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dateutils-0.4.3-bp153.1.23 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for x86_64

Name: dateutils Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 0.4.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.23 Build date: Fri Feb 26 09:07:11 2021
Group: Productivity/Text/Utilities Build host: old-atreju2
Size: 1921289 Source RPM: dateutils-0.4.3-bp153.1.23.src.rpm
Summary: Nifty command line date and time utilities
Dateutils are a bunch of tools that revolve around fiddling with dates
and times in the command line with a strong focus on use cases that
arise when dealing with large amounts of financial data. Their target
market is shell scripts that need date calculations or calendar
conversions, and as such they are highly pipe-able and modeled after
their well-known cousins (e.g. dtest vs. test, or dgrep vs. grep).






* Sat Mar 03 2018
  - bump version 0.4.3
    * Features:
    - base expansion works for times now
    * Bugfixes:
    - durations in months weeks and days are calculated
      like durations in months and days, consistency
    - am and pm indicators in inputs are handled properly
    - military midnights decay when not printed in full
* Thu Nov 09 2017
  - revert non-portable changes of the last commit (SLE 11 build)
* Wed Oct 18 2017
  - bump version 0.4.2
    * Features:
    - allow %- specifiers to turn off padding (as GNU date does)
    - support matlab day numbers, as mdn or matlab
    * Bugfixes:
    - fix build issue on FBSD 11
    - allow zones to transition at INT_MAX (mapped to never)
  - lint spec file
  - move from bitbucket to github link
  - remove patch which is upstream now:
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - fix incompatibility with tzdata/tzcode >= 2017a,
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - bump version 0.4.1, this is a bugfix release.
    * Bugfixes:
    - bug/50, keep end-of-term (ultimo) property in dateseq(1)
    - allow today/now for ywd dates in 1 parameter dateseq(1)
    - allow different calendars for start and end date in dateseq(1)
    - round time in dateround(1) in zone then convert --from-zone
    - allow SPC padded numerals in %d input format
    * See info page examples and/or README.
  - remove patch which is upstream now:
* Wed Jun 15 2016
  - fix .mex file extension for octave plugin,
  - explicit octave plugin file list
  - remove *.la files
* Thu Jun 02 2016
  - bump version 0.4.0, this is a feature release.
    * Bugfixes:
    - document %g/%G format specifiers
    - bug/42, accept NUL characters in input
    - bug/45, correctly display Gregorian and ISO week dates in one
    - bug/46, adhere to ISO group's official formatting of week
    - bug/47, allow rounding of Epoch based timestamps
    - bug/48, avoid crash for void input to strptime(3)
    * Features:
    - datetest supports --isvalid to conditionalise on date/time
    - all tools support --from-locale to parse localised input
    - tools with output formatting support --locale to format
      output according to locale
    * See info page examples and/or README.
* Fri Jan 22 2016
  - bump version 0.3.5, this is a bugfix release.
    * Bugfixes:
    - bug/40, distinguish between numerals-only dates and durations
    - tests will succeed independent of current date
    * See info page examples and/or README.
  - remove dateutils-0.3.4-fix-test-126.patch (upstream applied)
* Sun Jan 10 2016
  - Fix build:
    * add dateutils-0.3.4-fix-test-126.patch (from upstream)
* Wed Sep 02 2015
  - remove old obsoletes line for devel package
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - bump version 0.3.4, this is a bugfix release.
    * Bugfixes:
    - bug/39, MacOSX endianness detection
    - bug/38, ddiff day-only durations on date/times
    - dadd +2m bug is fixed, regression
    * See info page examples and/or README.
  - remove patches (upstream applied):
    * 0001-fix-build-for-compilers-without-anonymous-struct-ini.patch
    * 0002-fix-dateadd-unix-timestamp-bug.patch
* Sun Aug 02 2015
  - Correct previous changelog entries (incorrect patch names)
* Mon Jun 15 2015
  - add 0002-fix-dateadd-unix-timestamp-bug.patch
* Wed Jun 10 2015
  - bump version 0.3.3, this is a feature release.
    * Features:
    - to clarify purpose and avoid name clashes prefix binaries
      with "date". This results in: dateadd, dateconv, ... etc.
    - provide compatibilty through configure switch --with-old-names
    - provide single digit years through %_y
    - allow rounding of ISO-week dates (ywd) to week numbers
    * Bugfixes:
    - dashes behind a date do not count as tz indicator
    - UTC/TAI/GPS special coordinated zones work on systems without
      leap second support
    * See info page examples and/or README
  - add 0001-fix-build-for-compilers-without-anonymous-struct-ini.patch
    to support broken compilers (SLE 11, RHEL 6, etc.)
* Thu Mar 05 2015
  - bump version 0.3.2, this is a bugfix release.
    * Bugfixes:
    - out of range minutes will be discarded
    - bug 30 (malicious input crashes dconv) has been fixed
    * Features:
    - military midnight stamps are supported (T24:00:00)
    - 8601 ordinal dates (year + doy) are recognised directly
      (`-f yd`)
    - strptime(1) can behave in a locale-dependent way
    * See info page examples and/or README.
* Fri Jan 16 2015
  - sort out distros with and without octave



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