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nut-devel-2.7.4-4.72 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for ppc64le

Name: nut-devel Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.7.4 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 4.72 Build date: Thu May 31 12:49:45 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: ananas
Size: 88508 Source RPM: nut-2.7.4-4.72.src.rpm
Summary: Network UPS Tools (Uninterruptible Power Supply Monitoring)
Network UPS Tools is a collection of programs which provide a common
interface for monitoring and administering UPS hardware.






* Sun Jan 21 2018
  - Fix clash between Group and %define GROUP by renaming the latter
    to NUT_GROUP (and USER to NUT_USER)
  - Replace duplicate man files by soft links
* Fri Dec 01 2017
  - Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 library, allow TLSv1 and higher
    (not just TLSv1) and report TLS version used in debug mode level
    3 and higher (boo#1069988, openssl-1_1.patch)
  - Fix missing pointer dereference in upssched (nut-upssched.patch)
  - Support for allowfrom parameter was removed in version 2.4.0
* Thu Nov 30 2017
  - No more conflict with apcupsd (boo#1070373).
  - Remove smartups references. It is dropped since 2001.
* Tue Oct 17 2017
  - BuildRequire tex(upquote.sty): Generally seen, this dependency
    is inaccurate, as our sources do not reference upquote.sty, but
    asciidoc does. Adding the dep there though makes asciidoc too
    expensive, and recommends are not interpreted when building the
    buildroot (boo#1063897).
* Tue Oct 17 2017
  - Buildrequire libnsl-devel for suse_version >= 1330: libnsl was
    split out of glibc and needs to be explcitly required if needed.
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Fix rpm groups
  - Reduce the supported distros by keeping sle12+ only
  - Convert to pkgconfig style dependencies
* Tue Sep 26 2017
  - Drop the aspell dependency, it is only used for verification
    of the mans and it is more for devs to do than during the build
    wrt fate#323578
* Fri Aug 18 2017
  - Add use-pkg-config-gdlib.diff to fix a build failure due to the
    configure scripts using gdlib-config (which is deprecated) to
    obtain the CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/LIBS to use when building with gd. With
    the patch, nut now uses pkg-config which returns the right values
* Tue May 09 2017
  - Fix RPM groups and the HTML description
  - Do not suppress errors from useradd
  - Remove --with-pic that's only for static libs
* Wed Apr 19 2017
  - Update to version 2.7.4:
    For more see NEWS and UPGRADING in /usr/share/doc/packages/nut.
    * New class of device supported: ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch
    * NUT command and variable naming scheme changes.
    * support for new devices: AEG PROTECT B / NAS APC ATS AP7724
      (should be supported) Asium P700 Eaton ATS Eaton 5E 1100iUSB
      Eaton E Series DX UPS 1-20 kVA Eaton Powerware 9125-5000g
      Electrys UPS 2500 Fideltronic INIGO Viper 1200 Legrand Keor
      Multiplug LYONN CTB-800V Micropower LCD 1000 NHS Laser Senoidal
      5000VA Sweex model P220 TS Shara Various APCUPSD-controlled APC
    * snmp-ups improvements.
    * Eaton: improvements and fixes of 3ph SNMP, ePDU (G2 and G3) and
    * Further fixes and improvements of bcmxcp_usb, dummy-ups,
      libnutclient, nutdrv_atcl_usb, nutdrv_qx, nut-ipmipsu, solis,
      tripplitesu, usbhid-ups.
    * nut-scanner: Don't depend on development libraries
    * Improved SSL support through Mozilla NSS, Augeas support.
    * Fixed UPower device matching in recent kernels.
    * nut-server.service: Restore systemd relationship (boo#907387, drop
    * Network protocol information change.
  - Drop dummy init scripts. They are not needed any more
    (nut-monitor, nut-server, nut-driver, boo#801542#c2).
  - Build and package documentation
    (nut-doc-fixed-date.patch, nut-doc-cables.patch).
  - Fix dependencies.
  - Fix bash-completion path.
* Tue Jan 19 2016
  - Cleanup a bit with spec-cleaner
  - Install init or systemd files not both at once
  - Remove patches used only on sle10:
    * nut-powersave.patch
    * nut-udev.patch
* Mon May 18 2015
  - fix
    * 0001-Restore-systemd-relationship-with-nut-driver-service.patch
* Fri May 15 2015
  - update to 2.7.3 (bugfixes and new devices support)
    see NEWS and UPGRADING in /usr/share/doc/packages/nut
  - refreshed patches:
    * nut-notifyflag.patch: rename of
    * nut-preconfig.patch: rename of
    * nut-systemd-dirs.patch: refresh to 2.7.3
  - changed keyring to new key 55CA5976 (Arnaud Quette <>)
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in post script
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - Update to version 2.7.2:
    For more see NEWS and UPGRADING in /usr/share/doc/packages/nut.
