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Packages beginning with letter V

v8-devel- v8 - development headers linux/armv7hl
vacuum-im-1.3.0-0.16.20191014git9f3952b.fc31 XMPP/Jabber client linux/armv7hl
vacuum-im-data-1.3.0-0.16.20191014git9f3952b.fc31 Images, themes and translatons for vacuum-im linux/noarch
vacuum-im-debuginfo-1.3.0-0.16.20191014git9f3952b.fc31 Debug information for package vacuum-im linux/armv7hl
vacuum-im-debugsource-1.3.0-0.16.20191014git9f3952b.fc31 Debug sources for package vacuum-im linux/armv7hl
vacuum-im-devel-1.3.0-0.16.20191014git9f3952b.fc31 Development Files for Vacuum-IM linux/armv7hl
vagrant-2.2.6-1.fc31 Build and distribute virtualized development environments linux/noarch
vagrant-doc-2.2.6-1.fc31 Documentation for vagrant linux/noarch
vagrant-sshfs-1.3.3-1.fc31 A Vagrant synced folder plugin that mounts folders via SSHFS linux/noarchNew
vagrant-sshfs-doc-1.3.3-1.fc31 Documentation for vagrant-sshfs linux/noarchNew
vala-0.46.5-1.fc31 A modern programming language for GNOME linux/armv7hl
vala-debuginfo-0.46.5-1.fc31 Debug information for package vala linux/armv7hl
vala-debugsource-0.46.5-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vala linux/armv7hl
vala-doc-0.46.5-1.fc31 Documentation for vala linux/noarch
valadoc-0.46.5-1.fc31 Vala documentation generator linux/armv7hl
valadoc-debuginfo-0.46.5-1.fc31 Debug information for package valadoc linux/armv7hl
valadoc-devel-0.46.5-1.fc31 Development files for valadoc linux/armv7hl
variety-0.8.0-0.7.gite81db6b.fc31 Wallpaper changer that automatically downloads wallpapers linux/noarch
varlink-cli-4.5.0-1.fc31 Varlink command line tool linux/armv7hl
varlink-cli-debuginfo-4.5.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package varlink-cli linux/armv7hl
varnish-6.3.1-1.fc31 High-performance HTTP accelerator linux/armv7hl
varnish-devel-6.3.1-1.fc31 Development files for varnish linux/armv7hl
varnish-docs-6.3.1-1.fc31 Documentation files for varnish linux/armv7hl
vdirsyncer-0.16.7-6.fc31 Synchronize calendars and contacts linux/noarch
vdirsyncer-doc-0.16.7-6.fc31 Documentation for vdirsyncer linux/noarch
vdr-epg-daemon-1.1.149-1.fc31 A daemon to download EPG data from internet and manage it in a mysql database linux/armv7hl
vdr-epg-daemon-debuginfo-1.1.149-1.fc31 Debug information for package vdr-epg-daemon linux/armv7hl
vdr-epg-daemon-debugsource-1.1.149-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vdr-epg-daemon linux/armv7hl
vdr-epg2vdr-1.1.106-1.fc31 A plugin to retrieve EPG data from a mysql database into VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-epg2vdr-debuginfo-1.1.106-1.fc31 Debug information for package vdr-epg2vdr linux/armv7hl
vdr-epg2vdr-debugsource-1.1.106-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vdr-epg2vdr linux/armv7hl
vdr-epgsearch-2.4.0-10.fc31 Powerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-epgsearch-debuginfo-2.4.0-10.fc31 Debug information for package vdr-epgsearch linux/armv7hl
vdr-epgsearch-debugsource-2.4.0-10.fc31 Debug sources for package vdr-epgsearch linux/armv7hl
vdr-tvguide-1.2.15-1.fc31 TvGuide is a highly customizable 2D EPG viewer plugin linux/armv7hl
vdr-tvguide-debuginfo-1.2.15-1.fc31 Debug information for package vdr-tvguide linux/armv7hl
vdr-tvguide-debugsource-1.2.15-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vdr-tvguide linux/armv7hl
verbiste-0.1.47-1.fc31 French conjugation system linux/armv7hl
verbiste-debuginfo-0.1.47-1.fc31 Debug information for package verbiste linux/armv7hl
verbiste-debugsource-0.1.47-1.fc31 Debug sources for package verbiste linux/armv7hl
verbiste-devel-0.1.47-1.fc31 Development files for verbiste linux/armv7hl
verbiste-gnome-0.1.47-1.fc31 GNOME Panel applet for Verbiste linux/armv7hl
verbiste-gnome-debuginfo-0.1.47-1.fc31 Debug information for package verbiste-gnome linux/armv7hl
veritysetup-2.2.2-1.fc31 A utility for setting up dm-verity volumes linux/armv7hl
veritysetup-debuginfo-2.2.2-1.fc31 Debug information for package veritysetup linux/armv7hl
veusz-3.1-1.fc31 GUI scientific plotting package linux/armv7hl
veusz-debuginfo-3.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package veusz linux/armv7hl
veusz-debugsource-3.1-1.fc31 Debug sources for package veusz linux/armv7hl
vgrive-1.4.0-1.fc31 Google Drive client for Linux linux/armv7hl
vgrive-debuginfo-1.4.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package vgrive linux/armv7hl
vgrive-debugsource-1.4.0-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vgrive linux/armv7hl
video-downloader-0.2.2-1.fc31 Download videos from websites like YouTube and many others linux/noarchNew
viewnior-1.7-7.fc31 Elegant image viewer linux/armv7hl
viewnior-debuginfo-1.7-7.fc31 Debug information for package viewnior linux/armv7hl
viewnior-debugsource-1.7-7.fc31 Debug sources for package viewnior linux/armv7hl
vim-X11-8.2.109-1.fc31 The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System - GVim linux/armv7hlNew
vim-X11-debuginfo-8.2.109-1.fc31 Debug information for package vim-X11 linux/armv7hlNew
vim-airline-0.11-1.fc31 Lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air linux/noarch
vim-common-8.2.109-1.fc31 The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor linux/armv7hlNew
vim-common-debuginfo-8.2.109-1.fc31 Debug information for package vim-common linux/armv7hlNew
vim-debuginfo-8.2.109-1.fc31 Debug information for package vim linux/armv7hlNew
vim-debugsource-8.2.109-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vim linux/armv7hlNew
vim-devicons-0.11.0-1.20191110gite3e6aa1.fc31 Adds file type icons to Vim plugins linux/noarch
vim-enhanced-8.2.109-1.fc31 A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements linux/armv7hlNew
vim-enhanced-debuginfo-8.2.109-1.fc31 Debug information for package vim-enhanced linux/armv7hlNew
vim-filesystem-8.2.109-1.fc31 VIM filesystem layout linux/noarchNew
vim-gitgutter-0-2.20191207git1c53af9.fc31 Shows a git diff in the gutter and stages/undoes hunks and partial hunks linux/noarch
vim-gv-0-3.20191207gitf12b8b8.fc31 Git commit browser in Vim linux/noarch
vim-minimal-8.2.109-1.fc31 A minimal version of the VIM editor linux/armv7hlNew
vim-minimal-debuginfo-8.2.109-1.fc31 Debug information for package vim-minimal linux/armv7hlNew
vim-nerdtree-git-plugin-0-1.20191024gitf522a09.fc31 Plugin of NERDTree showing git status linux/noarch
