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cadabra2-2.2.5-lp151.1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 for x86_64

Name: cadabra2 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 2.2.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.1.2 Build date: Mon Apr 1 08:04:15 2019
Group: Productivity/Scientific/Math Build host: sheep84
Size: 4666323 Source RPM: cadabra2-2.2.5-lp151.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: A computer algebra system for solving problems in field theory
Cadabra2 is a computer algebra system (CAS) designed specifically for
the solution of problems encountered in field theory. It has extensive
functionality for tensor computer algebra, tensor polynomial
simplification including multi-term symmetries, fermions and
anti-commuting variables, Clifford algebras and Fierz transformations,
implicit coordinate dependence, multiple index types and many more.
The input format is a subset of TeX. Both a command-line and a
graphical interface are available.

Key features of Cadabra2:
- Input and output using TeX notation.
- Designed for field-theory problems, with handling of anti-commuting
  and non-commuting objects without special notations for their
  products, gamma matrix algebra, Fierz identities, Dirac conjugation,
  vielbeine, flat and curved, covariant and contravariant indices,
  implicit dependence of tensors on coordinates, partial and covariant
- Powerful tensor simplification algorithms, not just for mono-term
  symmetries but also for multi-terms symmetries like the Bianchi
  identity, or dimensionally-dependent symmetries like the Schouten






* Fri Mar 15 2019 Atri B <>
  - Update to version 2.2.5:
    * Interim bug fix release with fixes for upcoming Debian as well
      as the new explicit_indices algorithm.
  - Move man files to the correct _mandir.
  - Minor cleanups using spec-cleaner.
* Fri Jan 25 2019
  - Update to version 2.2.4:
    * Minor bug fixes.
  - Rebase cadabra2-add-pthread-to-cxxflags.patch for minor changes
    to source CMakeLists.txt file.
  - Use make doc instead of running doxygen directly.
  - Drop commented out commands to generate PDF documentation.
* Mon Apr 30 2018
  - Disable explicitly mathematica option (fix archs not supported by
    Mathematica, such as AArch64)
* Mon Apr 09 2018
  - BuildRequires: libboost_date_time-devel instead of
    BuildRequires: libboost_date_time1_66_0-devel, and only for
    openSUSE > 1320; boost-devel in its entirety is already required
    for older versions.
  - gcc-c++ >= 4.9 now required.
* Fri Mar 30 2018
  - Update to version 2.2.0:
    * Experimental support for modifying the expression tree
      directly from Python (see e.g. Fourier transforms).
    * Fix for integration by parts (gh#kpeeters/cadabra2#71)
    * Fix for incorrect conversion to sympy expressions.
    * Optionally build with support for Mathematica scalar backend;
      see map_mma.
    * Many bugfixes for expression display and sympy conversion.
    * Now using pybind instead of boost.python, in preparation for
    * Windows port, and to enable building against Anaconda.
    * Copy/paste of output cells added.
    * New simplify command, which simplifies the scalar parts of
      expressions, and can be switched to use either Sympy or
    * Fix to treat derivatives with respect to explicit coordinates
      as scalars in evaluate; see this Q&A post.
    * Fix for failure to flag errors for WeightInherit property.
    * Fixed: vary on single-term expressions
    * (gh#kpeeters/cadabra2#57)
    * Fixed: evaluate with dense factors and no 'values' property on
      indices (gh#kpeeters/cadabra2#68)
  - Rename and rebase cadabra2-2.1.7.patch to
  - Add BuildRequires: libboost_date_time1_66_0-devel, new
    dependency with version 2.2.0.
  - All python bindings are now required to be installed in
  - New binary cadabra2cadabra.
* Fri Feb 02 2018
  - Add a memory _constraints, builds fail with less than 4 GByte
* Sat Jan 27 2018
  - Disable building LaTeX-based PDF documentation until build
    failures are fixed.
  - For the -gui package use post(un) scriptlets only for openSUSE
    <= 1320; for newer openSUSE, these are handled by rpm triggers
* Fri Dec 29 2017
  - fix build, add -pthread to CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS
    added cadabra2-2.1.7.patch
* Wed Nov 22 2017
  - Update to version 2.1.7:
    * Another interim release to fix bugs and sort out the build
      process on new distros.
* Thu Nov 02 2017
  - Update to version 2.1.5:
    * Interim release to get a number of bug fixes out to everyone,
      and to use as basis for binary packages for several new
  - Drop cadabra2-cmake-error.patch; fixed upstream.
  - Fix Group for cadabra2-doc-pdf: Documentation/PDF doesn't exist,
    use Documentation/Other
  - Change hashbang "/usr/bin/env python3" to "/usr/bn/python3".
* Wed Oct 11 2017
  - Refresh source tarball from upstream: upstream might have pushed
    out a new tarball without changes to the versioning, making the
    source validator service complain about the mismatch.
* Sun Aug 06 2017
  - Update to version 2.1.5:
    * Interim release with as its main feature the map_sympy command
      which makes it much easier to apply sympy algorithms to
      component expressions.
  - Drop cadabra2-include-functional-header.patch; fixed upstream.
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Add an appdata file and install it to /usr/share/metainfo;
    BuildRequires on appstream-glib added.
* Sun Jun 25 2017
  - Add cadabra2-include-functional-header.patch: Explicitly include
    the <functional> header in core/Functional.hh to fix building on
    openSUSE > 1320; apply without conditionals as it doesn't hurt
    to have this generally.
* Sun Apr 23 2017
  - BuildRequires: texlive-epstopdf instead of texlive-epstopdf-bin
    to fix build failures on Leap 42.1.
* Sun Apr 23 2017
  - Update to version 2.1.4:
    * Enable packages to be written using Cadabra notation, instead
      of only pure Python (still experimental).
    * Young tableaux properties Tableau and FilledTableau the
      related algorithm lr_tensor are available again.
    * Sorting Majorana spinors possible again using sort_spinors.
    * Extended rename_dummies with capability to rename indices to
      different set.
    * Make vary work on powers of expressions with dummy indices.
    * Substitution of sub-sums now available (e.g. substitute of
      A+B=C in ex:=A+B+C+D).
    * Improved LaTeX export to make printed notebooks look much
    * Many improvements to the component engine, in particular for
      handling of derivatives and fractions involving tensors.
    * Better line spacing for line-wrapped equations.
    * Smarter scroll-to-cell behaviour of the notebook.
    * Canonicalising expressions with component values for indices
      now works again.
    * The unwrap algorithm can now be guided about what to unwrap,
      and also knows about spinors and Dirac bars.
    * Experimental support to use Cadabra directly from C++ code, as
      a library (see the c++lib directory).
    * Fixes for using a custom post_process defined as a function
      nested inside another.
    * Rudimentary timing logic, try server.totals();
    * Fixed: pasting text in the notebook sometimes double-pastes.
    * Fixed: split_index does not work properly on left- and
      right-hand side of equations.
    * Fixed: sort_product does not always sort expressions.
    * Fixed: eliminate_metric only acts at top level of an
      expression, should have deep=True by default.
    * Fixed: a bug which would lead to a segfault when using
  - Rebase cadabra2-cmake-error.patch for version update.
  - Add %{name}-rpmlintrc file to suppress warnings about the
    presence of "__DATE__" and/or "__TIME__" in generated html files
    for documentation (%{name}-doc).
* Tue Jan 17 2017
  - Initial package.
  - Add cadabra2-cmake-error.patch to make sure CMakeLists.txt
    invokes "execute_process" instead of "execute"; fixes build



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