
    + os/Memstore: move PageSetObject class to .cc file
    + yasm-wrapper: dont echo the yasm command line
    + arch/arm.c: remove unnecessary variable read for simplicity
    + rpm: drop obsolete libs-compat metapackage
    + drop trouble-making divider comments
    + rpm: do not unnecessarily spawn shells for scriptlets
    + cls_lock: support updating the lock cookie without releasing the lock
    + librbd: helper state machine to update lock cookie
    + librbd: store exclusive lock cookie instead of recalculating
    + librbd: exclusive lock now supports reacquiring a lost lock
    + librbd: helper state machine for asynchronous watch recovery
    + librbd: integrate asynchronous image rewatch state machine
    + librbd: image state machine now has hooks for lock requests
    + librbd: interlock image refresh and lock operations
    + librbd: remove unused refresh request logic
    + test/common/ FreeBSD does not have distro information
    + replace package build instructions with tarball instructions
    + doc: fix singleton example in Developer Guide
    + rgw: delete region map after upgrade to zonegroup map
    + rgw: fix period update --commit return error
    + cmake: use PERF_LOCAL_FLAGS only if defined
    + tests: populate /dev/disk/by-partuuid for scsi_debug
    + don't try to package __pycache__ for SUSE
    + doc: fix wrong osdkeepalive name in mount.ceph manpage
    + Use expect_failure and conditional stringmatching
    + Revert " ppc64 build in Tumbleweed only"
    + jerasure: include generic objects in neon jerasure lib (like sse3/4)
* Fri Aug 26 2016
  - fix package files path rewriting
* Tue Aug 23 2016
  - _constraints: tweak values to pick up maximum number of OBS build workers
* Tue Aug 23 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1471969747.79ca12e:
    + cmake: fix declaration position of WITH_TESTS option
* Tue Aug 23 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1471959548.f013b97:
    + rpm: Renamed bcond tests flag to make_check
    + cmake: Use WITH_TESTS flag to guard the build of ceph-test scripts/binaries
    + rpm: Added ceph_test_package bcond flag to control the build of ceph-test package
* Fri Aug 19 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1471605408.9203335:
    + don't try to package __pycache__
* Fri Aug 19 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1471601504.f312e7e:
    + test/libcephfs: add  the necessary judgment
    + test/librados: add ASSERT_EQ & ASSERT_NE judgment
    + rgw: optimize the usage of string.find and some indents
    + rgw: patch manifest to handle explicit objs copy issue
    + rgw: adjust objs when copying obj with explicit_objs set
    + rgw: adjust manifest head object
    + rgw: fix the error return variable in log message
    + rgw: fix trimming object expirer's hints.
    + rgw: fix skipping some objects to delete by RadosGW's object expirer.
    + rgw: ONLY improve code formatting in rgw_object_expirer_core.{cc,h}.
    + os/bluestore: allow csum verification disable on read.
    + os/bluestore: add csum on/off test case
    + os/bluestore: add store statfs parameters to bluestore perf counters
    + os/bluestore: add perf counters for compress/decompress performance measurement
    + tools: fix the core dump when get the crushmap do not exist
    + librbd: request exclusive lock if current owner cannot execute op
    + src/global/ Assign elements in structures individually
    + rgw: fixes for period puller
    + rgw: for the create_bucket api, if the input creation_time is zero, we should set it to 'now"
    + pybind: Rework rbd/ for PyPI
    + pybind: Add BUILD_DOC env var to rbd/
    + doc: fix rbd map format in rbd manpage
    + ceph-disk: change ownership of init file to ceph:ceph
    + cmake: Also build Python bindings for Python 3
    + pybind: Make ceph_volume_client's syntax compatible with Python 3 (just so it passes the bytecompilation step)
    + debian: Add packages for Python 3 bindings
    + rpm: Add packages for Python 3 bindings
    + os/bluestore/bluefs_types: fix extent operator<<
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: do not op_file_update deleted files
    + os/bluestore: print bluefs_extents in hex
    + os/bluestore: do not track bluefs_extents via freelist
    + os/bluestore/BitMapAllocator: align to min_alloc_size on init_rm_free
    + rgw/doc: fix typo and indent.
    + mon/MonDBStore: fix assert which never fires
    + osd/OSDMonitor: count pg primed more precisely
    + doc: replace cluster name with cluster-name to avoid confusing
    + doc: fix typo maximum -> minimal
    + doc: fix command format
    + batch is_allocated bit checks
    + cmake: Move Python detection back outside of pybind
    + doc: format 2 now is the default image format
    + rgw: Rework of s3 v2 local authentication code.
    + rbd: bench io-size should not be larger than image size
    + doc/install: Use https:// for
    + librbd: fix possible inconsistent state when disabling mirroring
    + os/bluestore/ExtentFreelistManager: move default create out of parent
    + librbd: new journal policy to disable initializing the journal
    + librbd: permit disabling journaling if in corrupt state
    + qa/workunits: support filtering cls_rbd unit test cases
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: _should_compact_log
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: _replay(false) to dump log file
    + mon/PGMonitor: move C_Stats struct to cc file
    + client: don't use special faked-up inode for /..