    * upsdrvctl is now installed to $prefix/sbin rather than
      $driverexec. This usually means moving from /bin to /sbin, apart
      from few exceptions.
    * Fix service files paths (boo#907387).
    * FreeDesktop Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) support was removed.
    * This is a good time to point out that for stricter packaging
      systems, it may be beneficial to add "--enable-option-checking=fatal"
      to the ./configure command line, in order to quickly pick up any
      other removed option flags.
    Other changes:
    * libupsclient had undefined references related to functions of
      libcommon.This issue was reported on Debian (bug #731156) and
      is now fixed
    * support for new devices:
      + CABAC UPS-1700DV2
      + Eaton Powerware 3105
      + Emerson Network Power Liebert PSI 1440
      + MicroDowell B.Box LP 500
      + Numeric Digital 800 plus
      + OptiUPS VS 575C
      + Tripp Lite SU10KRT3/1X
    * nutdrv_atcl_usb: new driver for 'ATCL FOR UPS'
    * al175: re-introduced this driver (actually, it was in 2.7.1)
    * upsdrvctl now provides retry options for upsdrvctl and driver(s)
    * snmp-ups: add support for XPPC-MIB and Tripp Lite SU10KRT3/1X.
      Also fix erroneous status in HP/Compaq SNMP MIB (with the most
      recent HP firmware (1.76) ;
      improved various MIBs (APC, HP/Compaq, ...)
    * nutdrv_qx: add new 'fallback' Q1 subdriver, with minimal
      'Q1' support. General improvements on all subdrivers.
    * mge-shut: partially revert PnP/RTS change, for initializing
      the communication with the UPS. Note that nut-scanner similar
      function was not modified however.
  - dropped nut-hal.patch
  - use _smp_mflags macro for make
  - build with --enable-option-checking=fatal and remove obsoleted --with-hal
    and --with-linux-hiddev configure options
* Fri Jun 13 2014
  - Fix Summary.
* Thu Apr 03 2014
  - Replace powersave support by systemd (bnc#871406).
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - explicitly require udev to fix buildenvironment issues
* Fri Feb 14 2014
  - Replace pm-utils support by systemd (FATE#316824).
* Tue Nov 26 2013
  - Update to version 2.7.1:
    For more see NEWS and UPGRADING in /usr/share/doc/packages/nut.
    Potentially incompatible changes:
    * First release after the transition from Subversion to Git.
    * The linkman:apcsmart[8] driver has been replaced by a new
      implementation. There is a new parameter, 'ttymode'.  In case
      of issues with this new version, users can revert to
    * The linkman:nutdrv_qx[8] driver will eventually supersede
      blazer_ser and blazer_usb.  Options are not exactly the same,
      but are documented in the nutdrv_qx man page.
    * Mozilla NSS support has been added.
    * linkman:upsrw[8] now prints out the maximum size of
    Other changes:
    * Added a new driver, nutdrv_qx, for Megatec/Qx devices. This
      driver will eventually replace the blazer_ser and blazer_usb
      drivers. In particular, it adds support for Voltronic Power
    * Increased USB_TIMEOUT to standards-compliant 5.000 seconds in
      most drivers.  This should reduce the number of timeouts on
      low-speed USB 1.1 devices.
    * Added many devices to the HCL. Of particular note are many
      Tripp Lite USB HID PDC models which were tested against NUT by
      Tripp Lite.
    * Reworked some visual elements of the HCL.
    * Also increased timeouts and added redundant commands to improve
      reliability of mge-utalk driver.
    * Added the apcupsd-ups driver to interoperate with apcupsd
    * Added documentation on creating subdrivers for snmp-ups and
    * Added new drivers for the Riello UPS product line
    * Many improvements to the BCM/XCP.
    * Added a few variables to the Powercom HID mappings.
    * Updated the apcsmart driver, and renamed the previous driver to
    * Fixed the battery percentage calculation in the bestfcom
    * libnutclient has been added as a C++ alternative to
    * Fix shutdown of Eaton HID, using usbhid-ups and mge-shut
    * usbhid-ups: final fix for APC Back UPS ES.
    * nut-scanner: fix crash
    * IPMI support can handle more different versions of FreeIPMI
    * Support power supplies scan over the network nut-scanner can
      now scan for power supplies with IPMI over LAN.  This is
      currently limited to IPMI 1.5 only
    * Improve systemd integration
    * snmp-ups: Fixed a crash on outlet management, and added
      delta_ups MIB support. Also fixed mappings for
      upsBypassVoltage, upsBypassCurrent, and upsBypassPower in
      three-phase IETF MIB.
