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RPM of Group Unspecified

Lmod-7.8.16-1.el7 Environmental Modules System in Lua linux/ppc64
lammps-20181212-2.el7 Molecular Dynamics Simulator linux/ppc64
lammps-data-20181212-2.el7 Data files for LAMMPS linux/noarch
lammps-devel-20181212-2.el7 Development libraries for LAMMPS linux/ppc64
lammps-headers-20181212-2.el7 Development headers for LAMMPS linux/ppc64
lammps-mpich-20181212-2.el7 LAMMPS MPICH binaries and libraries linux/ppc64
lammps-mpich-devel-20181212-2.el7 Development libraries for MPICH LAMMPS linux/ppc64
lammps-openmpi-20181212-2.el7 LAMMPS Open MPI binaries and libraries linux/ppc64
lammps-openmpi-devel-20181212-2.el7 Development libraries for Open MPI LAMMPS linux/ppc64
lastpass-cli-1.3.1-1.el7 Command line interface to linux/ppc64
laszip-2.2.0-4.el7 Quickly turns bulky LAS files into compant LAZ files linux/ppc64
laszip-devel-2.2.0-4.el7 The development files for laszip linux/ppc64
latex2rtf-2.3.10-1.el7 LaTeX to RTF converter that handles equations, figures, and cross-references linux/ppc64
latexmk-4.45-1.el7 A make-like utility for LaTeX files linux/noarch
layla-arcyarc-fonts-2.0-1.el7 ArcyArc font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-basic-arabic-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Basic Arabic font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-boxer-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Arabic Boxer font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-digital-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Digital font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-diwani-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Arabic Diwani font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-fonts-common-2.0-1.el7 Common files for the Layla fonts package collection linux/noarch
layla-koufi-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Arabic Koufi font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-ruqaa-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Arabic Ruqaa font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-thuluth-fonts-2.0-1.el7 Arabic Thuluth font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
lbd-0.4-1.el7 A DNS/HTTP load balancing detector linux/noarch
lcgdm-devel-1.12.0-2.el7 LCG Data Management common development files linux/ppc64
lcgdm-libs-1.12.0-2.el7 LHC Computing Grid Data Management common libraries linux/ppc64
ledger-3.1.1-1.el7 A powerful command-line double-entry accounting system linux/ppc64
ledger-devel-3.1.1-1.el7 Libraries and header files for ledger development linux/ppc64
ledger-python-3.1.1-1.el7 Python bindings for ledger linux/ppc64
legion-17.08.0-1.el7 A data-centric parallel programming system linux/ppc64
legion-devel-17.08.0-1.el7 Development headers and libraries for legion library linux/ppc64
legion-mpich-17.08.0-1.el7 Legion MPICH binaries and libraries linux/ppc64
legion-openmpi-17.08.0-1.el7 Legion Open MPI binaries and libraries linux/ppc64
lensfun-0.3.2-14.el7 Library to rectify defects introduced by photographic lenses linux/ppc64
lensfun-devel-0.3.2-14.el7 Development toolkit for lensfun linux/ppc64
lensfun-tools-0.3.2-14.el7 Tools for managing lensfun data linux/ppc64
leptonica-1.72-2.el7 C library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations linux/ppc64
leptonica-devel-1.72-2.el7 Development files for leptonica linux/ppc64
levien-inconsolata-fonts-1.01-11.el7 Inconsolata fonts linux/noarch
lfc-1.12.0-2.el7 LCG File Catalog (LFC) client linux/ppc64
lfc-devel-1.12.0-2.el7 LFC development libraries and header files linux/ppc64
lfc-dli-1.12.0-2.el7 LCG File Catalog (LFC) data location interface (dli) server linux/ppc64
lfc-libs-1.12.0-2.el7 LCG File Catalog (LFC) libraries linux/ppc64
lfc-perl-1.12.0-2.el7 LCG File Catalog (LFC) perl bindings linux/ppc64
lfc-server-mysql-1.12.0-2.el7 LCG File Catalog (LFC) server with MySQL database back-end linux/ppc64
lhapdf-6.2.1-6.el7 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface linux/ppc64
lhapdf-devel-6.2.1-6.el7 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - development files linux/ppc64
lhapdf-doc-6.2.1-6.el7 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - documentation linux/noarch
libASL-0.1.7-5.el7 Advanced Simulation Library hardware accelerated multiphysics simulation platform linux/ppc64
libASL-bin-0.1.7-5.el7 Binaries for libASL linux/ppc64
libASL-devel-0.1.7-5.el7 Development files for libASL linux/ppc64
libASL-doc-0.1.7-5.el7 Documentation for libASL linux/ppc64
