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findutils-4.6.0-lp150.2.18 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 for x86_64

Name: findutils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 4.6.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.2.18 Build date: Sat May 12 23:16:48 2018
Group: Productivity/File utilities Build host: lamb57
Size: 522932 Source RPM: findutils-4.6.0-lp150.2.18.src.rpm
Summary: The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs)
The findutils package contains programs which will help you locate
files on your system.  The find utility searches through a hierarchy
of directories looking for files which match a certain set of criteria
(such as a file name pattern).  The xargs utility builds and executes
command lines from standard input arguments (usually lists of file
names generated by the find command).

You should install findutils because it includes tools that are very
useful for finding things on your system.






* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Tue May 31 2016
  - sv-bug-48030-find-exec-plus-does-not-pass-all-arguments.patch:
    Add upstream patch to fix
* Mon Jan 11 2016
  - Upgrade to 4.6.0
      stable release, removing 'oldfind'.
  - Delete now-upstream patches: findutils-gnulib-ppc64le.patch,
  - Refresh patch: findutils-4.4.2-xautofs.patch
* Sun Dec 20 2015
  - Upgrade to 4.5.15
  - Delete now-upstream patch:
  - Refresh patches:
* Mon Jul 06 2015
  - add gnulib-perl522.patch from gnulib upstream
* Tue Jan 06 2015
  - findutils-oldfind-fix-dotdot-skipping.patch: Add upstream patch
      to fix 'oldfind' which skipped all files starting with ".."
      (e.g. "..file").
  - findutils.spec: Add BuildRequires:dejagnu - otherwise only a
      very limited set of the tests was run by 'make check'.
* Sun Aug 03 2014
  - Upgrade to 4.5.14
  - Refresh patches:
      findutils-gnulib-ppc64le.patch (using -p0 for consistency)
  - findutils.spec (Version): s/4.5.12/4.5/14
    (%patch1): Remove -p1.
    (%configure): Remove --without-included-regex option,
      as it is the default anyway.
* Wed Dec 18 2013
  - findutils-gnulib-ppc64le.patch: Fix imported gnulib long double
    math tests for little-endian PowerPC.
* Thu Dec 05 2013
  - Do not build findutils-locate anymore as mlocate obsoletes it
    since openSUSE 13.1.
  - Remove findutils-4.4.2-updatedb.patch as it's not needed anymore.
  - Remove cron.daily.updatedb and sysconfig.locate as they aren't
    needed anymore.
* Thu Oct 24 2013
  - Fix spelling of the btrfs snapshot directory (bnc#847240).
* Thu Sep 26 2013
  - Conditionalize the qemu arg size workaround on %qemu_user_space_build
* Mon Sep 23 2013
  - Remove patches:
    - findutils-4.5.10-use_proc_mounts.patch:
      /etc/mtab is a link to /proc/self/mounts nowadays.
    - findutils-4.5.10-prune_unknown.patch:
      merge patch into findutils-4.4.2-updatedb.patch.
    - findutils-4.5.10-updatedb_ignore_nfsv4.patch:
      fixed upstream.
      fixed upstream (in included gnulib).
    - findutils-init_stat_buf.patch:
      fixed upstream.
  - Refresh other patches:
    - findutils-4.4.2-updatedb.patch:
      refresh with changes from the above, removed patch.
    - findutils-4.4.2-xautofs.patch:
      refresh, and added -xautofs in find's usage text.
  - Adapt findutils.spec:
    - Version bump.
    - Remove above removed patches.
    - Add BuildRequires for makeinfo.
    - configure call: remove --enable-d_type-optimization
      option because turned on by default since 4.2.15.
    - Do not remove oldfind's man page in %install.
    - Add oldfind's binary and man page in %files.
  - Update to 4.5.12
    See /usr/share/doc/packages/findutils/NEWS,
    section "Major changes in release 4.5.12, 2013-09-22"
  - Update to 4.5.11 (2013-02-02)
    See /usr/share/doc/packages/findutils/NEWS,
    section "Major changes in release 4.5.11, 2013-02-02"
* Tue Apr 23 2013
  - Add /var/run/media to UPDATEDB_PRUNEPATHS in sysconfig.locate
    so that updatedb doesn't index removable media (bnc#807170).
* Tue Mar 26 2013
  - Added url as source.
    Please see
* Wed Feb 06 2013
  - Remove useless findutils-automake-1.12.patch
* Wed Dec 05 2012
  - Fix typo in findutils-4.5.10-updatedb_ignore_nfsv4.patch that
    lead to nfs4 directories being searched again (bnc#792323).
  - Enable FTS based search.
  - Replace $RPM_BUILD_ROOT by %%buildroot in specfile.
* Thu Nov 15 2012
  - Initialize stat_buf in find.c(process_path) so that find by inum
    works (bnc#780928
  - Exclude /.snapshot from updatedb's indexing (bnc#780918)
    No patch, change was done in the sysconfig file of this package.
