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Packages beginning with letter T

tar-1.30-4.el8 A GNU file archiving program linux/aarch64
target-restore-2.1.71-4.el8 Systemd service for targetcli/rtslib linux/noarch
tcl-8.6.8-2.el8 Tool Command Language, pronounced tickle linux/aarch64
tcl-devel-8.6.8-2.el8 Tcl scripting language development environment linux/aarch64
tcl-doc-8.6.8-2.el8 Tcl documentation linux/noarch
tdb-tools-1.4.2-2.el8 Developer tools for the Tdb library linux/aarch64
teamd-1.29-1.el8_2.2 Team network device control daemon linux/aarch64New
teamd-1.29-1.el8 Team network device control daemon linux/aarch64
time-1.9-3.el8 A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources linux/aarch64
timedatex-0.5-3.el8 D-Bus service for system clock and RTC settings linux/aarch64
tmpwatch-2.11-14.el8 A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed linux/aarch64
tmux-2.7-1.el8 A terminal multiplexer linux/aarch64
tpm-quote-tools-1.0.3-4.el8 TPM-based attestation using the TPM quote operation (tools) linux/aarch64
tpm-tools-1.3.9-7.el8 Management tools for the TPM hardware linux/aarch64
tpm-tools-pkcs11-1.3.9-7.el8 Management tools using PKCS#11 for the TPM hardware linux/aarch64
tpm2-abrmd-2.1.1-3.el8 A system daemon implementing TPM2 Access Broker and Resource Manager linux/aarch64
tpm2-abrmd-selinux-2.0.0-3.el8 SELinux policies for tpm2-abrmd linux/noarch
tpm2-tools-3.2.1-1.el8 A TPM2.0 testing tool build upon TPM2.0-TSS linux/aarch64
tpm2-tss-2.0.0-4.el8 TPM2.0 Software Stack linux/aarch64
tpm2-tss-devel-2.0.0-4.el8 Headers and libraries for building apps that use tpm2-tss linux/aarch64
trace-cmd-2.7-8.el8 A user interface to Ftrace linux/aarch64
traceroute-2.1.0-6.el8 Traces the route taken by packets over an IPv4/IPv6 network linux/aarch64
tree-1.7.0-15.el8 File system tree viewer linux/aarch64
trousers-0.3.14-4.el8 TCG's Software Stack v1.2 linux/aarch64
trousers-lib-0.3.14-4.el8 TrouSerS libtspi library linux/aarch64
tuna-0.14-4.el8 Application tuning GUI & command line utility linux/noarch
tuned-2.13.0-6.el8 A dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon linux/noarch
tuned-profiles-atomic-2.13.0-6.el8 Additional tuned profile(s) targeted to Atomic linux/noarch
tuned-profiles-compat-2.13.0-6.el8 Additional tuned profiles mainly for backward compatibility with tuned 1.0 linux/noarch
tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning-2.13.0-6.el8 Additional tuned profile(s) optimized for CPU partitioning linux/noarch
tuned-profiles-mssql-2.13.0-6.el8 Additional tuned profile(s) for MS SQL Server linux/noarch
tuned-profiles-oracle-2.13.0-6.el8 Additional tuned profile(s) targeted to Oracle loads linux/noarch
tzdata-2020a-1.el8 Timezone data linux/noarch
tzdata-2019c-1.el8 Timezone data linux/noarch

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