libASL-examples-0.1.7-5.el7 Examples for libASL linux/ppc64
liba52-0.7.4-27.el7 A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder, also known as AC-3 or AC3 linux/ppc64
liba52-devel-0.7.4-27.el7 Development files for liba52 linux/ppc64
libabigail-1.5-2.el7 Set of ABI analysis tools linux/ppc64
libabigail-devel-1.5-2.el7 Shared library and header files to write ABI analysis tools linux/ppc64
libabigail-doc-1.5-2.el7 Man pages, texinfo files and html manuals of libabigail linux/ppc64
libaec-1.0.4-1.el7 Adaptive Entropy Coding library linux/ppc64
libaec-devel-1.0.4-1.el7 Devel package for libaec (Adaptive Entropy Coding library) linux/ppc64
libalkimia-4.3.2-3.el7 Financial library linux/ppc64
libalkimia-devel-4.3.2-3.el7 Development files for libalkimia linux/ppc64
libappindicator-sharp-12.10.0-12.el7 Application indicators library - C# linux/ppc64
libappindicator-sharp-devel-12.10.0-12.el7 Development files for libappindicator-sharp linux/ppc64
libass-0.13.4-6.el7 Portable library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering linux/ppc64
libass-devel-0.13.4-6.el7 Development files for libass linux/ppc64
libb2-0.98-1.20171225git60ea749.el7 C library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2sp linux/ppc64
libb2-devel-0.98-1.20171225git60ea749.el7 Development files for the Blake2 library linux/ppc64
libbgpdump-1.6.0-2.el7 C library for analyzing BGP related dump files linux/ppc64
libbgpdump-devel-1.6.0-2.el7 Development files for the bgpdump library linux/ppc64
libccd-2.0-3.el7 Library for collision detection between convex shapes linux/ppc64
libccd-devel-2.0-3.el7 Development files for libccd linux/ppc64
libcue-2.2.1-1.el7 Cue sheet parser library linux/ppc64
libcue-devel-2.2.1-1.el7 Development files linux/ppc64
libdasm-1.6-1.el7 Simple x86 disassembly library linux/ppc64
libdasm-devel-1.6-1.el7 Development files for libdasm linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-16.04.0-2.el7 Library for passing menus over DBus linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-devel-16.04.0-2.el7 Library for passing menus over DBus - Development files linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-doc-16.04.0-2.el7 Document files for libdbusmenu linux/noarch
libdbusmenu-gtk2-16.04.0-2.el7 Library for passing menus over DBus - Development files - GTK+2 version linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-gtk2-devel-16.04.0-2.el7 Development files for libdbusmenu-gtk2 linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-gtk3-16.04.0-2.el7 Library for passing menus over DBus - Development files - GTK+2 version - GTK+3 version linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-gtk3-devel-16.04.0-2.el7 Development files for libdbusmenu-gtk3 linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-jsonloader-16.04.0-2.el7 Test lib development files linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-jsonloader-devel-16.04.0-2.el7 Test lib development files for libdbusmenu linux/ppc64
libdbusmenu-tools-16.04.0-2.el7 Development tools for the dbusmenu libraries linux/ppc64
libdigidocpp-3.13.6-2.el7 Library offers creating, signing and verification of digitally signed documents linux/ppc64
libdigidocpp-devel-3.13.6-2.el7 Development files for libdigidocpp linux/ppc64
libdigidocpp-doc-3.13.6-2.el7 Documentation for libdigidocpp linux/ppc64
libdiscid-0.6.2-1.el7 C Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs linux/ppc64
libdiscid-devel-0.6.2-1.el7 Development files for libdiscid linux/ppc64
libdnet-1.12-0.13.1.el7 Simple portable interface to lowlevel networking routines linux/ppc64
libdnet-devel-1.12-0.13.1.el7 Header files for libdnet library linux/ppc64
libdnet-progs-1.12-0.13.1.el7 Sample applications to use with libdnet linux/ppc64
libdnet-python-1.12-0.13.1.el7 Python bindings for libdnet linux/ppc64
libdvbpsi-1.3.2-1.el7 Library for MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables decoding and generation linux/ppc64
libdvbpsi-devel-1.3.2-1.el7 Development package for libdvbpsi linux/ppc64
libdvbpsi-doc-1.3.2-1.el7 Documentation for libdvbpsi linux/ppc64
libdxfrw-0.5.11-2.el7 Library to read/write DXF files linux/ppc64
libdxfrw-devel-0.5.11-2.el7 Development files for libdxfrw linux/ppc64
libebur128-1.2.3-1.el7 A library that implements the EBU R 128 standard for loudness normalization linux/ppc64
libebur128-devel-1.2.3-1.el7 Development files for libebur128 linux/ppc64
libesedb-20120102-7.el7 Library to access the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File (EDB) format linux/ppc64