  - Rename automake-1.12.patch to findutils-automake-1.12.patch
* Thu Jul 26 2012
  - Fix build with missing gets declaration (glibc 2.16)
* Wed May 30 2012
  - remove useless automake dependency, it was needed for selinux.patch
    which has been removed since findutils 4.5.10
* Tue May 29 2012
  - fix build with automake-1.12
    - add: automake-1.12.patch
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - Fix updatedb to work again (bnc#746610).
* Sat Feb 04 2012
  - keep binary in /usr tree (UsrMerge project)
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - removed patches deprecated by this release
    - findutils-4.4.2-selinux.patch
    - findutils-4.4.2-selinux-gnulib.patch
    - findutils-4.4.2-fts-remount.patch
  - refreshed other patches as required
  - Update to 4.5.10
    + doc: The manual now includes a small number of references to
    further reading on security.
    + fixed bug #30608: Automagic dependency on selinux. The configure
      script now provides a --without-selinux option.
    + fixed bug #29949: find -execdir does not change working directory
    + fixed bug #31359: test-strstr unit test fails on alpha.
    + fixed bug #30777: find -exec echo TURNIP{} \+ is accepted but
      TURNIP is eaten
    + fixed bug #30180: error message from incorrect -size option is off
    + fixed bug #29828: test suite deadlock on FreeBSD
    + updated translations - Finnish, Italian, Danish, Slovenian,
      German, Estonian, French, Japanese and Danish
  - Update to 4.5.9
    + fixed bug #29593: Make work under a POSIX shell.
    + fixed bug #29511: fails to build on kfreebsd-*
    + fixed bug #27563: -L breaks -execdir
    + fixed bug #19593: -execdir .... {} + has suboptimal performance
      (see below)
    + updated translation - Chinese (simplified)
    + The find program will once again build argument lists longer
      than 1 with "-execdir ...+".  The upper limit of 1 argument for
      execdir was introduced as a workaround in findutils-4.3.4. The
      limit is now removed, but find still does not issue the maximum
      possible number of arguments, since an exec will occur each time
      find encounters a subdirectory (if at least one argument is
    + You can now increase the parallelism of xargs in mid-run by
      sending it SIGUSR1, and decrease the parallelism with SIGUSR2.
  - Update to 4.5.8
    + fixed bug #29460: -printf %Y fails in $CWD-dependent way
    + fixed bug #27974: Use gnulib's xreadlinkat support
    + fixed bug #29435: fd_is_cloexec does not work on Fedora buildhosts
    + fixed bug #27221: symlink_loop check broken by FTS_CWDFD
    + fixed bug #27213: avoid failed assertions for non-executable
    + updated translations - Vietnamese, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Russian
  - Update to 4.5.7
    + If you use the -fstype FOO predicate and specify a filsystem
      type FOO which is not known (e.g. present in /etc/mtab) at the
      time find starts, that predicate is now equivalent to -false.
      This substitution currently occurs at optimisation level 2 and
  - Update to 4.5.6
    + patch #4848 - support for SELinux
    + fixed bug #29089 - SELinux --context and %Z options
    + fixed bug #28872: Mistake in "#safer" example in "Problems with
    - exec and filenames" section of the Texinfo manual.
    + fixed bug #28824: Corrected error message for "-ctime x".
      Likewise for -gid, -inum, -links, -mmin, -cmin, -amin,
    - uid, -used, -atime, -mtime, -ctime.
    + fixed bug #27975: Infinite loop for -exec [..] {} +.
    + fixed bug #27846: Assertion failure in xargs.c on AIX.
    + fixed bug #27375: Open file descriptors leak into child processes.
    + fixed bug #27017: find -D opt / -fstype ext3 -print , -quit coredumps
    + fixed bug #27328: segfault if the initial exec for "find -exec" fails.
    + fixed bug #26868: compilation error in pred.c on Solaris x86_64
    + fixed bug #24873: Duplicate fprint option corrupts output
    + fixed bug #23920: warn about un-matchable -path arguments ending in /.
    + fixed bug #19120: Patch to fix single quotes in man page find(1)
    + fixed bug #26327: xargs man page is vague about the number of times
      command is executed.
  - Update to 4.5.5
    + xargs now handles the case where the system's actual exec limits
      are smaller than the value of ARG_MAX at compile time. Very few
      platforms normally have this property, but it is possible to
      configure sume Unix systems this way.
    + fixed bug #25359 - files/testsuite/find.gnu/posix-h.exp test fail
    + fixed bug #26587 - fix a typo in -execdir documentation (it says
    - exec by mistake in the text)
    + fixed bug #26537 - find -prune now makes sure it has valid stat()
    + fixed bug #22708 - exit status 126 and 127 from the utility invoked
      from xargs now makes xargs return 123, meaning that exit status
      values 126 and 127 not unambiguously mean that the utility could
      not be run or could not be found, respectively.
