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s390utils-base-2.29.0-3.el9 RPM for s390x

From CentOS Stream 9 AppStream for s390x

Name: s390utils-base Distribution: CentOS
Version: 2.29.0 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 3.el9 Build date: Wed Jan 31 11:03:38 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 8974163 Source RPM: s390utils-2.29.0-3.el9.src.rpm
Summary: S390 base tools
s390 base tools. This collection provides the following utilities:
   * dasdfmt:
     Low-level format ECKD DASDs with the classical linux disk layout or the
     new z/OS compatible disk layout.

   * fdasd:
     Create or modify partitions on ECKD DASDs formatted with the z/OS
     compatible disk layout.

   * dasdview:
     Display DASD and VTOC information or dump the contents of a DASD to the

   * dasdinfo:
     Display unique DASD ID, either UID or volser.

   * udev rules:
     - 59-dasd.rules: rules for unique DASD device nodes created in /dev/disk/.

   * zipl:
     Make DASDs or tapes bootable for system IPL or system dump.

   * zgetdump:
     Retrieve system dumps from either tapes or DASDs.

   * qetharp:
     Read and flush the ARP cache on OSA Express network cards.

   * tape390_display:
     Display information on the message display facility of a zSeries tape

   * tape390_crypt:
     Control and query crypto settings for 3592 zSeries tape devices.

   * qethconf:
     bash shell script simplifying the usage of qeth IPA (IP address
     takeover), VIPA (Virtual IP address) and Proxy ARP.

     Shell script collecting useful information about the current system for
     debugging purposes.

   * zfcpdump:
     Dump tool to create system dumps on fibre channel attached SCSI disks.
     It is installed using the zipl command.

   * zfcpdump_v2:
     Version 2 of the zfcpdump tool. Now based on the upstream 2.6.26 Linux

   * ip_watcher:
     Provides HiperSockets Network Concentrator functionality.
     It looks for addresses in the HiperSockets and sets them as Proxy ARP
     on the OSA cards. It also adds routing entries for all IP addresses
     configured on active HiperSockets devices.
     Use to start HiperSockets Network Concentrator.

   * tunedasd:
     Adjust tunable parameters on DASD devices.

   * vmcp:
     Allows Linux users to send commands to the z/VM control program (CP).
     The normal usage is to invoke vmcp with the command you want to
     execute. The response of z/VM is written to the standard output.

   * vmur:
     Allows to work with z/VM spool file queues (reader, punch, printer).

   * zfcpdbf:
     Display debug data of zfcp. zfcp provides traces via the s390 debug
     feature. Those traces are filtered with the zfcpdbf script, i.e. merge
     several traces, make it more readable etc.

   * scsi_logging_level:
     Create, get or set the logging level for the SCSI logging facility.

   * zconf:
     Set of scripts to configure and list status information of Linux for
     zSeries IO devices.
     - chccwdev:   Modify generic attributes of channel attached devices.
     - lscss:      List channel subsystem devices.
     - lsdasd:     List channel attached direct access storage devices (DASD).
     - lsqeth:     List all qeth-based network devices with their corresponding
     - lstape:     List tape devices, both channel and FCP attached.
     - lszfcp:     Shows information contained in sysfs about zfcp adapters,
                   ports and units that are online.
     - lschp:      List information about available channel-paths.
     - chchp:      Modify channel-path state.
     - lsluns:     List available SCSI LUNs depending on adapter or port.
     - lszcrypt:   Show Information about zcrypt devices and configuration.
     - chzcrypt:   Modify zcrypt configuration.
     - znetconf:   List and configure network devices for System z network
     - cio_ignore: Query and modify the contents of the CIO device driver

   * dumpconf:
     Allows to configure the dump device used for system dump in case a kernel
     panic occurs. This tool can also be used as an init script for etc/init.d.
     Prerequisite for dumpconf is a Linux kernel with the "dump on panic"

   * ipl_tools:
     Tools set to configure and list reipl and shutdown actions.
     - lsreipl: List information of reipl device.
     - chreipl: Change reipl device settings.
     - lsshut:  List actions which will be done in case of halt, poff, reboot
                or panic.
     - chshut:  Change actions which should be done in case of halt, poff,
                reboot or panic.

   * cpi:
    Allows to set the system and sysplex names from the Linux guest to
    the HMC/SE using the Control Program Identification feature.

   * genprotimg:
    Tool for the creation of PV images. The image consists of a concatenation of
    a plain text boot loader, the encrypted components for kernel, initrd, and
    cmdline, and the integrity-protected PV header, containing metadata necessary for
    running the guest in PV mode. Protected VMs (PVM) are KVM VMs, where KVM can't
    access the VM's state like guest memory and guest registers anymore.

