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Packages beginning with letter T

t4k_common-0.1.1-4 Files used by all Tux4Kids applications/games linux/x86_64
tabatha-0.6-6 Push-button menu for system commands linux/noarch
tango-icon-theme-0.8.90-6 Tango icon theme linux/noarch
task-2.1.2-2 A command-line to do list manager linux/x86_64
task-blackberry-common-1.0-4 Metapackage for charging and synchronizing Blackberry linux/noarch
task-blackberry-gnome-1.0-4 GNOME metapackage for synchronizing with a Blackberry linux/noarch
task-blackberry-kde-1.0-4 KDE metapackage for synchronizing with a Blackberry linux/noarch
task-compiz-stable-4.2-2 Meta task for stable version of Compiz linux/noarch
task-e17-2015.0-2 Metapackage for the E17 linux/noarch
task-e17-minimal-2015.0-2 Metapackage minimal for the E17 linux/noarch
task-edu-1-3 Task packages for games linux/noarch
task-games-4.2-2 Task packages for games linux/noarch
task-gnome-3.38.1-1 Metapackage for GNOME desktop environment linux/noarch
task-gnome-minimal-3.38.1-1 A very minimal GNOME 3 desktop linux/noarch
task-lamp-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-extras-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python extras linux/noarch
task-lamp-perl-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-php-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP server linux/noarch
task-lxde-24.90-3 Metapackage for LXDE Desktop Environment linux/noarch
task-lxde-minimal-24.90-3 Minimal dependencies needed for LXDE Desktop Environment linux/noarch
task-mate-1.28.0-1 Metapackage for MATE desktop environment linux/noarch
task-mate-minimal-1.28.0-1 Minimal dependencies needed for MATE desktop linux/noarch
task-nagios-0-6 Metapackage for Nagios(tm) linux/noarch
task-sound-studio-0.3-13 Meta package for Sound Studio and Music Production linux/noarch
task-steampunk-3.0-2 Metapackage for various Steampunk themes, widgets etc linux/noarch
task-steampunk-kde4-3.0-2 Metapackage for various KDE4 Steampunk themes, widgets etc linux/noarch
task-sugar-0.108.1-1 Sugar Platform linux/x86_64
task-xfce-4.18-1 Metapackage for the xfce desktop environment linux/noarch
task-xfce-devel-4.18-1 xfce development metapackage linux/noarch
task-xfce-minimal-4.18-1 Minimal dependencies needed for xfce desktop linux/noarch
task-xfce-plugins-4.18-1 Metapackage for the xfce panel plugins linux/noarch
taskcoach-1.4.3-1 Your friendly task manager linux/noarch
tcb-1.2-1 Libraries and tools implementing the tcb password shadowing scheme linux/x86_64
tcc-0.9.28-0.20200623.1 Tiny C Compiler linux/x86_64
tcl-ogdi-3.2.0-0.beta2.3 TCL wrapper for OGDI linux/x86_64
tcl-tcllib-1.21-1 Collection of utility modules for Tcl linux/noarch
tcl-tklib-0.7-1 Collection of utility modules for Tk linux/noarch
tcl3270-3.3.9ga12-4 Tcl-based scripted 3270 Emulator linux/x86_64
tcpreplay-3.4.4-3 A tool to replay captured network traffic linux/x86_64
tcpstat-1.5-13 A network statistics reporter linux/x86_64
tcron-0.5.3-7 Another cron daemon linux/x86_64
teaqt-63.1.0-1 A simple-in-use Qt based text editor linux/x86_64New
tegaki-0.3.1-4 Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Recognition linux/noarch
tegaki-gui-0.3.1-2 Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Recognition linux/noarch
tegaki-train-0.3.1-2 Character editor and training manager linux/noarch
tegaki-zinnia-simplified-chinese-0.3-3 Simplified Chinese Models for tegaki zinnia engine linux/noarch
tegaki-zinnia-traditional-chinese-0.3-3 Traditional Chinese Models for tegaki zinnia engine linux/noarch
telepathy-butterfly-0.5.15-3 MSN connection manager for Telepathy linux/noarch
tenr-de-styles-pkg-1.1-4 A collection of styles for fluxbox linux/noarch
tepl-4.2.1-1 Text editor product line linux/x86_64
tepl-tests-4.2.1-1 Tests for the tepl package linux/x86_64
terminal-server-localdevices-1.0-10 This enables the local devices on an X terminal linux/x86_64
terminal-server2-1.5-12 Terminal Server - Unionfs version linux/noarch
terminator-2.1.4-1 A simple way to run multiple terminals in a single window linux/noarch
terminology-1.13.0-1 EFL Terminal Emulator linux/x86_64
terminus-font-4.48-1 Fixed width font especially for long hacking sessions linux/noarch
tex2im-1.8-4 A simple tool for converting LaTeX formulas into pixmap graphics linux/noarch
texmaker-5.0.3-1 A QT-based LATEX editor linux/x86_64
textext-0.4.4-31 Editable LaTeX objects for Inkscape linux/noarch
tgt-1.0.79-1 The SCSI target daemon and utility programs linux/x86_64
thewidgetfactory-0.2.1-8 Test tool for GTK2 theme linux/x86_64
thttpd-2.29-2 Throttleable lightweight httpd server linux/x86_64
