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Packages beginning with letter U

u-boot-tools-20130501-1 Tools for the u-boot Firmware linux/x86_64
u-boot-tools-doc-20130501-1 Documentation for the u-boot Firmware linux/x86_64
uClibc- A C library optimized for size useful for embedded applications linux/x86_64
ucarp-1.5.2-5 Portable implementation of the CARP protocol linux/x86_64
uclibc-btrfs-progs-0.20-0.20130313.3 Userspace programs for btrfs (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-cdialog-1.1-1.20120706.2 A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-cryptsetup-1.6.1-1 Utility for setting up encrypted filesystems (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-dbus-1.6.14-2 D-Bus message bus (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-dmraid-1.0.0-0.rc16.9 Device-mapper ATARAID tool (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-dmraid-events-1.0.0-0.rc16.9 Dmraid event tool (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-dmsetup-1.02.77-6 Device mapper setup tool (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-dosfstools-3.0.22-1 Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-dropbear-2013.58-1 Minimalistic uClibc linked build of dropbear linux/x86_64
uclibc-dump-0.4b42-9 uClibc linked build of dump linux/x86_64
uclibc-e2fsprogs-1.42.8-1 Utilities used for ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-fidentify-6.13-4 Data recovery software (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-fuse-2.9.3-1 uClibc build of fuse linux/x86_64
uclibc-gpart-0.1h-18 Hard disk primary partition table reconstruction (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-gpm-1.20.7-7 A mouse server for the Linux console (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-hexedit-1.2.12-11 View and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-jfsutils-1.1.15-3 IBM JFS utility programs (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-kpartx-0.4.9-1.20121222.1 Partition device manager for device-mapper devices (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64acl1-2.2.52-1 Main library for libacl (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64attr1-2.4.46-9 Main library for libattr (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64blkid1-2.23.1-5 Block device ID library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64btrfs0-0.20-0.20130313.3 Library for btrfs (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64bzip2_1-1.0.6-9 uClibc linked libraries for developing apps which will use bzip2 linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64cap2-2.22-6 Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64cryptsetup4-1.6.1-1 Library for setting up encrypted filesystems (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64dbus-1_3-1.6.14-2 Shared library for using D-Bus (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64devmapper-event1.02-1.02.77-6 Device mapper event library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64devmapper1.02-1.02.77-6 Device mapper library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64dmraid1-1.0.0-0.rc16.9 Libraries for dmraid (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64drm2-2.4.46-2 Userspace interface to kernel DRM services (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64drm_intel1-2.4.46-2 Shared library for Intel kernel DRM services (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64drm_nouveau2-2.4.46-2 Shared library for Nouveau kernel DRM services (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64drm_radeon1-2.4.46-2 Shared library for Radeon kernel DRM services (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64expat1-2.1.0-8 Main library for expat linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64ext2fs2-1.42.8-1 The libraries for Ext2fs (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64formw5-5.9-7.20130218.3 Ncurses formw library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64fuse2-2.9.3-1 Libraries for fuse (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64gcrypt11-1.5.0-8 GNU Cryptographic library (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64gpg-error0-1.10-10 Library containing common error values for GnuPG components (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64gpm2-1.20.7-7 Libraries and header files for developing mouse driven programs (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64gssglue1-0.4-6 A mechanism-switch gssapi library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64handle1-3.1.10-5 Main library for xfsprogs (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64history6-6.2-14 Shared libhistory library for readline (uClibc Build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64intl8- Basic libintl library for internationalization linked against uClibc linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64jpeg8-1.3.0-6 A library for manipulating JPEG image format files (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64kmod2-15-1 Library to interact with Linux kernel modules linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64kms1-2.4.46-2 Shared library for KMS (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64lvm2cmd2.02-2.02.98-6 LVM2 command line library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64lzma5-5.1.2-0.alpha.3 Libraries for decoding XZ/LZMA compression (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64lzo2_2-2.06-8 Data compression library with very fast (de-)compression (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64menuw5-5.9-7.20130218.3 Ncurses menuw library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64mount1-2.23.1-5 Universal mount library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64ncursesw5-5.9-7.20130218.3 Ncurses libraries which support UTF8 (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64newt0.52-0.52.14-8 Newt windowing toolkit development files library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64nilfs0-2.1.4-2 The libnilfs library for nilfs-utils (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64nilfscleaner0-2.1.4-2 The libnilfscleaner library for nilfs-utils (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64nilfsgc0-2.1.4-2 The libnilfsgc library for nilfs-utils (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64ntfs-3g84-2013.1.13-3 Library for reading & writing on NTFS filesystems (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64pam0-1.1.8-1 Library for pam (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64pam_misc0-1.1.8-1 Library for pam linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64pamc0-1.1.8-1 Library for pam linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64panelw5-5.9-7.20130218.3 Ncurses panelw library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64parted-fs-resize0-3.1-6 The parted fs-resize library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64parted2-3.1-6 The parted