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Packages beginning with letter L

libabigail-1.0-0.8.rc5.2.fc22 Set of ABI analysis tools linux/s390
libabigail-debuginfo-1.0-0.8.rc5.2.fc22 Debug information for package libabigail linux/s390
libabigail-devel-1.0-0.8.rc5.2.fc22 Shared library and header files to write ABI analysis tools linux/s390
libabigail-doc-1.0-0.8.rc5.2.fc22 Man pages, texinfo files and html manuals of libabigail linux/s390
libburn-1.4.4-1.fc22 Library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs linux/s390
libburn-debuginfo-1.4.4-1.fc22 Debug information for package libburn linux/s390
libburn-devel-1.4.4-1.fc22 Development files for libburn linux/s390
libbytesize-0.2-1.fc22 A library for working with sizes in bytes linux/s390
libbytesize-debuginfo-0.2-1.fc22 Debug information for package libbytesize linux/s390
libbytesize-devel-0.2-1.fc22 Development files for libbytesize linux/s390
libdigidocpp-3.12.2-1.fc22 Library for creating and validating BDoc and DDoc containers linux/s390
libdigidocpp-debuginfo-3.12.2-1.fc22 Debug information for package libdigidocpp linux/s390
libdigidocpp-devel-3.12.2-1.fc22 Development files for libdigidocpp linux/s390
libdigidocpp-doc-3.12.2-1.fc22 Documentation for libdigidocpp linux/s390
libfap-1.5-1.fc22 An APRS parser written in C linux/s390
libfap-debuginfo-1.5-1.fc22 Debug information for package libfap linux/s390
libfap-devel-1.5-1.fc22 Development files for libfap linux/s390
libgcab1-0.6-4.fc22 Library to create Cabinet archives linux/s390
libgcab1-devel-0.6-4.fc22 Development files to create Cabinet archives linux/s390
libgphoto2-2.5.8-1.fc22 Library for accessing digital cameras linux/s390
libgphoto2-debuginfo-2.5.8-1.fc22 Debug information for package libgphoto2 linux/s390
libgphoto2-devel-2.5.8-1.fc22 Headers and links to compile against the libgphoto2 library linux/s390
libimagequant-2.7.1-1.fc22 Small, portable C lib for HQ conversion of RGBA to 8-bit indexed-color linux/s390
libimagequant-devel-2.7.1-1.fc22 Development files for libimagequant linux/s390
libirman-0.5.0-2.fc22 Library for IRMAN hardware linux/s390
libirman-debuginfo-0.5.0-2.fc22 Debug information for package libirman linux/s390
libirman-devel-0.5.0-2.fc22 Development files for libirman linux/s390
libisoburn-1.4.4-1.fc22 Library to enable creation and expansion of ISO-9660 filesystems linux/s390
libisoburn-debuginfo-1.4.4-1.fc22 Debug information for package libisoburn linux/s390
libisoburn-devel-1.4.4-1.fc22 Development files for libisoburn linux/s390
libisofs-1.4.4-1.fc22 Library to create ISO 9660 disk images linux/s390
libisofs-debuginfo-1.4.4-1.fc22 Debug information for package libisofs linux/s390
libisofs-devel-1.4.4-1.fc22 Development files for libisofs linux/s390
libisofs-doc-1.4.4-1.fc22 Documentation files for libisofs linux/noarch
libmediainfo-0.7.87-1.fc22 Library for supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file linux/s390
libmediainfo-debuginfo-0.7.87-1.fc22 Debug information for package libmediainfo linux/s390
libmediainfo-devel-0.7.87-1.fc22 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/s390
libmnl-1.0.4-1.fc22 A minimalistic Netlink library linux/s390
libmnl-debuginfo-1.0.4-1.fc22 Debug information for package libmnl linux/s390
libmnl-devel-1.0.4-1.fc22 Development files for libmnl linux/s390
libmnl-static-1.0.4-1.fc22 Static development files for libmnl linux/s390
libreport-2.6.4-2.fc22 Generic library for reporting various problems linux/s390
libreport-anaconda-2.6.4-2.fc22 Default configuration for reporting anaconda bugs linux/s390
libreport-centos-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's CentOS Bug Tracker workflow linux/s390
libreport-cli-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's command line interface linux/s390
libreport-compat-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's compat layer for obsoleted 'report' package linux/s390
libreport-debuginfo-2.6.4-2.fc22 Debug information for package libreport linux/s390
libreport-devel-2.6.4-2.fc22 Development libraries and headers for libreport linux/s390
libreport-fedora-2.6.4-2.fc22 Default configuration for reporting bugs via Fedora infrastructure linux/s390
libreport-filesystem-2.6.4-2.fc22 Filesystem layout for libreport linux/s390
libreport-gtk-2.6.4-2.fc22 GTK front-end for libreport linux/s390
libreport-gtk-devel-2.6.4-2.fc22 Development libraries and headers for libreport linux/s390
libreport-newt-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's newt interface linux/s390
libreport-plugin-bugzilla-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's bugzilla plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-kerneloops-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's kerneloops reporter plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-logger-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's logger reporter plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-mailx-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's mailx reporter plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-mantisbt-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's mantisbt plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-reportuploader-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's reportuploader plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-rhtsupport-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's RHTSupport plugin linux/s390
libreport-plugin-ureport-2.6.4-2.fc22 libreport's micro report plugin linux/s390
libreport-python-2.6.4-2.fc22 Python bindings for report-libs linux/s390
libreport-python3-2.6.4-2.fc22 Python 3 bindings for report-libs linux/s390
libreport-web-2.6.4-2.fc22 Library providing network API for libreport linux/s390
libreport-web-devel-2.6.4-2.fc22 Development headers for libreport-web linux/s390
libtirpc-0.3.2-5.rc3.fc22 Transport Independent RPC Library linux/s390
libtirpc-debuginfo-0.3.2-5.rc3.fc22 Debug information for package libtirpc linux/s390
libtirpc-devel-0.3.2-5.rc3.fc22 Development files for the libtirpc library linux/s390
lilypond-2.19.45-1.fc22 A typesetting system for music notation linux/s390
lilypond-debuginfo-2.19.45-1.fc22 Debug information for package lilypond linux/s390
lilypond-doc-2.19.45-1.fc22 HTML documentation for LilyPond linux/noarch
lilypond-emmentaler-fonts-2.19.45-1.fc22 Lilypond emmentaler fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-fonts-common-2.19.45-1.fc22 Lilypond fonts common dir linux/noarch
lilypond-texgyre-cursor-fonts-2.19.45-1.fc22 Lilypond texgyrecursor fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-texgyre-heros-fonts-2.19.45-1.fc22 Lilypond texgyreheros fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-texgyre-schola-fonts-2.19.45-1.fc22 Lilypond texgyreschola fonts linux/noarch

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