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Packages beginning with letter X

XStatic-Angular-common- Common files for XStatic-Angular (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
XStatic-Magic-Search-common- Xstatic-Magic-Search common files linux/noarch
Xaw3d-1.6.3-6.fc35 A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X linux/ppc64le
Xaw3d-devel-1.6.3-6.fc35 Header files and libraries for development using Xaw3d linux/ppc64le
x-tile-3.3-4.fc35 A GTK application to tile windows in different ways linux/noarch
x11-ssh-askpass- A passphrase dialog for X and not only for OpenSSH linux/ppc64le
x11docker-6.9.0-3.fc35 Run GUI applications and desktops in Linux containers linux/noarch
x11perf-1.6.1-3.fc35 X11 server performance test program linux/ppc64le
x11trace-1.3.1-21.fc35 A program for X11 protocol tracing linux/ppc64le
x11vnc-0.9.16-7.fc35 VNC server for the current X11 session linux/ppc64le
x2goagent- X2Go Server's X2Go Agent linux/ppc64le
x2goclient- X2Go Client application linux/ppc64le
x2godesktopsharing- Share X11 desktops with other users via X2Go linux/ppc64le
x2goserver- X2Go Server linux/ppc64le
x2goserver-common- X2Go Server (common files) linux/noarch
x2goserver-desktopsharing- X2Go Server (Desktop Sharing support) linux/ppc64le
x2goserver-fmbindings- X2Go Server file manager bindings linux/ppc64le
x2goserver-printing- X2Go Server printing support linux/ppc64le
x2goserver-xsession- X2Go Server Xsession runner linux/noarch
x3270-4.0ga14-3.fc35 An X Window System based IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator linux/ppc64le
x3270-text-4.0ga14-3.fc35 IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator for text mode linux/ppc64le
x3270-x11-4.0ga14-3.fc35 IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/ppc64le
x509viewer-0.1.0-10.fc35 Simple tool to decode X.509 certificates linux/noarch
x509watch-0.6.1-11.fc35 Simple tool to list expiring or expired X.509 certificates linux/noarch
xa-2.3.11-6.fc35 6502/65816 cross-assembler linux/ppc64le
xalan-c-1.12.0-13.fc35 Xalan XSLT processor for C/C++ linux/ppc64le
xalan-c-devel-1.12.0-13.fc35 Development files for xalan-c linux/ppc64le
xalan-c-doc-1.12.0-13.fc35 Documentation for xalan-c linux/ppc64le
xalan-j2-2.7.2-9.fc35 Java XSLT processor linux/noarch
xalan-j2-manual-2.7.2-9.fc35 Manual for xalan-j2 linux/noarch
xalan-j2-xsltc-2.7.2-9.fc35 XSLT compiler linux/noarch
xaos-3.6-15.fc35 A fast, portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer linux/ppc64le
xapian-bindings-1.4.18-4.fc35 Bindings for the Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library linux/ppc64le
xapian-bindings-ruby-1.4.18-4.fc35 Files needed for developing Ruby scripts which use Xapian linux/ppc64le
xapian-core-1.4.18-3.fc35 The Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library linux/ppc64le
xapian-core-devel-1.4.18-3.fc35 Files needed for building packages which use Xapian linux/ppc64le
xapian-core-libs-1.4.18-3.fc35 Xapian search engine libraries linux/ppc64le
xapps-2.2.2-2.fc35 Common files for XApp desktop apps linux/ppc64le
xapps-devel-2.2.2-2.fc35 Development files for xapps linux/ppc64le
xapps-mate-2.2.2-2.fc35 Mate status applet with HIDPI support linux/ppc64le
xarchiver- Archive manager for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xastir-2.1.4-11.fc35 Amateur Station Tracking and Reporting system for amateur radio linux/ppc64le
xautolock-2.2-30.fc35 Launches a program when your X session has been idle linux/ppc64le
xautomation-1.09-5.fc35 Tools to automate tasks in X, even detecting on screen images linux/ppc64le
xawtv-3.107-5.fc35 TV applications for video4linux compliant devices linux/ppc64le
xawtv-motv-3.107-5.fc35 MoTV Analog Television Viewer linux/ppc64le
xawtv-mtt-3.107-5.fc35 Analog TV Teletext viewing application linux/ppc64le
xbacklight-1.2.3-4.fc35 Adjust backlight brightness using RandR linux/ppc64le
xbae-4.60.4-33.fc35 Motif matrix, caption and text input widgets linux/ppc64le
xbae-devel-4.60.4-33.fc35 Development files for xbae linux/ppc64le
xbanish-1.7-3.fc35 Banish the mouse cursor when typing, show it again when the mouse moves linux/ppc64le
xbar-0.0.1-2.fc35 Tiny XCB information bar linux/ppc64le
xbase-3.1.2-25.fc35 XBase compatible database library linux/ppc64le
xbase-devel-3.1.2-25.fc35 XBase development libraries and headers linux/ppc64le
xbase-utils-3.1.2-25.fc35 XBase utilities / tools linux/ppc64le
xbean-4.18-4.fc35 Java plugin based web server linux/noarch
xbean-javadoc-4.18-4.fc35 API documentation for xbean linux/noarch
xbg-0.0.2-2.fc35 Tiny XCB root window color setter linux/ppc64le
xbindkeys-1.8.7-3.fc35 Binds keys or mouse buttons to shell commands under X linux/ppc64le
xbiso-0.6.1-26.fc35 ISO extraction utility for xdvdfs images linux/ppc64le
xblas-1.0.248-24.fc35 Extra Precise Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines linux/ppc64le
xblas-devel-1.0.248-24.fc35 Development files for xblas linux/ppc64le
xblast-2.10.4-33.fc35 Lay bombs and Blast the other players of the field (SDL version) linux/ppc64le
xblast-common-2.10.4-33.fc35 Files common to both the X11 and SDL version of XBlast linux/ppc64le
xblast-data-2.10.0-24.fc35 Data files for the game xblast linux/noarch
xblast-x11-2.10.4-33.fc35 Lay bombs and Blast the other players of the field (X11 version) linux/ppc64le
xboard-4.9.1-14.fc35 An X Window System graphical chessboard linux/ppc64le
xbsql-0.11-40.fc35 A SQL wrapper for xbase linux/ppc64le
xbsql-devel-0.11-40.fc35 XBSQL development libraries and headers linux/ppc64le
xca-2.3.0-4.fc35 Graphical X.509 certificate management tool linux/ppc64le
xcalc-1.1.0-6.fc35 Scientific Calculator X11 Client linux/ppc64le
xcalib-0.8-28.fc35 Tiny monitor calibration loader for linux/ppc64le
xcat-1.0.4-6.fc35 A command line tool to explore blind XPath injection vulnerabilities linux/noarch
xcb-imdkit-1.0.3-2.fc35 Input method development support for xcb linux/ppc64le
xcb-imdkit-devel-1.0.3-2.fc35 Development files for xcb-imdkit linux/ppc64le
xcb-proto-1.14.1-4.fc35 XCB protocol descriptions linux/noarch
