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qemu-common-8.2.1-1.mga10 RPM for i586

From Mageia Cauldron for i586 / media / core / release

Name: qemu-common Distribution: Mageia
Version: 8.2.1 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 1.mga10 Build date: Fri Feb 9 22:11:02 2024
Group: Emulators Build host: localhost
Size: 3380461 Source RPM: qemu-8.2.1-1.mga10.src.rpm
Packager: ghibo <ghibo>
Summary: QEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets
qemu is an open source virtualizer that provides hardware emulation for
the KVM hypervisor.

This package provides documentation and auxiliary programs used with qemu.




Apache-2.0 AND BSD-2-Clause AND BSD-3-Clause AND FSFAP AND GPL-1.0-or-later AND GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-or-later AND GPL-2.0-or-later WITH GCC-exception-2.0 AND LGPL-2.0-only AND LGPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-only AND LGPL-2.1-or-later AND MIT AND LicenseRef-Fedora-Public-Domain AND CC-BY-3.0


* Fri Feb 09 2024 ghibo <ghibo> 0:8.2.1-1.mga10
  + Revision: 2040019
  - Sync patches with FC
  - Update to release 8.2.1.
  - Rework xen patch.
  + tv <tv>
  - Use %arm with %ifarch in order to try to fix getting xen-devel installed on BS
* Sat Dec 09 2023 tv <tv> 0:8.2.0-0.rc2.0.2.mga10
  + Revision: 2016299
  - Rebase to qemu 8.2.0-rc2
  - Rebuild for capstone 5.0.1
  - Add patch to fix build with Xen 4.18.0
  - Fix *.stp %files in -user and -user-static
    -static packages were missing some .stp files, and qemu-user
    wildcards were catching too much.
* Tue Dec 05 2023 tv <tv> 0:8.1.2-2.mga10
  + Revision: 2013502
  - Disable rbd due to broken ceph vs boost
  - Rebuild for Xen 4.18
  + ghibo <ghibo>
  - Update to release 8.1.2.
  - Prepare support for libblkio (libblkio library yet to be added to the distro).
  - Drop qemu-user-static Conflicts.
  - Remove duplicate -r arguments in groupadd %post common scripts.
* Sun Sep 24 2023 tv <tv> 0:8.1.0-2.mga10
  + Revision: 1990344
  - Relax deps on virtiofsd until it can be built
* Wed Sep 20 2023 tv <tv> 0:8.1.0-1.mga10
  + Revision: 1988786
  - Rebase to qemu 8.1.0 GA
  - Make qemu-docs noarch
  - Drop sgabios-bin requirement and related baggage
* Wed Sep 20 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.5-5.mga10
  + Revision: 1988381
  - Refresh patches from upstream staging-7.2
* Tue Sep 19 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.5-4.mga10
  + Revision: 1988166
  - Drop patch 'Drop out of coroutine context in virtio_load()'
  - Skip patch 'Drop out of coroutine context in virtio_load()'
  - Merge patches from upstream staging-7.2
* Sat Sep 02 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.5-3.mga10
  + Revision: 1983494
  - Skip check stage for armv7l for now
* Fri Sep 01 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.5-2.mga10
  + Revision: 1983467
  - Lower number of parallel build for armv7 to avoid out of memory for stack during tests
* Fri Sep 01 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.5-1.mga10
  + Revision: 1983307
  - Try to reduce parallel build further to avoid test_timeout_break_snapshot test failing
  - Try to reduce number of parallel build in x86_64 too to avoid mem errors during check
  - Reduce number of parallel build in i586 to avoid out of memory during checks
  - Add missed banner about keeping in sync with FC
  - Update to release 7.2.5 (include also fixes for CVE-2023-2861).
  - Remove patches merged upstream.
  - Enable checks/tests and add patches to fix tests on aarch64.
  - Merge more patches to fix tests.
  - Add missed BuildRequires for checks.
  - More Cc-ed -stable patches from upstream.
  - Disable LTO on every arch (more harmful than benefict).
  - Fix typos in audio-pa sub-package description.
  - Include SDL2_image's BuildRequires only when %have_sdl_image is defined.
* Tue Mar 14 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.0-9.mga9
  + Revision: 1948975
  - Merge patches from Fedora to fix tests