libesedb-devel-20120102-7.el7 Development files for libesedb linux/ppc64
libev-4.15-3.el7 High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features linux/ppc64
libev-devel-4.15-3.el7 Development headers for libev linux/ppc64
libev-libevent-devel-4.15-3.el7 Compatibility development header with libevent for libev. linux/ppc64
libev-source-4.15-3.el7 High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features linux/noarch
libflatarray-devel-0.1.1-1.el7 Development files for libflatarray linux/ppc64
libfm-qt-0.11.2-3.el7 Companion library for PCManFM linux/ppc64
libfm-qt-devel-0.11.2-3.el7 Development files for libfm-qt linux/ppc64
libfm-qt-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for libfm-qt linux/noarch
libgda-5.2.2-7.el7 Library for writing gnome database programs linux/ppc64
libgda-devel-5.2.2-7.el7 Development files for libgda linux/ppc64
libgda-ui-devel-5.2.2-7.el7 Development files for libgda-ui linux/ppc64
libguac-1.0.0-1.el7 The common library used by all C components of Guacamole linux/ppc64
libguac-client-rdp-1.0.0-1.el7 RDP support for guacd linux/ppc64
libguac-client-ssh-1.0.0-1.el7 SSH support for guacd linux/ppc64
libguac-client-telnet-1.0.0-1.el7 Telnet support for guacd linux/ppc64
libguac-client-vnc-1.0.0-1.el7 VNC support for guacd linux/ppc64
libguac-devel-1.0.0-1.el7 Development files for guacamole-server linux/ppc64
libicns-0.8.1-10.el7 Library for manipulating Macintosh icns files linux/ppc64
libicns-devel-0.8.1-10.el7 Development files for libicns linux/ppc64
libicns-utils-0.8.1-10.el7 Utilities for libicns linux/ppc64
libidn2-2.1.1a-1.el7 Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names linux/ppc64
libidn2-devel-2.1.1a-1.el7 Development files for libidn2 linux/ppc64
libimagequant-2.7.2-1.el7 Small, portable C lib for HQ conversion of RGBA to 8-bit indexed-color linux/ppc64
libimagequant-devel-2.7.2-1.el7 Development files for libimagequant linux/ppc64
libindi-1.5.0-1.1.el7 Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface linux/ppc64
libjaylink-0.1.0-3.el7 Library for SEGGER J-Link and compatible devices linux/ppc64
libjaylink-devel-0.1.0-3.el7 Development files for libjaylink linux/ppc64
libkdegames-4.10.5-1.el7 Common code and data for many KDE games linux/ppc64
libkdegames-devel-4.10.5-1.el7 Development files for libkdegames linux/ppc64
libkmahjongg-4.10.5-2.el7 Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles linux/ppc64
libkmahjongg-devel-4.10.5-2.el7 Development files for libkmahjongg linux/ppc64
libknet1-1.9-1.el7 Kronosnet core switching implementation linux/ppc64
libknet1-compress-bzip2-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 bzip2 support linux/ppc64
libknet1-compress-lz4-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 lz4 and lz4hc support linux/ppc64
libknet1-compress-lzma-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 lzma support linux/ppc64
libknet1-compress-lzo2-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 lzo2 support linux/ppc64
libknet1-compress-plugins-all-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 compress plugins meta package linux/ppc64
libknet1-compress-zlib-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 zlib support linux/ppc64
libknet1-crypto-nss-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 nss support linux/ppc64
libknet1-crypto-openssl-plugin-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 openssl support linux/ppc64
libknet1-crypto-plugins-all-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 crypto plugins meta package linux/ppc64
libknet1-devel-1.9-1.el7 Kronosnet core switching implementation (developer files) linux/ppc64
libknet1-plugins-all-1.9-1.el7 Provides libknet1 plugins meta package linux/ppc64
libkscreen-qt5-5.6.4-2.el7 KDE display configuration library linux/ppc64
libkscreen-qt5-devel-5.6.4-2.el7 Development files for libkscreen-qt5 linux/ppc64
libktorrent-1.3.1-9.el7 Library providing torrent downloading code linux/ppc64
libktorrent-devel-1.3.1-9.el7 Developer files for libktorrent linux/ppc64
liblas-1.8.0-3.el7 LAS 1.0/1.1/1.2 ASPRS LiDAR data translation toolset linux/ppc64
liblbfgs-1.10-3.el7 Limited-memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno library linux/ppc64
liblbfgs-devel-1.10-3.el7 Development files for liblbfgs linux/ppc64
liblinear-1.94-1.el7 Library for Large Linear Classification linux/ppc64
liblinear-cli-1.94-1.el7 CLI-tools for liblinear linux/ppc64