xcb-util-0.4.0-18.fc35 Convenience libraries sitting on top of libxcb linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3-13.fc35 Cursor library on top of libxcb linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-cursor-devel-0.1.3-13.fc35 Development and header files for xcb-util-cursos linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-devel-0.4.0-18.fc35 Development and header files for xcb-util linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-image-0.4.0-18.fc35 Port of Xlib's XImage and XShmImage functions on top of libxcb linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-image-devel-0.4.0-18.fc35 Development and header files for xcb-util-image linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-keysyms-0.4.0-16.fc35 Standard X key constants and keycodes conversion on top of libxcb linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-keysyms-devel-0.4.0-16.fc35 Development and header files for xcb-util-keysyms linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-renderutil-0.3.9-19.fc35 Convenience functions for the Render extension linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-renderutil-devel-0.3.9-19.fc35 Development and header files for xcb-util-renderutil linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-wm-0.4.1-21.fc35 Client and window-manager helper library on top of libxcb linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-wm-devel-0.4.1-21.fc35 Development and header files for xcb-util-vm linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-xrm-1.3-8.fc35 XCB utility functions for the X resource manager linux/ppc64le
xcb-util-xrm-devel-1.3-8.fc35 Development files for xcb-util-xrm linux/ppc64le
xcf-pixbuf-loader-0.0.1-29.20120530gitb037c59.fc35 XCF (GIMP) image loader for GTK+ applications linux/ppc64le
xcfun-2.1.1-4.fc35 A library of approximate exchange-correlation functionals linux/ppc64le
xcfun-devel-2.1.1-4.fc35 Development headers and libraries for XCFun linux/ppc64le
xchm-1.23-20.fc35 A GUI front-end to CHMlib linux/ppc64le
xcircuit-3.10.30-3.fc35 Electronic circuit schematic drawing program linux/ppc64le
xclip-0.13-15.git11cba61.fc35 Command line clipboard grabber linux/ppc64le
xclipboard-1.1.3-3.fc35 Utility to collect and display text selections linux/ppc64le
xclock-1.0.9-3.fc35 The classic X Window System clock utility linux/ppc64le
xcompmgr-1.1.8-3.fc35 X11 composite manager linux/ppc64le
xconvers-0.8.3-28.fc35 Ham radio convers client similar to IRC for X/GTK linux/ppc64le
xcowsay-1.5.1-3.fc35 Displays a cute cow and message on your desktop linux/ppc64le
xcursorgen-1.0.7-3.fc35 Prepare X11 cursor sets for use with libXcursor linux/ppc64le
xdaliclock-2.43-13.fc35 A clock for the X Window System linux/ppc64le
xde-menu-0.12-4.fc35 Menu system for the X Desktop Environment linux/ppc64le
xdelta-3.1.0-13.fc35 A binary file delta generator linux/ppc64le
xdemorse-3.5-9.fc35 GTK based application for decoding and displaying Morse code signals linux/ppc64le
xdesktopwaves-1.4-6.fc35 Simulation of water waves on the X Window System desktop linux/ppc64le
xdffileio-0.3-14.fc35 Unified interface to read/write EEG file format in realtime linux/ppc64le
xdffileio-devel-0.3-14.fc35 Development files for xdffileio linux/ppc64le
xdg-dbus-proxy-0.1.2-5.fc35 Filtering proxy for D-Bus connections linux/ppc64le
xdg-desktop-portal-1.10.1-1.fc35 Portal frontend service to flatpak linux/ppc64le
xdg-desktop-portal-devel-1.10.1-1.fc35 Development files for xdg-desktop-portal linux/ppc64le
xdg-desktop-portal-gnome-41.1-1.fc35 Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using GNOME linux/ppc64le
xdg-desktop-portal-gtk-1.10.0-1.fc35 Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using GTK+ linux/ppc64le
xdg-desktop-portal-kde-5.22.5-1.fc35 Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt/KF5 linux/ppc64le
xdg-desktop-portal-wlr-0.4.0-2.fc35 xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots linux/ppc64le
xdg-user-dirs-0.17-9.fc35 Handles user special directories linux/ppc64le
xdg-user-dirs-gtk-0.10-21.fc35 Gnome integration of special directories linux/ppc64le
xdg-utils-1.1.3-10.fc35 Basic desktop integration functions linux/noarch
xdialog-2.3.1-29.fc35 X11 drop in replacement for cdialog linux/ppc64le
xdms-1.3.2-28.fc35 Extracts Amiga DMS archives linux/ppc64le
xdotool-3.20160805.1-4.fc35 Fake keyboard/mouse input linux/ppc64le
xdp-tools-1.2.0-2.fc35 Utilities and example programs for use with XDP linux/ppc64le
xdpyinfo-1.3.2-3.fc35 X11 display information utility linux/ppc64le
xdrawchem-1.10.2-5.fc35 2D chemical structures drawing tool linux/ppc64le
xed-3.0.2-2.fc35 X-Apps [Text] Editor (Cross-DE, backward-compatible, GTK3, traditional UI) linux/ppc64le
xed-devel-3.0.2-2.fc35 Files needed to develop plugins for xed linux/ppc64le
xed-doc-3.0.2-2.fc35 Documentation files for xed linux/noarch
xedit-1.2.2-14.fc35 Simple text editor for X linux/ppc64le
xemacs-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 Different version of Emacs linux/ppc64le
xemacs-anthy-unicode- XEmacs files for anthy-unicode linux/noarch
xemacs-common-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 Lisp files and other common files for XEmacs linux/ppc64le
xemacs-ddskk-16.2-10.fc35 Compiled elisp files to run Daredevil SKK under XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-devel-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 Development files for XEmacs linux/ppc64le
xemacs-filesystem-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 XEmacs filesystem layout linux/noarch
xemacs-info-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 XEmacs documentation in GNU texinfo format linux/noarch
xemacs-nox-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 Different version of Emacs built without X Windows support linux/ppc64le
xemacs-packages-base-20190327-5.fc35 Base lisp packages for XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-packages-base-el-20190327-5.fc35 Emacs lisp source files for the base lisp packages for XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-packages-extra-20200216-7.fc35 Collection of XEmacs lisp packages linux/noarch
xemacs-packages-extra-el-20200216-7.fc35 Emacs lisp source files for XEmacs packages collection linux/noarch
xemacs-packages-extra-info-20200216-7.fc35 XEmacs packages documentation in GNU texinfo format linux/noarch
xemacs-riece-8.0.0-19.fc35 Compiled elisp files to run Riece under XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-tuareg-2.2.0-7.fc35 Compiled elisp files to run Tuareg-mode under XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-w3m-1.4.631-0.8.20180618cvs.fc35 Compiled elisp files to run Emacs-w3m Under XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-xft-21.5.34-41.20200331hge2ac728aa576.fc35 Different version of Emacs built with Xft/fontconfig support linux/ppc64le
