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Packages beginning with letter M

m17n-db-1.6.4-1 The m17n database linux/noarch
m17n-db-devel-1.6.4-1 Headers of m17n for development linux/noarch
m17n-lib-1.6.4-2 Multilingual text processing library linux/x86_64
m4-1.4.16-7 The GNU macro processor linux/x86_64
macutils-2.0b3-23 Utilities for manipulating Macintosh file formats linux/x86_64
madwifi-source- Madwifi drivers source code linux/noarch
madwimax-0.1.1-2 madwimax userspace driver linux/x86_64
mailcap-2.0.4-29 Associates helper applications with particular file types linux/noarch
mailman-2.1.15-2 The GNU Mailing List Management System linux/x86_64
make-3.82-7 A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users linux/x86_64
makedepend-1.0.5-1 Create dependencies in makefiles linux/x86_64
makedev-4.4-17 A program used for creating the device files in /dev linux/noarch
makeself-2.1.5-7 Generates a self-extractable archive from a directory linux/noarch
malaga-7.12-9 A grammar development environment for natural languages linux/x86_64
man-2.6.3-5 A set of documentation tools: man, apropos and whatis linux/x86_64
man-pages-3.53-1 English man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-cs-0.18.20090209-9 Czech Linux Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-da-0.1.1-16 Danish man pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-de-0.9-2 German man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-es-1.55-10 Spanish man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-fr-3.03.0-11 French man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-hu-0.2.2-18 Hungarian manual pages linux/noarch
man-pages-id-0.1-20 Man pages in Indonesian language linux/noarch
man-pages-it-2.80-8 Italian manual pages linux/noarch
man-pages-ja-20091215-7 Japanese manual pages linux/noarch
man-pages-ko-20050219-13 Korean(Hangul) Man Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-pl-0.6-15 Man pages in polish language linux/noarch
man-pages-pt_BR-0.1-11 Brazilian man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-ru-3.41-15 Russian man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man-pages-zh-1.5-12 Chinese Man Pages linux/noarch
mana-0.2.1-7 Kana-Kanji conversion engine for Japanese linux/x86_64
manadic-0.1.4-13 A dictionary for Mana linux/noarch
mandi-1.1-6 Monitoring daemon bridge linux/x86_64
mandi-ifw-1.1-6 Firewall rules for Interactive Firewall linux/x86_64
mandriva-control-center-0.5-4 Mandriva control enter linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Drakxtools-Guide-en-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in English linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Drakxtools-Guide-fr-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in French linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Drakxtools-Guide-pt_br-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in Brazilian Portuguese linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Introducing-en-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in English linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Introducing-fr-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in French linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Introducing-pt_br-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in Brazilian Portuguese linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Mastering-Manual-en-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in English linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-Mastering-Manual-fr-2010.1-1.2 The Mandriva Linux manuals in French linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-common-2010.1-1.2 Common data for all Mandriva Linux specific documentation linux/noarch
mandriva-doc-installer-help-2010.1-1.2 DrakX Installer help in all available languages for Mandriva Linux linux/noarch
mandriva-galaxy-2011.0-4 Mandriva-galaxy linux/x86_64
mandriva-galaxy-data-2011.0-2 Mandriva Galaxy data files linux/noarch
mandriva-gfxboot-theme- Mandriva graphical boot theme linux/noarch
mandriva-kde-icons-1.0.4-14 Mandriva KDE icons linux/noarch
mandriva-kde-translation-2012.1-3 Localization files for Mandriva KDE strings linux/noarch
mandriva-kde4-config-common-2013.0-17 Common configs used for ROSA theme linux/noarch
