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Packages beginning with letter X

x11docker-6.9.0-2.fc34 Run GUI applications and desktops in Linux containers linux/noarch
x2goagent- X2Go Server's X2Go Agent linux/aarch64
x2goserver- X2Go Server linux/aarch64
x2goserver-common- X2Go Server (common files) linux/noarch
x2goserver-desktopsharing- X2Go Server (Desktop Sharing support) linux/aarch64
x2goserver-fmbindings- X2Go Server file manager bindings linux/aarch64
x2goserver-printing- X2Go Server printing support linux/aarch64
x2goserver-xsession- X2Go Server Xsession runner linux/noarch
xalan-c-1.12.0-15.fc34 Xalan XSLT processor for C/C++ linux/aarch64
xalan-c-devel-1.12.0-15.fc34 Development files for xalan-c linux/aarch64
xalan-c-doc-1.12.0-15.fc34 Documentation for xalan-c linux/aarch64
xapps-2.2.8-1.fc34 Common files for XApp desktop apps linux/aarch64
xapps-devel-2.2.8-1.fc34 Development files for xapps linux/aarch64
xapps-mate-2.2.8-1.fc34 Mate status applet with HIDPI support linux/aarch64
xarchiver- Archive manager for Xfce linux/aarch64
xca-2.4.0-1.fc34 Graphical X.509 certificate management tool linux/aarch64
xcb-imdkit-1.0.3-3.fc34 Input method development support for xcb linux/aarch64
xcb-imdkit-devel-1.0.3-3.fc34 Development files for xcb-imdkit linux/aarch64
xcfun-2.1.1-4.fc34 A library of approximate exchange-correlation functionals linux/aarch64
xcfun-devel-2.1.1-4.fc34 Development headers and libraries for XCFun linux/aarch64
xclip-0.13-14.git11cba61.fc34 Command line clipboard grabber linux/aarch64
xcompmgr-1.1.8-2.fc34 X11 composite manager linux/aarch64
xdg-desktop-portal-1.8.1-3.fc34 Portal frontend service to flatpak linux/aarch64
xdg-desktop-portal-devel-1.8.1-3.fc34 Development files for xdg-desktop-portal linux/aarch64
xdg-desktop-portal-kde-5.24.4-1.fc34 Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt/KF5 linux/aarch64
xdg-desktop-portal-wlr-0.5.0-1.fc34 xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots linux/aarch64
xdg-utils-1.1.3-9.fc34 Basic desktop integration functions linux/noarch
xdpyinfo-1.3.2-2.fc34 X11 display information utility linux/aarch64
xed-3.2.2-4.fc34 X-Apps [Text] Editor (Cross-DE, backward-compatible, GTK3, traditional UI) linux/aarch64
xed-devel-3.2.2-4.fc34 Files needed to develop plugins for xed linux/aarch64
xed-doc-3.2.2-4.fc34 Documentation files for xed linux/noarch
xemacs-anthy-unicode- XEmacs files for anthy-unicode linux/noarch
xen-4.14.5-1.fc34 Xen is a virtual machine monitor linux/aarch64
xen-devel-4.14.5-1.fc34 Development libraries for Xen tools linux/aarch64
xen-doc-4.14.5-1.fc34 Xen documentation linux/noarch
xen-hypervisor-4.14.5-1.fc34 Libraries for Xen tools linux/aarch64
xen-libs-4.14.5-1.fc34 Libraries for Xen tools linux/aarch64
xen-licenses-4.14.5-1.fc34 License files from Xen source linux/aarch64
xen-ocaml-4.14.5-1.fc34 Ocaml libraries for Xen tools linux/aarch64
xen-ocaml-devel-4.14.5-1.fc34 Ocaml development libraries for Xen tools linux/aarch64
xen-runtime-4.14.5-1.fc34 Core Xen runtime environment linux/aarch64
xeus-1.0.4-1.fc34 C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol linux/aarch64
xeus-devel-1.0.4-1.fc34 C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol linux/aarch64
xev-1.2.4-2.fc34 X Event utility linux/aarch64
xeyes-1.2.0-3.fc34 A follow the mouse X demo linux/aarch64
xfce4-about-4.16.1-1.fc34 Xfce 4 'About' dialog linux/aarch64
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin-1.2.5-1.fc34 CPU monitor for the Xfce panel linux/aarch64
xfce4-notes-plugin-1.9.0-1.fc34 Notes plugin for the Xfce panel linux/aarch64
xfce4-panel-4.16.3-1.fc34 Next generation panel for Xfce linux/aarch64
xfce4-panel-devel-4.16.3-1.fc34 Development headers for xfce4-panel linux/aarch64
