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psmisc-23.0-lp152.8.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for x86_64

Name: psmisc Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 23.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.8.1 Build date: Tue May 19 22:42:48 2020
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: build80
Size: 155682 Source RPM: psmisc-23.0-lp152.8.1.src.rpm
Summary: Utilities for managing processes on your system
The psmisc package contains utilities for managing processes on your
system: pstree, killall and fuser.  The pstree command displays a tree
structure of all of the running processes on your system.  The killall
command sends a specified signal (SIGTERM if nothing is specified) to
processes identified by name.  The fuser command identifies the PIDs of
processes that are using specified files or filesystems.






* Mon Apr 27 2020 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
    * Allow not unique mounts as well as not unique mountpoint (bsc#1170247)
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
    * Always initialize head of simple linked list (bsc#1098697)
    * stat(2) on binary does not see subvol dev
* Wed Nov 14 2018 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
    to handle sub volumes of the btrFS (bsc#1112780)
* Tue Oct 23 2018 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Support also btrFS entries in mountinfo, that is use stat(2) to
    determine the device of the mounted subvolume (bsc#1098697, bsc#1112780)
    this modifies patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
* Fri Jun 22 2018
  - Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
    to make fuser option -m <block_device> work even with mountinfo
* Thu May 17 2018
  - Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
    to let fuser -m also work for private mounts as well (boo#1093665)
* Fri Oct 13 2017
  - Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
    to run even on older kernels missing mnt_id tag in fdinfo
* Mon Sep 18 2017
  - Add patch psmisc-23.0-killall-signals.patch to fix boo#1058990
    by prior scanning for signal names in the arguments of killall
* Thu Jul 06 2017
  - Update patch
* Wed Jul 05 2017
  - Remove patches
    * psmisc-22.21-lessnfs.patch
    * psmisc-22.21-mntpt.patch
    * psmisc-23.0-net.patch
  - Add patch
    which is a heavily rework fuser used on NFS
    * Use mountinfo to be able to use the mount identity
      which allows to distinguish different mounts with the
      same device number as it happens with NFS shares.
    * Smaller cleanup as support of chroot environments
      and older systems.
    * Add support for name_to_handle_at() system call to
      get the real mount ID for each file
  - Use test suite of psmisc in %check rpm section
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Add patch psmisc-23.0-net.patch to reenable network support
    broken to my own upstream commit
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Add patch psmisc-23.0-killall.patch to remove left over debug
    output in killall utility (boo#1046237)
* Tue Jun 20 2017
  - Update to version 23.0
    * killall: Fix process age race condition !11 Debian #822861
    * killall: only use scope of current namespace by default
    * killall: better parsing of command names
    * pstree: add cgroup namespaces !10
    * peekfd: Help give long options too !5
    * killall: correctly report when 32+ procs match !8
    * prtat: Remove duplicate options in man page !3 Debian #846387
    * pslog: New program to check what logs are open merge !1
    * fuser: increase path length for octal escaping SF [#37]
    * Make usage of linked lists of devices found in
      /proc/self/mountinfo optional
    * Make timeout() in timeout.c work with shared mmap to
      reduce the load due write/read the stat buffers
    * Add list_sort() to lists.h to be able to sort lists
    * fuser: Fixed typo for  -M flag. Debian #740275
    * pstree: by default doesn't show threadnames, use -t to show
      as it disables compaction. SF [#33] Debian #815902
    * pstree: Removed need for PATH_MAX Debian #750405
    * pstree: ignores disappeared processes. SF [#34]
    * killall: -o and -y work with -r flags. SF [#64]
    * m4/gettext.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/iconv.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/lib-ld.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/lib-link.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/lib-prefix.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/nls.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/po.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * m4/progtest.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.19.4.
    * (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Bump to 0.19.4.
  - Make it build, that is create a po/
  - Remove obsolete patches
    * psmisc-22.21-boo908063.patch
    * psmisc-22.12-tigetstr.patch
    * psmisc-22.21-upstream.patch
    * psmisc-git-3638cc55b4d08851faba46635d737b24d016665b.patch
  - Rename patch psmisc-22.21.dif which becomes psmisc-23.0.dif
  - Make /bin/fuser a symblic link of /usr/bin/fuser (boo#1029973)
  - Last revision was 78
* Tue Jun 20 2017
  - Modify psmisc-22.21.dif to enforce the usage of `m' flag in
    sscanf() instead of `a' for allocation. Also avoid to small
    buffers and include sys/sysmacros.h for makedev macro.
  - Add the patch psmisc-22.21-lessnfs.patch to support device
    files of mount points as well (boo#1044638)
  - Add the patch psmisc-22.21-mntpt.patch to do strinfg comparision
    only for NFS shares
* Thu May 21 2015
  - Replace negative list %nopeek with positive list %have_peekfd
* Tue Mar 24 2015
  - Add patch psmisc-22.21-boo908063.patch to avoid to close files
    which are never open (boo#908063)



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