xenlism-wildfire-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Minimalist theme for your desktop linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-backgrounds-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Backgrounds of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-day-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Day theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-friday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Friday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-midnight-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Midnight theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-monday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Monday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-night-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Night theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-saturday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Saturday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-sunday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Sunday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-thursday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Thursday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-tuesday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Tuesday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xenlism-wildfire-wednesday-0-0.11.20160511gitd3b9ad2.fc35 Wednesday theme of Xenlism Wildfire linux/noarch
xerces-c-3.2.3-4.fc35 Validating XML Parser linux/ppc64le
xerces-c-devel-3.2.3-4.fc35 Header files, libraries and development documentation for xerces-c linux/ppc64le
xerces-c-doc-3.2.3-4.fc35 Documentation for Xerces-C++ validating XML parser linux/noarch
xerces-j2-2.12.1-5.fc35 Java XML parser linux/noarch
xerces-j2-demo-2.12.1-5.fc35 Demonstrations and samples for xerces-j2 linux/noarch
xerces-j2-javadoc-2.12.1-5.fc35 Javadocs for xerces-j2 linux/noarch
xeus-2.0.0-2.fc35 C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol linux/ppc64le
xeus-devel-2.0.0-2.fc35 C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol linux/ppc64le
xev-1.2.4-3.fc35 X Event utility linux/ppc64le
xeyes-1.2.0-3.fc35 A follow the mouse X demo linux/ppc64le
xfburn-0.6.2-5.fc35 Simple CD burning tool for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce-polkit-0.3-7.fc35 Simple PolicyKit authentication agent for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce-theme-manager-0.3.8-7.fc35 A theme manager for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce4-about-4.16.1-1.fc35 Xfce 4 'About' dialog linux/ppc64le
xfce4-appfinder-4.16.1-3.fc35 Appfinder for the Xfce4 Desktop Environment linux/ppc64le
xfce4-battery-plugin-1.1.4-2.fc35 Battery monitor for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-calculator-plugin-0.7.1-8.fc35 A calculator plugin for the Xfce4 panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-clipman-plugin-1.6.2-3.fc35 Clipboard manager plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-cpufreq-plugin-1.2.5-2.fc35 CPU frequency scaling plugin for the Xfce4 panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin-1.2.3-2.fc35 CPU monitor for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-datetime-plugin-0.8.1-3.fc35 Date/time plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-dev-tools-4.16.0-3.fc35 Xfce developer tools linux/ppc64le
xfce4-dict-0.8.4-3.fc35 A Dictionary Client for the Xfce desktop environment linux/ppc64le
xfce4-dict-plugin-0.8.4-3.fc35 Xfce panel plugin to query a Dict server linux/ppc64le
xfce4-diskperf-plugin-2.6.3-3.fc35 Disk performance plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-equake-plugin- Plugin for the XFCE panel which monitors earthquakes linux/ppc64le
xfce4-eyes-plugin-4.5.1-4.fc35 Eyes for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-fsguard-plugin-1.1.2-3.fc35 Filesystem-Guard plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-genmon-plugin-4.1.1-3.fc35 Generic monitor plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-mailwatch-plugin-1.3.0-3.fc35 Mail Watcher plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-mount-plugin-1.1.5-3.fc35 Mount/unmount utility for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-mpc-plugin-0.5.2-5.fc35 MPD client for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-netload-plugin-1.4.0-2.fc35 Network-load monitor for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-notes-plugin-1.9.0-3.fc35 Notes plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-notifyd-0.6.2-3.fc35 Simple notification daemon for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce4-panel-4.16.3-2.fc35 Next generation panel for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce4-panel-devel-4.16.3-2.fc35 Development headers for xfce4-panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-panel-profiles-1.0.13-2.fc35 A simple application to manage Xfce panel layouts linux/noarch
xfce4-places-plugin-1.8.1-6.fc35 Places menu for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-power-manager-4.16.0-3.fc35 Power management for the Xfce desktop environment linux/ppc64le
xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin-0.4.3-6.fc35 Pulseaudio plugin for Xfce4 linux/ppc64le
xfce4-screensaver-4.16.0-3.fc35 Screensaver application for Xfce Desktop linux/ppc64le
xfce4-screenshooter-1.9.8-3.fc35 Screenshot utility for the Xfce desktop linux/ppc64le
xfce4-screenshooter-plugin-1.9.8-3.fc35 Screenshot utility for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-sensors-plugin-1.4.1-1.fc35 Sensors plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-sensors-plugin-devel-1.4.1-1.fc35 Development files for xfce4-sensors-plugin linux/ppc64le
xfce4-session-4.16.0-4.fc35 Xfce session manager linux/ppc64le
xfce4-settings-4.16.2-2.fc35 Settings Manager for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin-0.5.2-3.fc35 Smart bookmarks for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin-0.2.2-5.fc35 Panel area status notifier plugin for Xfce4 linux/ppc64le
xfce4-systemload-plugin-1.3.1-2.fc35 Systemload monitor for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-taskmanager-1.4.2-2.fc35 Taskmanager for the Xfce desktop environment linux/ppc64le
xfce4-terminal-0.8.10-3.fc35 Terminal Emulator for the Xfce Desktop environment linux/ppc64le
xfce4-time-out-plugin-1.1.2-2.fc35 Xfce panel plugin for taking breaks from the computer linux/ppc64le
xfce4-timer-plugin-1.7.1-5.fc35 Timer for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-vala-4.10.3-33.fc35 Vala bindings for the Xfce framework linux/noarch
xfce4-verve-plugin-2.0.1-3.fc35 Comfortable command line plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-volumed-0.2.3-28.fc35 Daemon to add additional functionality to the volume keys of the keyboard linux/ppc64le
