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pagure-mirror-5.10.0-lp152.3.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: pagure-mirror Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 5.10.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.1 Build date: Mon Jun 22 19:15:36 2020
Group: Development/Tools/Version Control Build host: build77
Size: 18592 Source RPM: pagure-5.10.0-lp152.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: The mirroring service for pagure
pagure-mirror is the service mirroring projects that asked for it outside
of this pagure instance.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Sun Jun 21 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport fixes for STARTTLS support
    + Patch: 0002-starttls-support-via-SMTP_STARTTLS-provide-additiona.patch
    + Patch: 0001-Do-not-assume-there-is-a-SMTP_STARTTLS-configuration.patch
  - Backport fix for docs repo access grant
    + Patch: 0001-Fix-repotype-spelling.patch
  - Backport fix for visual bug on API docs formatting
    + Patch: 0001-api-fix-apidoc-format-on-api_view_issues_history_det.patch
  - Backport fix to changing pull mirror settings
    + Patch: 0001-Allow-editing-the-URL-a-project-is-mirrored-from.patch
  - Backport fix to add descriptions to API scopes
    + Patch: 0001-Show-the-ACL-name-in-addition-to-the-description-whe.patch
  - Backport fix to make heatmap UI functional again
    + Patch: 0001-Bring-back-JS-library-used-for-the-heatmap.patch
  - Backport fix for handling headers
    + Patch: 0001-Ensure-the-title-name-of-the-headers-are-strings.patch
  - Backport fix for burndown graph title
    + Patch: 0001-Fix-the-title-of-the-graph-showing-the-evolution-of-.patch
  - Backport fix for permissions on authorized_keys file
    + Patch: 0001-Make-sure-authorized_keys-file-has-mode-600.patch
  - Add patch to use whitenoise for rendering static assets
    + Patch: 0101-Use-WhiteNoise-to-serve-static-assets-for-the-Pagure.patch
  - Refresh default configuration patch
    + Patch: pagure-5.0-default-example-cfg.patch
* Wed May 20 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Fix typo in quickstart on ssh directory mode
  - Backport support for STARTTLS support for SMTP servers
    + Patch: 0001-Add-support-for-smtp-server-requiring-starttls-to-wo.patch
* Mon May 18 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport fix from upstream to fix stats page
    + Patch: 0001-Make-the-stats-page-use-the-new-stats-API-endpoint.patch
  - Add missing step to start pagure web services for nginx setup in quickstart
  - Fix directory mode for ssh directory to fix conflict with gitolite
* Fri May 15 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.10.0
    + Allow viewing issues via the API using project-less API token
    + Various improvements to the srcfpo theme
    + Make pagure work with recent sqlalchemy versions (>= 1.3.0)
    + Add a new API endpoint to retrieve detailed stats about the issues
    + Improve the graphs displayed in the stats tab of each projects
    + Add a new graph tracking the number of open issues throughout the year
    + Improve loading tickets from git
    + Support pygit2 >= 1.1.0
    + Add missing endpoints to the API documentation
    + Add support for wtforms >= 2.3
    - Add dependency on email_validator in such case
    + Fix sorting users by their username when using python3
    + Correct the API documentation for updating the watchers of a project
    + Ensure the name of the headers are always of the correct type
      (especially when using python3)
    + Ensure aclchecker and keyhelper can work with APP_URL having a trailing slash
    + Add a new git auth backend which can manage the .ssh/authorized_keys file
    + Update information about supported Git auth backends
    + Add support for arrow >= 0.15.6
    + Fix getting the milter running with python3
    + Fix mirroring project hosted remotely
    + Add url_path property to class User (and thus in the API)
    + Improve email text for new user registration
    + Set the USER environment variable when pushing over http
    + Add support for git push via http using basic auth relying on API token
    + If pagure is set up for local auth, allow git push via https to use it
    + Add an example nginx configuration file for pagure
    + Create two subpackages in the pagure for the apache and nginx configuration
    + Add some documentation on how git push over http works in pagure
    + Make pagure compatible with the latest version of flake8
