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Packages beginning with letter H

haproxy-2.0.12-1.fc31 HAProxy reverse proxy for high availability environments linux/armv7hl
haproxy-debuginfo-2.0.12-1.fc31 Debug information for package haproxy linux/armv7hl
haproxy-debugsource-2.0.12-1.fc31 Debug sources for package haproxy linux/armv7hl
haveged-1.9.8-1.fc31 A Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm linux/armv7hl
haveged-debuginfo-1.9.8-1.fc31 Debug information for package haveged linux/armv7hl
haveged-debugsource-1.9.8-1.fc31 Debug sources for package haveged linux/armv7hl
haveged-devel-1.9.8-1.fc31 Headers and shared development libraries for HAVEGE algorithm linux/armv7hl
hdf-4.2.14-6.fc31 A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data linux/armv7hl
hdf-debuginfo-4.2.14-6.fc31 Debug information for package hdf linux/armv7hl
hdf-debugsource-4.2.14-6.fc31 Debug sources for package hdf linux/armv7hl
hdf-devel-4.2.14-6.fc31 HDF4 development files linux/armv7hl
hdf-libs-4.2.14-6.fc31 HDF4 shared libraries linux/armv7hl
hdf-libs-debuginfo-4.2.14-6.fc31 Debug information for package hdf-libs linux/armv7hl
hdf-static-4.2.14-6.fc31 HDF4 static libraries linux/armv7hl
heatseeker-1.7.0-1.fc31 Fast, robust, and portable fuzzy finder linux/armv7hl
heatseeker-debuginfo-1.7.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package heatseeker linux/armv7hl
hedgewars-1.0.0-3.fc31 Funny turn-based artillery game, featuring fighting Hedgehogs! linux/armv7hl
hedgewars-data-1.0.0-3.fc31 Game data for hedgewars linux/noarch
hedgewars-debuginfo-1.0.0-3.fc31 Debug information for package hedgewars linux/armv7hl
hedgewars-debugsource-1.0.0-3.fc31 Debug sources for package hedgewars linux/armv7hl
hedgewars-server-1.0.0-3.fc31 Standalone server for hedgewars linux/armv7hl
hedgewars-server-debuginfo-1.0.0-3.fc31 Debug information for package hedgewars-server linux/armv7hl
heimdal-debuginfo-7.7.0-2.fc31 Debug information for package heimdal linux/armv7hl
heimdal-debugsource-7.7.0-2.fc31 Debug sources for package heimdal linux/armv7hl
heimdal-devel-7.7.0-2.fc31 Header and other development files for Heimdal kerberos linux/armv7hl
heimdal-devel-debuginfo-7.7.0-2.fc31 Debug information for package heimdal-devel linux/armv7hl
heimdal-libs-7.7.0-2.fc31 Heimdal kerberos shared libraries linux/armv7hl
heimdal-libs-debuginfo-7.7.0-2.fc31 Debug information for package heimdal-libs linux/armv7hl
heimdal-path-7.7.0-2.fc31 Heimdal kerberos PATH manipulation linux/armv7hl
heimdal-server-7.7.0-2.fc31 Heimdal kerberos server linux/armv7hl
heimdal-server-debuginfo-7.7.0-2.fc31 Debug information for package heimdal-server linux/armv7hl
heimdal-workstation-7.7.0-2.fc31 Heimdal kerberos programs for use on workstations linux/armv7hl
heimdal-workstation-debuginfo-7.7.0-2.fc31 Debug information for package heimdal-workstation linux/armv7hl
hexchat-2.14.3-1.fc31 A popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client linux/armv7hlNew
hexchat-debuginfo-2.14.3-1.fc31 Debug information for package hexchat linux/armv7hlNew
hexchat-debugsource-2.14.3-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hexchat linux/armv7hlNew
hexchat-devel-2.14.3-1.fc31 Development files for hexchat linux/armv7hlNew
hgview-1.13.0-1.fc31 Mercurial interactive Qt based history viewer linux/noarch
hgview-common-1.13.0-1.fc31 Common files for the hgview Mercurial interactive history viewer linux/noarch