mandriva-lxde-config-0.5.2-13 Mandriva LXDE configuration files linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-OpenMandriva-1.4.14-2 OpenMandriva Association-OpenMandriva theme for plymouth and desktop background linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-common-1.4.14-2 OpenMandriva Association common theme for plymouth linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-extra-1.4.14-2 Additional backgrounds from Mandriva Linux users linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-screensaver-1.4.14-2 Mandriva screensaver linux/noarch
marble-4.11.2-1 A virtual globe and world atlas linux/x86_64
marble-common-4.11.2-1 A virtual globe and world atlas linux/x86_64
marble-devel-4.11.2-1 Devel stuff for marble linux/x86_64
master-boot-code-1.14-3 i386 Master Boot Record Code linux/x86_64
matchbox-window-manager-1.2-18 Window manager for the Matchbox Desktop linux/x86_64
maven-doxia-1.0-0.1.a7.3.3.6 Content generation framework linux/x86_64
maven2-2.2.1-4 Java project management and project comprehension tool linux/noarch
maven2-common-poms-1.0-5.1.9 Common poms for maven2 linux/noarch
mawk-1.3.3-16 An interpreter for the awk programming language linux/x86_64
mc-4.8.10-1 A user-friendly file manager and visual shell linux/x86_64
mcpp-2.7.2-10 Alternative C/C++ preprocessor linux/x86_64
mcs-0.7.2-3 Modular Config System linux/x86_64
mcs-gconf-0.7.2-3 Modular Config System - GConf backend linux/x86_64
mdadm-3.2.6-3 A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux linux/x86_64
mdds-devel-0.8.1-1 Headers for mdds linux/noarch
mdv-distrib-tools-4.03-7 Tools use to maintains Mandriva distrib tree linux/noarch
mdv-rpm-summary-0.9.4-6 Localization files for packages summaries linux/noarch
mdvinput-1.6.2-3 Small programm for set keyboard, mouse and touchpad linux/noarch
mdvpkg-0.8.1-0 Mandriva D-Bus packaging abstraction layer linux/noarch
media-player-info-17-1 Media Player Information linux/noarch
memcached-1.4.13-3 High-performance memory object caching system linux/x86_64
memcached-devel-1.4.13-3 Files needed for development using memcached protocol linux/x86_64
memphis-0.2.3-6 Map rendering application and library linux/x86_64
memtest86+-4.20-3 A stand alone memory test for i386 architecture systems linux/x86_64
mencoder-1.1.1-3 MPlayer's movie encoder linux/x86_64
menu-cache-0.3.2-5 A library to speed up application menus linux/x86_64
menu-messages-2011.0-4 Localization files for Menu system linux/noarch
mercurial-2.6.2-1 A fast, lightweight distributed source control management system linux/x86_64
mesa-demos-8.1.0-1 Demos for Mesa (OpenGL compatible 3D lib) linux/x86_64
messageviewer-4.11.0-1 Message viewer for KDE Email Client linux/x86_64
meta-task-2013.0-4 Meta task listing packages by group linux/noarch
metacity-2.34.13-5 Metacity window manager linux/x86_64
mgetty-1.1.36-13 A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems linux/x86_64
mgetty-contrib-1.1.36-13 User contributed stuff that comes with mgetty linux/x86_64
mgetty-sendfax-1.1.36-13 Provides support for sending faxes over a modem linux/x86_64
mgetty-viewfax-1.1.36-13 An X Window System fax viewer linux/x86_64
mgetty-voice-1.1.36-13 A program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine linux/x86_64
microcode_ctl-1.17-17 Intel / AMD CPU Microcode Utility linux/x86_64
microspdy2http-0.9.28-1 Implementation of SPDY server linux/x86_64
migration-assistant-0.6.12-2 Migration Assistant linux/x86_64
migrationtools-47-11 Tools for migrating local/NIS account information to LDAP linux/noarch
mikmod-3.2.2-1.beta1.7 A MOD music file player linux/x86_64
min12xxw-0.0.9-16 A printer filter for Minolta 1[234]xx W printers linux/x86_64
ming-utils-0.4.4-3 Ming utilities linux/x86_64
mingetty-1.08-9 A compact getty program for virtual consoles only linux/x86_64
minicom-2.6.2-2 A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program linux/x86_64
mirrordir-0.10.49-20 Easy to use ftp mirroring package linux/x86_64
mjpegtools-2.0.0-7 Tools for recording, editing, playing back and mpeg-encoding video under linux linux/x86_64
mk-files-20130401-1 Support files for bmake, the NetBSD make(1) tool linux/noarch
mkcomposecache-1.2.1-6 Used for creating global (system-wide) Compose cache files linux/x86_64
mkdosfs-with-dir-1.0-10 Create a DOS image from a directory linux/noarch
mkfontdir-1.0.7-6 Create an index of X font files in a directory linux/noarch
mkfontscale-1.1.1-1 Create an index of scalable font files for X linux/x86_64
mknod-m600-1.2-6 Create block/character devices as normal user linux/noarch
mkvtoolnix-6.2.0-1 Matroska multimedia file utils linux/x86_64
mkxauth-1.7-21 A utility for managing .Xauthority files linux/noarch
