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kexec-tools-2.0.22-7.fc35 RPM for armv7hl

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Name: kexec-tools Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.0.22 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 7.fc35 Build date: Wed Sep 1 01:17:26 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 374080 Source RPM: kexec-tools-2.0.22-7.fc35.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: The kexec/kdump userspace component
kexec-tools provides /sbin/kexec binary that facilitates a new
kernel to boot using the kernel's kexec feature either on a
normal or a panic reboot. This package contains the /sbin/kexec
binary and ancillary utilities that together form the userspace
component of the kernel's kexec feature.






* Tue Aug 31 2021 Adam Williamson <> - 2.0.22-7
  - Don't exit 1 from 92-crashkernel.install if zipl is absent (#1993505)
* Fri Aug 20 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.22-6
  - Remove hard requirement on grubby
  - Clear old crashkernl=auto in comment and doc
  - kdump/ppc64: migration action registration clean up
  - Check the existence of /sys/bus/ccwgroup/devices/*/online beforehand
  - Make `dump_to_rootfs` wait for 90s for real
  - Update crashkernel-howto.txt
  - kdump/ppc64: rebuild initramfs image after migration
  - kdump.sysconfig.s390: Remove "prot_virt" from kdump kernel cmdline
  - kdumpctl: fix a typo
  - Remove references to systemd-sysv-convert
  - kdump_get_arch_recommend_size uses crashkernel.default
  - Revert "Revert "x86_64: enable the kexec file load by default""
  - Cleanup dead systemd services before start sysroot.mount
  - Add a crashkernel-howto.txt doc
  - Add a new hook: 92-crashkernel.install
  - kdumpctl: Add kdumpctl reset-crashkernel
  - Revert " Remove is_atomic"
  - fadump-init: clean up mount points properly
  - fadump: kdumpctl should check the modules used by the fadump initramfs
  - fadump: isolate fadump initramfs image within the default one
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0.22-5
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jun 29 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.22-4
  - fix format issue in find_online_znet_device
  - check the existence of /sys/bus/ccwgroup/devices before trying to find online network device
  - check for invalid physical address of /proc/kcore when making ELF dumpfile
  - check for invalid physical address of /proc/kcore when finding max_paddr
  - Increase SECTION_MAP_LAST_BIT to 5
* Sun Jun 20 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.22-3
  - selftest: Make test_base_image depends on EXTRA_RPMS
  - selftest: fix the error of misplacing double quotes
  - mkdumprd: display the absolute path of dump location in the check_user_configured_target()
  - Iterate /sys/bus/ccwgroup/devices to tell if we should set up rd.znet
  - Use a customized emergency shell
  - Remove the kdump error handler isolation wrapper
  - Don's try to restart dracut-initqueue if it's already there
  - fix a warning in prepare_kdump_bootinfo()
  - fix the case if no enough total RAM for kdump in get_recommend_size()
  - kdumpctl: Add kdumpctl estimate
  - mkdumprd: make use of the new get_luks_crypt_dev helper
  - introduce a helper to get all crypt dev used by kdump
  - introduce a helper to get underlying crypt device
* Thu May 13 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.22-2
  - Disable CMA in kdump 2nd kernel
  - Warn the user if network scripts are used
  - Set up bond cmdline by "nmcli --get-values"
  - Set up dns cmdline by parsing "nmcli --get-values"
  - Set up s390 znet cmdline by "nmcli --get-values"
  - Add helper to get nmcli connection show cmd by ifname
  - Add helper to get nmcli connection apath by ifname
  - Add helper to get value by field using "nmcli --get-values"
  - Update makedumpfile to 1.6.9
* Tue May 11 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.22-1
  - Update kexec-tools to 2.0.22
  - rd.route should use the name from kdump_setup_ifname
  - get kdump ifname once in kdump_install_net
  - Fix incorrect file permissions of vmcore-dmesg-incomplete.txt
  - Revert "Always set vm.zone_reclaim_mode = 3 in kdump kernel"
  - kdumpctl: fix check_config error when kdump.conf is empty
