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Packages beginning with letter F

faces-tuxlets-1.1-1 Tuxlets face icons by Arvi Pingus linux/noarch
facile-1.1-14 Constraint programming library linux/x86_64
fakeroot-1.18.4-1 Gives a fake root environment linux/x86_64
falcon- The Falcon Programming Language linux/x86_64
fastjar-0.98-9 Archive tool for Java archives linux/x86_64
fb2png-0.1-17 Take screenshots from the framebuffer linux/x86_64
fbcat-0.3-1 Framebuffer screenshot program linux/x86_64
fbset-2.1-25 Framebuffer utilities for changing video modes linux/x86_64
fbtv-3.102-1 A console program for watching TV linux/x86_64
fcgi-2.4.0-15 The FastCGI development kit linux/x86_64
fcitx- Fcitx - Free Chinese Input Tool for X linux/x86_64
fcitx-anthy-0.1.1-1 Anthy (Japanese IM) plugin for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-chewing-0.2.0-1 Chewing/Qooing (Chinese IM) plugin for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-configtool- Tool for configuring fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-devel- fcitx development library linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk- Common files for the fcitx gtk 2.x and 3.x modules linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk2- fcitx gtk 2.x module linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk3- fcitx gtk 3.x module linux/x86_64
fcitx-hangul-0.2.1-1 Hangul (Korean IM) plugin for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-libpinyin-0.2.92-1 LibPinYin IM plugin for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-m17n-0.2.0-1 M17N plugin for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-mozc-1.10.1390.102.2-1 Japanese input support for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-qt4- fcitx Qt 4.x module linux/x86_64
fcitx-qt5-0.1.0-1 Qt 5.x IM plugin for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-ui- Classic UI for fcitx linux/x86_64
fdupes-1.50-0.PR2.3 Identify or delete duplicate files linux/x86_64
fence-agents-3.0.17-5 Fencing agents for cluster suite linux/x86_64
festival-2.1-5 A free speech synthesizer linux/x86_64
festlex-CMU-1.4.3-10 CMU dictionary in Festival form linux/noarch
festlex-POSLEX-1.4.3-10 Festival Speech Lexicons for Engish linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc-common-1.4.3-10 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) - Common linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc16k-1.4.3-10 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) 16kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc8k-1.4.3-10 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) 8kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc-common-1.4.3-10 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KED) - Common linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc16k-1.4.3-10 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KED) 16kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc8k-1.4.3-10 Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KDE) 8kHz linux/noarch
fetchmail-6.3.22-2 Full-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon linux/x86_64
fetchmail-daemon-6.3.22-2 SySV init script for demonize fetchmail for retrieving emails linux/x86_64
fetchmailconf-6.3.22-2 A utility for graphically configuring your fetchmail preferences linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-1.2.1-1 Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder linux/x86_64
ffmpegthumbs-4.11.2-1 Video thumbnail generator for KDE4 file managers linux/x86_64
fftw-wisdom-3.3.3-2 FFTW-wisdom file generator linux/x86_64
fidentify-6.13-4 Data recovery software linux/x86_64
file-5.15-2 A utility for determining file types linux/x86_64
file-roller-3.7.2-1 An archive manager for GNOME linux/x86_64
filelight-4.11.2-1 Graphical disk usage statistics linux/x86_64
filesystem-2.1.9-18 The basic directory layout for a Linux system linux/x86_64
filezilla- Fast and reliable FTP client linux/x86_64
finch-2.10.7-3 A text-based user interface for Pidgin linux/x86_64
findutils-4.5.11-3 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/x86_64
finger-0.17-19 The finger client linux/x86_64
finger-server-0.17-19 The finger daemon linux/x86_64
firebird- Firebird SQL database management system linux/x86_64
firebird-classic- Meta-package for Firebird SQL Classic Database (xinetd based) linux/x86_64