hidviz-0.1.5-1.fc31 A tool for in-depth analysis of USB HID devices communication linux/armv7hl
hidviz-debuginfo-0.1.5-1.fc31 Debug information for package hidviz linux/armv7hl
hidviz-debugsource-0.1.5-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hidviz linux/armv7hl
hitch-1.5.2-1.fc31 Network proxy that terminates TLS/SSL connections linux/armv7hl
hitch-debuginfo-1.5.2-1.fc31 Debug information for package hitch linux/armv7hl
hitch-debugsource-1.5.2-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hitch linux/armv7hl
holland-1.1.21-1.fc31 Pluggable Backup Framework linux/noarchNew
holland-common-1.1.21-1.fc31 Common library functionality for Holland Plugins linux/noarchNew
holland-commvault-1.1.21-1.fc31 Holland plugin for Commvault linux/noarchNew
holland-lvm-1.1.21-1.fc31 LVM library functionality for Holland Plugins linux/noarchNew
holland-mariabackup-1.1.21-1.fc31 Holland plugin for Mariabackup linux/noarchNew
holland-mongodump-1.1.21-1.fc31 Mongodump backup provider plugin for holland linux/noarchNew
holland-mysql-1.1.21-1.fc31 MySQL library functionality for Holland Plugins linux/noarchNew
holland-mysqldump-1.1.21-1.fc31 Logical mysqldump backup plugin for Holland linux/noarchNew
holland-mysqllvm-1.1.21-1.fc31 Holland LVM snapshot backup plugin for MySQL linux/noarchNew
holland-pgdump-1.1.21-1.fc31 Holland Backup Provider for PostgreSQL linux/noarchNew
holland-xtrabackup-1.1.21-1.fc31 Holland plugin for Percona XtraBackup linux/noarchNew
hostapd-2.9-2.fc31 IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator linux/armv7hl
hostapd-debuginfo-2.9-2.fc31 Debug information for package hostapd linux/armv7hl
hostapd-debugsource-2.9-2.fc31 Debug sources for package hostapd linux/armv7hl
hostapd-logwatch-2.9-2.fc31 Logwatch scripts for hostapd linux/armv7hl
hplip-3.19.12-2.fc31 HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project linux/armv7hlNew
hplip-common-3.19.12-2.fc31 Files needed by the HPLIP printer and scanner drivers linux/armv7hlNew
hplip-debuginfo-3.19.12-2.fc31 Debug information for package hplip linux/armv7hlNew
hplip-debugsource-3.19.12-2.fc31 Debug sources for package hplip linux/armv7hlNew
hplip-gui-3.19.12-2.fc31 HPLIP graphical tools linux/armv7hlNew
hplip-libs-3.19.12-2.fc31 HPLIP libraries linux/armv7hlNew
hplip-libs-debuginfo-3.19.12-2.fc31 Debug information for package hplip-libs linux/armv7hlNew
hstr-2.2-1.fc31 Suggest box like shell history completion linux/armv7hl
hstr-debuginfo-2.2-1.fc31 Debug information for package hstr linux/armv7hl
hstr-debugsource-2.2-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hstr linux/armv7hl
ht-2.1.0-6.fc31 File editor/viewer/analyzer for executables linux/armv7hl
ht-debuginfo-2.1.0-6.fc31 Debug information for package ht linux/armv7hl
ht-debugsource-2.1.0-6.fc31 Debug sources for package ht linux/armv7hl
htmldoc-1.9.7-1.fc31 Converter from HTML into indexed HTML, PostScript, or PDF linux/armv7hl
htmldoc-debuginfo-1.9.7-1.fc31 Debug information for package htmldoc linux/armv7hl
htmldoc-debugsource-1.9.7-1.fc31 Debug sources for package htmldoc linux/armv7hl
htmltest-0.11.0-1.fc31 Test generated HTML for problems linux/armv7hlNew
htmltest-debuginfo-0.11.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package htmltest linux/armv7hlNew
htmltest-debugsource-0.11.0-1.fc31 Debug sources for package htmltest linux/armv7hlNew