thunar-4.18.10-1 New modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
thunar-archive-plugin-0.5.2-1 An archive plugin for the Thunar File Manager linux/x86_64
thunar-media-tags-plugin-0.3.0-2 A tag plugin for the Thunar File Manager linux/x86_64
thunar-sendto-clamtk-0.08-1 Simple virus scanning extension for Thunar linux/noarch
thunar-shares-plugin-0.3.0-1 Samba support for Thunar filemanager linux/x86_64
thunar-thumbnailers-0.4.1-11 A thumbnail plugin for the Thunar File Manager linux/x86_64
thunar-thumbnailers-ffmpeg-0.4.1-11 A ffmpeg thumbnails support for Thunar File Manager linux/x86_64
thunar-thumbnailers-raw-0.4.1-11 A RAW thumbnails support for Thunar File Manager linux/x86_64
thunar-thumbnailers-tex-0.4.1-11 A TEX thumbnails support for Thunar File Manager linux/x86_64
thunar-vcs-plugin-0.2.0-1 VCS support for Thunar file manager linux/x86_64
thunar-vfs-1.2.0-7 Virtual filesystem shipped with Thunar 1.0 and earlier releases linux/x86_64
thunar-volman-4.18.0-1 A removable volume manager for Thunar linux/x86_64
timemachine-0.3.3-3 Records audio up to ten seconds ago linux/x86_64
timidity-init-0.3-8 Init script for TiMidity++ ALSA sequencer linux/noarch
tint2-0.11-5 A Lightweight Panel and Taskbar linux/x86_64
tintii-2.6.1-2 Color photo image converter linux/x86_64
tinyfugue-5.0-0.b8.5 Flexible, screen-oriented MUD client, for use with any type of MUD linux/x86_64
tkbabel-0.59-8 Tk/Tcl frontend for babelfish language translation linux/noarch
tkdvd-4.0.9-3 Simple DVD mastering GUI linux/noarch
tmake-2.12-8 Easy-to-use tool for creating and maintaining portable makefiles linux/noarch
tmda-1.1.12-2 Tagged Message Delivery Agent linux/noarch
tmda-emacs-1.1.12-2 Tagged Message Deliver Agent - Emacs Support Files linux/noarch
tmux-3.0a-1 A terminal multiplexer linux/x86_64
tofu-0.5-9 Network game engine written with python and twisted linux/noarch
togl-2.0-5 Togl - a Tk OpenGL widget linux/x86_64
toilet-0.2-3 Powerful figlet replacement linux/x86_64
tokyotyrant-1.1.41-3 Tokyo Tyrant: network interface of Tokyo Cabinet linux/x86_64
tolua++-1.0.93-9 A tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua linux/x86_64
tomoyo-gui-0.05-10 Graphical interface for TOMOYO Linux linux/noarch
torbrowser-launcher-0.3.7-1 Download,update, and run the Tor Browser Bundle linux/x86_64
torch-devel-3.1-5 State of the art machine learning library linux/x86_64
torrentsniff-0.3.0-11 Reports status information of BitTorrent distributed downloads linux/noarch
torrentutils-0.3.0-11 Utilities for BitTorrent files linux/noarch
torsmo-0.18-8 System monitor like gkrellm, but lightweight linux/x86_64
tovid-0.34-3 Video disc authoring tools linux/noarch
toybox-0.8.1-1 A number of standard command line tools linux/x86_64
tpad-1.3-6 Notepad clone written in Tcl/Tk linux/noarch
tree-puzzle-5.2-6 Maximum likelihood analysis for nucleotide, amino acid and two-state data linux/x86_64
treecc-0.3.10-8 A tool for helping in compiler development linux/x86_64
trickle-1.07-9 Lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper linux/x86_64
trigger-rally-data-0.6.0-2 Data files for the Trigger rally racing game linux/noarch
tsid-0.9-11 Time SID Manager linux/x86_64
tsid-devel-0.9-11 Header files for compiling apps that use libtsid linux/x86_64
tsocks-1.8-0.beta5.8 A transparent SOCKS proxying library linux/x86_64
ttcp-1.13-1 A tool for testing TCP connections linux/x86_64
ttcp-1.12-16 A tool for testing TCP connections linux/x86_64
tumbler-4.18.2-1 A thumbnail D-Bus service linux/x86_64
tunez-1.21-14 MP3/Ogg Vorbis jukebox that works with a voting system linux/x86_64
tuxkart-0.4.0-12 Tuxedo T. Penguin stars in Tuxkart linux/x86_64
tuxmathscrabble-0.7.4-2 A math version of the popular board game for ages 4-40 linux/noarch
tuxpaint-0.9.22-2 Simple and fun paint program for kids linux/x86_64
tuxpaint-devel-0.9.22-2 Headers and development libraries from tuxpaint linux/x86_64
tuxpaint-stamps-2009.06.28-3 Pictures for use with the paint program Tuxpaint linux/noarch
tuxwordsmith-0.7.13-1 Multilanguage scrabble game linux/noarch
tv_grab_nl_py-r92-3 XMLTV compatible grabber for Dutch TV linux/noarch
twiki-6.0.0-2 The Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform linux/noarch
twiki-plugin-ldapcontrib-2.99.7-4 LDAP services for TWiki linux/noarch
twitux-0.69-7 Twitter client for the Gnome desktop linux/x86_64
txt2regex-0.8-7 A program to generate regex linux/noarch
typespeed-0.6.5-10 Type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can linux/x86_64
typetrainer-0.3.1-3 Typing skills training utility linux/x86_64

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