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ia_ora-gnome-1.0.24-5 RPM for x86_64

From OpenMandriva 2013.0 for x86_64 / main / release

Name: ia_ora-gnome Distribution: OpenMandriva LX
Version: 1.0.24 Vendor: OpenMandriva Association
Release: 5 Build date: Fri Oct 11 14:52:21 2013
Group: Graphical desktop/GNOME Build host: localhost.localdomain
Size: 161171 Source RPM: ia_ora-gnome-1.0.24-5.src.rpm
Packager: crisb <>
Summary: Ia Ora Mandriva GNOME theme
Mandriva Ia Ora GNOME theme






* Fri Oct 11 2013 Crispin Boylan <> 1.0.24-5
  + Revision: 3110e16
  - Bump
* Fri Oct 11 2013 Crispin Boylan <> 1.0.24-4
  + Revision: bdc6d82
  - Fix wrong use of buildroot in post script
* Mon May 13 2013 mdawkins (Matthew Dawkins) <> 1.0.24-4
  + Revision: 85f5688
  - cleaned up spec
* Sat Dec 08 2012 alex <alex@localhost.localdomain> 1.0.24-4
  + Revision: 4b74828
  - merging with rosa2012.1 of project ia_ora-gnome
* Tue May 08 2012 goetz <> 1.0.24-4
  + Revision: f8904f0
  - yearly rebuild
  - SILENT: svn-revision: 797545
* Thu Dec 01 2011 oden <> 1.0.24-3
  + Revision: 2366663
  - - SILENT: RPM_BUILD_ROOT was removed
  - SILENT: svn-revision: 736392
* Wed May 04 2011 oden <> 1.0.24-3
  + Revision: 1f751dd
  - - mass rebuild
  - SILENT: svn-revision: 665490
* Fri Dec 03 2010 oden <> 1.0.24-2
  + Revision: eb9af8b
  - - rebuild
  - SILENT: svn-revision: 605940


/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Arctic/metacity-1/unmaximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Blue/metacity-1/unmaximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Free
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Gray/metacity-1/unmaximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Night/metacity-1/unmaximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora One
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Orange/metacity-1/unmaximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Smooth/metacity-1/unmaximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/gtk-2.0
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/index.theme
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/metacity-1
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/metacity-1/close.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/metacity-1/maximize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/metacity-1/minimize.png
/usr/share/themes/Ia Ora Steel/metacity-1/unmaximize.png

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