    + Add PAGURE_PLUGINS_CONFIG setting in pagure configuration file
  - Refresh quick start instructions for new configuration options
  - Drop unneeded patch
    + Patch: 0501-Revert-Add-a-upper-limit-to-sqlalchemy.patch
  - Refresh default configuration patch
    + Patch: pagure-5.0-default-example-cfg.patch
* Sat Apr 04 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.9.1
    + Add a missing div tag that broke the user's settings page
    + Do not block when waiting for subprocess to finish
    + Fix git blame when the identifier provided is a blob
    + Fix view_commits when the identified provided is a blob
    + When viewing file's history, use the default branch if needed
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.9.0
    + Add API to manage plugins (ie: git hooks)
    + Fix querying mdapi from within the srcfpo theme
    + Various fixes for the srcfpo theme
    + Multiple fixes and improvements to the API endpoints to retrieve the tags
      used in a project
    + Add new API endpoints to manipulate tags in projects
    + Add a new API endpoint to edit/update an existing issue/ticket
    + Add a new page to see a file's history in git (linked from the file's view page
      and the blame page)
    + Only consider the 6 most recently active branch in the drop-down to create
      new PR
    + Fix the view_commit endpoint when the identifier provided is a git tag
    + Add an endpoint to renew user API token
    + Include a link to where the token can be renewed in the email about API
      token nearing expiration
    + Allow users to set their own expiration date on API token (up to 2 years)
    + Fix the /groups API endpoint and order the output by group name
    + Add a new API endpoint to retrieve a project's webhook token
    + Expose related_prs on issue API
    + Fix the regenerate-repo actions
    + Provide some feedback to the user when changing monitoring worked
    + Hide the SSH clone URL if the user is not in one of the group with ssh
    + Order pull requests based on updated_on column when we want to order based
      on last updated time
    + Fix taking into account the blacklisted patterns
    + Rework/fix the API documentation page
    + Allow deploy keys to commit to the doc git repository of a project
    + Increase a lot the logging when someone asks for access to a git repo
* Mon Dec 02 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.8.1
    + Fix the link to the container namespace in srcfpo
    + Fix checking if the user is a committer of the repo the PR originates from
    + Fix showing the origin of the PR when it originates from the same project
    + Do not hard-code UTF-8 when showing a file
* Sat Nov 16 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.8
    + Enable the ctrl-enter keys to submit forms on tickets and PRs
    + Fix spelling errors on documentation
    + Fix renewing url on invalid token error message
    + Various fixes to the srcfpo theme
    + disable smooth scrolling on initial highlight & scroll process
    + Accept a with_commits parameter on the branches api to resolve the HEAD commits
    + Various fixes to the PR view
    + Add support for arrow >= 0.15
    + Select full text on git|ssh url input boxes when they get focus
    + Send notification when a branch is created
    + Add revision along with tag/branch creation/deletion
    + Add asciidoc syntax override
    + Fix git blame on unborn HEAD or non-master default branch repos
    + Fix the logic to rebase PRs
    + Fix setting one's default email address
    + Send oldrev as old_commit for git.receive event
    + Add a set-default-branch action to pagure-admin
    + Fix rendering badges on the PR list page
    + Tweak when we show the merge and the rebase buttons
    + Fix the logic around interacting with read-only databases in hooks
    + Fix .diff and .patch generation for empty commits
    + Fix url on the invalid token error message
    + Fix typo on the pull request merge error message
    + Allow cross-project API token to open pull-request
    + Allow updating PRs via the API using cross-project tokens
    + Fix the logic to make the merge button appear on pull-request
* Sun Aug 11 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.7.4
    + Add more administrative functions to pagure_admin
    + Add CSP headers support and a mechanism to customize them
    + Do not allow rebase via the API if the PR does not allow it
    + Allow project-less API token to retrieve issues via the API
    + Improve the support for spec file highlighting
  - Drop patch that is part of this release