vim-pathogen-0-2.20181213gite9fb091.fc31 Manage your runtimepath linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-3.10.0-3.fc31 A vim plugins to check syntax for programming languages linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-ada-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for ada programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-ansible-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for ansible programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-asciidoc-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for asciidoc programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-asl-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for asl programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-asm-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for asm programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-c-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for c programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-cabal-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for cabal programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-coffee-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for coffee programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-coq-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for coq programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-cpp-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for cpp programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-cs-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for cs programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-css-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for css programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-cucumber-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for cucumber programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-docbk-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for docbk programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-elixir-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for elixir programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-erlang-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for erlang programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-eruby-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for eruby programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-fortran-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for fortran programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-glsl-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for glsl programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-go-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for go programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-haml-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for haml programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-haskell-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for haskell programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-help-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for help programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-html-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for html programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-java-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for java programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-javascript-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for javascript programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-json-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for json programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-julia-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for julia programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-less-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for less programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-lex-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for lex programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-llvm-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for llvm programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-lua-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for lua programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-matlab-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for matlab programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-nasm-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for nasm programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-objc-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for objc programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-objcpp-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for objcpp programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-ocaml-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for ocaml programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-perl-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for perl programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-perl6-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for perl6 programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-php-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for php programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-po-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for po programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-pod-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for pod programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-puppet-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for puppet programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-python-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for python programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-qml-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for qml programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-rnc-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for rnc programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-rst-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for rst programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-ruby-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for ruby programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-sass-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for sass programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-scala-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for scala programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-scss-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for scss programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-sh-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for sh programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-spec-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for spec programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-tcl-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for tcl programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-tex-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for tex programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-texinfo-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for texinfo programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-text-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for text programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-trig-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for trig programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-turtle-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for turtle programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-vala-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for vala programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-verilog-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for verilog programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-vhdl-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for vhdl programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-vim-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for vim programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-xhtml-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for xhtml programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-xml-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for xml programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-xslt-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for xslt programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-yacc-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for yacc programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-yaml-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for yaml programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-yara-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for yara programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-z80-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for z80 programming language linux/noarch
vim-syntastic-zsh-3.10.0-3.fc31 A syntax checker for zsh programming language linux/noarch
vimiv-qt-0.3.0-1.fc31 An image viewer with vim-like keybindings linux/armv7hl
vimiv-qt-debuginfo-0.3.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package vimiv-qt linux/armv7hl
vimiv-qt-debugsource-0.3.0-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vimiv-qt linux/armv7hl
vinagre-3.22.0-16.fc31 VNC client for GNOME linux/armv7hl
vinagre-debuginfo-3.22.0-16.fc31 Debug information for package vinagre linux/armv7hl
vinagre-debugsource-3.22.0-16.fc31 Debug sources for package vinagre linux/armv7hl
vips-8.8.4-2.fc31 C/C++ library for processing large images linux/armv7hl
vips-debuginfo-8.8.4-2.fc31 Debug information for package vips linux/armv7hl
vips-debugsource-8.8.4-2.fc31 Debug sources for package vips linux/armv7hl
vips-devel-8.8.4-2.fc31 Development files for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-doc-8.8.4-2.fc31 Documentation for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-tools-8.8.4-2.fc31 Command-line tools for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-tools-debuginfo-8.8.4-2.fc31 Debug information for package vips-tools linux/armv7hl
virtme-0.1.1-12.fc31 Virtualize the running distro or a simple rootfs linux/noarch
vit-2.0.0-3.fc31 Visual Interactive Taskwarrior full-screen terminal interface linux/noarch
vitables-3.0.2-1.fc31 Viewer for Hierarchical Datafiles (HDF5) linux/noarchNew
vitables-doc-3.0.2-1.fc31 vitables documentation and examples linux/noarchNew
vmod-uuid-1.6-5.fc31 UUID module for Varnish Cache linux/armv7hl
vmod-uuid-debuginfo-1.6-5.fc31 Debug information for package vmod-uuid linux/armv7hl
vmod-uuid-debugsource-1.6-5.fc31 Debug sources for package vmod-uuid linux/armv7hl
vokoscreenNG-3.0.0-2.fc31 User friendly Open Source screencaster linux/armv7hlNew
vokoscreenNG-debuginfo-3.0.0-2.fc31 Debug information for package vokoscreenNG linux/armv7hlNew
vokoscreenNG-debugsource-3.0.0-2.fc31 Debug sources for package vokoscreenNG linux/armv7hlNew
votca-csg-1.5.1-1.fc31 VOTCA coarse-graining engine linux/armv7hl
votca-csg-bash-1.5.1-1.fc31 Bash completion for VOTCA CSG linux/noarch
votca-csg-common-1.5.1-1.fc31 Architecture independent data files for VOTCA CSG linux/noarch
votca-csg-debuginfo-1.5.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package votca-csg linux/armv7hl
votca-csg-debugsource-1.5.1-1.fc31 Debug sources for package votca-csg linux/armv7hl
votca-csg-devel-1.5.1-1.fc31 Development headers and libraries for VOTCA coarse-graining Engine linux/armv7hl
votca-csg-doc-1.5.1-1.fc31 Architecture independent doc files for VOTCA CSG linux/noarch
votca-csg-libs-1.5.1-1.fc31 Libraries for VOTCA coarse-graining engine linux/armv7hl
votca-csg-libs-debuginfo-1.5.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package votca-csg-libs linux/armv7hl
votca-tools-1.5.1-2.fc31 VOTCA tools library linux/armv7hl
votca-tools-debuginfo-1.5.1-2.fc31 Debug information for package votca-tools linux/armv7hl
votca-tools-debugsource-1.5.1-2.fc31 Debug sources for package votca-tools linux/armv7hl
votca-tools-devel-1.5.1-2.fc31 Development headers and libraries for votca-tools linux/armv7hl
votca-xtp-1.5.1-1.fc31 VOTCA excitation and charge properties module linux/armv7hl
votca-xtp-common-1.5.1-1.fc31 Architecture independent data files for VOTCA XTP linux/noarch
votca-xtp-debuginfo-1.5.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package votca-xtp linux/armv7hl
votca-xtp-debugsource-1.5.1-1.fc31 Debug sources for package votca-xtp linux/armv7hl
votca-xtp-devel-1.5.1-1.fc31 Development headers and libraries for VOTCA XTP linux/armv7hl
votca-xtp-doc-1.5.1-1.fc31 Architecture independent doc files for VOTCA XTP linux/noarch
votca-xtp-libs-1.5.1-1.fc31 Libraries for VOTCA excitation and charge properties module linux/armv7hl
votca-xtp-libs-debuginfo-1.5.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package votca-xtp-libs linux/armv7hl
vte-profile-0.58.3-1.fc31 Profile script for VTE terminal emulator library linux/armv7hl
vte291-0.58.3-1.fc31 Terminal emulator library linux/armv7hl
vte291-debuginfo-0.58.3-1.fc31 Debug information for package vte291 linux/armv7hl
vte291-debugsource-0.58.3-1.fc31 Debug sources for package vte291 linux/armv7hl
vte291-devel-0.58.3-1.fc31 Development files for vte291 linux/armv7hl
vte291-devel-debuginfo-0.58.3-1.fc31 Debug information for package vte291-devel linux/armv7hl

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