htslib-1.9-4.fc31 C library for high-throughput sequencing data formats linux/armv7hl
htslib-debuginfo-1.9-4.fc31 Debug information for package htslib linux/armv7hl
htslib-debugsource-1.9-4.fc31 Debug sources for package htslib linux/armv7hl
htslib-devel-1.9-4.fc31 Development files for htslib linux/armv7hl
htslib-tools-1.9-4.fc31 Additional htslib-based tools linux/armv7hl
htslib-tools-debuginfo-1.9-4.fc31 Debug information for package htslib-tools linux/armv7hl
http_ping-20160309-1.fc31 HTTP latency measuring utility linux/armv7hl
http_ping-debuginfo-20160309-1.fc31 Debug information for package http_ping linux/armv7hl
http_ping-debugsource-20160309-1.fc31 Debug sources for package http_ping linux/armv7hl
httpd-2.4.41-9.fc31 Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
httpd-debuginfo-2.4.41-9.fc31 Debug information for package httpd linux/armv7hl
httpd-debugsource-2.4.41-9.fc31 Debug sources for package httpd linux/armv7hl
httpd-devel-2.4.41-9.fc31 Development interfaces for the Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
httpd-filesystem-2.4.41-9.fc31 The basic directory layout for the Apache HTTP Server linux/noarch
httpd-manual-2.4.41-9.fc31 Documentation for the Apache HTTP Server linux/noarch
httpd-tools-2.4.41-9.fc31 Tools for use with the Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
httpd-tools-debuginfo-2.4.41-9.fc31 Debug information for package httpd-tools linux/armv7hl
hub-2.12.8-1.fc31 Command-line tool that makes git easier to use with GitHub linux/armv7hl
hub-debuginfo-2.12.8-1.fc31 Debug information for package hub linux/armv7hl
hub-debugsource-2.12.8-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hub linux/armv7hl
hunspell-1.7.0-4.fc31 A spell checker and morphological analyzer library linux/armv7hl
hunspell-debuginfo-1.7.0-4.fc31 Debug information for package hunspell linux/armv7hl
hunspell-debugsource-1.7.0-4.fc31 Debug sources for package hunspell linux/armv7hl
hunspell-devel-1.7.0-4.fc31 Files for developing with hunspell linux/armv7hl
hunspell-devel-debuginfo-1.7.0-4.fc31 Debug information for package hunspell-devel linux/armv7hl
hwdata-0.331-1.fc31 Hardware identification and configuration data linux/noarch
hydra-9.0-1.fc31 Very fast network log-on cracker linux/armv7hl
hydra-debuginfo-9.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package hydra linux/armv7hl
hydra-debugsource-9.0-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hydra linux/armv7hl
hydra-frontend-9.0-1.fc31 The GTK+ front end for hydra linux/armv7hl
hydra-frontend-debuginfo-9.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package hydra-frontend linux/armv7hl
hydrapaper-1.9.8-2.fc31 Set two different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME linux/noarch
hylafax+-7.0.1-1.fc31 An enterprise-strength fax server linux/armv7hl
hylafax+-client-7.0.1-1.fc31 Client programs for HylaFAX fax servers linux/armv7hl
hylafax+-client-debuginfo-7.0.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package hylafax+-client linux/armv7hl
hylafax+-debuginfo-7.0.1-1.fc31 Debug information for package hylafax+ linux/armv7hl
hylafax+-debugsource-7.0.1-1.fc31 Debug sources for package hylafax+ linux/armv7hl
hyperfine-1.9.0-1.fc31 Command-line benchmarking tool linux/armv7hl
hyperfine-debuginfo-1.9.0-1.fc31 Debug information for package hyperfine linux/armv7hl

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