    + 0001-Couple-of-fixes-for-the-mirroring-in-feature.patch
* Tue Apr 09 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.5
    + Add support for !owner to the API listing projects
    + Make sure that TemporaryClone.push also pushes tags
    + Various UI improvements
    + Allow blocking an user on a project
    + Replace calls to pygit2.clone_repository by calls to git clone directly
    + Make fork more performant by using 'git push --mirror'
    + Use the user's default email when rebasing
  - Drop patch that is part of this release
    + 0001-pagure-ev-python-3-compatibility.patch
  - Backport fix for pull mirroring service
    + 0001-Couple-of-fixes-for-the-mirroring-in-feature.patch
* Fri Mar 29 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.4
    + Allow by default the ACL "pull_request_create" on project-less API token
    + Implement Pagure Git Auth
    + Add a new API endpoint allowing to update an existing PR
    + If the user doesn't have a valid ssh key inform but let them log in
    + Fix various UI issues
    + Add a button to take/drop a pull-request
    + Add a new API endpoint to assign pull-request to someone
    + Allow dots and plus signs in project names
    + Fix seeing releases when the reference provided returned a commit
    + Include the PR tags in their JSON representation
    + Ensure that forking does not run the hook
    + Deprecate fedmsg for fedora-messaging
  - Backport fix for pagure-ev issues in Python 3
    + Patch: 0001-pagure-ev-python-3-compatibility.patch
  - Add patch to allow SQLAlchemy 1.3.0+ with Pagure
    + Patch: 0501-Revert-Add-a-upper-limit-to-sqlalchemy.patch
  - Update the service list to enable and start in README.SUSE
* Fri Feb 22 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.3
    + Add support for AMQP via fedora-messaging
    + Improve filtering and searching through issues and PRs
    + Add support for forcing highlight types based on file extensions
    + Fix naming rules for labels/tags
    + Fix support for repoSpanner Git storage backend
    + CVE-2019-7628: Do not leak partial API keys in key expiration emails (boo#1124762)
  - Drop patches that are part of this release
    + 0001-Allow-using-Pagure-with-python-redis-3.0.0.patch
    + 0002-Fix-Markdown-usage-to-work-with-Markdown-3.0.patch
* Sat Jan 12 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Replace old $RPM_* shell vars.
* Thu Jan 10 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.2
    + Add support for the MQTT protocol
    + Add support for mirroring in git repositories from outside sources
    + Add support to merge a PR when the fork was deleted
    + Add the ability to generate archive from a commit or tag
    + Allow searching the content of the comments on an issue tracker
    + Allow filtering the issue list by the close status
    + Show related PRs on the issue list if there are any
    + Add build status to pull requests page
    + Add new API endpoints for get and set project options
    + Add WIP/experimental/unstable support for third-party extensions to pagure
    + Add support for rebasing pull-requests
    + Implement a button to rerun CI tests on a pull request
    + Support disallowing remote pull requests
    + Add an about page in the themes
    + Update the chameleon theme
  - Backport fix from master to allow using python-redis >= 3.0.0
    + Patch: 0001-Allow-using-Pagure-with-python-redis-3.0.0.patch
  - Backport fix from master to fix compatibility with Markdown 3.0+
    + Patch: 0002-Fix-Markdown-usage-to-work-with-Markdown-3.0.patch
  - Drop patches that are part of this release
    + 0001-Port-pagure-to-markdown-3.0-while-remaining-backward.patch
    + 0002-Bypass-old-hooks-rather-than-using-non-existing-syml.patch
* Thu Dec 13 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.4
    + Fix the alembic migration creating the hook_mirror table
    + Close the DB session in one place for all hooks
    + Add more logging to the pagure_logcom service
    + Configure SMTP info for git_multimail
    + Use the PR UID previously read from environment
  - Backport fix from master to add compatibility with Markdown 3.0+
    + Patch: 0001-Port-pagure-to-markdown-3.0-while-remaining-backward.patch
  - Backport fix from master to properly skip legacy hooks
    + Patch: 0002-Bypass-old-hooks-rather-than-using-non-existing-syml.patch
* Thu Oct 11 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.3
    + Don't sync up ssh keys if there are already some
    + Do not notify twice when pushing commits to an open PR