liblinear-devel-1.94-1.el7 Development files for liblinear linux/ppc64
liblinear-doc-1.94-1.el7 Documentation files for liblinear linux/noarch
liblxi-1.13-1.el7 Library with simple API for communication with LXI devices linux/ppc64
liblxi-devel-1.13-1.el7 Development files for liblxi linux/ppc64
liblxqt-0.11.1-4.el7 Core shared library for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
liblxqt-devel-0.11.1-4.el7 Devel files for liblxqt linux/ppc64
liblxqt-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for liblxqt linux/noarch
libmacaroons-0.3.0-1.el7 C library supporting generation and use of macaroons linux/ppc64
libmacaroons-devel-0.3.0-1.el7 Development libraries linking against libmacaroons linux/ppc64
libmad-0.15.1b-26.el7 MPEG audio decoder library linux/ppc64
libmandoc-1.14.4-2.el7 A validating compiler for mdoc and man linux/ppc64
libmandoc-devel-1.14.4-2.el7 Development libraries and headers for libmandoc linux/ppc64
libmarkdown-2.2.4-1.el7 A fast implementation of the Markdown language in C linux/ppc64
libmarkdown-devel-2.2.4-1.el7 Development headers for the libmarkdown library linux/ppc64
libmatekbd-1.16.0-1.el7 Libraries for mate kbd linux/ppc64
libmatekbd-devel-1.16.0-1.el7 Development libraries for libmatekbd linux/ppc64
libmatemixer-1.16.0-1.el7 Mixer library for MATE desktop linux/ppc64
libmatemixer-devel-1.16.0-1.el7 Development libraries for libmatemixer linux/ppc64
libmateweather-1.16.1-1.el7 Libraries to allow MATE Desktop to display weather information linux/ppc64
libmateweather-data-1.16.1-1.el7 Data files for the libmateweather linux/noarch
libmateweather-devel-1.16.1-1.el7 Development files for libmateweather linux/ppc64
libmaxminddb-1.2.0-1.el7 C library for the MaxMind DB file format linux/ppc64
libmaxminddb-devel-1.2.0-1.el7 Development header files for libmaxminddb linux/ppc64
libmediainfo-18.12-3.el7 Library for supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file linux/ppc64
libmediainfo-devel-18.12-3.el7 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/ppc64
libmicrodns-0.0.8-1.el7 Minimal mDNS resolver and announcer library linux/ppc64
libmicrodns-devel-0.0.8-1.el7 Development files for microdns linux/ppc64
libmodsecurity-3.0.2-3.el7 A library that loads/interprets rules written in the ModSecurity SecRules linux/ppc64
libmodsecurity-devel-3.0.2-3.el7 Development files for libmodsecurity linux/ppc64
libmodsecurity-static-3.0.2-3.el7 Development files for libmodsecurity linux/ppc64
libmongo-client-0.1.8-1.el7 Alternative C driver for MongoDB linux/ppc64
libmongo-client-devel-0.1.8-1.el7 Development files for libmongo-client linux/ppc64
libnatpmp-20150609-1.el7 Library of The NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) linux/ppc64
libnatpmp-devel-20150609-1.el7 Development files for libnatpmp linux/ppc64
libndn-cxx-0.4.1-1.el7 C++ library implementing Named Data Networking primitives linux/ppc64
libndn-cxx-devel-0.4.1-1.el7 Development files for libndn-cxx linux/ppc64
libnfs-1.11.0-1.el7 Client library for accessing NFS shares over a network linux/ppc64
libnfs-devel-1.11.0-1.el7 Development files for libnfs linux/ppc64
libnfs-utils-1.11.0-1.el7 Utilities for accessing NFS servers linux/ppc64
libnozzle1-1.9-1.el7 Simple userland wrapper around kernel tap devices linux/ppc64
libnozzle1-devel-1.9-1.el7 Simple userland wrapper around kernel tap devices (developer files) linux/ppc64
libopenarc-1.0.0-0.1.Beta0.el7 An open source ARC library linux/ppc64
libopenarc-devel-1.0.0-0.1.Beta0.el7 Development files for libopenarc linux/ppc64
liboping-1.6.2-2.el7 C library to generate ICMP echo requests linux/ppc64
libpamtest-1.0.7-2.el7 A tool to test PAM applications and PAM modules linux/ppc64
libpamtest-devel-1.0.7-2.el7 A tool to test PAM applications and PAM modules linux/ppc64
libpamtest-doc-1.0.7-2.el7 The libpamtest API documentation linux/ppc64
libpeas-loader-python36-1.22.0-2.el7 Python 36 loader for libpeas linux/ppc64
libplacebo-0.4.0-2.el7 Reusable library for GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives linux/ppc64
libplacebo-devel-0.4.0-2.el7 Development files for libplacebo linux/ppc64
libpqxx-4.0.1-1.el7 C++ client API for PostgreSQL linux/ppc64
libpqxx-devel-4.0.1-1.el7 Development tools for libpqxx linux/ppc64
libpqxx-doc-4.0.1-1.el7 Developer documentation for libpqxx linux/noarch
libpreludedb-4.1.0-2.el7 Framework for easy access to the IDMEF database linux/ppc64
libpreludedb-devel-4.1.0-2.el7 Libraries and headers for PreludeDB linux/ppc64
libpreludedb-doc-4.1.0-2.el7 Documentation for preludedb linux/noarch
