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obexd-client-0.48-bp153.1.16 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: obexd-client Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 0.48 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.16 Build date: Sat Mar 6 03:35:59 2021
Group: System/Daemons Build host: s390p22
Size: 259580 Source RPM: obexd-0.48-bp153.1.16.src.rpm
Summary: D-Bus service for Obex Server access
Client to allow sending files using the Obex Push protocol






* Sat Jan 19 2013
  - Update to 0.48:
    + Fix issue with phonebook contacts query.
    + Add support for phonebook client filters.
    + Add support for message status handling.
    + Add support for OBEX application parameter API.
    + Update client session API.
    + Change D-Bus namespace to org.bluez.obex.
    + Update client transfer API.
    + Fix issue with using invalid PSM numbers.
    + Add support for MAP message listing parameters.
    + Add support for MAP folder listing retrieval.
* Wed Nov 14 2012
  - Add missing include to fix build (add patch obexd-headers.patch)
* Mon Apr 30 2012
  - with_phonebook=dummy instead of ebook.
    * to avoid evolution-data-server dependencies.
    * more friendly to non-Gnome desktop environments.
* Sat Apr 14 2012
  - BuildRequires in pkgconfig() format.
  - Drop explicit Requires: evolution-data-server from main package.
  - Update to 0.45:
    + Fix issue with SRM and GET requests.
    + Fix issue with SRM headers and CONNECT.
    + Fix issue with ABORT request not being not processed.
    + Fix issue with file deletion when push gets aborted.
    + Fix issue with missing parsing of PUT application parameter.
    + Fix issue with parsing of PBAP client application parameter.
    + Fix issue with byte-order conversion and L2CAP.
    + Add support for OBEX over L2CAP transport.
    + Add support for MAP AP core functions.
* Mon Feb 06 2012
  - Removed openobex-devel from BuildRequires (upstream dropped this
    dependency with 0.43 release).
  - Rebased obexd-users-home-for-root.patch for 0.44 version.
  - Update to 0.44:
    + Fix issue with incorrect path during authorization.
    + Fix issue with missing reset after transfer completion.
    + Fix issue with invalid memory access and PBAP.
    + Add support for OBEX Single Response Mode.
  - Version 0.43:
    + Remove OpenOBEX dependency.
    + Fix multiple issues with PBAP and vCard encoding.
    + Add initial support for handling Message Access Profile.
    + Add support for internal and fully asynchronous OBEX library.
  - Version 0.42:
    + Fix issue with freeing buffer before transfer is complete.
    + Fix issue with invalid memory read when pulling phonebook.
    + Fix issue with test cases for empty phonebooks.
    + Add support for multiple phonebooks when using EDS.
    +Add support for handling OBEX Action command.
  - Version 0.41:
    + Fix issue with pulling phonebook entries without last name.
    + Fix issue with handling owner data in phonebook pull.
    + Add support for fetching call history in parts.
    + Add support for selective plugin loading.
    + Add support for Message Access Profile plugin.
  - Version 0.40:
    + Fix issue with plugin close & disconnect functions call order.
    + Fix issue with history queries for contacts outside phonebook.
    + Fix issue with crash after fetching single owner vCard.
    + Add support for multiple URLs in phonebooks.
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Fri Jan 14 2011
  - Update to 0.39
    * Fix for handling fax and cell phone numbers.
    * Fix for handling emails in pull call history queries.
    * Fix for handling addresses in pull call history queries.
    * Fix for handling default card and empty phonebook.
    * Add support for handling NewMissedCalls.
  - Version 0.38:
    * Fix regression causing crash in 3-way calling.
    * Fix possible crash when processing session callback.
    * Fix issue with fetching contact photo file name.
    * Fix issue with fetching 0.vcf vCard entry.
    * Add support for optimized PBAP tracker queries.
    * Add support for files bigger than 2GB on 32-bit systems.
  - Version 0.37:
    * Fix queries for contact with only one affiliation.
    * Fix pull phonebook with non-zero offset parameter.
    * Fix pull phonebook reply if filter not set.
    * Fix proper type handling for various queries.
  - Version 0.36:
    * Fix crash for empty listing and an invalid cache.
    * Fix issue with process pending request if transfer canceled.
    * Fix issue with error setting when canceling suspended requests.
    * Fix issue with folder listing and name header for subfolders.
    * Fix issue with status response after pulling empty call history.
    * Fix issue with not handling nco affiliation fields correctly.
    * Fix issue with history listing queries in phonebook-tracker.
    * Fix regression when formatting timestamps from tracker.
  - Version 0.35:
    * Fix regression on suspend on opening.
    * Fix suspend stream on opening if no data.
    * Fix memory leaks in phonebook-tracker module.
    * Fix not responding Not Found for filtered vcard-listing.
    * Fix not responding Not Found when no entry is found.
    * Fix issue with X-IRMC-CALL-DATETIME format.
  - Version 0.34:
    * Fix issue with error detection and last part of transfer buffer.
    * Fix issue with not detecting errors on small files.
    * Fix issue with emitting TransferCompleted twice.
    * Fix issue with default call type from call log.
    * Fix issue with websiteUrl query field not being generic.
    * Add support for binding mch, ich, och and cch call logs.
    * Add handling of TITLE contact's field in vCard.
  - Version 0.33:
    * Fix issue with handling of phonebook size during pull request.
    * Add support for handling of UID contact field in vCard.
    * Add support for handling more than one address in vCard.
    * Add support for merging address fields into single field.
  - Version 0.32:
    * Fix issues caused by dependencies on phonebook source.
    * Fix handling empty fields in vCards.
    * Fix issues with emails category.
  - Version 0.31:
    * Fix aborting capability scripts creating zombies.
    * Fix problem with multiple emails in same vcard.
    * Fix multiple phone number problem in pull vcard.
    * Fix multiple phone numbers problem in vcard-listing.
    * Fix return value checking of e_book_async_get_contacts.
    * Fix a memory leak when adding contacts to the result.
    * Add support of single contact's fields in vcard.
    * Add support for FAX number with tracker phonebook.
    * Add simple IrMC sync server support.
  - Version 0.30:
    * Fix issue with empty error messages.
    * Fix issue with query for vCarcd listing.
    * Fix problem with incoming calls query.
    * Fix handling of vCard filter settings.
    * Fix potential buffer overflow with target sizes.
    * Fix NULL checking within PBAP GET operation.
    * Fix NULL checking for PBAP name parameter.
    * Fix crash when processing OBEX_EV_PROGRESS event.
    * Fix crash when resetting a session with no service.
    * Fix not closing socket when connection attempt fails.
    * Fix de-registering PBAP drivers on init failure scenarios.
    * Add variable target size support to MIME type drivers.
    * Add support for returning all eBook TEL attributes.
    * Add PBAP client tests for ICH, OCH, MCH and CCH.
  - Version 0.29:
    * Fix security requirements for legacy devices.
    * Fix empty 'N:' parameter handling for vCards.
    * Fix order of contacts in the combined calls folder.
    * Fix not replying error when transfer could not be started.
    * Fix not unregistering transfer when completed.
    * Fix memory leak when freeing transfer parameters.
    * Fix issues with handling of driver reset.
    * Add support for responding to Auth Challenge.
    * Add support for dynamic debug feature.
* Mon Jun 21 2010
  - simplify rpm
  - disable server (as it conflicts with obex-data-server)
* Sat Jun 19 2010
  - Update to 0.28
    * fixes some issues with the Phonebook Access support and its
      Tracker integration.
* Thu Jun 17 2010
  - Update to 0.27



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