ml85p-0.2.0-12 Driver for the Samsung ML-85G and QL-85G winprinters linux/x86_64
mlocate-0.26-5 An utility for finding files by name via a central database linux/x86_64
mlogc-2.7.3-1 ModSecurity Audit Log Collector linux/x86_64
mlt-0.9.0-1 Media Lovin' Toolkit nonlinear video editing library linux/x86_64
mm-common-0.9.5-2 Build infrastructure and utilities for GNOME C++ bindings linux/noarch
mmc-agent- Mandriva Management Console agent linux/x86_64
mmc-check-password- OpenLDAP password checker module for MMC linux/x86_64
mmc-web-base- MMC web interface to interact with a MMC agent linux/x86_64
mmc-web-bulkimport- Bulk import module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mmc-web-mail- Postfix/Mail module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mmc-web-network- DNS/DHCP management module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mmc-web-ppolicy- Password policies plugin linux/x86_64
mmc-web-proxy- SquidGuard module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mmc-web-samba- SAMBA module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mmc-web-sshlpk- SSH public key module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mmc-web-userquota- User quota module for the MMC web interface linux/x86_64
mobile-broadband-provider-info-20120614-2 Mobile broadband providers database linux/noarch
mobile-broadband-provider-info-devel-20120614-2 The pkgconfig for mobile-broadband-provider-info linux/noarch
module-init-tools-3.16-5 Tools for managing Linux kernel modules linux/x86_64
mon-1.2.0-14 A general-purpose resource monitoring system linux/x86_64
monitor-edid-3.0-11 EDID retrieval and parsing tools linux/x86_64
monitorix-2.5.2-2 System monitoring tool linux/noarch
mono-2.10.9-8 Mono Runtime linux/x86_64
mono-2.0-2.10.9-8 2.0 API for mono linux/x86_64
mono-4.0-2.10.9-8 4.0 API for mono linux/x86_64
mono-addins-0.6.2-1 Mono Addins linux/noarch
mono-addins-0.2-0.6.2-1 Mono Addins compatibility linux/noarch
mono-addins-0.3-0.6.2-1 Mono Addins compatibility linux/noarch
mono-addins-0.4-0.6.2-1 Mono Addins compatibility linux/noarch
mono-addins-0.5-0.6.2-1 Mono Addins compatibility linux/noarch
mono-addins-devel-0.6.2-1 Development files for mono-addins linux/noarch
mono-build-2.10.9-8 Mono APIs needed for software development linux/x86_64
mono-build-2.0-2.10.9-8 Mono APIs needed for software development, API 2.0 linux/x86_64
mono-build-3.5-2.10.9-8 Mono APIs needed for software development, API 3.5 linux/x86_64
mono-build-4.0-2.10.9-8 Mono APIs needed for software development, API 4.0 linux/x86_64
mono-compat-2.10.9-8 Compatible API for mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-2.10.9-8 Database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-2.0-2.10.9-8 Database connectivity for Mono 2.0 API linux/x86_64
mono-data-4.0-2.10.9-8 Database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-compat-2.10.9-8 Database connectivity for Mono (Compatible package) linux/x86_64
mono-doc-2.10.9-8 Documentation for the Mono runtime linux/noarch
mono-extras-2.10.9-8 Infrastructure for running and building daemons and services linux/x86_64
mono-extras-2.0-2.10.9-8 Infrastructure for running and building daemons and services linux/x86_64
mono-extras-4.0-2.10.9-8 Infrastructure for running and building daemons and services linux/x86_64
mono-extras-compat-2.10.9-8 Infrastructure for running and building daemons and services linux/x86_64
mono-flickrnet-2.1.5-5 Flickr.Net API Library linux/noarch
mono-locale-extras-2.10.9-8 Extra locale information for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-locale-extras-2.0-2.10.9-8 Extra locale information for Mono 2.0 API linux/x86_64
mono-locale-extras-4.0-2.10.9-8 Extra locale information for Mono 4.0 API linux/x86_64
mono-locale-extras-compat-2.10.9-8 Extra locale information for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-nunit-2.10.9-8 NUnit Testing Framework linux/x86_64
mono-nunit22-2.2.10-3 Unit-testing framework for .NET linux/noarch
mono-nunit22-devel-2.2.10-3 Unit-testing framework for .NET linux/noarch
mono-sharpcvslib-0.35-4 Client cvs library written in C linux/noarch
mono-sharpcvslib-devel-0.35-4 Client cvs library written in C linux/noarch
mono-tools-2.10-6 Mono tools, including the documentation browser linux/noarch
mono-wcf-2.10.9-8 Mono implementation of WCF, Windows Communication Foundation linux/x86_64
mono-wcf-2.0-2.10.9-8 Mono implementation of WCF, Windows Communication Foundation, API 2.0 linux/x86_64