    + doc: the -wholename option to find is no longer preferred over
    - ipath
  - Update to 4.5.4
    + The ftsfind executable (which is built by default as "find") now
      calls fts() in such a way that it avoids calling stat() on directory
      entries, if it doesn't need the information. This can produce a
      significant speedup on filesystems which don't populate the d_type
      element of struct dirent, for example reiserfs. Anecdotal evidence
      suggests this can speed updatedb up from about 30 minutes to 3-4
    + The ftsfind executable also now avoids calling stat() functions to
      discover the inode number of a file, if we already read this
      information from the directory. This does provide a speed-up, but
      only for a restricted set of commands such as "find . -inum 4001".
      This fix is listed below as bug #24342
    + fixed bug #25764 - remove duplicate entry for 'proc' in updatedb's
    + fixed bug #25359 - find -H wrongly behaves like -L sometimes; this
      bug affects only filesystems which populate d_type and affects
    - type and -printf %y. This does not affect the default behavior of
      find or find -P
    + fixed bug #25144 - misleading error message when argument to
      find -user is an unknown user or is missing
    + fixed bug #25154 - allow compilation with C compilers that don't
      allow declarations to follow statements
    + fixed bug #24342 - -inum predicate should use dirent.d_ino instead
      of stat.st_ino (this is a performance bug)
    + updated translations - Bulgarian, German, Irish, Hungarian,
      Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian,
  - Update to 4.5.3
    + fixed bug #24283 - find -printf %TY causes NULL pointer dereference
    + changes to gnulib's fts code should provide performance improvements
      in find when processing very large directories (for example
      directories containing significantly more than 10000 filenames).
      Performance improvements may only exist for some find command
      lines (performance testing was done for the fts implementation
      itself but we haven't done the analogous performance tests in find).
    + file type information is also passed back from fts to find,
      saving  calls to the stat system call for find command lines
      which don't need the stat information. This provides a performance
      improvement for common cases like find "find . -type d".
  - Update to 4.5.2
    + fixed bug #24169 - find would segfault if the -newerXY test was
      not followed by any argument
    + fixed bug #23996 - integer overflow on some platforms when
      parsing "-used 3"
    + New translation - Czech
    + Updated translations - French, Indonesian
    + doc: bug #23070 - corrected manpage description of find -perm /000
      (the change was already made by the manpage indicated the change
      would happen "soon")
  - Update to 4.5.1
    + New translation - Lithuanian
    + Updated translation - Chinese (simplified)
    + doc: added a working example describing how to find the
      shallowest instances of a given directoty name (or names) in a
      directory hierarchy
    + fixed bug #22662 - find -printf %AX appends nanoseconds in the
      right place now
    + fixed bug #23663 - crash in some locales for -print %AX (this
      problem seems to have affected only the CVS code, and not any
      public releases)
  - Update to 4.5.0
    + If POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable is set, the system's
      definition of "yes" and "no" responses are used to interpret
      the response to questions from -ok and -okdir. The default is
      still to use information from the findutils message translations.
    + If xargs find that exec fails because the argument size limit it
      calculated is larger than the system's actual maximum, it now
      adapts by passing fewer arguments (as opposed to failing)
    + The default optimization level for find is now -O2 instead of
    - O0 meaning that a number of additional optimizations are
      performed by default. Current optimizations at each level are:
      0: Perform -name, -path, -iname, -ipath before other checks
      1: Expressions containing only cost-free tests are evaluated
      before expressions which contain more costly tests
      2: Bring forward all tests that need to know the type of a file
      but don't need to stat it
      3: All tests are ordered by their estimated cost
      Cost here is simply an estimate of how time consuming the I/O
      operations needed to make a test are
    + Various bug fixes (See NEWS)
* Thu Dec 01 2011
  - add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Sun Sep 18 2011
  - Apply packaging guidelines (remove redundant/obsolete
    tags/sections from specfile, etc.)
* Fri Apr 29 2011
  - findutils-locate needs find so require findutils.
* Wed Nov 17 2010
  - Really do use /proc/mounts instead of /etc/mtab.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - remove nobody wrapper again. It's not needed due to a fix in
    coreutils that allows su from root to any user without account
* Mon Aug 23 2010
  - Add NFSv4 to updatedb's prune list, i.e. make it ignore such
    file systems.
* Fri Jul 30 2010
  - Add a simple wrapper for user root to switch over to user nobody
    for the command ls and find without using su.
* Thu Apr 01 2010
  - Use /proc/mounts instead of /etc/mtab as in newer kernels autofs
    entries appear only in the former (bnc#591460)
  - updatedb will by default ignore filesystems where it can't determine the
* Mon Mar 08 2010
  - updated to 4.4.2
    * see NEWS for more info
  - updated SElinux patches (selinux.patch, selinux-gnulib.patch)
  - added more patches from Fedora (autofs.patch, ftsremount.patch, xautofs.patch)
  - findutils.patch renamed to updatedb.patch
  - split-off lang package
* Fri Jul 10 2009
  - Workaround for a qemu-user bug, we hit.
    A qemu patch is being discussed, but for now ...
    This is important for the ARM build process to work.
* Tue Mar 10 2009
  - Fix manual page [bnc#466425]



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