* Wed Apr 28 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-9
  - Make dracut-squash required for kexec-tools
  - Show write byte size in report messages
  - Add shorthand --show-stats option to show report stats
  - Add --dry-run option to prevent writing the dumpfile
  - fadump: fix dump capture failure to root disk
  - Write to `/var/lib/kdump` if $KDUMP_BOOTDIR not writable
  - Drop dependency on ipcalc
  - Implement IP netmask calculation to replace "ipcalc -m"
  - Don't use die in
  - Don't iterate the whole /sys/devices just to find drm device
* Sat Apr 03 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-8
  - Update eppic to latest upstream snapshot
  - mkdumprd: prompt the user to install nfs-utils when mounting NFS fs failed
  - Fix incorrect permissions on kdump dmesg file
  - Fix incorrect vmcore permissions when dumped through ssh
  - (origin/main) Stop reloading kdump service on CPU hotplug event for FADump
  - Rebuilt for updated systemd-rpm-macros
  - fadump: improve fadump-howto.txt about remote dump target setup
  - kdumpctl: enable secure boot on ppc64le LPARs
  - add dependency on ipcalc
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> - 2.0.21-7
  - Rebuilt for updated systemd-rpm-macros
* Mon Feb 08 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-6
  - Remove trace_buf_size and trace_event from the kernel bootparameters of the kdump kernel
  - introduce functions to return recommened mem size
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0.21-5
  - Rebuilt for
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-4
  - enable ForwardToConsole=yes in fadump mode
  - kdump.conf: add ipv6 example for nfs and ssh dump
  - fix kdump failure of saving vmcore with the scp + ipv6 method
* Wed Jan 20 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-3
  - don't polute the namespace unnecessarily
  - don't source $dracutfunctions
  - logger: source the logger file individually
  - Fix dump_fs mount point detection and fallback mount
  - Revert "Don's try to restart dracut-initqueue if it's already failed"
  - Revert "Append both nofail and x-systemd.before to kdump mount target"
  - Doc: Improve the kdump sysconfig document
  - kdump.conf: Update doc about core_collector for ssh target
  - Merge #4 `Make dracut-squash a weak dep`
  - Fix a date error in the change log
* Fri Jan 08 2021 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-2
  - makedumpfile: make use of '' offset in VMCOREINFO
  - kdumpctl: fix a variable expansion in check_fence_kdump_config()
  - Add BuildRequires: make
  - Save the final failure information to log file if saving vmcore failed
* Wed Dec 23 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.21-1
  - makedumpfile: printk: use committed/finalized state values
  - makedumpfile: printk: add support for lockless ringbuffer
  - Use systemctl call to replace ln_r
  - Doc: improve mkdumprd man page
  - Don's try to restart dracut-initqueue if it's already failed
  - use auto6 for ipv6
* Mon Nov 30 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-21
  - Rebase makedumpfile to 1.6.8
  - fadump-howto: update about 'nocma' and 'off' options for 'fadump=' parameter
  - enable vlan on team interface
  - kdump-lib: Fix get_bind_mount_source to support btrfs and fstab
  - Make get_mount_info work with bind mount
  - Set watchdog's pretimeout to zero in kdump kernel
  - Use a more generic helper to detect omitted dracut module
  - Fix the watchdog drivers detection code
  - Add a helper for detecting watchdog drivers
  - Remove a redundant nfs check
  - kdumpctl: split the driver detection from fs dection function
* Thu Nov 19 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-20
  - selftest: Fix several test issue with Fedora 33
  - selftest: add more detailed log and fix a test failure issue
  - selftest: Update test base image to Fedora 33
  - selftest: Fix qcow2 image format detect
  - selftest: Always use the get_image_fmt helper
  - Doc: improve the usage documentation of the logger
  - Update the kdump sysconfig
  - Capitalize the configuration name of log level
  - Add the rd.kdumploglvl option to control log level in the second kernel
  - Appropriately converts logger numeric level to syslog log level
  - Remove unused log levels for kdump logger
