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Packages beginning with letter J

jackit-1.9.8-5 The Jack Audio Connection Kit 2 linux/x86_64
jackit-example-clients-1.9.8-5 Example clients that use Jack linux/x86_64
jakarta-commons-dbcp-1.2.2-2 Jakarta Commons DataBase Pooling Package linux/x86_64
jakarta-commons-dbcp-javadoc-1.2.2-2 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-dbcp linux/x86_64
jakarta-commons-dbcp-tomcat5-1.2.2-2 DBCP dependency for Tomcat5 linux/x86_64
jakarta-commons-digester-1.8-3 Jakarta Commons Digester Package linux/x86_64
jakarta-commons-digester-javadoc-1.8-3 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-digester linux/x86_64
jakarta-commons-httpclient-3.1-3 Jakarta Commons HTTPClient implements the client side of HTTP standards linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-httpclient-demo-3.1-3 Demos for jakarta-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-httpclient-javadoc-3.1-3 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-httpclient-manual-3.1-3 Manual for jakarta-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-io-1.4-2.0.4 Commons IO Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-io-javadoc-1.4-2.0.4 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-io linux/noarch
jakarta-oro-2.0.8-4 Full regular expressions API linux/noarch
jakarta-oro-javadoc-2.0.8-4 Javadoc for jakarta-oro linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.2-11 An open-source implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-javadoc-1.1.2-11 Javadoc for jakarta-taglibs-standard linux/noarch
jarjar-1.0-2.rc7.8 Jar Jar Links linux/noarch
jarjar-javadoc-1.0-2.rc7.8 Javadoc for jarjar linux/noarch
jarjar-maven2-plugin-1.0-2.rc7.8 Maven2 plugin for jarjar linux/noarch
jasper-1.900.1-21 JPEG-2000 utilities linux/x86_64
java-1.5.0-gcj- JPackage runtime scripts for GCJ linux/noarch
java-1.5.0-gcj-devel- JPackage development scripts for GCJ linux/noarch
java-1.5.0-gcj-javadoc- API documentation for libgcj linux/noarch
java-1.5.0-gcj-src- Source files for libgcj linux/noarch
java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK Development Environment linux/x86_64
java-1.6.0-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK API Documentation linux/noarch
java-1.7.0-openjdk- OpenJDK Runtime Environment linux/x86_64
java-1.7.0-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK Demos linux/x86_64
java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK Development Environment linux/x86_64
java-1.7.0-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK API Documentation linux/noarch
java-1.7.0-openjdk-src- OpenJDK Source Bundle linux/x86_64
java-access-bridge-1.26.2-8 Assistive technology for Java Swing applications linux/x86_64
java-cup-11a-18 LALR Parser Generator in Java linux/noarch
java-cup-javadoc-11a-18 Javadoc for java-cup linux/noarch
java-cup-manual-11a-18 Documentation for java-cup linux/noarch
java-graphviz-2.30.1-3 Graphviz bindings for java linux/x86_64
java-rpmbuild-1.7.5-10 Java SDK for building Mandriva java rpm packages linux/x86_64
javacc-5.0-6 A parser/scanner generator for java linux/noarch
javacc-demo-5.0-6 Examples for javacc linux/noarch
javacc-manual-5.0-6 Manual for javacc linux/noarch
javacvs-5.0-4 Netbeans CVS module and library linux/noarch
javacvs-lib-5.0-4 Netbeans javacvs library linux/noarch
javacvs-lib-javadoc-5.0-4 Javadoc for javacvs lib linux/noarch
javamail-1.4.3-12 Java Mail API linux/noarch
javamail-javadoc-1.4.3-12 Javadoc for javamail linux/noarch
javapackages-tools-0.4.0-6 OpenMandriva Association macros and scripts for Java packaging support linux/noarch
javassist-3.9.0-2.0.5 Java Programming Assistant: bytecode manipulation linux/noarch
javassist-demo-3.9.0-2.0.5 Samples for javassist linux/noarch