For more information refer to the following publications:
   * "Device Drivers, Features, and Commands" chapter "Useful Linux commands"
   * "Using the dump tools"






* Mon Jan 29 2024 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.29.0-3
  - add s390utils-se-data as a noarch subpackage with Secure Execution data files
  - Resolves: RHEL-10567
* Fri Jan 19 2024 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.29.0-2
  - SE: Secure guest tool to bind and associate APQNs (RHEL-10574)
  - Resolves: RHEL-10574
* Fri Nov 24 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.29.0-1
  - rebased to 2.29.0 (RHEL-11408)
  - KVM: Support AP Bindings in SE Header (RHEL-10572)
  - KVM: Userspace Tool for IBK Request Generation and Insertion (RHEL-10578)
  - zkey: support for key type PKEY_TYPE_EP11_AES (RHEL-11440)
  - vmur: fix handling of option -t (RHEL-11480)
  - global original Input Field Separator (IFS) (RHEL-16527)
  - enable multi-arch build (RHEL-10567)
  - Resolves: RHEL-11408 RHEL-10572 RHEL-10578 RHEL-11440 RHEL-11480 RHEL-16527 RHEL-10567
* Mon Aug 07 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.27.0-4
  - zdev/dracut: fix kdump build to integrate with site support (#2229177)
  - Resolves: #2229177
* Thu Jul 20 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.27.0-3
  - Secure Execution APQN binding and IBK association (#2110521)
  - Resolves: #2110521
* Mon Jul 17 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.27.0-2
  - zdev: cleanup patches to fix warnings (#2223304)
  - zdev: add missing label in the udev-rules (#2222900)
  - Resolves: #2223304 #2222900
* Wed May 31 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.27.0-1
  - rebased to 2.27.0 (#2160062)
  - lszcrypt fails when querying a specific domain (#2177612)
  - DASD autoquiesce support (#2196517)
  - zcrypt DD: AP command filtering (#2170360)
  - vmconvert and zgetdump consolidation (#2173924)
  - Support for List-Directed dump from ECKD DASD (#2160052)
  - Support for List-Directed IPL and re-IPL from ECKD DASD (#2160040)
  - Resolves: #2160062 #2177612 #2196517 #2170360 #2173924 #2160052 #2160040
* Thu Feb 02 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.25.0-4
  - zkey: Support EP11 host library version 4 (#2165812)
  - Resolves: #2165812
* Wed Jan 25 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.25.0-3
  - revert the last change
  - Related: #2161740
* Thu Jan 19 2023 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.25.0-2
  - update kernel install script to write /etc/kernel/cmdline (#2161740)
  - Resolves: #2161740
* Tue Dec 13 2022 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.25.0-1
  - rebased to 2.25.0 (#2110310)
  - zipl: Support for Secure Boot IPL and Dump from ECKD DASD (#2044200)
  - zipl: Add secure boot trailer (#2142883)
  - Resolves: #2110310 #2044200 #2142883
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.24.0-1
  - rebased to 2.24.0 (#2110310)
  - KVM: Tool to process encrypted Secure Execution guest dumps (#2044198)
  - zdev: Site-aware device configuration (#2044202)
  - Support IBM z16 Processor-Activity-Instrumentation Facility (#2110298)
  - Transparent DASD PPRC (Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy) handling (#2126617)
  - Support IBM z16 Processor Activity Instrumentation Extension 1 (#2127435)
  - Display Processor Activity Instrumentation CPACF counters (#2111012)
  - Resolves: #2110310 #2044198 #2044202 #2110298 #2126617 #2127435 #2111012
* Thu Aug 04 2022 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.22.0-2
  - zipl: Add missing check for a nullpointer (#2113884)
  - Resolves: #2113884
* Mon Jul 11 2022 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.22.0-1
  - rebased to 2.22.0 (#2044205)
  - add tool to persistently configure vfio-ap devices (#1870699)
  - NVMe stand-alone dump support (#1878081)
  - zipl: Site-aware environment block (#2044199)
  - KVM: Secure Execution Attestation Userspace Tool (#2044203)
  - Add new CPU-MF Counters for IBM z16 Hardware (#2047722)
  - Resolves: #2044205 #1870699 #1878081 #2044199 #2044203 #2047722
* Tue Apr 26 2022 Dan Horák <> - 2:2.21.0-1
  - rebased to 2.21.0 (#2044205)
  - cpictl: Suppress messages for unwritable sysfs files (#1985745)
  - KVM: Secure Execution guest dump encryption with customer keys (#2044204)
  - KVM: Allow long kernel command lines for Secure Execution guests (#2044197)
  - zcrypt DD: Exploitation Support of new IBM Z Crypto Hardware (#2044206)
  - Long Kernel Commmand Line for s390x (#2060826)
  - zcryptctl support for control domains (#2076920)
  - Add additional information to SCLP CPI (#2046680)
  - Resolves: #2044205 #1985745 #2044204 #2044197 #2044206 #2060826 #2076920 #2046680



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