library (uClibc linked) (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64pci3-3.2.0-2 uClibc linked version of the PCI library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64pciaccess0-0.13.2-1 Generic PCI access library (from (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64popt0-1.16-11 Main popt library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64pth20-2.0.7-13 GNU Pth - GNU Portable Threads linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64readline6-6.2-14 Shared libreadline library for readline (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64slang2-2.2.4-9 The shared library for the S-Lang extension language linked against uClibc linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64sysfs2-2.1.0-25 uClibc linked library for sysfsutils linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64tic5-5.9-7.20130218.3 Ncurses tic library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64tinfo5-5.9-7.20130218.3 Ncurses tinfo library linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64tirpc1-0.2.3-9 Transport Independent RPC Library (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64turbojpeg0-1.3.0-6 TurboJPEG library (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64uClibc++-devel-0.2.4-11 Development files & libraries for uClibc++ linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64uClibc++0.2.4-0.2.4-11 A C++ standard library for uClibc linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64ulockmgr1-2.9.3-1 libulockmgr for fuse (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64uuid1-2.23.1-5 Universally unique ID library (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64wrap0-7.6-47 A security library which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-lib64z1-1.2.8-2 The zlib compression and decompression library linked against uClibc linux/x86_64
uclibc-lvm2-2.02.98-6 Logical Volume Manager administration tools (uClibc linked) linux/x86_64
uclibc-mdadm-3.2.6-3 A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-mt-st-1.1-8 Programs to control tape device operations (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-ncftp-3.2.5-2 An improved FTP client (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-ncurses-5.9-7.20130218.3 Tools for ncurses built against uClibc linux/x86_64
uclibc-nilfs-utils-2.1.4-2 Tools for nilfs filesystem (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-ntfs-3g-2013.1.13-3 Read-write ntfs driver (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-pam-1.1.8-1 PAM modules etc. for uClibc PAM linux/x86_64
uclibc-parted-3.1-6 Flexible partitioning tool linux/x86_64
uclibc-partimage-0.6.9-2 Partition Image (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-photorec-6.13-4 Data recovery software (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-pppd-2.4.5-16 uClibc-linked build of pppd linux/x86_64
uclibc-pppoe-3.11-3 uClibc-linked build of pppoe linux/x86_64
uclibc-pv-1.4.6-1 Monitor the progress of data through a pipe (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-reiserfsprogs-3.6.21-5 The utilities to create reiserfs volumes (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-rmt-0.4b42-9 uClibc linked build of rmt linux/x86_64
uclibc-testdisk-6.13-4 Tool to check and undelete partition (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-util-linux-2.23.1-5 uClibc build of util-linux linux/x86_64
uclibc-xfsdump-3.1.1-1 Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
uclibc-xfsprogs-3.1.10-5 Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem (uClibc build) linux/x86_64
ucpp-1.3.4-2 A quick and light preprocessor, but anyway fully compliant to C99 linux/x86_64
udisks-1.0.4-11 Storage Management Service linux/x86_64
udisks-devel-1.0.4-11 D-Bus interface definitions for udisks linux/x86_64
udisks2-2.1.0-3 Disk Manager linux/x86_64
ufraw-0.19.2-1 Graphical tool to convert raw images of digital cameras linux/x86_64
ufraw-gimp-0.19.2-1 Reads the raw image formats of digital cameras into GIMP linux/x86_64
uim-1.8.5-2 Multilingual input method library linux/x86_64
uim-base-1.8.5-2 Misc files needed by UIM library linux/x86_64
uim-gtk-1.8.5-2 GNOME helper for uim linux/x86_64
uim-gtk3-1.8.5-2 GNOME3 helper for uim linux/x86_64
uim-qt4immodule-1.8.5-2 A plugin for using UIM on qt4-immodule linux/x86_64
uim-tomoe-gtk-0.6.0-9 A tool for providing tomoe support to uim linux/x86_64
umbrello-4.11.2-1 UML diagramming tool for KDE linux/x86_64
uml-utilities-20070815-13 Tools to run and configure usermodes linux linux/x86_64
unac-1.8.0-4 A command that removes accents linux/x86_64
unetbootin-0-2.581 Create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions linux/x86_64
uniconf-4.6.1-8 Configuration system linux/x86_64
unionfs-utils-0.2.1-10 Userspace utilities for Unionfs linux/x86_64
units-1.88-6 A utility for converting amounts from one unit to another linux/x86_64
unixODBC-2.3.1-3 Unix ODBC driver manager and database drivers linux/x86_64
unoconv-0.4-3 Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice linux/noarch
unzip-6.0-8 Unpacks ZIP files such as those made by pkzip under DOS linux/x86_64
update-alternatives-1.17.1-1 Alternative management system linux/x86_64
update-alternatives-1.9.0-9 Alternative management system linux/noarch
upower-0.9.22-1 Power Management Service linux/x86_64
upx-3.08-1 The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables linux/x86_64
urpm-tools-2.2.4-1 Utilities that help to work with URPM-based repositories linux/noarch
urpmi-7.25-5 Command-line software installation tools linux/noarch
urpmi-dudf-7.25-5 Extension to urpmi to handle dudf generation and upload linux/noarch
urpmi-ldap-7.25-5 Extension to urpmi to specify media configuration via LDAP linux/noarch
urpmi-parallel-ka-run-7.25-5 Parallel extensions to urpmi using ka-run linux/noarch
urpmi-parallel-ssh-7.25-5 Parallel extensions to urpmi using ssh and scp linux/noarch
urw-fonts-2.0-29 The 35 standard PostScript fonts linux/noarch
usbmuxd-1.0.8-7 Daemon for communicating with Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone linux/x86_64
usbredir-0.6-1 A protocol for redirection USB traffic linux/x86_64
usbredir-devel-0.6-1 A protocol for redirection USB traffic - Development files linux/x86_64
usbutils-007-1 Linux USB utilities linux/x86_64
usbutils-devel-007-1 Development files for usbutils linux/x86_64
usermode-1.111-5 Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks linux/x86_64
usermode-consoleonly-1.111-5 Non graphical part of usermode linux/x86_64
utempter-0.5.5-16 Priviledged helper for utmp/wtmp updates linux/x86_64
util-linux-2.23.1-5 A collection of basic system utilities linux/x86_64
uucp-1.07-14 The uucp utility for copying files between systems linux/x86_64
uuidd-2.23.1-5 Helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs linux/x86_64
uxcook-2.0.1-19 Fix problems resulting of improperly set FTP downloads linux/x86_64

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