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patch-2.7.6-lp152.5.114 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for x86_64

Name: patch Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.7.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.5.114 Build date: Mon Jun 8 22:12:31 2020
Group: Productivity/Text/Utilities Build host: lamb57
Size: 249960 Source RPM: patch-2.7.6-lp152.5.114.src.rpm
Summary: GNU patch
The GNU patch program is used to apply diffs between original and
changed files (generated by the diff command) to the original files.






* Wed May 09 2018
  - ed-style-07-dont-leak-tmp-file.patch,
    ed-style-08-dont-leak-tmp-file-multi.patch: Fix temporary file
    leak when applying ed-style patches (bsc#1092500,
* Wed Apr 18 2018
  - Add ed as BuildRequires so ed-style patches can be checked by
    the test suite.
* Wed Apr 18 2018
  Fix CVE-2018-1000156 (bsc#1088420, savannah#53566).
  - ed-style-01-missing-input-files.patch: Allow input files to be
    missing for ed-style patches.
  - ed-style-02-fix-arbitrary-command-execution.patch,
    ed-style-03-update-test-Makefile.patch: Fix arbitrary command
    execution in ed-style patches.
  - ed-style-04-invoke-ed-directly.patch: Invoke ed directly instead
    of using the shell.
  - ed-style-05-minor-cleanups.patch: Minor cleanups in do_ed_script.
  - ed-style-06-fix-test-failure.patch: Fix 'ed-style' test failure.
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Move COPYING from %doc to %license.
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Add AUTHORS and COPYING to %doc.
  - fix-segfault-mangled-rename.patch: Fix segfault with mangled
    rename patch (bsc#1080951, CVE-2018-6951, savannah#53132).
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - patch 2.7.6:
    * Files specified on the command line are no longer verified to
      be inside the current working directory, so commands like
      "patch -i foo.diff ../foo" will work again
    * Fixes CVE-2016-10713 (Out-of-bounds access within
      pch_write_line() in pch.c could possibly lead to DoS via a
      crafted input file; bsc#1080918)
    * Various fixes
* Sat Mar 07 2015
  - patch 2.7.5
    Fixes a functional regression introduced by the previous update.
    + Patching through symbolic links works again, as long as the
      target is within the working tree.
* Mon Feb 16 2015
  - patch 2.7.4
    Fixes a functional regression introduced by the previous security
    fix. The security fix would forbid legitimate use cases of
    relative symbolic links.
    + Allow arbitrary symlink targets again.
    + Do not change permissions if there isn't an explicit mode
    + Fix indentation heuristic for context diffs.
  - Please also note that the previous update fixed security bugs
    boo#915328 and boo#915329 even though it did not say so.
* Fri Jan 23 2015
  - patch 2.7.3
    Contains a security fix for a directory traversal flaw when
    handling git-style patches. This could allow an attacker to
    overwrite arbitrary files by applying a specially crafted patch.
    [boo#913678] [CVE-2015-1196]
    + With git-style patches, symlinks that point outside the working
      directory will no longer be created (CVE-2015-1196).
    + When a file isn't being deleted because the file contents don't
      match the patch, the resulting message is now "Not deleting
      file ... as content differs from patch" instead of "File ...
      is not empty after patch; not deleting".
    + Function names in hunks (from diff -p) are now preserved in
      reject files
      This change was previously added as a patch. [boo#904519]
  - Version 2.7.2 differed from the above only slightly.
  - packaging changes:
    + Verify source signatures
    + Removed patches now upstream:
    * error-report-crash.patch
    * reject-print-function-01-drop-useless-test.patch
    * reject-print-function-02-handle-unified-format.patch
    + run spec-cleaner
* Mon Nov 10 2014
  - reject-print-function-01-drop-useless-test.patch: Drop useless
    test in another_hunk().
  - reject-print-function-02-handle-unified-format.patch: Preserve C
    function name in unified rejects (bnc#904519).



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