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e2fsprogs-devel-1.42.11-12.6.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE 42.2 updates for ppc64le

Name: e2fsprogs-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.2
Version: 1.42.11 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 12.6.1 Build date: Fri Jun 23 18:03:52 2017
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 299 Source RPM: e2fsprogs-1.42.11-12.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: Dummy development package
Dummy development package for backwards compatibility.






* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - libext2fs-don-t-ignore-fsync-errors.patch: libext2fs: don't ignore fsync
    errors (bsc#1038194)
* Wed May 31 2017
  - libext2fs-Fix-fsync-2-detection.patch: libext2fs: Fix fsync(2) detection
* Thu Nov 24 2016
  - resize2fs-Fix-32-64-bit-overflow-when-multiplying-by-blocks-cl.patch: Fix
    32/64-bit overflow when multiplying by blocks/clusters per group
* Thu Aug 11 2016
  - Update spec file to regenerate initrd when e2fsprogs is updated or
    uninstalled (bsc#960273)
* Tue May 26 2015
  - libext2fs-fix-potential-buffer-overflow-in-closefs.patch: libext2fs: fix
    potential buffer overflow in closefs() (bsc#918346 CVE-2015-1572)
* Tue May 26 2015
  - libext2fs-avoid-buffer-overflow-if-s_first_meta_bg-i.patch: libext2fs:
    avoid buffer overflow if s_first_meta_bg is too big (bsc#915402 CVE-2015-0247)
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - e2fsck-fix-free-pointer-dereferences.patch:
      Fix use after free issues (bnc#912229)
* Mon Jul 21 2014
  - Remove e2fsck.conf since we don't need the changed default anymore. e2fsck
    handles this type of problems automatically now and broken_system_clock has
    other undesired sideeffects like skipped periodic checks (bnc#866283)
* Mon Jul 21 2014
  - Update to 1.42.11
    * fix aborted journal replay in e2fsck with bigalloc
    * make mke2fs refuse insane flex_bg sizes
    * automatically fix last mount time and last write time in e2fsck
    * fix mke2fs to properly create large filesystems on 32-bit systems
    * mke2fs asks before wiping preexisting filesystem
    * mke2fs can create filesystems with all metadata in the beginning
    * fix resize2fs shrink operation in some corner cases
    * fix quota handling in e2fsck
  - Remove filefrag-print-shared-extent-flag.patch: Merged upstream
* Thu Apr 17 2014
  - Add filefrag-print-shared-extent-flag.patch: let's filefrag print shared
    extent flag when it gets it. Helps with fate#316317 / bnc#868847. Patch
    sent to upstream 4/17/2014.
* Tue Feb 04 2014
  - update to 1.42.9
    * fixes in resize2fs, e2fsck, debugfs, and libext2fs to correctly handle
      bigalloc filesystems
    * fix rehashing of extent mapped directory in e2fsck
    * fix e2fsck not to add lost+found in read-only mode
    * fix buffer overruns in e2image
    * fix tune2fs to properly update all backup superblocks when disabling quota
    * e2image support for efficient copying of filesystems
    * fix complaint about uninitialized extents beyond EOF in e2fsck
    * fix resize2fs to not corrupt filesystem in some corner cases
    * fix e2fsck crashes when deleting invalid symlink, directory larger than 2GB
* Thu Jun 27 2013
  - update to 1.42.8
    * e2fsck: detect and fix invalid extents at leaf block tails
    * e2fsck: allow checking ro root fs with external journal
    * fix offline resizing of fs with flex_bg && !resize_inode
    * fix resize2fs to not leave bitmaps beyond fs end
    * fixed e2image for large (>32-bit) filesystems
    * debugfs fixes
  - Removed upstreamed patches:
* Tue Feb 26 2013
  - Fix compilation for Fedora targets in Build Service
* Mon Feb 25 2013
  - Fix compilation warnings by patches:
* Fri Feb 22 2013
  - update to 1.42.7
    * Fix various off-line resizing bugs
    * New filefrag options to improve output formatting
    * mke2fs improvements for bigalloc filesystems
    * Fix e2fsck to properly detect corruption of internal extent tree nodes
    * Improve CPU efficiency of e2fsck
    * Various debugfs improvements
  - refreshed e2fsprogs-1.41.1-splash_support.patch
* Fri Feb 08 2013
  - Install the correct source file as /etc/e2fsck.conf.
* Tue Sep 25 2012
  - update to 1.42.6
    * Fixed a potential seg fault in e2fsck when there is an I/O error while reading the superblock
    * Various resize2fs fixes
    * Various quota related fixes
    * Fixed filefrag so that it correctly reports the number of extents
    * Fixed filefrag so it will not crash with a segfault on files from a virtual file system such as /proc
    * Fixed a problem if e2fsck where if the root file system is mounted read-only, e2fsck would not clear an error indication in the journal superblock.