* Fri Mar 10 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.0-8.mga9
  + Revision: 1948560
  - Merge patch from debian to fix BZHI instruction (upstream issues #1374).
  - Merge patch from debian to fix double free on BUSY for iscsi (upstream issue #1378).
  - Merge patch to fix field corruption in type 4 table in smbios (RH#2169904).
  - Merge patch from debian to not re-randomize RNG seed on snapshot load (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to revert patch for reinitializing RNG seed on system reboot (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to revert use of typedef for SetupData struct (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to revert pass RNG seed via setup_data entry (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian for vhost-user-gpio to configure vhost_dev when connecting (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian for hw/virtio to back up vqs before cleaning up vhost_dev (upstream).
  - Merge patch to fix migration compat for vectors (RH#2155749).
  - Merge patch from debian for vhost vdpa to stop all svq on device deletion (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to fix potential uninitialized variable (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to check for NULL when allocating a virtqueue element (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to fix crash on live migration (upstream).
  - Merge patch from debian to have the proper iommu failing notification without caching or dt mode (upstream).
* Wed Feb 22 2023 ghibo <ghibo> 0:7.2.0-7.mga9
  + Revision: 1944625
  - Merge patches from debian and upstream git CC-ed for stable branch
* Tue Feb 21 2023 tv <tv> 0:7.2.0-6.mga9
  + Revision: 1944544
  - Rebuild for xen-4.17.0
* Mon Feb 20 2023 tv <tv> 0:7.2.0-5.mga9
  + Revision: 1944405
  - Fix compat with linux > 6.1 headers
  - Re-enable iotests
* Sat Jan 28 2023 wally <wally> 0:7.2.0-4.mga9
  + Revision: 1936653
  - don't own hicolor icon dirs
* Sun Jan 01 2023 wally <wally> 0:7.2.0-3.mga9
  + Revision: 1928553
  - fix broken binfmt.d configs (mga#31345)
* Wed Dec 21 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.2.0-2.mga9
  + Revision: 1925631
  - Explicitely disable blkio, gtk-clipboard & sndio
* Thu Dec 15 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.2.0-1.mga9
  + Revision: 1922805
  - 7.2.0
  - Fix binfmt stuff
* Wed Nov 09 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.1.0-4.1.mga9
  + Revision: 1904858
  - Try harder to fix filelist on ARM
* Tue Nov 08 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.1.0-4.mga9
  + Revision: 1904672
  - Fixup filelist for ARM
* Tue Nov 08 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.1.0-3.mga9
  + Revision: 1904629
  - 7.10
* Wed Aug 10 2022 wally <wally> 0:7.0.0-3.mga9
  + Revision: 1876810
  - add Fedora patch to fix build with glibc >= 2.36
  - rebuild for libbpf with lib major 1
* Fri May 06 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.0.0-2.mga9
  + Revision: 1856465
  - Drop redundant qemu-trace-stap copy from qemu-user-static (rhbz#2061584)
* Mon Apr 25 2022 tv <tv> 0:7.0.0-1.mga9
  + Revision: 1853477
  - Disable avx2 on i586
  - Rebase to qemu 7.0.0-1
* Sat Apr 02 2022 ghibo <ghibo> 0:6.2.0-6.mga9
  + Revision: 1841183
  - Add support for lzfse library for supporting lzfse compression for .dmg files.
  - Merge patch from rh/deb for try fixing CVE-2021-3638 and CVE-2021-4158.
  - Merge patch from rh/deb for fixing a crash when qemu is started with SLIC table.
  - Merge patch from rh/deb for minor spelling checker fixes.
* Mon Mar 07 2022 luigiwalser <luigiwalser> 0:6.2.0-5.mga9
  + Revision: 1789523
  - rebuild for libnfs
  + tv <tv>
  - system-arm now requires edk2-arm
* Wed Feb 16 2022 tv <tv> 0:6.2.0-4.mga9
  + Revision: 1778265
  - Split out qemu-virtiofsd subpackage
  - virtiofsd: Drop membership of all supplementary groups (CVE-2022-0358)
    Resolves: rhbz#2044863



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