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ssh-audit-2.2.0-lp152.1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: ssh-audit Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.2.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.1 Build date: Fri Mar 13 11:03:54 2020
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: cloud128
Size: 137618 Source RPM: ssh-audit-2.2.0-lp152.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: SSH server auditing
ssh-audit is a tool for ssh server auditing.

 * SSH1 and SSH2 protocol server support;
 * grab banner, recognize device or software and operating system, detect compression;
 * gather key-exchange, host-key, encryption and message authentication code algorithms;
 * output algorithm information (available since, removed/disabled, unsafe/weak/legacy, etc);
 * output algorithm recommendations (append or remove based on recognized software version);
 * output security information (related issues, assigned CVE list, etc);
 * analyze SSH version compatibility based on algorithm information;
 * historical information from OpenSSH, Dropbear SSH and libssh;
 * no dependencies, compatible with Python 2.6+, Python 3.x and PyPy;






* Wed Mar 11 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 2.2.0
    * Marked host key type ssh-rsa as weak due to practical SHA-1
    * Added 10 new host key types:
      ecdsa-sha2-, x509v3-sign-dss, x509v3-sign-rsa,,
      x509v3-ssh-dss, x509v3-ssh-rsa,,,,
    * Added 18 new key exchanges:,,,,,,
      ecdh-sha2-curve25519, ecdh-sha2-nistb233,
      ecdh-sha2-nistb409, ecdh-sha2-nistk163,
      ecdh-sha2-nistk233, ecdh-sha2-nistk283,
      ecdh-sha2-nistk409, ecdh-sha2-nistp192,
      ecdh-sha2-nistp224, ecdh-sha2-nistt571,
      gss-gex-sha1-, and gss-group1-sha1-.
    * Added 9 new ciphers:
      camellia128-cbc, camellia128-ctr, camellia192-cbc,
      camellia192-ctr, camellia256-cbc, camellia256-ctr,
      aes128-gcm, aes256-gcm, and chacha20-poly1305.
    * Added 2 new MACs:
      aes128-gcm and aes256-gcm.
* Tue Feb 04 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Rename keyring to %name.keyring
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  * Remove _service file; use download URL for all files
    * Run spec-cleaner
    * Don't package ssh-audit with the .py extension
    * Run testsuite
* Sun Dec 29 2019 Lars Vogdt <>
  - update to 2.1.1:
    This maintenance release focuses on improving support for client testing.
    The full changelog is:
    + Added 2 new host key types:,
    + Added 2 new ciphers: des, 3des.
    + Added 3 new PuTTY vulnerabilities.
    + During client testing, client IP address is now listed in output.
  - added _service file
  - add signatures for source verification
* Fri Nov 15 2019 Lars Vogdt <>
  - update to 2.1.0:
    The highlights of this release include client-testing functionality to audit
    the protocols accepted by client software, a JSON output format, support for
    new algorithms, and bugfixes. Below is the full changelog:
    + Added client software auditing functionality (see -c / --client-audit option).
    + Added JSON output option (see -j / --json option; credit Andreas Jaggi).
    + Fixed crash while scanning Solaris Sun_SSH.
* Wed Sep 25 2019 - 2.0.0
  - initial version 2.0.0



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