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cpio-2.13-6.fc32 RPM for aarch64

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Name: cpio Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.13 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 6.fc32 Build date: Fri Jul 3 14:16:22 2020
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 1147055 Source RPM: cpio-2.13-6.fc32.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: A GNU archiving program
GNU cpio copies files into or out of a cpio or tar archive.  Archives
are files which contain a collection of other files plus information
about them, such as their file name, owner, timestamps, and access
permissions.  The archive can be another file on the disk, a magnetic
tape, or a pipe.  GNU cpio supports the following archive formats:  binary,
old ASCII, new ASCII, crc, HPUX binary, HPUX old ASCII, old tar and POSIX.1
tar.  By default, cpio creates binary format archives, so that they are
compatible with older cpio programs.  When it is extracting files from
archives, cpio automatically recognizes which kind of archive it is reading
and can read archives created on machines with a different byte-order.

Install cpio if you need a program to manage file archives.






* Mon Jun 15 2020 Ondrej Dubaj <> - 2.13-6
  - Extract: retain times for symlinks (#1486364)
* Tue Apr 07 2020 Ondrej Dubaj <> - 2.13-5.1
  - Release bump due to testing of gating
* Wed Feb 05 2020 Petr Kubat <> - 2.13-4
  - Revert fix for CVE-2015-1197 as it causes shutdown issues (#1797163)
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Than Ngo <> - 2.13-3
  - Fix multiple definition of program_name
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.13-2
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Nov 06 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> - 2.13-1
  - new upstream release, per release notes
* Wed Jul 24 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.12-12
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> - 2.12-11
  - admit that we bundle paxutils project
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.12-10
  - Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 12 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.12-9
  - Rebuilt for



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