xfce4-wavelan-plugin-0.6.2-3.fc35 WaveLAN plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-weather-plugin-0.11.0-2.fc35 Weather plugin for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-2.6.0-1.fc35 An alternate application launcher for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfce4-xkb-plugin-0.8.2-3.fc35 XKB layout switcher for the Xfce panel linux/ppc64le
xfconf-4.16.0-5.fc35 Hierarchical configuration system for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfconf-devel-4.16.0-5.fc35 Development tools for xfconf linux/ppc64le
xfdashboard-0.8.1-2.fc35 GNOME shell like dashboard for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfdashboard-devel-0.8.1-2.fc35 Devel files for xfdashboard linux/ppc64le
xfdashboard-themes-0.8.1-2.fc35 Themes for xfdashboard linux/ppc64le
xfdesktop-4.16.0-4.fc35 Desktop manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/ppc64le
xfe-1.44-2.fc35 X File Explorer File Manager linux/ppc64le
xfe-theme-1.44-2.fc35 Extra theme files for xfe linux/noarch
xfhell-3.5.1-4.fc35 GTK based Ham Radio application for the Hellschreiber communications mode linux/ppc64le
xfig-3.2.8a-2.fc35 An X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics linux/ppc64le
xflr5-6.47-9.fc35 Analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes linux/ppc64le
xfmpc-0.3.0-6.fc35 A MPD client for the Xfce desktop environment linux/ppc64le
xfoil-6.99-15.fc35 Subsonic Airfoil Development System linux/ppc64le
xfontsel-1.0.6-11.fc35 Tool to list X11 core protocol fonts linux/ppc64le
xforms-1.2.4-19.fc35 XForms toolkit library linux/ppc64le
xforms-devel-1.2.4-19.fc35 Development files for the XForms toolkit library linux/ppc64le
xforms-doc-1.2.4-19.fc35 XForms documentation linux/noarch
xfpanel-switch-1.0.7-9.fc35 A simple application to manage Xfce panel layouts linux/noarch
xfsdump-3.1.9-5.fc35 Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem linux/ppc64le
xfsprogs-5.12.0-2.fc35 Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem linux/ppc64le
xfsprogs-devel-5.12.0-2.fc35 XFS filesystem-specific headers linux/ppc64le
xfsprogs-xfs_scrub-5.12.0-2.fc35 XFS filesystem online scrubbing utilities linux/ppc64le
xfwm4-4.16.1-4.fc35 Next generation window manager for Xfce linux/ppc64le
xfwm4-themes-4.10.0-17.fc35 Additional themes for xfwm4 linux/noarch
xgalaxy-2.0.34-36.fc35 Arcade game: shoot down the space ships attacking the planet linux/ppc64le
xgamma-1.0.6-3.fc35 X utility to query and alter the gamma correction of a monitor linux/ppc64le
xgap-4.30-9.fc35 GUI for GAP linux/ppc64le
xgap-doc-4.30-9.fc35 XGap documentation linux/noarch
xgnokii-0.6.31-34.fc35 Graphical Linux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phones linux/ppc64le
xgrav-1.2.0-29.fc35 A simple physics simulation for a large number of particles linux/ppc64le
xgrep-0.08-16.fc35 A grep-like utility for XML files linux/ppc64le
xgridloc-1.8.4-2.fc35 A GTK+ application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators linux/ppc64le
xguest-1.0.10-44.fc35 Creates xguest user as a locked down user linux/noarch
xhost-1.0.8-2.fc35 Manage hosts or users allowed to connect to the X server linux/ppc64le
xhtml1-dtds-1.0-20020801.13.fc35.11 XHTML 1.0 document type definitions linux/noarch
xhtml2fo-style-xsl-20051222-23.fc35 Antenna House, Inc. XHTML to XSL:FO stylesheets linux/noarch
xhtml2ps-1.0-0.41.b7.fc35 GUI front-end for html2ps linux/noarch
xinput-1.6.3-3.fc35 Utility to query X Input devices linux/ppc64le
xiphos-4.2.1-11.fc35 Bible study and research tool linux/ppc64le
xisxwayland-1-2.fc35 Tool to check if the X server is XWayland linux/ppc64le
xjparse-1.0-25.fc35 Wrapper for the Xerces XML Schema validator linux/noarch
xkb-switch-1.8.5-2.fc35 Switch your X keyboard layouts from the command line linux/ppc64le
xkbcomp-1.4.5-2.fc35 XKB keymap compiler linux/ppc64le
xkbcomp-devel-1.4.5-2.fc35 XKB keymap compiler development package linux/ppc64le
xkbset-0.5-21.fc35 Tool to configure XKB extensions linux/ppc64le
xkeyboard-config-2.33-2.fc35 X Keyboard Extension configuration data linux/noarch
xkeyboard-config-devel-2.33-2.fc35 Development files for xkeyboard-config linux/noarch
xkeycaps-2.46-30.fc35 Graphical front end to xmodmap linux/ppc64le
xkill-1.0.5-3.fc35 Utility to force-close an X client's connection linux/ppc64le
xl2tpd-1.3.16-2.fc35 Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon (RFC 2661) linux/ppc64le
xlcrack-1.2-25.fc35 Recover lost and forgotten passwords from XLS files linux/ppc64le
xload-1.1.3-3.fc35 Tool to display system load average linux/ppc64le
xloadimage-4.1-31.fc35 Image viewer and processor linux/ppc64le
xlockmore-5.66-3.fc35 Screen lock and screen saver linux/ppc64le
xlockmore-gtk-5.66-3.fc35 GTK based frontend for xlockmore linux/ppc64le
xlockmore-motif-5.66-3.fc35 Motif based frontend for xlockmore linux/ppc64le
xlog-2.0.22-3.fc35 Logging program for Hamradio Operators linux/ppc64le
xlogo-1.0.5-2.fc35 Display the X11 logo linux/ppc64le
xlsatoms-1.1.2-3.fc35 X11 atom list utility linux/ppc64le
xlsclients-1.1.4-3.fc35 X client list utility linux/ppc64le
xlsfonts-1.0.6-3.fc35 X font list utility linux/ppc64le
xmag-1.0.6-3.fc35 Display a magnified snapshot of an X11 screen linux/ppc64le
xmakemol-5.16-12.fc35 Program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems linux/ppc64le
xmbdfed-4.7-31.fc35 Bitmap Font Editor linux/ppc64le
xmedcon-0.16.2-5.fc35 A medical image conversion utility and library linux/ppc64le
xmedcon-devel-0.16.2-5.fc35 Libraries files for (X)MedCon development linux/ppc64le
xmessage-1.0.5-3.fc35 Display a message in a window linux/ppc64le
xml-common-0.6.3-57.fc35 Common XML catalog and DTD files linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-1.4.01-35.fc35 APIs for DOM, SAX, and JAXP linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-javadoc-1.4.01-35.fc35 Javadoc for xml-commons-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-manual-1.4.01-35.fc35 Manual for xml-commons-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver-1.2-35.fc35 Resolver subproject of xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver-javadoc-1.2-35.fc35 Javadoc for xml-commons-resolver linux/noarch
xml-maven-plugin-1.0.2-9.fc35 Maven XML Plugin linux/noarch
xml-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.0.2-9.fc35 Javadocs for xml-maven-plugin linux/noarch
xml-security-c-2.0.2-9.fc35 C++ Implementation of W3C security standards for XML linux/ppc64le
xml-security-c-devel-2.0.2-9.fc35 Development files for xml-security-c linux/ppc64le