mono-wcf-4.0-2.10.9-8 Mono implementation of WCF, Windows Communication Foundation, API 4.0 linux/x86_64
mono-web-2.10.9-8 ASP.NET, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-web-2.0-2.10.9-8 ASP.NET 2.0, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-web-4.0-2.10.9-8 ASP.NET 4.0, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-web-compat-2.10.9-8 ASP.NET, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono (Compatible package) linux/x86_64
mono-winforms-2.10.9-8 Windows Forms implementation for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-winforms-2.0-2.10.9-8 Windows Forms implementation for Mono 2.0 API linux/x86_64
mono-winforms-4.0-2.10.9-8 Windows Forms implementation for Mono 4.0 API linux/x86_64
mono-winforms-compat-2.10.9-8 Windows Forms implementation for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-winfxcore-2.10.9-8 Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs linux/x86_64
mono-winfxcore-2.0-2.10.9-8 Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs 2.0 linux/x86_64
mono-winfxcore-4.0-2.10.9-8 Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs 4.0 linux/x86_64
mono-zeroconf-0.9.0-8 Cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-1.0-0.9.0-8 Cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-2.0-0.9.0-8 Cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-3.0-0.9.0-8 Cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-4.0-0.9.0-8 Cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-devel-0.9.0-8 Development files for mono-zeroconf linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-doc-0.9.0-8 Development documentation for mono-zeroconf linux/noarch
monodoc-core-2.10.9-8 Monodoc-Documentation tools for C linux/x86_64
moondrake-kde4-config-2013.0-17 Default OpenMandriva Lx KDE configuration linux/noarch
motv-3.102-1 A Motif program for watching TV linux/x86_64
mousetweaks-3.8.0-1 Help motorically impaired users to use the mouse linux/x86_64
mp32ogg-0.11-15 Convert mp3 music files to ogg music files linux/noarch
mpage-2.5.6-12 A tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page linux/x86_64
mpd-0.17.2-2 The Music Player Daemon linux/x86_64
mpeg2dec-0.5.1-16 MPEG-2 Decoder linux/x86_64
mpg123-1.15.4-3 MPEG audio player linux/x86_64
mpg123-jack-1.15.4-3 Jack audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/x86_64
mpg123-nas-1.15.4-3 NAS audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/x86_64
mpg123-openal-1.15.4-3 OpenAL audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/x86_64
mpg123-portaudio-1.15.4-3 Portaudio output plugin for mpg123 linux/x86_64
mpg123-pulse-1.15.4-3 Pulse audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/x86_64
mpg123-sdl-1.15.4-3 SDL audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/x86_64
mpgtx-1.3.1-10 Manipulate tags, split, join, demultiplex, and fetch information on MPEG files linux/x86_64
mplayer-1.1.1-3 Movie player for linux linux/x86_64
mplayer-doc-1.1.1-3 MPlayer documentation linux/noarch
mplayer-gui-1.1.1-3 GUI for mplayer linux/x86_64
mplayer-skins-1.4-18 Skins for mplayer linux/noarch
mplayerthumbs-4.11.2-1 Video thumbnail generator for KDE4 file managers linux/x86_64
mpm-0.8.3-2 Mandriva Package Manager linux/noarch
mscompress-0.3-18 MS compress/expand-compatible (de)compressor linux/x86_64
msec-0.80.10-11 Security Level management for the Mandriva Linux distribution linux/x86_64
msec-gui-0.80.10-11 Graphical msec interface linux/x86_64
mt-st-1.1-8 Programs to control tape device operations linux/x86_64
mtdev-1.1.3-1 Kernel multi-touch transformation library linux/x86_64
mtink-1.0.16-7 Status monitor and configuration tool for Epson inkjet printers linux/x86_64
mtools-4.0.17-4 Programs for accessing MS-DOS disks without mounting the disks linux/x86_64
multipath-tools-0.4.9-1.20121222.1 Tools to manage multipathed devices with the device-mapper linux/x86_64
munge-0.5.10-3 Enables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster linux/x86_64
murrine-0.98.2-2 GTK2 cairo theme linux/x86_64
mutagen-1.21-2 Audio tag tools linux/noarch
mutt-1.5.21-6 Text mode mail user agent linux/x86_64
mutt-doc-1.5.21-6 Manual for Mutt, a text mode mail user agent linux/x86_64
mutt-utf8-1.5.21-6 Text mode mail user agent supporting wide character linux/x86_64
mutter-3.8.3-1 Mutter window manager linux/x86_64
mx-1.4.7-3 User interface toolkit for the MeeGo linux/x86_64
mx4j-3.0.2-5 Open source implementation of JMX Java API linux/noarch
mx4j-javadoc-3.0.2-5 Javadoc for mx4j linux/noarch
mx4j-manual-3.0.2-5 Documentation for mx4j linux/noarch