xfce4-sensors-plugin-1.4.1-1.fc34 Sensors plugin for the Xfce panel linux/aarch64
xfce4-sensors-plugin-devel-1.4.1-1.fc34 Development files for xfce4-sensors-plugin linux/aarch64
xfce4-session-4.16.0-3.fc34 Xfce session manager linux/aarch64
xfce4-settings-4.16.2-1.fc34 Settings Manager for Xfce linux/aarch64
xfce4-systemload-plugin-1.3.1-1.fc34 Systemload monitor for the Xfce panel linux/aarch64
xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-2.6.2-1.fc34 An alternate application launcher for Xfce linux/aarch64
xfig-3.2.8b-1.fc34 An X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics linux/aarch64
xfontsel-1.0.6-3.fc34 Tool to list X11 core protocol fonts linux/aarch64
xgridloc-1.8.4-1.fc34 A GTK+ application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators linux/aarch64
xhost-1.0.8-1.fc34 Manage hosts or users allowed to connect to the X server linux/aarch64
xiphos-4.2.1-10.fc34 Bible study and research tool linux/aarch64
xkeyboard-config-2.33-1.fc34 X Keyboard Extension configuration data linux/noarch
xkeyboard-config-devel-2.33-1.fc34 Development files for xkeyboard-config linux/noarch
xlog-2.0.22-3.fc34 Logging program for Hamradio Operators linux/aarch64
xlsatoms-1.1.2-2.fc34 X11 atom list utility linux/aarch64
xlsclients-1.1.4-2.fc34 X client list utility linux/aarch64
xlsfonts-1.0.6-2.fc34 X font list utility linux/aarch64
xmlpull-1.2.0-1.fc34 XML Pull Parsing API linux/noarch
xmlpull-javadoc-1.2.0-1.fc34 API documentation for xmlpull linux/noarch
xmlstreambuffer-1.5.10-3.fc34 Stream Based Representation for XML Infoset linux/noarch
xmodmap-1.0.10-1.fc34 Edit and display the X11 core keyboard map linux/aarch64
xmpbox-2.0.24-1.fc34 Apache XmpBox linux/noarch
xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu-21.0.0-1.fc34 AMD GPU video driver linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-drv-libinput-1.0.1-1.fc34 Xorg X11 libinput input driver linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-drv-libinput-devel-1.0.1-1.fc34 Xorg X11 libinput input driver development package. linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-drv-nouveau-1.0.17-1.fc34 Xorg X11 nouveau video driver for NVIDIA graphics chipsets linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi-7.5-31.fc34 A set of 100dpi resolution fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi-7.5-31.fc34 A set of 75dpi resolution fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi-7.5-31.fc34 A set of 100dpi ISO-8859-1 fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi-7.5-31.fc34 A set of 75dpi ISO-8859-1 fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-14-100dpi-7.5-31.fc34 ISO8859-14-100dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-14-75dpi-7.5-31.fc34 ISO8859-14-75dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-15-100dpi-7.5-31.fc34 ISO8859-15-100dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-15-75dpi-7.5-31.fc34 ISO8859-15-75dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-2-100dpi-7.5-31.fc34 A set of 100dpi Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-2-75dpi-7.5-31.fc34 A set of 75dpi Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-9-100dpi-7.5-31.fc34 ISO8859-9-100dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-9-75dpi-7.5-31.fc34 ISO8859-9-75dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-Type1-7.5-31.fc34 Type1 fonts provided by the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-cyrillic-7.5-31.fc34 Cyrillic fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ethiopic-7.5-31.fc34 Ethiopic fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-misc-7.5-31.fc34 misc bitmap fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-proto-devel-2021.4-1.fc34 X.Org X11 Protocol headers linux/noarch