libpsl-0.7.0-1.el7 C library for the Publix Suffix List linux/ppc64
libpsl-devel-0.7.0-1.el7 Development files for libpsl linux/ppc64
libqtxdg-2.0.0-12.el7 QtXdg, a Qt5 implementation of XDG standards linux/ppc64
libqtxdg-devel-2.0.0-12.el7 Qt - development files for qtxdg linux/ppc64
libqtxdg-qt4-1.2.0-11.el7 QtXdg, a Qt4 implementation of XDG standards linux/ppc64
libqtxdg-qt4-devel-1.2.0-11.el7 Qt - development files for qtxdg linux/ppc64
libraqm-0.1.1-1.el7 Complex Textlayout Library linux/ppc64
libraqm-devel-0.1.1-1.el7 Complex Textlayout Library linux/ppc64
libraqm-docs-0.1.1-1.el7 Libraqm Documentation linux/noarch
librcc-0.2.12-5.el7 RusXMMS Charset Conversion Library linux/ppc64
librcc-devel-0.2.12-5.el7 Development files for librcc linux/ppc64
librcc-gtk+-0.2.12-5.el7 RusXMMS Encoding Conversion Library GTK+ bindings linux/ppc64
librcc-gtk2-0.2.12-5.el7 RusXMMS Encoding Conversion Library GTK2 bindings linux/ppc64
librcd-0.1.14-2.el7 Library for autodetection charset of Russian and Ukrainian text linux/ppc64
librcd-devel-0.1.14-2.el7 Development files for librcd linux/ppc64
librecad-2.0.5-2.el7 Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Application linux/ppc64
librecad-devel-2.0.5-2.el7 Development files for LibreCAD linux/ppc64
librecad-fonts-2.0.5-2.el7 Fonts in LibreCAD (lff) format linux/noarch
librecad-langs-2.0.5-2.el7 Language (qm) files for LibreCAD linux/noarch
librecad-parts-2.0.5-2.el7 Parts collection for LibreCAD linux/noarch
librecad-patterns-2.0.5-2.el7 Pattern files for LibreCAD linux/noarch
libsass-3.4.5-4.el7 C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler linux/ppc64
libsass-devel-3.4.5-4.el7 Development files for libsass linux/ppc64
libscrypt-1.21-1.el7 Library that implements the secure password hashing function "scrypt" linux/ppc64
libscrypt-devel-1.21-1.el7 Development files for libscrypt linux/ppc64
libserf-1.3.8-3.el7 High-Performance Asynchronous HTTP Client Library linux/ppc64
libserf-devel-1.3.8-3.el7 Development files for libserf linux/ppc64
libsodium-1.0.17-1.el7 The Sodium crypto library linux/ppc64
libsodium-devel-1.0.17-1.el7 Development files for libsodium linux/ppc64
libsodium-static-1.0.17-1.el7 Static library for libsodium linux/ppc64
libsodium13-1.0.5-1.el7 Compatibility version of the Sodium crypto library linux/ppc64
libsodium13-devel-1.0.5-1.el7 Development files for libsodium13 linux/ppc64
libstatgrab-0.91-4.el7 A library that provides cross platform access to statistics of the system linux/ppc64
libstatgrab-devel-0.91-4.el7 Development files for libstatgrab linux/ppc64
libstatgrab-examples-0.91-4.el7 The example files from libstatgrab linux/ppc64
libstatgrab-tools-compat-0.91-4.el7 Transition package for statgrab-tools linux/ppc64
libstemmer-0-2.585svn.el7 C stemming algorithm library linux/ppc64
libstemmer-devel-0-2.585svn.el7 C stemming algorithm library developer files linux/ppc64
libsysstat-0.3.1-4.el7 Library used to query system info and statistics linux/ppc64
libsysstat-devel-0.3.1-4.el7 Devel files for libsysstat linux/ppc64
libtermkey-0.20-4.el7 Library for easy processing of keyboard entry from terminal-based programs linux/ppc64
libtermkey-devel-0.20-4.el7 Development files needed for libtermkey linux/ppc64
libtidy-5.4.0-1.el7 Runtime library for tidy linux/ppc64
libtidy-devel-5.4.0-1.el7 Development files for tidy linux/ppc64
libtimidity-0.2.6-1.el7 MIDI to WAVE converter library linux/ppc64
libtimidity-devel-0.2.6-1.el7 Development files for libtimidity linux/ppc64
libtomcrypt-1.17-25.el7 A comprehensive, portable cryptographic toolkit linux/ppc64
libtomcrypt-devel-1.17-25.el7 Development files for libtomcrypt linux/ppc64
libtomcrypt-doc-1.17-25.el7 Documentation files for libtomcrypt linux/noarch
libtommath-0.42.0-5.el7 A portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library linux/ppc64
libtommath-devel-0.42.0-5.el7 Development files for libtommath linux/ppc64
libtommath-doc-0.42.0-5.el7 Documentation files for libtommath linux/noarch
libu2f-host-1.1.8-1.el7 Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library linux/ppc64
libu2f-host-devel-1.1.8-1.el7 Development files for libu2f-host linux/ppc64
libuecc-7-1.el7 Very small Elliptic Curve Cryptography library linux/ppc64
libuecc-devel-7-1.el7 Development files for libuecc linux/ppc64
libupnp-1.6.25-1.el7 Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK linux/ppc64
libupnp-devel-1.6.25-1.el7 Include files needed for development with libupnp linux/ppc64