xml2-0.5-23.fc35 XML/Unix Processing Tools linux/ppc64le
xmlada-2020-5.fc35 XML library for Ada linux/ppc64le
xmlada-devel-2020-5.fc35 XML library for Ada devel package linux/ppc64le
xmlada-static-2020-5.fc35 XML library for Ada, static libraries linux/ppc64le
xmlcopyeditor- A fast, free, validating XML editor linux/ppc64le
xmlfy-1.5.7-4.fc35 Convert to XML on the fly linux/ppc64le
xmlgraphics-commons-2.6-2.fc35 XML Graphics Commons linux/noarch
xmlgraphics-commons-javadoc-2.6-2.fc35 Javadoc for xmlgraphics-commons linux/noarch
xmlindent-0.2.17-34.fc35 XML stream reformatter linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-c-1.51.0-13.fc35 Lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-c-apps-1.51.0-13.fc35 Sample XML-RPC applications linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-c-c++-1.51.0-13.fc35 C++ libraries for xmlrpc-c linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-c-client-1.51.0-13.fc35 C client libraries for xmlrpc-c linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-c-client++-1.51.0-13.fc35 C++ client libraries for xmlrpc-c linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-c-devel-1.51.0-13.fc35 Development files for xmlrpc-c based programs linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-epi-0.54.2-14.fc35 An implementation of the XML-RPC protocol in C linux/ppc64le
xmlrpc-epi-devel-0.54.2-14.fc35 Development files for xmlrpc-epi linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-1.2.29-4.fc35 Library providing support for "XML Signature" and "XML Encryption" standards linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-devel-1.2.29-4.fc35 Libraries, includes, etc. to develop applications with XML Digital Signatures and XML Encryption support. linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-gcrypt-1.2.29-4.fc35 GCrypt crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-gcrypt-devel-1.2.29-4.fc35 GCrypt crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-gnutls-1.2.29-4.fc35 GNUTls crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-gnutls-devel-1.2.29-4.fc35 GNUTls crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-nss-1.2.29-4.fc35 NSS crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-nss-devel-1.2.29-4.fc35 NSS crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.29-4.fc35 OpenSSL crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlsec1-openssl-devel-1.2.29-4.fc35 OpenSSL crypto plugin for XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
xmlstarlet-1.6.1-17.fc35 Command Line XML Toolkit linux/ppc64le
xmlto-0.0.28-16.fc35 A tool for converting XML files to various formats linux/ppc64le
xmlto-tex-0.0.28-16.fc35 A set of xmlto backends with TeX requirements linux/noarch
xmlto-xhtml-0.0.28-16.fc35 A set of xmlto backends for xhtml1 source format linux/noarch
xmltoman-0.4-24.fc35 Scripts for converting XML to roff or HTML linux/noarch
xmltool-3.3-30.fc35 Tool to manage XML documents through a Fluent Interface linux/noarch
xmltool-javadoc-3.3-30.fc35 Javadocs for xmltool linux/noarch
xmlunit-2.8.2-4.fc35 Provides classes to do asserts on xml linux/noarch
xmlunit-assertj-2.8.2-4.fc35 Assertj for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmlunit-core-2.8.2-4.fc35 Core package for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmlunit-javadoc-2.8.2-4.fc35 Javadoc for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmlunit-legacy-2.8.2-4.fc35 Legacy package for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmlunit-matchers-2.8.2-4.fc35 Matchers for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmlunit-placeholders-2.8.2-4.fc35 Placeholders for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmms2-0.8-77.fc35 A modular audio framework and plugin architecture linux/ppc64le
xmms2-devel-0.8-77.fc35 Development libraries and headers for XMMS2 linux/ppc64le
xmms2-docs-0.8-77.fc35 Development documentation for XMMS2 linux/ppc64le
xmms2-perl-0.8-77.fc35 Perl support for XMMS2 linux/ppc64le
xmms2-ruby-0.8-77.fc35 Ruby support for XMMS2 linux/ppc64le
xmobar-0.38-21.fc35 A minimalistic text-based status bar linux/ppc64le
xmodmap-1.0.10-2.fc35 Edit and display the X11 core keyboard map linux/ppc64le
xmonad-0.15-10.fc35 A tiling window manager linux/ppc64le
xmonad-basic-0.15-10.fc35 A tiling window manager linux/ppc64le
xmonad-config-0.15-10.fc35 xmonad config linux/ppc64le
xmonad-core-0.15-10.fc35 A tiling window manager linux/ppc64le
xmonad-mate-0.15-10.fc35 xmonad MATE session linux/ppc64le
xmoto-0.6.1-5.fc35 Challenging 2D Motocross Platform Game linux/ppc64le
xmount-0.7.6-9.fc35 A on-the-fly convert for multiple hard disk image types linux/ppc64le
xmountains-2.9-4.D20170103git3ba444a4f7.fc35.3 A fractal terrain generator linux/ppc64le
xmountains-xscreensaver-2.9-4.D20170103git3ba444a4f7.fc35.3 XScreenSaver integration support linux/noarch
xmp-4.1.0-13.fc35 A multi-format module player linux/ppc64le
xmp-plugin-audacious-4.0.0-0.28.20160922git637d1e0.fc35 Multi-format module playback plugin for Audacious using libxmp linux/ppc64le
xmpbox-2.0.24-2.fc35 Apache XmpBox linux/noarch
xmpcore-5.1.2-17.fc35 Java XMP Library linux/noarch
xmpcore-javadoc-5.1.2-17.fc35 Javadoc for xmpcore linux/noarch
xmppc-0.1.0-1.fc35 A command-line interface (CLI) XMPP Client linux/ppc64le
xmppc-doc-0.1.0-1.fc35 Documentation for xmppc linux/noarch
xmpsolve-3.2.1-8.fc35 Qt GUI for mpsolve linux/ppc64le
xmvn-4.0.0-1.fc35 Local Extensions for Apache Maven linux/noarch
xmvn-connector-ivy-4.0.0~20210707.d300ce6-2.fc35 XMvn Connector for Apache Ivy linux/noarch
xmvn-connector-ivy-javadoc-4.0.0~20210707.d300ce6-2.fc35 API documentation for xmvn-connector-ivy linux/noarch
xmvn-core-4.0.0-1.fc35 XMvn library linux/noarch
xmvn-javadoc-4.0.0-1.fc35 API documentation for xmvn linux/noarch
xmvn-minimal-4.0.0-1.fc35 Dependency-reduced version of XMvn linux/noarch
xmvn-mojo-4.0.0-1.fc35 XMvn MOJO linux/noarch
xmvn-tools-4.0.0-1.fc35 XMvn tools linux/noarch
xnec2c-4.1.1-3.fc35 GTK based graphical wrapper for nec2c linux/ppc64le
xonotic-0.8.2-15.fc35 Multiplayer, deathmatch oriented first person shooter linux/ppc64le
xonotic-data-0.8.2-11.fc35 Game data for the Xonotic first person shooter linux/noarch
xonotic-server-0.8.2-15.fc35 Dedicated server for the Xonotic first person shooter linux/ppc64le
xonsh-0.10.1-1.fc35 A general purpose, Python-ish shell linux/noarch
xoo-0.8-18.fc35 Xoo is a graphical wrapper around xnest linux/ppc64le
xoreos-tools-0.0.5-10.fc35 Tools to help the development of xoreos linux/ppc64le
xorg-sgml-doctools-1.11-14.fc35 X.Org SGML documentation generation tools linux/noarch
