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libAfterImage-1.20-21.el7 A generic image manipulation library linux/ppc64
libAfterImage-apps-1.20-21.el7 Sample programs using libAfterImage linux/ppc64
libAfterImage-devel-1.20-21.el7 Files needed for software development with libAfterImage linux/ppc64
libRmath-3.5.3-1.el7 Standalone math library from the R project linux/ppc64
libRmath-devel-3.5.3-1.el7 Headers from the R Standalone math library linux/ppc64
libRmath-static-3.5.3-1.el7 Static R Standalone math library linux/ppc64
libabigail-1.6-1.el7 Set of ABI analysis tools linux/ppc64
libabigail-devel-1.6-1.el7 Shared library and header files to write ABI analysis tools linux/ppc64
libabigail-doc-1.6-1.el7 Man pages, texinfo files and html manuals of libabigail linux/ppc64
libdar-2.5.21-1.el7 Library providing support for the DAR API linux/ppc64
libdar-devel-2.5.21-1.el7 Development files for libdar linux/ppc64
libfullock-1.0.36-1.el7 Fast User Level LOCK (FULLOCK) library for C/C++ linux/ppc64
libfullock-devel-1.0.36-1.el7 Fast User Level LOCK (FULLOCK) library for C/C++ (development) linux/ppc64
libgringotts-1.2.1-18.el7 A backend for managing encrypted data files on the disk linux/ppc64
libgringotts-devel-1.2.1-18.el7 Development files for libgringotts linux/ppc64
libidn2-2.2.0-1.el7 Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names linux/ppc64
libidn2-devel-2.2.0-1.el7 Development files for libidn2 linux/ppc64
libmediainfo-19.04-1.el7 Library for supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file linux/ppc64
libmediainfo-devel-19.04-1.el7 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/ppc64
libmspack-0.5-0.0.6.alpha.el7 Library for CAB and related files compression and decompression linux/ppc64
libmspack-devel-0.5-0.0.6.alpha.el7 Development files for libmspack linux/ppc64
libopenarc-1.0.0-0.5.Beta2.el7 An open source ARC library linux/ppc64
libopenarc-devel-1.0.0-0.5.Beta2.el7 Development files for libopenarc linux/ppc64
liboping-1.10.0-1.el7 A C library to generate ICMP echo requests linux/ppc64
liboping-devel-1.10.0-1.el7 Development files for liboping linux/ppc64
libspf2-1.2.10-12.20150405gitd57d79fd.el7 An implementation of the SPF specification linux/ppc64
libspf2-apidocs-1.2.10-12.20150405gitd57d79fd.el7 API documentation for the libspf2 library linux/noarch
libspf2-devel-1.2.10-12.20150405gitd57d79fd.el7 Development tools needed to build programs that use libspf2 linux/ppc64
libspf2-progs-1.2.10-12.20150405gitd57d79fd.el7 Programs for making SPF queries using libspf2 linux/ppc64
libsysstat-0.3.2-1.el7 Library used to query system info and statistics linux/ppc64
libsysstat-devel-0.3.2-1.el7 Devel files for libsysstat linux/ppc64
libuv-1.29.1-1.el7 Platform layer for node.js linux/ppc64
libuv-devel-1.29.1-1.el7 Development libraries for libuv linux/ppc64
libuv-static-1.29.1-1.el7 Platform layer for node.js - static library linux/ppc64
loopabull-0.0.6-2.el7 Event loop driven Ansible playbook execution engine linux/noarch
lua-mmdb-0.2-1.el7 MaxMind database parser for Lua linux/noarch

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