libut-2.0.2-1.el7 Library-implementation of utvector linux/ppc64
libut-devel-2.0.2-1.el7 Development-files for libut linux/ppc64
libuv-1.27.0-1.el7 Platform layer for node.js linux/ppc64
libuv-devel-1.27.0-1.el7 Development libraries for libuv linux/ppc64
libuv-static-1.27.0-1.el7 Platform layer for node.js - static library linux/ppc64
libva-utils-1.8.3-4.el7 Tools for VAAPI (including vainfo) linux/ppc64
libva-vdpau-driver-0.7.4-19.el7 HW video decode support for VDPAU platforms linux/ppc64
libvdpau-va-gl-0.4.2-6.el7 VDPAU driver with OpenGL/VAAPI back-end linux/ppc64
libvterm-0-0.2.bzr681.el7 An abstract library implementation of a VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator linux/ppc64
libvterm-devel-0-0.2.bzr681.el7 Development files needed for libvterm linux/ppc64
libvterm-tools-0-0.2.bzr681.el7 Tools for libvterm linux/ppc64
libwebsockets-3.0.1-2.el7 A lightweight C library for Websockets linux/ppc64
libwebsockets-devel-3.0.1-2.el7 Headers for developing programs that will use libwebsockets linux/ppc64
libx86emu-1.11-7.el7 x86 emulation library linux/ppc64
libx86emu-devel-1.11-7.el7 Development files for libx86emu linux/ppc64
libxmp-4.4.1-1.el7 A multi-format module playback library linux/ppc64
libxmp-devel-4.4.1-1.el7 A multi-format module playback library development files linux/ppc64
libykneomgr-0.1.8-1.el7 YubiKey NEO CCID Manager C Library linux/ppc64
libykneomgr-devel-0.1.8-1.el7 Development files for libykneomgr linux/ppc64
libyui-3.1.5-1.el7 GUI-abstraction library linux/ppc64
libyui-devel-3.1.5-1.el7 Files needed for developing with libyui linux/ppc64
libyui-doc-3.1.5-1.el7 Documentation files for libyui linux/noarch
libyui-gtk-2.44.5-5.el7 Gtk3 User Interface for libyui linux/ppc64
libyui-gtk-devel-2.44.5-5.el7 Files needed for developing with libyui-gtk linux/ppc64
libyui-gtk-doc-2.44.5-5.el7 Documentation files for libyui-gtk linux/noarch
libyui-ncurses-2.46.7-1.el7 Character Based User Interface for libyui linux/ppc64
libyui-ncurses-devel-2.46.7-1.el7 Files needed for developing with libyui-ncurses linux/ppc64
libyui-ncurses-doc-2.46.7-1.el7 Documentation files for libyui-ncurses linux/noarch
libyui-qt-2.46.13-8.el7 Qt User Interface for libyui linux/ppc64
libyui-qt-devel-2.46.13-8.el7 Files needed for developing with libyui-qt linux/ppc64
libyui-qt-doc-2.46.13-8.el7 Documentation files for libyui-qt linux/noarch
libzen-0.4.37-1.el7 Shared library for libmediainfo and medianfo* linux/ppc64
libzen-doc-0.4.37-1.el7 Documentation for libzen linux/noarch
libzstd-1.4.0-1.el7 Zstd shared library linux/ppc64
libzstd-devel-1.4.0-1.el7 Header files for Zstd library linux/ppc64
liferea-1.12.1-1.el7 An RSS/RDF feed reader linux/ppc64
light-locker-1.6.0-4.el7 A simple session-locker for lightdm linux/ppc64
lightdm-1.25.0-1.el7 A cross-desktop Display Manager linux/ppc64
lightdm-autologin-greeter-1.0-2.el7 Autologin greeter using LightDM linux/noarch
lightdm-gobject-1.25.0-1.el7 LightDM GObject client library linux/ppc64
lightdm-gobject-devel-1.25.0-1.el7 Development files for lightdm-gobject linux/ppc64
lightdm-gtk-1.8.5-19.el7 LightDM GTK3 Greeter linux/ppc64
lightdm-gtk-common-1.8.5-19.el7 Common files for lightdm-gtk linux/noarch
lightdm-kde- LightDM KDE Greeter linux/ppc64
lightdm-qt-1.25.0-1.el7 LightDM Qt4 client library linux/ppc64
lightdm-qt-devel-1.25.0-1.el7 Development files for lightdm-qt linux/ppc64
lightdm-qt5-1.25.0-1.el7 LightDM Qt5 client library linux/ppc64
lightdm-qt5-devel-1.25.0-1.el7 Development files for lightdm-qt5 linux/ppc64
lightdm-settings-1.1.4-1.el7 Configuration tool for the LightDM display manager linux/noarch
limnoria-20171025-1.el7 A modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot) with enhancements and bug fixes linux/noarch
linenoise-0-4.git7946e2c.el7 Minimal replacement for readline linux/ppc64
linenoise-devel-0-4.git7946e2c.el7 Development files for linenoise linux/ppc64
linode-cli-1.4.5-1.el7 Official command-line interface to the Linode platform linux/noarch
linsim-2.0.3-1.el7 Tool for Amateur Radio Digital Mode evaluation linux/ppc64
lirc-compat-0.10.0-16.el7 Compatibility package installing all lirc packages linux/ppc64
lirc-config-0.10.0-16.el7 LIRC Configuration Tools and Data linux/noarch
lirc-core-0.10.0-16.el7 LIRC core, always needed to run LIRC linux/ppc64
lirc-devel-0.10.0-16.el7 Development files for LIRC linux/ppc64
lirc-disable-kernel-rc-0.10.0-16.el7 Disable kernel ir device handling in favor of lirc linux/noarch
lirc-doc-0.10.0-16.el7 LIRC documentation linux/noarch