  - Add sanity checks for the log levels
  - Move watchdog detect and install code to
  - Add a helper to omit non-mandatory dracut module
  - Move some dracut module dependencies checks to
  - Add code comments to help better understanding
* Thu Nov 05 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-19
  - Fix comment about ssh dump target
  - mkdumprd: Ensure kdumpbase is added
  - kdump.service: use ConditionKernelCommandLine=crashkernel
  - Revert "Revert "s390x: enable the kexec file load by def
  - increase makdumpfile default message level to 7
  - Fix error when using raw target with opalcore
  - Instead of drop journalctl log, just don't read kmsg
  - Doc: add a documentation for the usage of logger
  - Improve debugging in the kdump kernel
  - kdumpctl: add the '-d' option to enable the kexec loading debugging messages
  - kdump.sysconfig: add the kdump logger configurations
  - enable the logger for kdump
  - introduce the kdump logger from the dracut
  - Rework check_config and warn on any duplicated option
  - (watchdog) detect secure boot on s390
  - Don't drop journalctl content if failure action is "shell"
  - dracut-module-install: Move systemd conf install code to a function
  - selftest: Show the path of dumped vmcore on test end
  - selftest: Add document for selftests
  - selftest: Add basic test framework
  - selftest: Add basic infrastructure to build test image
* Thu Aug 27 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-18
  - mkdumprd: Improve the warning message when using encrypted target
  - Remove is_atomic
  - Refactor kernel image and initrd detection code
  - early-kdump: Use consistent symbol link for kernel and initramfs
  - Add a kernel install hook to clean up kdump initramfs
* Tue Aug 04 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-17
  - Drop static lib dependencies
  - Revert "x86_64: enable the kexec file load by default"
  - Revert "s390x: enable the kexec file load by default"
  - kdumpctl: exit if either pre.d or post.d is missing
  - kdump_pre: make notes more precise
  - exit shell when machine reboot
  - kdumpctl: detect modification of scripts by its directory's timestamp
  - suppress false alarm
  - kexec-tools.spec: make the existence of pre.d and post.d mandatory
  - ppc64/kdump: use kexec_file_load when secureboot is enabled
* Sat Aug 01 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0.20-16
  - Second attempt - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0.20-15
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 01 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-14
  - s390x: enable the kexec file load by default
  - x86_64: enable the kexec file load by default
  - Revert "s390x: add kdump sysconfig option to use the kexec_file_load() syscall"
  - Revert "kdump-lib: switch to the kexec_file_load() syscall on x86_64 by default"
  - kdump.conf: fix a grammar issue
  - man: improve description about /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}interface
  - mkdumprd: Improve the error message for umounted dump target
  - mkdumprd: Fix nfs detection in to_mount
  - Always wrap up call to dracut get_persistent_dev function
  - s390x: add kdump sysconfig option to use the kexec_file_load() syscall
  - mkdumprd: Fix dracut error on multiple extra_modules
  - Fix kdump failure when mount target specified by dracut_args
  - kdump.conf: Specify /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}interface
  - Execute the binary and script filesin /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}
  - kdumpctl: Check the update of the binary and script files in /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}
  - Install files under /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d} into kdump initramfs
  - Drop switch root capability for non fadump initramfs
  - fadump: update fadump-howto.txt with some more troubleshooting help
  - fadump-howto.txt: source it in spec file
  - Don't inherit swiotlb parameter form 1st kernel by default
  - Add "rd.neednet" parameter if network is needed
  - Revert "Add a hook to wait for kdump target in initqueue"
  - kdump.sysconfig: Remove the option 'log_buf_len' from kdump command line
* Fri May 22 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-13
