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Packages beginning with letter K

k4dirstat-3.4.3-1 Ggraphical disk usage utility linux/x86_64
kaffeine-2.0.18-1 Media Player for Plasma 5 linux/x86_64
kakasi-2.3.4-13 KAKASI - kanji kana simple inverter linux/x86_64
kakasi-devel-2.3.4-13 Header file and libraries of KAKASI linux/x86_64
kakasi-dict-2.3.4-13 The base dictionary of KAKASI linux/x86_64
kamikaze-0.2-14 An SCM query tool similar to Mozilla's tool, Bonsai linux/noarch
kanyremote-6.1-2 KDE frontend for anyRemote Wireless remote control program linux/noarch
kbibtex-0.10.0-1 A BibTeX editor for KDE linux/x86_64
kchmviewer-8.0-1 KDE chm viewer linux/x86_64
kchmviewer-7.7-1 KDE chm viewer linux/x86_64
kcmsystemd-1.1.0-2 Systemd control module for KDE linux/x86_64
kdbg-3.1.0-1 A Graphical Debugger Interface linux/x86_64
kde-rootactions-servicemenu-2.9.1-1 Root actions for Dolphin context menu linux/noarch
kde4-aurorae-elementary-luna-1.5-10 Elementary Luna, an Aurorae theme for KDE 4 linux/noarch
kde4-kwin-dekorator-themes-0.3-4 Themes for deKorator for KDE4 linux/noarch
kde4-macros-16.12.0-1 Base install macros for kde 4 linux/noarch
kdeadmin4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Administrative Tools linux/noarch
kdegames4-4.14.3-3 KDE - Games linux/noarch
kdenetwork4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Network Applications linux/noarch
kdesdk4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/noarch
kdetoys4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/noarch
kdist-0.0.4-2 Tool for managing Mandriva kernel builds linux/noarch
keepalived-1.2.7-1 HA monitor built upon LVS, VRRP and services poller linux/x86_64
ketchup-0.9.8-6 Linux Kernel source switch/update tool linux/noarch
kexis-0.2.2-2 A lossless WAV file compressor linux/x86_64
keybinder-0.3.0-6 A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts linux/x86_64
keyfuzz-0.2-7 Keycode translator for multimedia keyboards linux/x86_64
keyjnote-0.10.2-5 OpenGL-based slide presentation program linux/noarch
kgraphviewer-2.4.3-1 A GraphViz dot graph viewer for Plasma 5 linux/x86_64
kiba-dock-0.1-0.1218.2 Application dock with advanced graphical effects linux/x86_64
kiba-dock-devel-0.1-0.1218.2 Development files for kiba-dock linux/x86_64
kicad-7.0.10-1 EDA software suite for creation of schematic diagrams and PCBs linux/x86_64
kicad-doc-7.0.10-1 Documentation for kicad (creation of electronic schematic diagrams) linux/noarch
kid3-3.9.4-3 ID3 Tagger linux/x86_64
kid3-cli-3.9.4-3 Efficient CLI ID3 tag editor linux/x86_64
kid3-qt-3.9.4-3 Efficient Qt ID3 tag editor linux/x86_64
kile-2.9.91-1 Integrated LaTeX Environment for KF5 linux/x86_64
kim-0.9.8-1 Image menu for kde linux/x86_64
klavaro-1.9.3-3 Touch Typing Tutor linux/x86_64
klive-20070203-7 Script to gather information about kernel usage linux/noarch
klog-2.3.4-1 A Ham radio logging program for KDE linux/x86_64
kmetronome-1.4.0-1 KDE MIDI Metronome using ALSA Sequencer linux/x86_64
kmplayer-0.12.0b-1.20201207.0 A multimedia mplayer/phonon frontend for KDE linux/x86_64
kmplayer-npplayer-0.12.0b-1.20201207.0 Kmplayer netscape plugin player linux/x86_64
knock-0.5-14 Open connection through firewall on specified signal linux/x86_64
kodi-21.0-1 Kodi - media player and home entertainment system linux/x86_64
kodi-addon-devel-21.0-1 Development files for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-eventclient-kodi-send-21.0-1 PS3 eventclient for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-eventclient-ps3-21.0-1 PS3 eventclients for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-eventclient-wiiremote-21.0-1 Wii Remote eventclient for Kodi linux/x86_64
kodi-eventclients-common-21.0-1 Common files for Kodi eventclients linux/x86_64
kodi-firewalld-services-21.0-1 Firewall services for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-21.0-1 Common Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-bt-21.0-1 Bluetooth Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-xbmcclient-21.0-1 XBMCClient Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-zeroconf-21.0-1 Zeroconf Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-texturepacker-21.0-1 Zeroconf Python scripts for Kodi linux/x86_64
koules-1.4-21 Space action game for X11 linux/x86_64
kraft-1.0-0.rc1.11 KDE software to manage office documents in the office linux/x86_64
krank-07-1 Mouse magnet manipulation game with nifty graphics linux/noarch
krb5-auth-dialog-43.0-1 Kerberos 5 authentication dialog linux/x86_64
ksh-1.0.0-1 The real AT&T version of the Korn shell linux/x86_64
ksi-3.9.0-4 Implementation of the Scheme programming language linux/x86_64
kstart-4.3-1 Kinit daemon that uses srvtabs or keytabs linux/x86_64
ksuperkey-0.3-2 A service to an open application launcher in KDE with Super key linux/x86_64
kup-0.9.1-1 A KDE-based frontend for the very excellent backup software linux/x86_64
kxstitch-2.2.0-1 Program to create cross stitch patterns linux/x86_64
kxstitch-handbook-2.2.0-1 KXStitch handbook linux/noarch

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