lirc-drv-ftdi-0.10.0-16.el7 Ftdi LIRC User-Space Driver linux/ppc64
lirc-drv-portaudio-0.10.0-16.el7 Portaudio LIRC User-Space Driver linux/ppc64
lirc-libs-0.10.0-16.el7 LIRC libraries linux/ppc64
lirc-tools-gui-0.10.0-16.el7 LIRC GUI tools linux/ppc64
lldpd-1.0.1-1.el7 ISC-licensed implementation of LLDP linux/ppc64
lldpd-devel-1.0.1-1.el7 ISC-licensed implementation of LLDP linux/ppc64
llvm3.9-3.9.1-7.el7 The Low Level Virtual Machine Version 3.9 linux/ppc64
llvm3.9-devel-3.9.1-7.el7 Libraries and header files for LLVM 3.9 linux/ppc64
llvm3.9-libs-3.9.1-7.el7 LLVM 3.9 shared libraries linux/ppc64
llvm3.9-static-3.9.1-7.el7 LLVM 3.9 static libraries linux/ppc64
llvm5.0-5.0.1-7.el7 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/ppc64
llvm5.0-devel-5.0.1-7.el7 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/ppc64
llvm5.0-doc-5.0.1-7.el7 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm5.0-libs-5.0.1-7.el7 LLVM shared libraries linux/ppc64
llvm5.0-static-5.0.1-7.el7 LLVM 5.0 static libraries linux/ppc64
llvm7.0-7.0.1-4.el7 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/ppc64
llvm7.0-devel-7.0.1-4.el7 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/ppc64
llvm7.0-doc-7.0.1-4.el7 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm7.0-libs-7.0.1-4.el7 LLVM shared libraries linux/ppc64
llvm7.0-static-7.0.1-4.el7 LLVM static libraries linux/ppc64
lmdb-0.9.22-2.el7 Memory-mapped key-value database linux/ppc64
lmdb-devel-0.9.22-2.el7 Development files for lmdb linux/ppc64
lmdb-libs-0.9.22-2.el7 Shared libraries for lmdb linux/ppc64
lmfit-6.1-3.el7 Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares minimization and curve fitting linux/ppc64
lmfit-devel-6.1-3.el7 Development files for lmfit linux/ppc64
lnav-0.7.3-1.el7 Curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files linux/ppc64
lnst-13-1.el7 Common code for lnst-ctl and lnst-slave linux/noarch
lnst-ctl-13-1.el7 Linux Network Stack Test Controller linux/noarch
lnst-recipes-13-1.el7 Linux Network Stack Test recipes linux/noarch
lnst-slave-13-1.el7 Linux Network Stack Test Slave Daemon linux/noarch
log4c-1.2.4-1.el7 Library for logging application messages linux/ppc64
log4j-jboss-logmanager-1.1.2-4.el7 JBoss Log4j Emulation linux/noarch
log4j-jboss-logmanager-javadoc-1.1.2-4.el7 Javadoc for log4j-jboss-logmanager linux/noarch
loopabull-0.0.5-1.el7 Event loop driven Ansible playbook execution engine linux/noarch
lua-alt-getopt-0.7.0-4.el7 Argument processing module for Lua linux/noarch
lua-argparse-0.5.0-1.el7 Feature-rich command line parser for Lua linux/noarch
lua-basexx-0.4.0-2.el7 BaseXX encoding and decoding library for Lua linux/noarch
lua-binaryheap-0.4-1.el7 Binary heap implementation for Lua linux/noarch
lua-bit32-5.3.0-2.el7 Backport of Lua bit manipulation library introduced in 5.2 linux/ppc64
lua-compat53-0.7-1.el7 Compatibility module providing Lua-5.3-style APIs for Lua 5.1 linux/ppc64
lua-cqueues-20171014-6.el7 Stackable Continuation Queues for the Lua Programming Language linux/ppc64
lua-cqueues-doc-20171014-6.el7 Documentation for the Stackable Continuation Queues library linux/noarch
lua-event-0.4.6-1.el7 This is a binding of libevent to Lua linux/ppc64
lua-fifo-0.2-1.el7 FIFO library for Lua linux/noarch
lua-http-0.3-2.el7 HTTP library for Lua linux/noarch
lua-http-doc-0.3-2.el7 Documentation for HTTP library for Lua linux/noarch
lua-json-1.3.2-2.el7 JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua linux/noarch
lua-ldap-1.1.0-3.el7 LDAP client library for Lua, using OpenLDAP linux/ppc64
lua-lpeg-patterns-0.5-1.el7 A collection of LPEG patterns linux/noarch
lua-luaossl-20181207-1.el7 Most comprehensive OpenSSL module in the Lua universe linux/ppc64
lua-luaossl-doc-20181207-1.el7 Documentation for OpenSSL Lua module linux/noarch
lua-mpack-1.0.4-2.el7 Implementation of MessagePack for Lua linux/ppc64
luarocks-2.3.0-1.el7 A deployment and management system for Lua modules linux/ppc64
lumina-config-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Configuration utility for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-desktop-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 A lightweight, portable desktop environment linux/ppc64
lumina-desktop-data-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Data for Lumina Desktop linux/noarch
lumina-desktop-devel-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Development libraries for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-desktop-libs-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Libraries for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-desktop-wallpapers-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Wallpapers for Lumina Desktop linux/noarch