    * Fixed a bug in how e2fsck would uniquify directory entry names
    * Manpage updates
  - removed e2fsprogs-1.42-voidreturn_value_declared.patch because it makes
    no longer any sence due to upstream changes
* Tue Sep 11 2012
  - add makeinfo as explicit buildrequire
* Fri Aug 24 2012
  - Add an /etc/e2fsck.conf file with broken_system_clock=1 to fix
    first part of bnc#775268
* Thu Jun 14 2012
  - update to 1.42.4
    * Fix 64-bit block number bugs in e2fsck, dumpe2fs, and debugfs which
      could corrupt file systems
    * Fixed e2fsck's handling of how errors propagate from the journal to
      the file system superblock
    * Fixed a false positive complaint from e2fsck if all of the extents
      in the last extent block are uninitialized and located after the
      end of the file.
    * dumpe2fs will display the journal's error indicator in the
      superblock if it is set
    * Fixed a  bug which caused e2fsck to incorrectly use O_EXCLUSIVE in
      some corner cases.
    * Fix truncation of extent-mapped inodes in e2fsck and libext2fs
    * Fixed i_blocks accounting in bigalloc file systems.
    * Add support for btrfs's No_COW flag to lsattr and chattr
    * Debugfs interprets the date strings of the form "@ddd" as ddd
      seconds after the epoch
    * Updated/fixed various man pages  (Closes: #674453, #674694)
* Wed May 23 2012
  - Updated to 1.42.3
    - Fix a bug in the Unix I/O manager which could cause corruption of file
      systems with more than 16TB when e2fsprogs is compiled in 32-bit mode.
    - Improve the support for integrated quota files.
    - Fixed a regression introduced in 1.42.2 which would cause applications
      outside of e2fsprogs which did not pass the EXT2_FLAG_64BIT to crash.
    - Fix a bug which would cause mke2fs to fail creating the journal if
      /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts are missing.
    - Updated/fixed various man page.
    - Updated translations.
* Wed May 23 2012
  - Added dependency of e2fsprogs package on particular versions of libext2fs
    and libcom_err to avoid problems with missing symbols
* Fri Apr 13 2012
  - Update to 1.42.2:
    * resize2fs uses much less CPU and is much faster for very large fs.
    * The seti and freei commands in debugfs can now take an optional length
      argument to set and clear a contiguous range of inodes.
    * E2fsck will now make explicit checks for the EOFBLOCKS_FL, since we
      plan to remove support for it from the kernel file system driver.
    * mke2fs can now use direct I/O via "mke2fs -D"
    * E2fsck was needlessly closing and re-opening the file system as a side
      effect of adding Multiple Mount Protection (MMP).  This isn't
      necessary for non-MMP file systems, so drop it.
    * E2fsck will now abort if there are memory allocation failures when
      the file system is initially opened and during the block group
      descriptor checks.
    * e2fsck will now report the incorrect and corrected checksum values
      for incorrect block groups.
    * e2fsck can now write log files containing the details of the problems
      that were found and fixed directly, via configuration parameters in
    * The number of messages reported by e2fsck for a given problem type
      can be limited.
    * dumpe2fs, debugfs, and tune2fs now use rbtree bitmaps, which noticably
      reduces memory consumption for large file systems.
    * E2fsck now checks for extents with a zero length.
    * Fixed a number of bugs relating to discard.
    * E2fsck's CPU utilization in pass 5 has been optimized.
    * E2image will now skip copying uninitialized bitmap and inode table
    * Fixed mke2fs -S so it does not corrupt the first block group's
    * E2fsck will now check the new sysfs interface to determine if we are
      using the battery or AC mains.
  - Add up-to-date german messages
* Fri Apr 13 2012
  - Remove the obsolete german messages.
* Wed Apr 11 2012
  - place binaries and libraries into the /usr tree (UsrMerge project)
* Thu Apr 05 2012
  - SPARC: avoid retention of libquota.a
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Fri Jan 13 2012
  - removed dumpe2fs-add-man-page-warning-about-mounted-fil.patch
    deprecated by this release
  - refreshed e2fsprogs-1.41.1-splash_support.patch
  - added several patches to fix warnings generated by the check_gcc_output
    and rpmlint
  - update to 1.42
    * this release has support for file systems >16TB. online resize
      requires kernel support which will hopefully be in kernel version
      3.2. offline support is not yet available for >16TB, but will be
    * this release has support for clustered allocation, which reduces
      the number of block (now cluster) bitmaps by allocating and
      deallocating space in contiguous power-of-2 collections of blocks,
      which are called clustered. This is a filesystem level feature
      called 'bigalloc', which must be enabled when the filesystem is
      inititally formatted. It is not backwards compatible with older
    * added support for the Multi-Mount Protection (MMP) feature
    * The mke2fs and e2fsck programs now tries to use the punch hole command
      as a "discard" when operating on normal files.
    * The resize2fs program now has support for a new online resize ioctl
      that can support file systems > 16TB, once it arrives in v3.x kernels.
    * Added e4defrag tool which uses the EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT ioctl.
    * Added support for journals larger than 2GB.
    * Added internationalization support for libcom_err error table strings.
    * Fixed various spelling mistakes found in various output strings found by
      I18N translators.