xorg-x11-server-Xdmx-1.20.14-3.fc34 Distributed Multihead X Server and utilities linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-Xephyr-1.20.14-3.fc34 A nested server linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-Xnest-1.20.14-3.fc34 A nested server linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-Xorg-1.20.14-3.fc34 Xorg X server linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-Xvfb-1.20.14-3.fc34 A X Windows System virtual framebuffer X server linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-Xwayland-21.1.4-1.fc34 Xwayland linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-Xwayland-devel-21.1.4-1.fc34 Development package linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-common-1.20.14-3.fc34 Xorg server common files linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-devel-1.20.14-3.fc34 SDK for X server driver module development linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-server-source-1.20.14-3.fc34 Xserver source code required to build VNC server (Xvnc) linux/noarch
xorg-x11-xinit-1.4.0-10.fc34 X.Org X11 X Window System xinit startup scripts linux/aarch64
xorg-x11-xinit-session-1.4.0-10.fc34 Display manager support for ~/.xsession and ~/.Xclients linux/aarch64
xorgxrdp-0.2.18-1.fc34 Implementation of xrdp backend as Xorg modules linux/aarch64
xorriso-1.5.4-2.fc34 ISO-9660 and Rock Ridge image manipulation tool linux/aarch64
xournalpp-1.1.1-1.fc34 Handwriting note-taking software linux/aarch64
xournalpp-plugins-1.1.1-1.fc34 Default plugin for xournalpp linux/noarch
xournalpp-ui-1.1.1-1.fc34 User interface for xournalpp linux/noarch
xpanes-4.1.3-1.fc34 Awesome tmux-based terminal divider linux/noarch
xpdf-4.04-1.fc34 A PDF file viewer for the X Window System linux/aarch64
xpdf-devel-4.04-1.fc34 Development files for xpdf libraries linux/aarch64
xpra-4.3.2-1.fc34 Remote display server for applications and desktops linux/aarch64
xpra-udev-4.3.2-1.fc34 xpra udev files linux/aarch64
xprop-1.2.3-2.fc34 X property display utility linux/aarch64
xq-0.0.7-3.fc34 Command line XML beautifier and content extractor. Similar to jq linux/aarch64
xrdb-1.2.0-1.fc34 X server resource database utility linux/aarch64
xrdcl-http-5.4.2-1.fc34 HTTP client plugin for XRootD linux/aarch64
xrdp-0.9.19-1.fc34 Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server linux/aarch64
xrdp-devel-0.9.19-1.fc34 Headers and pkg-config files needed to compile xrdp backends linux/aarch64
xrdp-selinux-0.9.19-1.fc34 SELinux policy module required tu run xrdp linux/aarch64
xreader-3.2.2-1.fc34 Simple document viewer linux/aarch64
xreader-data-3.2.2-1.fc34 Support files for the xreader document viewer linux/noarch
xreader-devel-3.2.2-1.fc34 Development files for xreader linux/aarch64
xreader-doc-3.2.2-1.fc34 Documentation files for xreader linux/noarch
xreader-libs-3.2.2-1.fc34 xreader document viewer libraries linux/aarch64
xreader-thumbnailer-3.2.2-1.fc34 System thumbnailer using xreader libraries linux/aarch64
xrefresh-1.0.6-3.fc34 Refresh all or part of an X screen linux/aarch64
xrestrict-0.8.0-2.20160730git35a944a.fc34 A utility to modify the "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" of an XInput2 device linux/aarch64
xrootd-5.4.2-1.fc34 Extended ROOT file server linux/aarch64
xrootd-ceph-5.4.2-1.fc34 XRootD plugin for interfacing with the Ceph storage platform linux/aarch64
xrootd-client-5.4.2-1.fc34 Xrootd command line client tools linux/aarch64
xrootd-client-devel-5.4.2-1.fc34 Development files for xrootd clients linux/aarch64
xrootd-client-libs-5.4.2-1.fc34 Libraries used by xrootd clients linux/aarch64
xrootd-devel-5.4.2-1.fc34 Development files for xrootd linux/aarch64