    + client: add a testcase for "/.." handling
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: add OP_JUMP
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: allow log position to when doing op_jump
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: move metadata dump (compaction) into a helper
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: interface to get bluefs space usage
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: init in header at decl
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: assert we never extend log at flush
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: use hex
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: Add sync and async compaction
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: Helper functions for the unit test framework
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: unit tests for log compaction
    + os/bluestore/BlueFS: Cleanup unused interfaces
    + unittest_bluefs: make flush_3 test device larger
    + bluestore: initialize csum_order properly
    + librbd: fix possible memory leak when image open fails
    + script: improve ceph-release-notes regex
    + rbdmap: specify bash shell interpreter
    + doc: added rbdmap man page to RBD restructured index
    + librbd: always respond to "release lock" request if lock owner
    + rgw: fix radosgw daemon core when reopen logs
    + qa/workunits/rbd: demote/promote image on same cluster
    + rbd-mirror: include tag tid in bootstrap debug log messages
    + librbd: separate journal::TagData predecessor data into new struct
    + librbd: block RPC requests when demoting the image
    + librbd: normalize journal promotion/demotion events
    + rbd-mirror: demote/promote in same cluster results in split-brain
    + rbd-mirror: prevent syncing to non-primary image after failover
    + test: fixed unused function warnings in unittest_rbd_mirror
    + doc: remove the description of deleted options
    + msg/async/Stack: add abstract Stack
    + msg/async: add PosixStack support
    + msg/async/net_handler: let set_socket_options return value
    + msg/async/AsyncConnection: support NetworkStack api instead of posix
    + msg/async/Event: debug event address when dispatching and executing
    + msg/async/Event: remove event wakeup flag
    + msg/async/PosixStack: increase log level
    + msg/async/Stack: disable smart thread spawn now
    + common/ceph_context: add prefork/postfork wathcher support
    + msg/async/Stack: register fork watcher
    + msg/async: allow EventCenter::set_owner reentry
    + msg/async: readd set_priority call
    + msg/async/AsyncConnection: fix _conn_prefix racing when stopped
    + test_async_networkstack: add networkstack tests
    + msg/async/Event: remove global_centers assert
    + test_msgr: ensure wait for ms_dispatch executed
    + mon/OSDMonitor: add sanity check before setting use_gmt_hitset attribute
    + osd/OSDMonitor: drop redundant null check of max_failed_since
    + osd/OSDMonitor: drop redundant check of assert
    + mon/LogMonitor: remove "host" and "fsid" from handle_conf_change()
    + test: gcc 6.1.1 complains about missing include: <random>. 4.8.3 does not complain about it
    + rgw: fix flush_read_list() error msg
    + cmake: Fix mismatched librgw VERSION / SOVERSION
    + cmake: Add -pie to CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS
    + rgw_file: restore local definition of RGWLibFS gc interval
    + kv: delete store after pg destructor is called in OSD shutdown.
    + kv: fix iterator invalidation in memdb.
    + kv: fill 'm_key_value' after 'seek_to_first' or 'seek_to_last'
    + kv: fix iterator bug in prev
    + test/store_test: fix incorrect prompt given by stash callback
    + test/store_test: drop redundant transaction of callbacks
    + test/store_test: avoid dynamic allocation of trans
    + cmake: recompile erasure src for different variants
    + rgw ldap:  protect rgw::from_base64 from non-base64 input
    + qa/workunits/rados/ Allow specifying Python executable (through an environment variable)
    + specify local sources
    + ppc64 build in Tumbleweed only
    + add lowmem_builder_override
    + add Prereq: permissions to radosgw package
    + remove vim hints line
    + remove all mentions of epoch
    + ceph_disk.main: s/get_dev_size/get_free_partition_size/
    + ceph_disk tests/test_prepare: s/get_dev_size/get_free_partition_size/
    + ceph_disk tests/test_get_free_partition_size: New unit tests
    + ceph_disk tox.ini: add tests/
    + replace pwdutils dependency with shadow
    + Make systemd-tmpfiles create /var/run/ceph-radosgw at boot
    + rpm: fix ownership of logfiles in %pre
    + Revert "rbd: update default image features"
    + osd: munge cache-pin ops with data into writesame
    + ceph osd: add support for new op cmpext
    + rpm: make lowmem_builder code much smarter
    + rpm: add procps build dependency
    + rpm: modify optflags to make debuginfos less huge
    + Revert " add lowmem_builder_override"
    + rpm: lean_debug_symbols bcond
    + rpm: use gcc manpage terminology for debug info bcond
    + Revert "Drop any systemd imposed process/thread limits"
    + Revert "systemd: Add systemd sandboxing to services."
    + rpm: be careful about build parallelism
    + rpm: divergent java, ocf conditional builds
    + rpm: fix _with_ocf
    + rpm: drop obsolete libs-compat metapackage
    + rpm: drop obsolete python-ceph-compat metapackage
    + drop ceph-brag and ceph-post-file
    + move cephfs-* fsck tools to ceph-base
    + move ceph-dencoder to ceph-base
    + rpm: Moved ceph-client-debug from ceph-base to ceph-test package
    + rpm: add udev BuildRequires to provide /usr/lib/udev directory
    + rpm: Remove trailing whitespace in usermod command (SUSE)
* Fri Aug 12 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1470997027.9c9b8a5:
    + doc/radosgw: remove reference of purge-temp.rst
    + doc/radosgw: fix the table formatting
    + doc: silence sphinx warnings
    + global/signal_handler: use sig_str instead of sys_siglist
    + librados: use bufferlist instead of buffer::list
    + cmake: cleanup Findgperftools.cmake
    + cmake: cleanup Findleveldb.cmake
    + cmake: cleanup Findxio.cmake
    + rgw file: remove busy-wait in RGWLibFS::gc()
    + Lowered third example to keep PG count lower.
    + pass args to
    + specify local sources
* Fri Aug 05 2016
  - Update to version 11.0.0+git.1470355272.6fed82a:
    + initial fork of SES5



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