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Packages beginning with letter G

gamin-0.1.10-31.el8 Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API linux/aarch64
gawk-4.2.1-1.el8 The GNU version of the AWK text processing utility linux/aarch64
gdbm-1.18-1.el8 A GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing linux/aarch64
gdbm-devel-1.18-1.el8 Development libraries and header files for the gdbm library linux/aarch64
gdbm-libs-1.18-1.el8 Libraries files for gdbm linux/aarch64
gdisk-1.0.3-6.el8 An fdisk-like partitioning tool for GPT disks linux/aarch64
gdk-pixbuf2-2.36.12-5.el8 An image loading library linux/aarch64
genwqe-tools-4.0.20-5.el8 GenWQE userspace tools linux/aarch64
genwqe-vpd-4.0.20-5.el8 GenWQE adapter VPD tools linux/aarch64
genwqe-zlib-4.0.20-5.el8 GenWQE hardware accelerated libz linux/aarch64
genwqe-zlib-devel-4.0.20-5.el8 Development files for genwqe-tools linux/aarch64
gettext- GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages linux/aarch64
gettext-common-devel- Common development files for gettext linux/noarch
gettext-devel- Development files for gettext linux/aarch64
gettext-libs- Libraries for gettext linux/aarch64
gfs2-utils-3.2.0-7.el8 Utilities for managing the global file system (GFS2) linux/aarch64
glib-networking-2.56.1-1.1.el8 Networking support for GLib linux/aarch64
glib2-2.56.4-8.el8 A library of handy utility functions linux/aarch64
glib2-devel-2.56.4-8.el8 A library of handy utility functions linux/aarch64
glib2-fam-2.56.4-8.el8 FAM monitoring module for GIO linux/aarch64
glib2-tests-2.56.4-8.el8 Tests for the glib2 package linux/aarch64
glibc-2.28-101.el8 The GNU libc libraries linux/aarch64
glibc-all-langpacks-2.28-101.el8 All language packs for glibc. linux/aarch64
glibc-common-2.28-101.el8 Common binaries and locale data for glibc linux/aarch64
glibc-devel-2.28-101.el8 Object files for development using standard C libraries. linux/aarch64
glibc-headers-2.28-101.el8 Header files for development using standard C libraries. linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-aa-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for aa linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-af-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for af linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-agr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for agr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ak-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ak linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-am-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for am linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-an-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for an linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-anp-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for anp linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ar-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ar linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-as-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for as linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ast-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ast linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ayc-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ayc linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-az-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for az linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-be-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for be linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bem-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bem linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ber-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ber linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bg-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bg linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bhb-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bhb linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bho-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bho linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bo-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bo linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-br-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for br linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-brx-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for brx linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-bs-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for bs linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-byn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for byn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ca-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ca linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ce-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ce linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-chr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for chr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-cmn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for cmn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-crh-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for crh linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-cs-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for cs linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-csb-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for csb linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-cv-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for cv linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-cy-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for cy linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-da-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for da linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-de-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for de linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-doi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for doi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-dsb-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for dsb linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-dv-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for dv linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-dz-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for dz linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-el-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for el linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-en-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for en linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-eo-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for eo linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-es-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for es linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-et-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for et linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-eu-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for eu linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fa-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fa linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ff-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ff linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fil-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fil linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fo-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fo linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fur-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fur linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-fy-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for fy linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ga-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ga linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-gd-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for gd linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-gez-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for gez linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-gl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for gl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-gu-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for gu linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-gv-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for gv linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ha-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ha linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hak-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hak linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-he-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for he linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hif-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hif linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hne-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hne linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hsb-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hsb linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ht-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ht linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hu-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hu linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-hy-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for hy linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ia-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ia linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-id-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for id linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ig-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ig linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ik-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ik linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-is-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for is linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-it-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for it linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-iu-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for iu linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ja-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ja linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ka-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ka linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-kab-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for kab linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-kk-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for kk linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-kl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for kl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-km-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for km linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-kn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for kn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ko-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ko linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-kok-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for kok linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ks-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ks linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ku-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ku linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-kw-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for kw linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ky-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ky linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lb-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lb linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lg-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lg linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-li-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for li linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lij-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lij linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ln-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ln linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lo-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lo linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lt-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lt linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lv-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lv linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-lzh-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for lzh linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mag-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mag linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mai-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mai linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mfe-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mfe linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mg-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mg linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mhr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mhr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-miq-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for