mx4j-tools-extra-3.0.2-5 Additional protocols and scripting for mx4j linux/noarch
myspell-af_ZA-1.0.2-32 Afrikaans (Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-am_AM-1.0.2-32 Amharic (Ethiopia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ar_AR-1.0.2-32 Arabic (North Africa and Middle East) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-az_AZ-1.0.2-32 Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-bg_BG-1.0.2-32 Bulgarian (Bulgaria) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-bn_BN-1.0.2-32 Bengali (India) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ca_ES-1.0.2-32 Catalan dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-cop_EG-1.0.2-32 Coptic (North Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-cs_CZ-1.0.2-32 Czech (Czech Republic) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-csb_CSB-1.0.2-32 Kashubian (Poland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-cy_GB-1.0.2-32 Welsh (Wales) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-da_DK-1.0.2-32 Danish (Denmark) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-de_AT-1.0.2-32 German (Austria) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-de_CH-1.0.2-32 German (Switzerland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-de_DE-1.0.2-32 German (Germany) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-el_GR-1.0.2-32 Greek (Greece) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-en_AU-1.0.2-32 English (Australian) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-en_CA-1.0.2-32 English (Canada) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-en_GB-1.0.2-32 English (United Kingdom) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-en_NZ-1.0.2-32 English (New Zealand) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-en_US-1.0.2-32 English (US) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-en_ZA-1.0.2-32 English (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-eo_EO-1.0.2-32 Esperanto (anywhere) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-es_ES-1.0.2-32 Spanish (Spain) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-es_MX-1.0.2-32 Spanish (Mexico) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-et_EE-1.0.2-32 Estonian (Estonia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-eu_ES-1.0.2-32 Basque dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fa_FA-1.0.2-32 Farsi (Iran) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fa_IR-1.0.2-32 Persian (Iran) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fi_FI-1.0.2-32 Finnish (Finland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fj_FJ-1.0.2-32 Fijian (Fiji) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fo_FO-1.0.2-32 Faroese (Faroe Islands) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fr_BE-1.0.2-32 French dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fr_FR-1.0.2-32 French (France) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fur_IT-1.0.2-32 Friulian (north-east Italy) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-fy_NL-1.0.2-32 Frisian (Netherlands) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ga_IE-1.0.2-32 Irish (Ireland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-gd_GB-1.0.2-32 Scottish Gaelic (Scotland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-gl_ES-1.0.2-32 Galician (Spain) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-gsc_FR-1.0.2-32 Gascon (France) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-he_IL-1.0.2-32 Hebrew (Israel) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-hi_IN-1.0.2-32 Hindi (India) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-hr_HR-1.0.2-32 Croatian (Croatia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-hu_HU-1.0.2-32 Hungarian (Hungary) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-hy_AM-1.0.2-32 Armenian (Eastern and Western) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-id_ID-1.0.2-32 Indonesian (Indonesia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-is_IS-1.0.2-32 Icelandic (Iceland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-it_IT-1.0.2-32 Italian (Italy) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-km_KH-1.0.2-32 Khmer (Cambodia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ku_TR-1.0.2-32 Kurdish (Iran) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-la_LA-1.0.2-32 Latin (x-register) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-lt_LT-1.0.2-32 Lithuanian (Lithuania) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-lv_LV-1.0.2-32 Latvian (Latvia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-mg_MG-1.0.2-32 Malagasy (Madagascar) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-mi_NZ-1.0.2-32 Maori (New Zealand) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-mn_MN-1.0.2-32 Mongolian (Mongolia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-mr_IN-1.0.2-32 Marathi (India) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ms_MY-1.0.2-32 Malay (Malaysia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-nb_NO-1.0.2-32 Norwegian/Bokmel (Norway) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ne_NP-1.0.2-32 Nepali (Nepal) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-nl_NL-1.0.2-32 Dutch (Netherlands) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-nn_NO-1.0.2-32 Norwegian/Nynorsk (Norway) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-nr_ZA-1.0.2-32 Ndebele (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ns_ZA-1.0.2-32 Northern Sotho (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ny_MW-1.0.2-32 Chichewa (Malawi) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-oc_FR-1.0.2-32 Occitan (France) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-or_OR-1.0.2-32 Oriya (India) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-pa_PA-1.0.2-32 Punjabi (India) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-pl_PL-1.0.2-32 Polish (Poland) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-pt_BR-1.0.2-32 Portuguese (Brasil) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-pt_PT-1.0.2-32 Portuguese (Portugal) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-qu_BO-1.0.2-32 Quechua (Bolivia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ro_RO-1.0.2-32 Romanian (Romania) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ru_RU-1.0.2-32 Russian (Russia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-rw_RW-1.0.2-32 Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-sk_SK-1.0.2-32 Slovak (Slovak Republic) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-sl_SI-1.0.2-32 Slovenian (Slovenia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ss_ZA-1.0.2-32 Swazi/Swati (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-st_ZA-1.0.2-32 Southern Sotho (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-sv_SE-1.0.2-32 Swedish (Sweden) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-sw_KE-1.0.2-32 Kiswahili (Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-sw_TZ-1.0.2-32 Kiswahili (East Africa) Extended Wordlist dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ta_TA-1.0.2-32 Tamil (India) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-tet_ID-1.0.2-32 Tetum (Indonesia) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-th_TH-1.0.2-32 Thai (Thailand) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-tl_PH-1.0.2-32 Tagalog (Philippines) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-tn_ZA-1.0.2-32 Setswana (Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ts_ZA-1.0.2-32 Tsonga (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-uk_UA-1.0.2-32 Ukrainian (Ukraine) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-uz_UZ-1.0.2-32 Uzbek (Uzbekistan) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-ve_ZA-1.0.2-32 Venda (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-vi_VI-1.0.2-32 Vietnamese (Vietnam) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-xh_ZA-1.0.2-32 Xhosa (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
myspell-zu_ZA-1.0.2-32 Zulu (South Africa) dictionaries linux/noarch
mysql-5.5.30-2 A very fast and reliable SQL database engine linux/x86_64
mysql-bench-5.5.30-2 Benchmarks and test system linux/x86_64
mysql-client-5.5.30-2 Client linux/x86_64
mysql-common-5.5.30-2 Common files linux/noarch
mysql-plugin-5.5.30-2 Mysql Plugins linux/x86_64
mysql-server-5.5.30-2 Server mysqld binary linux/x86_64
mythtv-backend-0.26.0-20130328.2 Server component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/x86_64
mythtv-common-0.26.0-20130328.2 Common components needed by multiple other MythTV components linux/x86_64
mythtv-doc-0.26.0-20130328.2 MythTV documentation linux/x86_64
mythtv-frontend-0.26.0-20130328.2 Client component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/x86_64
mythtv-setup-0.26.0-20130328.2 Setup the mythtv backend linux/x86_64
mythtv-themes-base-0.26.0-20130328.2 Base themes for mythtv's frontend linux/noarch

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