xorg-x11-docs-1.7.1-15.fc35 X.Org X11 documentation linux/noarch
xorg-x11-drivers-2021-3.fc35 X.Org X11 driver installation package linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu-21.0.0-1.fc35 AMD GPU video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-armada-0.0.0-7.unstable.20180829git78e7116a5.fc35 graphics driver for KMS based systems with pluggable GPU backend linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-ati-19.1.0-6.fc35 Xorg X11 ati video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-dummy-0.3.7-15.fc35 Xorg X11 dummy video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-evdev-2.10.6-10.fc35 Xorg X11 evdev input driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-evdev-devel-2.10.6-10.fc35 Xorg X11 evdev input driver development package. linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-0.5.0-9.fc35 Xorg X11 fbdev video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-fbturbo-0.5.1-0.21.20150221.fc35 Xorg X11 fbturbo driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-ivtv-1.2.0-0.35.fc35 Xorg X11 ivtv video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-libinput-1.2.0-1.fc35 Xorg X11 libinput input driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-libinput-devel-1.2.0-1.fc35 Xorg X11 libinput input driver development package. linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-nouveau-1.0.17-2.fc35 Xorg X11 nouveau video driver for NVIDIA graphics chipsets linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-qxl-0.1.5-20.fc35 Xorg X11 qxl video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-sisusb-0.9.6-37.fc35 Xorg X11 sisusb video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-devel-1.9.1-9.fc35 Xorg X11 synaptics input driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-legacy-1.9.1-9.fc35 Xorg X11 synaptics input driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-v4l-0.3.0-8.fc35 Xorg X11 v4l video driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-wacom-0.40.0-2.fc35 Xorg X11 wacom input driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-wacom-devel-0.40.0-2.fc35 Xorg X11 wacom input driver development package linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-drv-wacom-serial-support-0.40.0-2.fc35 Files for enabling the wacom_w8001 kernel driver linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-font-utils-7.5-52.fc35 X.Org X11 font utilities linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi-7.5-32.fc35 A set of 100dpi resolution fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi-7.5-32.fc35 A set of 75dpi resolution fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi-7.5-32.fc35 A set of 100dpi ISO-8859-1 fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi-7.5-32.fc35 A set of 75dpi ISO-8859-1 fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-14-100dpi-7.5-32.fc35 ISO8859-14-100dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-14-75dpi-7.5-32.fc35 ISO8859-14-75dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-15-100dpi-7.5-32.fc35 ISO8859-15-100dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-15-75dpi-7.5-32.fc35 ISO8859-15-75dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-2-100dpi-7.5-32.fc35 A set of 100dpi Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-2-75dpi-7.5-32.fc35 A set of 75dpi Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-9-100dpi-7.5-32.fc35 ISO8859-9-100dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-9-75dpi-7.5-32.fc35 ISO8859-9-75dpi fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-Type1-7.5-32.fc35 Type1 fonts provided by the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-cyrillic-7.5-32.fc35 Cyrillic fonts for X linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-ethiopic-7.5-32.fc35 Ethiopic fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-misc-7.5-32.fc35 misc bitmap fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xorg-x11-proto-devel-2021.5-1.fc35 X.Org X11 Protocol headers linux/noarch
xorg-x11-server-Xdmx-1.20.11-2.fc35 Distributed Multihead X Server and utilities linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-Xephyr-1.20.11-2.fc35 A nested server linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-Xnest-1.20.11-2.fc35 A nested server linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-Xorg-1.20.11-2.fc35 Xorg X server linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-Xvfb-1.20.11-2.fc35 A X Windows System virtual framebuffer X server linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-Xwayland-21.1.2-2.fc35 Xwayland linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-Xwayland-devel-21.1.2-2.fc35 Development package linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-common-1.20.11-2.fc35 Xorg server common files linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-devel-1.20.11-2.fc35 SDK for X server driver module development linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-server-source-1.20.11-2.fc35 Xserver source code required to build VNC server (Xvnc) linux/noarch
xorg-x11-twm-1.0.11-2.fc35 X.Org X11 twm window manager linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-util-macros-1.19.3-3.fc35 X.Org X11 Autotools macros linux/noarch
xorg-x11-xauth-1.1-9.fc35 X.Org X11 X authority utilities linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xbitmaps-1.1.1-22.fc35 X.Org X11 application bitmaps linux/noarch
xorg-x11-xdm-1.1.11-27.fc35 X.Org X11 xdm - X Display Manager linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xfs-1.2.0-13.fc35 X.Org X11 xfs font server linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xfs-utils-1.2.0-13.fc35 X.Org X11 font server utilities linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xinit-1.4.0-12.fc35 X.Org X11 X Window System xinit startup scripts linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xinit-session-1.4.0-12.fc35 Display manager support for ~/.xsession and ~/.Xclients linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xsm-1.0.4-10.fc35 X.Org X11 X Session Manager linux/ppc64le
xorg-x11-xtrans-devel-1.4.0-7.fc35 X.Org X11 developmental X transport library linux/noarch
xorgxrdp-0.2.17-2.fc35 Implementation of xrdp backend as Xorg modules linux/ppc64le
xorriso-1.5.4-3.fc35 ISO-9660 and Rock Ridge image manipulation tool linux/ppc64le
xorsearch-1.11.2-5.fc35 Search for a given string in an XOR, ROL, ROT or SHIFT encoded binary file linux/ppc64le
xortool-0.99-7.fc35 Tool for XOR cipher analysis linux/noarch
xosd-2.2.14-37.fc35 On-screen display library for X linux/ppc64le