firebird-devel- Development Libraries for Firebird SQL Database linux/x86_64
firebird-server-classic- Classic (xinetd) server for Firebird SQL Database linux/x86_64
firebird-server-common- Common files for Firebird SQL Database servers linux/x86_64
firebird-server-superserver- Superserver (single process) server for Firebird SQL Database linux/x86_64
firebird-superclassic- Meta-package for Firebird SQL SuperClassic Database linux/x86_64
firebird-superserver- Meta-package for Firebird SQL SuperServer Database (standalone) linux/x86_64
firebird-utils-classic- Client programs for Firebird SQL Database linux/x86_64
firebird-utils-common- Client programs for Firebird SQL Database linux/x86_64
firebird-utils-superserver- Client programs for Firebird SQL Database linux/x86_64
firefox-ext-scribefire-4.0-6 ScribeFire extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-xmarks-4.1.0-1 Xmarks Bookmark Synchronizer extension for firefox linux/noarch
flac-1.3.0-1 An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/x86_64
flex-2.5.37-2 A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers) linux/x86_64
flex-devel-2.5.37-2 Static libraries for flex scanner generator linux/x86_64
flow-2.7.2-2 Diagramming and flowcharting apps for calligra linux/x86_64
flphoto-1.3.1-17 All what you need for the photos from your digital camera linux/x86_64
fluid-soundfont-common-3.1-4 Common files for FluidR3 soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gm-3.1-4 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gs-3.1-4 Pro-quality General Standard Extension soundfont linux/noarch
fluidsynth-1.1.6-5 Realtime, SoundFont-based synthesizer linux/x86_64
flute-1.3.0-1 Java CSS parser using SAC linux/noarch
flute-javadoc-1.3.0-1 Javadoc for flute linux/noarch
fluxbox-1.3.3-1 Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code linux/x86_64
fluxbox-pulseaudio-1.3.3-1 Enable pulseaudio support linux/x86_64
fmirror-0.8.4-18 FTP mirroring package linux/x86_64
folks-0.8.0-4 Aggregates people from multiple sources to create metacontacts linux/x86_64
font-tools-0.1-25 Some utilities for use by drakfont linux/x86_64
fontforge-1.0-0.20120731b.5 Font Editor for PostScript, TrueType, OpenType and various fonts linux/x86_64
fontforge-python-1.0-0.20120731b.5 Library bindings for python linux/x86_64
fonts-bitmap-tscii-1.1-14 Tamil Bitmap fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-1.1-18 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-arabeyes-2.0-10 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-farsi-0.4-14 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-kacst-2.0-8 Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-armenian-1.1-23 Armenian TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-bengali-0.5-13 A set of Bangla fonts under GPL linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-bitstream-vera-1.10-14 Bitstream Vera ttf fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-chinese-0.2.20080216.1-10 Unified Chinese True Type font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-decoratives-1.3-27 True Type Fonts (decoratives) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-default-zh_CN-0.2.0-10 Virtual package providing default zh_CN fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-dejavu-2.34-1 DejaVu ttf Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-devanagari-1.0-8 Devanagari TTF font(s) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-droid-1.0-9 Droid Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-ethiopic-1.0-15 Ethiopic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-freefont-20090104-7 A set of free Truetype fonts (GPL) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-japanese-0.20120403-1 Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-kannada-1.0-11 Kannada TTF fonts (Unicode encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-korean-1.0.2-0.080608.10 Un Fonts in Koream linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-latex-0.1-13 LaTeX TrueType fonts for LyX linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-liberation-2.00.1-2 Fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Windows Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-lohit-2.3.8-7 Free Indian truetype/opentype fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-malayalam-1.0-9 Malayalam TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tamil-1.1-14 Tamil TTF fonts (Unicode encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-thai-0.4.17-1 Thai TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tifinagh-1.0-31 Tifinagh TTF font(s) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tscii-1.1-14 Tamil TTF fonts (TSCII encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-unifont-5.1.20080907-4 GNU Unifont glyphs linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-west_european-1.3-27 TrueType fonts (West European charset) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-wqy-microhei-0.2.0-10 WenQuanYi MicroHei TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-cyrillic-1.1-16 Cyrillic Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-greek-2.0-13 Greek Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-hebrew-0.130-1 Hebrew Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonttosfnt-1.0.4-7 Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper linux/x86_64
foomatic-db-4.0-2.20130115.2 Foomatic printer/driver database linux/noarch
foomatic-db-engine-4.0.9-1 Foomatic database access, printer admin, and printing utils linux/x86_64
foomatic-filters-4.0.17-3 Foomatic filters needed to run print queues with Foomatic PPDs linux/x86_64
fop-1.0-0.0.5 XSL-driven print formatter linux/noarch
fop-javadoc-1.0-0.0.5 Javadoc for fop linux/noarch
fortune-mod-1.99.1-26 A program which will display a fortune linux/x86_64
fpc-2.6.2-1 Free Pascal Compiler linux/x86_64
fpc-base-2.6.2-1 Ide and rtl units with some base unit linux/x86_64
fpc-src-2.6.2-1 Source code of Free Pascal Compiler linux/noarch
fpc-units-2.6.2-1 Units not included in fpc-base linux/x86_64
fpc-units-ptcpas-503-2 A free, portable framebuffer library, written in Free Pascal linux/x86_64
fpc-units-ptcpas-demos-503-2 Demo applications for fpc-units-ptcpas linux/x86_64
fping-3.5-1 Quickly ping N number of hosts to determine their reachability linux/x86_64
fprintd-0.4.1-2 D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access linux/x86_64
fprintd-devel-0.4.1-2 Development files for fprintd linux/x86_64
fprintd-pam-0.4.1-2 PAM module for fingerprint authentication linux/x86_64
freeipmi-1.2.7-1 FreeIPMI linux/x86_64
freeipmi-fish-1.2.7-1 FreeIPMI Shell linux/x86_64
freeipmi-utils-1.2.7-1 FreeIPMI Utilities linux/x86_64
freeradius-2.1.12-6 High-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server linux/x86_64
freeradius-krb5-2.1.12-6 The Kerberos module for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-ldap-2.1.12-6 The LDAP module for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-mysql-2.1.12-6 The MySQL module for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-postgresql-2.1.12-6 The PostgreSQL module for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-sqlite-2.1.12-6 The sqlite module for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-unixODBC-2.1.12-6 The unixODBC module for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-web-2.1.12-6 Web based administration interface for freeradius linux/x86_64
freetds-0.91-6 An OpenSource implementation of the tabular data stream protocol linux/x86_64
freetds-doc-0.91-6 User documentation for FreeTDS linux/x86_64
freetype-demos- A collection of FreeType demos linux/x86_64
freetype2-demos-2.4.10-4plf A collection of FreeType demos linux/x86_64
frei0r-plugins-1.3-5 A minimalistic plugin API for video effects linux/x86_64
frei0r-plugins-devel-1.3-5 Development files for frei0r-plugins linux/x86_64
fribidi-0.19.5-2 Library to support Bi-directional scripts linux/x86_64
frozen-bubble-2.212.0-8 Frozen Bubble arcade game linux/x86_64
fskbsetting-0.3.2-4 GUI Front-end for setxkbmap Command linux/x86_64
fslsfonts-1.0.4-1 List fonts served by X font server linux/x86_64
fstobdf-1.0.5-1 Generate BDF font from X font server linux/x86_64
ftjam-2.5.3rc2-2 Replacement for make linux/x86_64
fuse-2.9.3-1 Interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the kernel linux/x86_64
fuse-exfat-1.0.1-1 Free exFAT file system implementation linux/x86_64
fuseiso-20070708-7 FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images linux/x86_64
fwlogwatch-1.2-5 Firewall log analyzer, report generator and realtime response agent linux/x86_64
fxload-2002_04_11-15 EZ-USB utility program linux/x86_64

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