javassist-javadoc-3.9.0-2.0.5 Javadoc for javassist linux/noarch
javassist-manual-3.9.0-2.0.5 Tutorial for javassist linux/noarch
jbig2dec-0.11-9 A decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format linux/x86_64
jbigkit-2.0-10 The JBIG-KIT linux/x86_64
jdepend-2.9.1-2 Java Design Quality Metrics linux/noarch
jdepend-demo-2.9.1-2 Demos for jdepend linux/noarch
jdepend-javadoc-2.9.1-2 Javadoc for jdepend linux/noarch
jdom-1.1.1-4 Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/noarch
jdom-demo-1.1.1-4 Demos for jdom linux/noarch
jdom-javadoc-1.1.1-4 Javadoc for jdom linux/noarch
jflex-1.4.3-1 A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/noarch
jflex-javadoc-1.4.3-1 Javadoc for jflex linux/noarch
jfsutils-1.1.15-3 IBM JFS utility programs linux/x86_64
jhead-2.97-1 Command line tools to read and edit EXIF extensions in JPEG files linux/x86_64
jikes-1.23-0.20050308.6 Java source to bytecode compiler linux/x86_64
jline-1.0-2 Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications linux/noarch
jmock1-1.2.0-3 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jmock1-demo-1.2.0-3 Examples for jmock1 linux/noarch
jmock1-javadoc-1.2.0-3 Javadoc for jmock1 linux/noarch
joe-3.7-9 Summary An easy to use text editor, supporting syntax highlight and UTF-8 linux/x86_64
jovie-4.11.2-1 KTTS - KDE Text-to-Speech linux/x86_64
jovie-devel-4.11.2-1 Devel stuff for jovie linux/x86_64
jpackage-utils-1.7.5-10 JPackage utilities linux/x86_64
jpeg-progs-1.3.0-6 Programs for manipulating JPEG format image files linux/x86_64
jpilot-1.8.1-1 Palm pilot desktop for Linux linux/x86_64
jpilot-Mail-0.1.7-12 Mail plugin for JPilot linux/x86_64
jpilot-devel-1.8.1-1 Header file needed for jpilot plugin development linux/x86_64
jpilot-expense-1.8.1-1 The expense plugin for jpilot linux/x86_64
jpilot-keyring-1.8.1-1 The keyring plugin for jpilot linux/x86_64
jpilot-synctime-1.8.1-1 The synctime plugin for jpilot linux/x86_64
jrefactory-2.8.9-5 JRefactory and Pretty Print linux/noarch
jrexx-1.1.1-4 Automaton based regluar expression API for Java linux/x86_64
jrexx-javadoc-1.1.1-4 Javadoc for jrexx linux/x86_64
js-1.85-10 SpiderMonkey, the Mozilla JavaScript engine linux/x86_64
jsch-0.1.49-0.0.4 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsch-demo-0.1.49-0.0.4 Examples for jsch linux/noarch
jsch-javadoc-0.1.49-0.0.4 Javadoc for jsch linux/noarch
json-glib-i18n-0.16.0-1 Language files for json-glib linux/noarch
jss-4.2.5-4 Network Security Services for Java (JSS) linux/x86_64
jss-javadoc-4.2.5-4 Javadoc for jss linux/x86_64
jtidy-1.0-0.1.r7dev.1.2.13 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/x86_64
jtidy-javadoc-1.0-0.1.r7dev.1.2.13 Javadoc for jtidy linux/x86_64
jtidy-scripts-1.0-0.1.r7dev.1.2.13 Utility scripts for jtidy linux/x86_64
juk-4.11.2-1 A music player and manager for KDE linux/x86_64
junit-4.10-3 Java regression test package linux/noarch
junit-demo-4.10-3 Demos for junit linux/noarch
junit-javadoc-4.10-3 Javadoc for junit linux/noarch
junit-manual-4.10-3 Manual for junit linux/noarch
junit3-3.8.2-2 Java regression test package linux/noarch
junit3-demo-3.8.2-2 Demos for junit3 linux/noarch
junit3-javadoc-3.8.2-2 Javadoc for junit3 linux/noarch
junit3-manual-3.8.2-2 Manual for junit3 linux/noarch
junitperf-1.9.1-2.2.1 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/x86_64
junitperf-demo-1.9.1-2.2.1 Demos for junitperf linux/x86_64
junitperf-javadoc-1.9.1-2.2.1 Javadoc for junitperf linux/x86_64
jython-2.2.1-1 Java source interpreter linux/noarch
jython-demo-2.2.1-1 Demo for jython linux/noarch
jzlib-1.1.1-1 JZlib re-implementation of zlib in pure Java linux/noarch
jzlib-demo-1.1.1-1 Examples for jzlib linux/noarch
jzlib-javadoc-1.1.1-1 Javadoc for jzlib linux/noarch

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