    * Update translations: French, Chinese, Germany, Indonesian, Swedish,
      Vietnamese, Polish, Dutch, Czech. (Addresses Debian Bugs: #520985,
    * Updated/clarified man pages. (Addresses Debian Bugs: #639411, #642193,
    * various bug fixes and enhancements (see RELEASE-NOTES)
* Tue Dec 20 2011
  - add autoconf as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Thu Oct 13 2011
  - Added dumpe2fs.8 manpage fix
* Fri Jul 22 2011
  - Fix typo in package summary
* Fri Jul 22 2011
  - Fix licenses in spec file to match those specified in COPYING file
* Tue Jan 25 2011
  - Fix the last untranslated entry in the message catalog.
* Mon Jan 24 2011
  - Add an updated german translation that has also been sent
  - Call 'make update-po' in po/ to sync translations and original
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Update to 1.14.14
    * Many bugfixes
    * Resize2fs -P will now refuse to print a minimum size if the file system
    is not clean.
    * 2fsck will check for cases where the EOFBLOCKS_FL is set when it is not needed,
    and offer to clear it
    * The mke2fs program now queries the kernel for the physical as well as the logical
    sector size, and will not allow a blocksize below the logical, and will strongly
    encourage a blocksize at least as big as the physical blocksize
    * E2fsck now will completely skip time-based checks if the system clock looks insane or
    the option broken_system_clock is set in /etc/e2fsck.conf
    * E2fsck now tests for extents that begin at physical block 0 and rejects them as invalid.
    * The tune2fs program can now set the uninit_bg feature without requiring an fsck
    * The tune2fs, dumpe2fs, and debugfs programs now support the new ext4 default mount
    options settings which were added in 2.6.35
    * The resize2fs program now handles devices which are exactly 16T
    see more changes in RELEASE-NOTES
  - Use upstream de translations (regenerated in 1.41.13)
* Mon Aug 02 2010
  - revert pth's %configure to fix build
* Wed Jun 30 2010
  - Do package libext2fs.a (BuildRequired for silo) on SPARC
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - use %_smp_mflags
* Mon Apr 19 2010
  - Regenerate patch so that it applies without fuzz.
  - Fix spec file.
* Mon Apr 19 2010
  - Bring german message catalog up-to-date.
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - update to 1.41.11:
    * E2fsck will correctly fix directories that are have an inaccurate i_size as
    well as other problems in a single pass, instead of requiring two e2fsck
    runs before the file system is fully fixed.
    * Fix e2fsck so it will correctly find and detect duplicate directory entries
    for non-indexed directories
    * Mke2fs will use BLKDISCARD to pre-discard all blocks on an SSD or
    thinly-provisioned storage device. This can be disabled using the -K option.
    * Mke2fs now will obtain get device topology information from blkid and use it
    to populate the superblock stride and stripe sizes. It will also warn if the
    block device is misaligned
    see more changes in RELEASE-NOTES
* Sun Dec 13 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Wed Oct 28 2009
  - libcom_err-devel shoudl require glibc-devel
  - Axe static libraries and see how it goes..
* Thu Oct 01 2009
  - fix possible massive fdleak when fsck is invoked with options
    - R -A -M -a -t noopts=nofail in boot.localfs [bnc#503008]
* Thu Sep 10 2009
  - fix the super block even if someone mounted the file system
    in wrong timezone in between (bnc#537542)
* Thu Sep 03 2009
  - update to 1.41.9:
    "All users of e2fsprogs are urged to upgrade to the 1.41.9
      version as soon as possible"
    * Fix a bug in e2fsck routines for reallocating an inode table which
    could cause it to loop forever on an ext4 filesystem with the FLEX_BG
    filesystem feature with a relatively rare (and specific) filesystem
    corruption.  This fix causes e2fsck to try to find space for a new
    portion of the inode table in the containing flex_bg, and if that
    fails, the new portion of the inode table will be allocated in any
    free space available in the filesystem.
    * Make e2fsck less annoying by only asking for permission to relocate a
    block group's inode table once, instead of for every overlapping
    block.  Similarly, only ask once to recompute the block group
    checksums, instead of once for each corrupted block group's checksum.
    see more changes in RELEASE-NOTES
* Mon Aug 03 2009
  - added Supplements for ext4
* Mon Jul 13 2009
  - look for too
  - refresh patches to avoid fuzz
* Mon Jul 13 2009
  - update to 1.41.8
    - Fix resize2fs's online resizing, fixing a regression which in
      e2fpsrogs 1.41.7.
    - Fix resize2fs bugs when shrinking ext4 filesystems
    - If the resize2fs operation fails, the user will be told to fix up
      the filesystem using e2fsck -fy.
    - do not install disabled uuid binary and man page
    - Fix filefrag program for files that have more than 144 extents.
    - allow V=1 to disable silent build
  - enable verbose build again (V=1 merged upstream)
  - move awk scripts from libcom_err2 to libcom_err2-devel
* Wed Jul 08 2009
  - moved baselibs.conf changes to util-linux.
* Mon Jun 29 2009
  - update to 1.41.7
  - disable libuuid and libblkid packages (moved to util-linux)
  - drop libvolume_id support (util-linux's libblkid will work)
  - removed patches:
* Mon Mar 09 2009
  - Fix errors in German messages.



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