miq linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mjw-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mjw linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mk-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mk linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ml-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ml linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mni-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mni linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ms-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ms linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-mt-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for mt linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-my-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for my linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nan-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nan linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nb-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nb linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nds-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nds linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ne-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ne linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nhn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nhn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-niu-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for niu linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-nso-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for nso linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-oc-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for oc linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-om-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for om linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-or-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for or linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-os-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for os linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-pa-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for pa linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-pap-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for pap linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-pl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for pl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ps-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ps linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-pt-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for pt linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-quz-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for quz linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-raj-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for raj linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ro-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ro linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ru-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ru linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-rw-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for rw linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sa-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sa linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sah-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sah linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sat-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sat linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sc-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sc linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sd-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sd linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-se-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for se linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sgs-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sgs linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-shn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for shn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-shs-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for shs linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-si-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for si linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sid-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sid linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sk-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sk linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sm-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sm linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-so-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for so linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sq-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sq linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ss-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ss linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-st-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for st linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sv-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sv linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-sw-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for sw linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-szl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for szl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ta-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ta linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tcy-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tcy linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-te-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for te linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tg-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tg linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-th-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for th linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-the-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for the linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ti-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ti linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tig-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tig linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tk-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tk linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tl-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tl linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tn-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tn linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-to-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for to linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tpi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tpi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tr-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tr linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ts-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ts linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-tt-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for tt linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ug-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ug linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-uk-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for uk linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-unm-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for unm linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ur-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ur linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-uz-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for uz linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-ve-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for ve linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-vi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for vi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-wa-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for wa linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-wae-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for wae linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-wal-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for wal linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-wo-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for wo linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-xh-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for xh linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-yi-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for yi linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-yo-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for yo linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-yue-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for yue linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-yuw-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for yuw linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-zh-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for zh linux/aarch64
glibc-langpack-zu-2.28-101.el8 Locale data for zu linux/aarch64
glibc-locale-source-2.28-101.el8 The sources for the locales linux/aarch64
glibc-minimal-langpack-2.28-101.el8 Minimal language packs for glibc. linux/aarch64
glusterfs-6.0-37.el8 Distributed File System linux/aarch64
glusterfs-6.0-20.el8 Distributed File System linux/aarch64
glusterfs-client-xlators-6.0-37.el8 GlusterFS client-side translators linux/aarch64
glusterfs-client-xlators-6.0-20.el8 GlusterFS client-side translators linux/aarch64
glusterfs-fuse-6.0-37.el8 Fuse client linux/aarch64
glusterfs-fuse-6.0-20.el8 Fuse client linux/aarch64
glusterfs-libs-6.0-37.el8 GlusterFS common libraries linux/aarch64
glusterfs-libs-6.0-20.el8 GlusterFS common libraries linux/aarch64
glusterfs-rdma-6.0-37.el8 GlusterFS rdma support for ib-verbs linux/aarch64
glusterfs-rdma-6.0-20.el8 GlusterFS rdma support for ib-verbs linux/aarch64
gmp-6.1.2-10.el8 A GNU arbitrary precision library linux/aarch64
gmp-c++-6.1.2-10.el8 C++ bindings for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library linux/aarch64
gmp-devel-6.1.2-10.el8 Development tools for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library linux/aarch64
gnupg2-2.2.9-1.el8 Utility for secure communication and data storage linux/aarch64
gnupg2-smime-2.2.9-1.el8 CMS encryption and signing tool and smart card support for GnuPG linux/aarch64
gnutls-3.6.8-11.el8_2 A TLS protocol implementation linux/aarch64
gnutls-3.6.8-10.el8_2 A TLS protocol implementation linux/aarch64
gnutls-3.6.8-9.el8 A TLS protocol implementation linux/aarch64
gobject-introspection-1.56.1-1.el8 Introspection system for GObject-based libraries linux/aarch64
gpgme-1.10.0-6.el8.0.1 GnuPG Made Easy - high level crypto API linux/aarch64
gpgmepp-1.10.0-6.el8.0.1 C++ bindings/wrapper for GPGME linux/aarch64
grep-3.1-6.el8 Pattern matching utilities linux/aarch64
groff-base-1.22.3-18.el8 Parts of the groff formatting system required to display manual pages linux/aarch64
grub2-common-2.02-87.el8_2 grub2 common layout linux/noarch
grub2-common-2.02-81.el8 grub2 common layout linux/noarch
grub2-efi-aa64-2.02-87.el8_2 GRUB for EFI systems. linux/aarch64
grub2-efi-aa64-2.02-81.el8 GRUB for EFI systems. linux/aarch64
grub2-efi-aa64-cdboot-2.02-87.el8_2 Files used to boot removeable media with EFI linux/aarch64
grub2-efi-aa64-cdboot-2.02-81.el8 Files used to boot removeable media with EFI linux/aarch64
grub2-efi-aa64-modules-2.02-87.el8_2 Modules used to build custom grub.efi images linux/noarch
grub2-efi-aa64-modules-2.02-81.el8 Modules used to build custom grub.efi images linux/noarch
grub2-efi-ia32-modules-2.02-87.el8_2 Modules used to build custom grub.efi images linux/noarch
grub2-efi-ia32-modules-2.02-81.el8 Modules used to build custom grub.efi images linux/noarch
grub2-efi-x64-modules-2.02-87.el8_2 Modules used to build custom grub.efi images linux/noarch
grub2-efi-x64-modules-2.02-81.el8 Modules used to build custom grub.efi images linux/noarch
grub2-pc-modules-2.02-87.el8_2 Modules used to build custom grub images linux/noarch
grub2-pc-modules-2.02-81.el8 Modules used to build custom grub images linux/noarch
grub2-ppc64le-modules-2.02-87.el8_2 Modules used to build custom grub images linux/noarch
grub2-ppc64le-modules-2.02-81.el8 Modules used to build custom grub images linux/noarch
grub2-tools-2.02-87.el8_2 Support tools for GRUB. linux/aarch64
grub2-tools-2.02-81.el8 Support tools for GRUB. linux/aarch64
grub2-tools-extra-2.02-87.el8_2 Support tools for GRUB. linux/aarch64
grub2-tools-extra-2.02-81.el8 Support tools for GRUB. linux/aarch64
grub2-tools-minimal-2.02-87.el8_2 Support tools for GRUB. linux/aarch64
grub2-tools-minimal-2.02-81.el8 Support tools for GRUB. linux/aarch64
grubby-8.40-38.el8 Command line tool for updating BootLoaderSpec files linux/aarch64
gsettings-desktop-schemas-3.32.0-4.el8 A collection of GSettings schemas linux/aarch64
gssproxy-0.8.0-15.el8 GSSAPI Proxy linux/aarch64
gzip-1.9-9.el8 The GNU data compression program linux/aarch64

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