  - Enable FreeIPMI.
* Tue Jan 29 2013
  - Turn systemd integration on (nut-systemd-dirs.patch).
  - nut-preconfig.patch: Fix UID recommendation.
* Mon Nov 19 2012
  - Verify GPG signature.
* Sat Nov 17 2012
  - Fix useradd invocation: -o is useless without -u and newer
    versions of pwdutils/shadowutils fail on this now.
  - Fix provides/obsoletes
* Tue Sep 04 2012
  - Update to version 2.6.5:
    * Fix regression in upssched.
    * Support for new devices: Eaton ePDU Switched, Online Zinto A,
      REDi Blazer 400VA / 600VA / 800VA, UNITEK Alpha650ipF and
      Alpha650ipE, AEG Power Solutions PROTECT HOME, more APC SNMP
      cards, ATEK Defensor range, all Borri models, all COVER ENERGY
      SA, CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U, PR6000LCDRTXL5U and CP1000PFCLCD,
      Dell UPS Network Management Card, Dynamix 1000VA USB, Eaton
      Management Card Contact (ref 66104), EVER POWERLINE RT / 11 /
      31 and DUO II Pro, GE Digital Energy GT Series 1000-3000 VA,
      Gtec models, all recent HP serial / USB UPS (G2, G3 and R/T
      models) and HP UPS Management Module, Ippon INNOVA RT, KOLFF
      BLACK NOVA, Lexis X-power Tigra 1kVA, Microline C-Lion Innova,
      Online Yunto YQ450, PowerShield Defender 1200VA, PowerWalker
      Online VFI LCD, Line-Interactive VI LCD and Line-Interactive
      VI, Riello Netman Plus 102 SNMP Card, Tripp-Lite OMNISMART500.
    * mge-shut driver has been replaced by a new implementation.
    * Support for integration with VMware ESXI 5.0.
    * IPMI support.
    * snmp-ups: high precision values for APC, more variables.
    * The NUT variables and commands namespace has been fixed and
    * Support of ranges of values for writable variables added.
    * Static source code analysis fixes by RedHat using Coverity.
    * Add new "LIST CLIENTS" and "NETVER" commands to NUT network
    * bcmxcp has improved support for battery status, and better
      supports PW9120 units.
    * bestfortress has improved Best Fortress LI675VA support.
    * blazer_ser and blazer_usb now try to automatically estimate high
      and low voltages; support for online Innova UPS (T, RT and 3/1
      T); Best UPS support has been improved.
    * bestups fixes, but will soon be deprecated.
    * newmge-shut has been heavilly improved.
    * oneac 0.80 improves support for all families of Oneac.
    * usbhid-ups: for Eaton devices, is now
      automatically adjusted for shutdown.{return,stayoff}; Liebert
      firmwares with incorrect exponents have also been addressed.
    * snmp-ups now provides support for UPS shutdown. Composite
      commands are also supported now; Eaton/MGE MIB has been cleaned
      and completed; 3-phases support has been added to Socomec
      Netvision MIB; HP/Compaq MIB has been completed.
    * nut-scanner now also has libupsclient has a weak runtime
    * Provide an Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) profile.
    * Riello protocols have been officially published in NUT
      protocols library.
    * Duplicate instances of upsd / upsmon are now detected.
    * upslog now comes with logrotate configuration.
    * more devices embed NUT for power protection, now including
      Thecus NAS range.
    * has been updated to version 1.2.2.
    * Bugfixes, cleanup and improvements.
* Thu May 31 2012
  - Fix random network data crash (bnc#764699, CVE-2012-2944).
* Wed May 30 2012
  - Upgrade to version 2.6.3:
    * nut-scanner is now improved and more portable.
    * pkg-config support
    * Support for new devices: Cyber Power Systems with SNMP RMCARD
      (100, 201, 202 and 301); Dynamix 650VA USB; LDLC UPS-1200D;
      Tecnoware UPS ERA LCD 0.65; Powercom BNT-xxxAP (USB ID
      0d9f:0004); Various USB devices using UPSilon 2000 software.
    * bcmxcp_usb now handles disconnection and reconnection.
    * blazer_usb enables again inclusion of buggy IDs.
    * upsd doesn't anymore fail where either IPv4 or IPv6 is
      disabled, and no explicit LISTEN directive has been specified.
    * Avahi support is now automatically enabled, upon detection.
    * jNut (NUT Java interface) adds device discovery support.
    * Many bugfixes, cleanup and improvements.
* Sun Nov 20 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Wed Nov 02 2011
  - Patch real source files to get missing devices (bnc#719292#c7).