xrootd-doc-5.4.2-1.fc34 Developer documentation for the xrootd libraries linux/noarch
xrootd-fuse-5.4.2-1.fc34 Xrootd FUSE tool linux/aarch64
xrootd-libs-5.4.2-1.fc34 Libraries used by xrootd servers and clients linux/aarch64
xrootd-private-devel-5.4.2-1.fc34 Private xrootd headers linux/aarch64
xrootd-scitokens-5.4.2-1.fc34 SciTokens authorization support for XRootD linux/aarch64
xrootd-selinux-5.4.2-1.fc34 SELinux policy module for the xrootd server linux/noarch
xrootd-server-5.4.2-1.fc34 Xrootd server daemons linux/aarch64
xrootd-server-devel-5.4.2-1.fc34 Development files for xrootd servers linux/aarch64
xrootd-server-libs-5.4.2-1.fc34 Libraries used by xrootd servers linux/aarch64
xrootd-voms-5.4.2-1.fc34 VOMS attribute extractor plugin for XRootD linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-6.03-1.fc34 X screen saver and locker linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-base-6.03-1.fc34 A minimal installation of xscreensaver linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-extras-6.03-1.fc34 An enhanced set of screensavers linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-extras-base-6.03-1.fc34 A base package for screensavers linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-extras-gss-6.03-1.fc34 Desktop files of extras for other screensaver linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-gl-base-6.03-1.fc34 A base package for screensavers that require OpenGL linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-gl-extras-6.03-1.fc34 An enhanced set of screensavers that require OpenGL linux/aarch64
xscreensaver-gl-extras-gss-6.03-1.fc34 Desktop files of gl-extras for other screensaver linux/aarch64
xsettingsd-1.0.2-1.fc34 Provides settings to X11 clients via the XSETTINGS specification linux/aarch64
xsnow-3.4.4-1.fc34 Let it snow on your desktop linux/aarch64
xstdcmap-1.0.4-4.fc34 Utility to define standard colormap properties linux/aarch64
xstream-1.4.19-1.fc34 Java XML serialization library linux/noarch
xstream-benchmark-1.4.19-1.fc34 Benchmark module for xstream linux/noarch
xstream-javadoc-1.4.19-1.fc34 API documentation for xstream linux/noarch
xtb-6.4.1-2.fc34 Semiempirical Extended Tight-Binding Program Package linux/aarch64
xtb-data-6.4.1-2.fc34 Data files for xtb linux/noarch
xtb-devel-6.4.1-2.fc34 Development headers for xtb linux/aarch64
xtb-libs-6.4.1-2.fc34 Shared libraries for xtb linux/aarch64
xterm-371-1.fc34 Terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/aarch64
xterm-resize-371-1.fc34 Set environment and terminal settings to current window size linux/aarch64
xtide-2.15.5-1.fc34 Calculate tide all over the world linux/aarch64
xtide-common-2.15.5-1.fc34 Xtide common files linux/noarch
xtl-devel-0.7.3-1.fc34 QuantStack tools library linux/aarch64
xtl-doc-0.7.3-1.fc34 QuantStack tools library linux/aarch64
xvinfo-1.1.3-2.fc34 X video extension query utility linux/aarch64
xwininfo-1.1.5-2.fc34 X window info utility linux/aarch64
xxhash-0.8.1-1.fc34 Extremely fast hash algorithm linux/aarch64
xxhash-devel-0.8.1-1.fc34 Extremely fast hash algorithm - development files linux/aarch64
xxhash-doc-0.8.1-1.fc34 Extremely fast hash algorithm - documentation files linux/noarch
xxhash-libs-0.8.1-1.fc34 Extremely fast hash algorithm - library linux/aarch64
xz-5.2.5-9.fc34 LZMA compression utilities linux/aarch64
xz-devel-5.2.5-9.fc34 Devel libraries & headers for liblzma linux/aarch64
xz-libs-5.2.5-9.fc34 Libraries for decoding LZMA compression linux/aarch64
xz-lzma-compat-5.2.5-9.fc34 Older LZMA format compatibility binaries linux/aarch64
xz-static-5.2.5-9.fc34 Statically linked library for decoding LZMA compression linux/aarch64

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