xosd-devel-2.2.14-37.fc35 Development files for the XOSD on-screen display library linux/ppc64le
xosview-1.23-3.fc35 An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources linux/ppc64le
xournal- Notetaking, sketching, PDF annotation and general journal linux/ppc64le
xournalpp-1.1.0-2.fc35 Handwriting note-taking software linux/ppc64le
xournalpp-plugins-1.1.0-2.fc35 Default plugin for xournalpp linux/noarch
xournalpp-ui-1.1.0-2.fc35 User interface for xournalpp linux/noarch
xpa-2.1.19-6.fc35 The X Public Access messaging system linux/ppc64le
xpa-devel-2.1.19-6.fc35 Headers for developing programs that will use xpa linux/ppc64le
xpa-doc-2.1.19-6.fc35 Documentation for xpa linux/noarch
xpa-libs-2.1.19-6.fc35 The XPA messaging system runtime libraries linux/ppc64le
xpa-tcl-2.1.19-6.fc35 The XPA messaging system TCL interface linux/ppc64le
xpad-5.3.0-7.fc35 Sticky notepad for GTK linux/ppc64le
xpanes-4.1.3-2.fc35 Awesome tmux-based terminal divider linux/noarch
xpdf-4.03-2.fc35 A PDF file viewer for the X Window System linux/ppc64le
xpdf-devel-4.03-2.fc35 Development files for xpdf libraries linux/ppc64le
xpenguins-2.2-29.fc35 Cute little penguins that walk along the tops of your windows linux/ppc64le
xpilot-ng-4.7.3-24.fc35 Space arcade game for multiple players linux/ppc64le
xpilot-ng-data-4.7.3-24.fc35 Data files for xpilot-ng linux/noarch
xpilot-ng-logwatch-4.7.3-24.fc35 Logwatch scripts for the xpilot game server linux/ppc64le
xpilot-ng-server-4.7.3-24.fc35 Server for hosting xpilot games linux/ppc64le
xpilot-ng-x11-4.7.3-24.fc35 Xpilot-ng X11 version linux/ppc64le
xplanet-1.3.1-16.fc35 Render a planetary image into an X window linux/ppc64le
xpra-4.2.2-1.fc35 Remote display server for applications and desktops linux/ppc64le
xpra-udev-4.2.2-1.fc35 xpra udev files linux/ppc64le
xprop-1.2.3-3.fc35 X property display utility linux/ppc64le
xpsk31-3.6.1-6.fc35 GTK+ graphical version of lpsk31 for Ham Radio linux/ppc64le
xqc-1.0-0.20.20101120svn7.fc35 C/C++ API for interfacing with XQuery processors linux/noarch
xqilla-2.3.3-9.fc35 XQuery and XPath 2.0 library, built on top of Xerces-C linux/ppc64le
xqilla-devel-2.3.3-9.fc35 XQilla is an XQuery and XPath 2.0 library, built on top of Xerces-C linux/ppc64le
xqilla-doc-2.3.3-9.fc35 XQilla documentation linux/noarch
xrandr-1.5.1-3.fc35 Commandline utility to change output properties linux/ppc64le
xrdb-1.2.1-2.fc35 X server resource database utility linux/ppc64le
xrdcl-http-5.3.1-1.fc35 HTTP client plugin for XRootD linux/ppc64le
xrdp-0.9.17-2.fc35 Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server linux/ppc64le
xrdp-devel-0.9.17-2.fc35 Headers and pkg-config files needed to compile xrdp backends linux/ppc64le
xrdp-selinux-0.9.17-2.fc35 SELinux policy module required tu run xrdp linux/ppc64le
xreader-3.0.2-2.fc35 Simple document viewer linux/ppc64le
xreader-data-3.0.2-2.fc35 Support files for the xreader document viewer linux/noarch
xreader-devel-3.0.2-2.fc35 Development files for xreader linux/ppc64le
xreader-doc-3.0.2-2.fc35 Documentation files for xreader linux/noarch
xreader-libs-3.0.2-2.fc35 xreader document viewer libraries linux/ppc64le
xreader-thumbnailer-3.0.2-2.fc35 System thumbnailer using xreader libraries linux/ppc64le
xrefresh-1.0.6-4.fc35 Refresh all or part of an X screen linux/ppc64le
xrestop-0.4-28.fc35 X Resource Monitor linux/ppc64le
xrestrict-0.8.0-3.20160730git35a944a.fc35 A utility to modify the "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" of an XInput2 device linux/ppc64le
xrootd-5.3.1-1.fc35 Extended ROOT file server linux/ppc64le
xrootd-ceph-5.3.1-1.fc35 XRootD plugin for interfacing with the Ceph storage platform linux/ppc64le
xrootd-client-5.3.1-1.fc35 Xrootd command line client tools linux/ppc64le
xrootd-client-devel-5.3.1-1.fc35 Development files for xrootd clients linux/ppc64le
xrootd-client-libs-5.3.1-1.fc35 Libraries used by xrootd clients linux/ppc64le
xrootd-devel-5.3.1-1.fc35 Development files for xrootd linux/ppc64le
xrootd-doc-5.3.1-1.fc35 Developer documentation for the xrootd libraries linux/noarch
xrootd-fuse-5.3.1-1.fc35 Xrootd FUSE tool linux/ppc64le
xrootd-libs-5.3.1-1.fc35 Libraries used by xrootd servers and clients linux/ppc64le
xrootd-private-devel-5.3.1-1.fc35 Private xrootd headers linux/ppc64le
xrootd-scitokens-5.3.1-1.fc35 SciTokens authorization support for XRootD linux/ppc64le
xrootd-selinux-5.3.1-1.fc35 SELinux policy module for the xrootd server linux/noarch
xrootd-server-5.3.1-1.fc35 Xrootd server daemons linux/ppc64le
xrootd-server-devel-5.3.1-1.fc35 Development files for xrootd servers linux/ppc64le
xrootd-server-libs-5.3.1-1.fc35 Libraries used by xrootd servers linux/ppc64le
xrootd-voms-5.3.1-1.fc35 VOMS attribute extractor plugin for XRootD linux/ppc64le
xrotor-7.55-20.fc35 Design and analysis tools for propellers and windmills linux/ppc64le
xs-1.2-3.git9592d9b.fc34 Shell supporting functional programming linux/ppc64le
xsane-0.999-41.fc35 X Window System front-end for the SANE scanner interface linux/ppc64le
xsane-common-0.999-41.fc35 Common files for xsane packages linux/ppc64le
xsane-gimp-0.999-41.fc35 GIMP plug-in providing the SANE scanner interface linux/ppc64le
xsc-1.6-13.fc35 A clone of the old vector graphics video game Star Castle linux/ppc64le
xschem-2.9.2-6.fc35 Schematic capture and Netlisting EDA tool linux/ppc64le
xschem-doc-2.9.2-6.fc35 Documentation for xschem linux/noarch
xscope-1.4.1-16.fc35 X Window Protocol Viewer linux/ppc64le
xscorch-0.2.1-19.fc35 A Scorched Earth clone linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-6.01-4.fc35.1 X screen saver and locker linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-base-6.01-4.fc35.1 A minimal installation of xscreensaver linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-extras-6.01-4.fc35.1 An enhanced set of screensavers linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-extras-base-6.01-4.fc35.1 A base package for screensavers linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-extras-gss-6.01-4.fc35.1 Desktop files of extras for other screensaver linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-gl-base-6.01-4.fc35.1 A base package for screensavers that require OpenGL linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-gl-extras-6.01-4.fc35.1 An enhanced set of screensavers that require OpenGL linux/ppc64le
xscreensaver-gl-extras-gss-6.01-4.fc35.1 Desktop files of gl-extras for other screensaver linux/ppc64le
xsd-4.1.0-0.7.a11.fc35 W3C XML schema to C++ data binding compiler linux/ppc64le
xsd-doc-4.1.0-0.7.a11.fc35 API documentation files for xsd linux/noarch