* Tue Nov 01 2011
  - Added missing USB devices (bnc#719292).
  - Build without IPMI (openSUSE 12.1 does not contain freeipmi).
  - Build without powerman for older products.
  - Trigger udev to apply newly installed rules (bnc#727396).
* Wed Sep 21 2011
  - Build without IPMI for older products.
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - Upgrade to version 2.6.2 (requested by
    * NUT can now monitor power supply units (PSU) in servers
    * NUT now provides 'nut-scanner', to discover supported devices
    * NUT now provides a Java interface called 'jNut'.
    * support for: Eaton 3S ; Cyber Power Systems CP1000AVRLCD ;
      various APC models equiped with APC AP9618 management card, including APC
      Smart-UPS RT XL ;  Orvaldi 750 / 900SP ; POWEREX VI 1000 LED ; PowerWalker
      VI 850 LCD ; SVEN Power Pro+ series (USB ID ffff:0000).
    * Avahi support has been added
    * many updates and fixes.
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - Upgrade to version 2.6.1 (bnc#698152):
    * NUT now propose a variable to expose UPS efficiency.
    * Various recent USB regressions have been definitely fixed.
    * NUT now propose a variable to expose UPS efficiency.
    * Support for new devices: Eaton Ellipse ECO, Powerware 9140,
      Eaton 5 PX, and ambient sensor on Eaton ePDU managed, GE EP
      series, Inform Sinus SS 210, IPAR Mini Energy ME 800, Mustek
      Yukai PowerMust 1000 USB, Numeric 3000 SW, SVEN Power Pro+
      series (recent models), Vivaldi EA200 LED.
    * Improved Liebert ESP II support, PowerCom BNT 1500A and
      BNT-other, blazer
    * apcsmart has more improved UPS poweroff support and options.
    * usbhid-ups has completed a bit supported variables for APC and
    * Documentation updates.
  - Drop nut-hal and merge nut-classic back to nut (bnc#697028).
* Tue Jun 14 2011
  - Fixed command order during hibernate to prevent UPS communication
    locks and failures (bnc#660236).
* Wed Feb 09 2011
  - Do not force move hal addons - fix configure check instead -
    different SUSE versions need different path.
* Tue Feb 08 2011
  - do not hardcode location of lsusb
* Sat Jan 29 2011
  - Upgrade to 2.6.0.
    * WARNING: Users of the megatec and megatec_usb drivers must respectively
      switch to blazer_ser and blazer_usb.
    * WARNING: Users of the liebertgxt2 driver are advised that the driver name
      has changed to liebert-esp2.
    * Greatly improve documentation.
    * Add Augeas support.
    * Added support for new devices.
    * Many other fixes and improvements.
* Fri Aug 07 2009
  - Updated to version 2.4.1:
    * Support for new devices: MicroDowell Enterprise B8, B10, N8,
    N11, N15, N20, N22, N30, N40, N50, N60 and HiBox ST.
    * NUT-Monitor now better handles the ups.status field.
    * Support for Power Distribution Units (PDUs), including: Eaton
      ePDUs (Managed and Monitored), some Aphel models, some Raritan
      PDUs, and the whole list of Powerman supported devices,
      Chloride Desk Power 650, Cyber Power Systems Value
      400E/600E/800E (USB models), Delta GES602N, Digitus DN-170020,
      the whole Eaton ranges (mostly composed of MGE Office
      Protection Systems and Powerware units) including BladeUPS,
      Forza Power Technologies SL-1001, HP PowerTrust 2997A, HP R/T
      2200 G2, Infosec XP 1000 and XP 500, Ippon Back Power Pro
      (serial and USB), Kebo 1200D/D Series, Liebert PowerSure
      Personal XT, MGE Office Protection Systems Protection Station,
      Neus 400va and 600va, Phasak 400VA and 600VA, Plexus 500VA,
      Powercom Black Knight PRO / King PRO and Imperial,
      PowerKinetics BlackOut Buster, Sweex 1000 USB, UNITEK Alpha
      500, WinPower CPM-800.
    * NUT now embeds Python client support through the PyNUTClient
      module and the NUT-Monitor application.
    * The dummy-ups driver now support a "repeater" mode.
    * tcp-wrappers support has been added to the upsd server.
    * The nut.conf file has been introduced.
    * NUT now ships a bash completion function for 'upsc' command.
    * Many internal changes to improve maintenability:
    * the USB information automatic extraction to generate the
      various USB helper files,
    * the upsdrv_info_t structure to track more driver
      information, and remove the need for the upsdrv_banner()
    * common USB code refactoring, as it is done for the serial
    * Tons of bugfixes, cleanup and improvements.
* Tue Jul 14 2009
  - fix hal directories



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