  - Update docs for the new noauto dump target support
  - kexec-kdump-howto.txt: Add some format to the document
  - mkdumprd: generate usable kdump initramfs even target is not mounted
  - User get_mount_info to replace findmnt calls
  - add fstab failback helper for getting mount info
  - Allow calling mkdumprd from kdumpctl even if targat not mounted
  - Add a is_mounted helper
  - Introduce get_kdump_mntpoint_from_target and fix duplicated /
  - Append both nofail and x-systemd.before to kdump mount target
  - Fix the problem that kdump prints redundant /
  - Partially Revert "Don't mount the dump target unless needed"
  - fadump: update fadump-howto.txt with some troubleshooting help
  - Add a new option 'rd.znet_ifname' in order to use it in udev rules
  - Don't unmount the dump target just after saving vmcore
  - fix breakage in get_pcs_fence_kdump_nodes()
  - ensure cluster info is ready before query
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-12
  - Remove adjust_bind_mount_path call
  - No longer treat atomic/silverblue specially
  - mkdumprd: Simplify handling of user specified target
  - mkdumprd: Use get_save_path instead of parsing config
  - Remove is_dump_target_configured
  - improve get_alias()
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-11
  - Fix a potential syntax error
  - Use read_strip_comments to filter the installed kdump.conf
  - kdumpctl: fix driver change detection on latest Fedora
  - kdumpctl: check hostonly-kernel-modules.txt for kernel module
  - Ensure dir exists
  - mkdumprd: Use DUMP_TARGET which printing error message during ssh
  - Fix is_user_configured_dump_target()
  - mkdumprd: Use makedumpfile --check-params option
  - makedumpfile: Introduce --check-params option
  - Improves the early-kdump-howto.txt document in several points:
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-10
  - Add --force option to step 2 in early-kdump-howto.txt
  - Fix typo in early-kdump-howto.txt
  - kexec-tools/module-setup: Ensure eth devices get IP address for VLAN
  - powerpc: enable the scripts to capture dump on POWERNV platform
  - kdump-lib: switch to the kexec_file_load() syscall on x86_64 by default
* Wed Jan 29 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-9
  - Fix building failure
* Wed Jan 29 2020 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-8
  - Update makedumpfile to 1.6.7
  - Add a hook to wait for kdump target in initqueue
  - Always install sed and awk
  - Fix potential ssh/nfs kdump failure of missing "ip" command
  - Fix is_nfs_dump_target
  - Always use get_save_path to get the 'path' option
  - kdump-lib: Don't abuse echo, and clean up
* Sun Dec 29 2019 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-7
  - Fix building failure due to makedumpfile's compile flag
  - mkdumprd: Fix dracut args parsing
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-6
  - kdump-error-handler.service: Remove ExecStopPost
  - mkdumprd: simplify dracut args parsing
  - Always set vm.zone_reclaim_mode = 3 in kdump kernel
  - kdumpctl: make reload fail proof
  - spec: move binaries from /sbin to /usr/sbin
  - Don't execute final_action if failure_action terminates the system
  - Simplify the network setup code
  - mkdumprd: ensure ssh path exists before check size
  - module-setup: re-fix 99kdumpbase network dependency
  - kdumpctl: bail out immediately if host key verification failed
* Tue Oct 15 2019 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-5
  - Don't mount the dump target unless needed
  - kdump-lib: strip grub device from kdump_bootdir
  - Add systemd-udev require.
* Tue Sep 24 2019 Kairui Song <> - 2.0.20-4
  - kdumpctl: echo msg when waiting for connection
  - makedumpfile: Fix inconsistent return value from find_vmemmap()
  - makedumpfile: Fix exclusion range in find_vmemmap_pages()
  - makedumpfile: x86_64: Fix incorrect exclusion by -e option with KASLR
  - kdumpctl: distinguish the failed reason of ssh
  - kexec-kdump-howto.txt: Add notes about device dump
  - Disable device dump by default
  - dracut-module-setup: fix bond ifcfg processing
  - dracut-module-setup: filter out localhost for generic_fence_kdump
  - dracut-module-setup: get localhost alias by manual



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