lumina-fileinfo-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Desktop file editor for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-fm-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 File manager for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-info-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Basic information utility for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-open-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 xdg-open style utility for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-screenshot-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Screenshot utility for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-search-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Search utility for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-textedit-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 Text file editor for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lumina-xconfig-1.0.0-5.p2.Lbc08e90.el7 X server display configuration tool for Lumina Desktop linux/ppc64
lxi-tools-1.20-1.el7 Tools collection to control LXI enabled instruments linux/ppc64
lximage-qt-0.5.1-3.el7 The image viewer and screenshot tool for LXQt linux/ppc64
lximage-qt-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lximage-qt linux/noarch
lxqt-about-0.11.1-3.el7 About application for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-about-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-about linux/noarch
lxqt-build-tools-0.3.2-1.el7 Packaging tools for LXQt linux/noarch
lxqt-common-0.11.2-2.el7 Common resources for LXQt desktop suite linux/noarch
lxqt-config-0.11.1-9.el7 Config tools for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-config-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-config linux/noarch
lxqt-globalkeys-0.11.1-3.el7 Global keys utility for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-globalkeys-devel-0.11.1-3.el7 Developer files for lxqt-globalkeys linux/ppc64
lxqt-globalkeys-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-globalkeys linux/noarch
lxqt-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for the LXQt desktop linux/noarch
lxqt-notificationd-0.11.1-3.el7 Notification daemon for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-notificationd-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-notificationd linux/noarch
lxqt-openssh-askpass-0.11.1-3.el7 Askpass openssh transition dialog for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-openssh-askpass-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-openssh-askpass linux/noarch
lxqt-panel-0.11.1-3.el7 Main panel bar for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-panel-devel-0.11.1-3.el7 Developer files for lxqt-panel linux/ppc64
lxqt-panel-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-panel linux/noarch
lxqt-policykit-0.11.1-3.el7 PolicyKit agent for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-policykit-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-policykit linux/noarch
lxqt-powermanagement-0.11.1-3.el7 Powermanagement daemon for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-powermanagement-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-powermanagement linux/noarch
lxqt-qtplugin-0.11.1-11.el7 Qt plugin framework for LXQt Desktop Suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-runner-0.11.1-3.el7 Application runner agent for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-runner-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-runner linux/noarch
lxqt-session-0.11.1-3.el7 Main session for LXQt desktop suite linux/ppc64
lxqt-session-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-session linux/noarch
lxqt-sudo-0.11.1-3.el7 GUI frontend for sudo/su linux/ppc64
lxqt-sudo-l10n-0.11.2-3.el7 Translations for lxqt-sudo linux/noarch
lxqt-wallet-3.0.0-1.el7 Create a kwallet like functionality for LXQt linux/ppc64
lxqt-wallet-devel-3.0.0-1.el7 Development files for lxqt-wallet linux/ppc64
lynis-2.7.1-1.el7 Security and system auditing tool linux/noarch
lyx-2.2.3-1.el7 WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) document processor linux/ppc64
lyx-common-2.2.3-1.el7 Common files of lyx linux/noarch
lyx-fonts-2.2.3-1.el7 Lyx/MathML fonts linux/noarch

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