    + Update git-multimail to fix it for Python 3
* Thu Oct 11 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.2
    + Make the sshkey migration more flexible from < 5.1
    + Fix the update date information on the pull-request page
    + Fix detecting if the user is a committer via a group
    + Fix writing user's ssh keys on disk
    + tweak colors of the activity graph
    + cache oidc user data
* Tue Oct 09 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Invert Conflicts to Requires OpenSSH >= 7.4
* Tue Oct 09 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.1
    + Fix adding and removing ssh keys in the user's profile
* Tue Oct 09 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1
    + Multiple fixes to the UI to address visual quirks and glitches
    + Initial implementation of HTTP(S) push support
    + Rework how SSH keys are stored in the database
    + Multiple changes and fixes around the ACL checker
    + Adding 'list-groups' function to pagure-admin
    + Add a new API endpoint to retrieve the list of files changed in a PR
  - Add Conflicts for OpenSSH < 7.4 due to SSH key handling rework
  - Re-wrap previous changelog entry for readability
* Tue Oct 02 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim bias from description.
  - Replace old $RPM_* shell vars by macros.
  - Update summaries to include those are Pagure themes.
* Sun Sep 30 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add missing directory to directory structure
* Sat Sep 29 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Drop unnecessary systemd build dependency
* Sat Sep 29 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add missing rcFOO symlinks to systemd services
* Sat Sep 29 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.0.1
    + Multiple adjustments to the scripts keyhelper and aclchecker
    + Only enforce Signed-Off-By on the code repo of a project
    + Sign-off the merge commits when the project enforces it
    + Switch from GIT_SORT_TIME to GIT_SORT_NONE to preserve
      'git log'-like commit ordering
    + Add reporter and assignee to notification emails headers
    + Fix various visual glitches
  - Restore symlinks clobbered by setuptools' creation of archive
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Rebase to 5.0
    + Pagure now runs on Python 3
    + The UI has been completely redesigned
    + Theming has been redesigned, and new themes are included as subpackages
    + Many new API endpoints have been added
    + Rework how git hooks work to rely on a single file for efficiency
    + Expanded functionality included in the pagure-admin command
  - Pagure defaults to the chameleon theme for openSUSE
  - Drop all upstreamed patches
  - Refresh example configuration patch
* Sun Jul 22 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 4.0.4
  - Refresh config fix patch for pagure-milters
* Wed Jul 11 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add missing requirement on python-Pillow
* Wed Jul 11 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Drop python2-trollius-redis requirement since it's not actually used
* Sun Jun 10 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport patch to make syntax highlighting threshold configurable
* Sat Jun 09 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Bundle an internal pagure-celery binary to use stock celery
    with Python 2
  - Switch to a sed call instead of a patch to fix systemd units
    to use correct libexecdir
* Sat Jun 09 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Fix syntax error in gitolite3.rc file
* Fri Jun 08 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Switch from /srv/pagure to /srv/gitolite to use the already
    setup gitolite directory structure
* Mon Jun 04 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Fix pagure-ev to use correct libexecdir
  - Fix pagure-milters to call correct function to load config
* Mon Jun 04 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Install gitolite configuration
* Mon Jun 04 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Prepare more of the filesystem tree as part of the packaging
  - Refine README.SUSE to more closely match the required steps
* Sat Jun 02 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Refresh configuration patch to match SUSE sematics
  - Add README.SUSE file for basic setup quick start guide
* Mon May 28 2018 Neal Gompa <>
  - Initial packaging based on Mageia packaging



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