xsecurelock-1.7.0-5.fc35 X11 screen lock utility with security in mind linux/ppc64le
xsel-1.2.0-29.fc35 Command line clipboard and X selection tool linux/ppc64le
xsensors-0.80-13.fc35 An X11 interface to lm_sensors linux/ppc64le
xset-1.2.4-3.fc35 User preference utility for X linux/ppc64le
xsetroot-1.1.2-3.fc35 Root window parameter setting utility for X linux/ppc64le
xsettingsd-1.0.2-2.fc35 Provides settings to X11 clients via the XSETTINGS specification linux/ppc64le
xsimd-devel-7.6.0-1.fc35 C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics linux/ppc64le
xskat-4.0.0-27.fc35 The card game Skat linux/ppc64le
xsnow-3.3.1-1.fc35 Let it snow on your desktop linux/ppc64le
xsp-4.7.1-3.fc35 A small web server that hosts ASP.NET linux/ppc64le
xsp-devel-4.7.1-3.fc35 Development files for xsp linux/ppc64le
xsp-tests-4.7.1-3.fc35 xsp test files linux/ppc64le
xss-lock-0.3.0-16.20140302git.fc35 Use external locker as X screen saver linux/ppc64le
xssstate-1.1-18.fc35 A simple tool to retrieve the X screen saver state linux/ppc64le
xstatic-angular-bootstrap-common- Angular-Bootstrap (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-angular-fileupload-common- Angular-FileUpload (XStatic packaging standard) JavaScript library linux/noarch
xstatic-angular-gettext-common- Angular-Gettext (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-angular-lrdragndrop-common- Angular-lrdragndrop (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-angular-mock-common- Angular-Mock (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-angular-uuid-common- Angular-UUID (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-angular-vis-common- Angular-Vis (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-bootstrap-datepicker-common- Bootstrap-Datepicker (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-bootstrap-scss-common- Bootstrap-SCSS (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-d3-common- D3 (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-datatables-common- DataTables jquery javascript framework (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-filesaver-common- FilseSaver (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-hogan-common- Hogan (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-jasmine-common- Jasmine (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-jquery-migrate-common- JQuery-Migrate (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-jquery-quicksearch-common- JQuery.quicksearch (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-jquery-tablesorter-common- JQuery.TableSorter (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-js-yaml-common- JS-Yaml (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-jsencrypt-common- JSEncrypt (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-json2yaml-common- Json2yaml (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-patternfly-bootstrap-treeview-common- Patternfly Bootstrap Treeview CSS/JS framework (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-patternfly-common- Patternfly CSS/JS framework (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-qunit-common- QUnit (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-rickshaw-common- Rickshaw (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-smart-table-common- smart-table (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-spin-common- Spin (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstatic-termjs-common- term.js (XStatic packaging standard) linux/noarch
xstdcmap-1.0.4-5.fc35 Utility to define standard colormap properties linux/ppc64le
xtb-6.4.1-3.fc35 Semiempirical Extended Tight-Binding Program Package linux/ppc64le
xtb-data-6.4.1-3.fc35 Data files for xtb linux/noarch
xtb-devel-6.4.1-3.fc35 Development headers for xtb linux/ppc64le
xtb-libs-6.4.1-3.fc35 Shared libraries for xtb linux/ppc64le
xteddy-2.2-16.fc35 Tool to sit around silently, look cute, and make you smile linux/ppc64le
xtensor-devel-0.23.1-2.fc35 C++ tensors with broadcasting and lazy computing linux/ppc64le
xterm-368-3.fc35 Terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/ppc64le
xterm-resize-368-3.fc35 Set environment and terminal settings to current window size linux/ppc64le
xtide-2.15.3-2.fc35.2 Calculate tide all over the world linux/ppc64le
xtide-common-2.15.3-2.fc35.2 Xtide common files linux/noarch
xtl-devel-0.7.2-3.fc35 QuantStack tools library linux/ppc64le
xtl-doc-0.7.2-3.fc35 QuantStack tools library linux/ppc64le
xu4-1.1-0.42.20150221svn3087.fc35 Ultima IV recreated linux/ppc64le
xvattr-1.3-43.fc35 Utility for getting and setting Xv attributes linux/ppc64le
xvidtune-1.0.3-3.fc35 Video mode tuner for Xorg linux/ppc64le
xvile-9.8u-4.fc35 VI Like Emacs linux/ppc64le
xvinfo-1.1.3-3.fc35 X video extension query utility linux/ppc64le
xvkbd-4.1-4.fc35 Virtual Keyboard for X Window System linux/ppc64le
xwax-1.7-9.fc34 Open source vinyl emulation software for Linux linux/ppc64le
xwd-1.0.8-1.fc35 Dump an X window to file linux/ppc64le
xwininfo-1.1.5-3.fc35 X window info utility linux/ppc64le
xwm-0.1.8-2.fc35 Tiny XCB floating window manager linux/ppc64le
xwrits-2.26-20.fc35 Reminds you take wrist breaks linux/ppc64le
xwud-1.0.5-3.fc35 Tool to display an X window image linux/ppc64le
xwxapt-3.4.1-6.fc35 GTK+ graphical application for decoding and saving weather images linux/ppc64le
xxhash-0.8.0-4.fc35 Extremely fast hash algorithm linux/ppc64le
xxhash-devel-0.8.0-4.fc35 Extremely fast hash algorithm - development files linux/ppc64le
xxhash-libs-0.8.0-4.fc35 Extremely fast hash algorithm - library linux/ppc64le
xxkb-1.11.1-10.fc35 Keyboard layout indicator and switcher linux/ppc64le
xylib-1.6-3.fc35 Library for reading x-y data from several file formats linux/ppc64le
xylib-devel-1.6-3.fc35 Development files for xylib linux/ppc64le
xyzsh-1.5.8-19.fc35 Interactive shell and text processing tool linux/ppc64le
xyzsh-devel-1.5.8-19.fc35 Development files for cmigemo linux/ppc64le
xz-5.2.5-7.fc35 LZMA compression utilities linux/ppc64le
xz-devel-5.2.5-7.fc35 Devel libraries & headers for liblzma linux/ppc64le
xz-java-1.8-12.fc35 Java implementation of XZ data compression linux/noarch
xz-java-javadoc-1.8-12.fc35 Javadocs for xz-java linux/noarch
xz-libs-5.2.5-7.fc35 Libraries for decoding LZMA compression linux/ppc64le
xz-lzma-compat-5.2.5-7.fc35 Older LZMA format compatibility binaries linux/ppc64le
xz-static-5.2.5-7.fc35 Statically linked library for decoding LZMA compression linux/ppc64le
xzgv-0.9.2-12.fc35 Picture viewer linux/ppc64le

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