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Packages beginning with letter H

h264enc-10.4.7-1 An interactive menu-driven frontend for mencoder linux/noarch
haltsys-0.2-7 Tool to halt LTSP terminals linux/x86_64
haproxy-1.4.22-2 TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments linux/x86_64
hargyllcms-1.9.2-2 ICC compatible color management system linux/x86_64
harvid-0.8.3-1 HTTP server to extract, cache and serve still images from movie files linux/x86_64
hashalot-0.3-7 Binary hash generator linux/x86_64
hashcat-5.1.0-1 CPU-based password recovery utility linux/x86_64
haskell-macros-6.4-10 Rpms macros to easilly build haskell modules linux/noarch
hatari-2.3.1-2 An Atari ST emulator linux/x86_64
hawk-2.1-2 Web-Album generator linux/x86_64
hda-verb-0.3-4 Tool to send commands (verbs) to HD-Audio codecs linux/x86_64
hdapsd-20160215-1 HDAPS (Hard Disk Active Protection System) daemon linux/x86_64
hedgewars-1.0.2-1 Game with heavily armed fighting hedgehogs linux/x86_64
heimdal-devel-7.5.0-2 Header files for heimdal linux/x86_64
heimdal-devel-doc-7.5.0-2 Developer documentation for heimdal linux/x86_64
heimdal-libs-7.5.0-2 Heimdal shared libraries linux/x86_64
heimdal-server-7.5.0-2 Kerberos Server linux/x86_64
heimdal-workstation-7.5.0-2 Kerberos programs for use on workstations linux/x86_64
heimdall-1.4.2-4 Flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung Galaxy S devices linux/x86_64
heimdall-frontend-1.4.2-4 Qt based frontend for heimdall linux/x86_64
hexamine-0.2.1-7 Hexagonal Minesweeper linux/noarch
hexcalc-1.11-23 A decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary calculator linux/x86_64
hexchat-2.16.2-1 A popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client linux/x86_64
hexchat-devel-2.16.2-1 Development files allowing to build plugins for the HexChat IRC client linux/x86_64
hexxagon-1.0.2-2 Othello clone (GTK version) linux/x86_64
hg-git-0.6.0-3 Mercurial plugin for communicating with Git servers linux/noarch
hibernate-2.0-10 Software suspend 2 hibernate script linux/noarch
hid-device-dump-9.04.04-3 hid device dump tool linux/x86_64
hinedo-0.4-3 Tray applet to listen Hinet radio linux/x86_64
hocr-tools-20091007-2 Tools for manipulating and evaluating the hOCR format linux/noarch
host2cat-1.02-5 Custom DNS resolver linux/x86_64
hpt-1.4.0-0.rc5.2 Highly Portable FTN Message Tosser linux/x86_64
http-replicator-3.0-8 General purpose caching proxy server linux/noarch
http_ping-20050629-4 HTTP latency measuring utility linux/x86_64
httping-3.6-1 A "ping"-like tool for HTTP requests linux/x86_64New
httping-2.5-1 A "ping"-like tool for HTTP requests linux/x86_64
httptunnel-3.3-17 Creates bidirectional virtual data connections tunneled through HTTP linux/x86_64
huskybse-1.0.0-9 Common files for all packages of the Husky-project linux/noarch
hydra-9.5-1 Network logon cracker linux/x86_64
hydra-gui-9.5-1 GUI for hydra linux/x86_64
hydrogen-1.1.1-1 An advanced Drum Machine linux/x86_64
hydrogen-drumkits- Extra drum kits for the Hydrogen drum machine linux/noarch

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