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RPM of Group Development/Tools

autoconf213-2.13-39.el8 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code linux/noarch
autogen-5.18.12-7.el8 Automated text file generator linux/aarch64
ctags-etags-5.8-22.el8 Exuberant Ctags for emacs tag format linux/aarch64
dejagnu-1.6.1-2.el8 A front end for testing other programs linux/noarch
dtc-1.4.6-1.el8 Device Tree Compiler linux/aarch64
elfutils-devel-static-0.176-5.el8 Static archives to handle compiled objects linux/aarch64
elfutils-libelf-devel-static-0.176-5.el8 Static archive of libelf linux/aarch64
flex-devel-2.6.1-9.el8 Libraries for flex scanner generator linux/aarch64
gflags-2.1.2-6.el8 Library for commandline flag processing linux/aarch64
go-compilers-golang-compiler-1-20.el8 compiler for golang linux/aarch64
libdwarf-tools-20180129-4.el8 Tools for accessing DWARF debugging information linux/aarch64
plexus-ant-factory-1.0-0.20.a2.2.module_el8.0.0+30+832da3a1 Plexus Ant component factory linux/noarch
python-sphinx-locale-1.7.6-1.el8 Locale files for python-sphinx linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-1.7.6-1.el8 Python documentation generator linux/noarch
qemu-kvm-tests-2.12.0-88.module_el8.1.0+297+df420408.3 tests for the qemu-kvm package linux/aarch64
qemu-kvm-tests-2.12.0-88.module_el8.1.0+266+ba744077.2 tests for the qemu-kvm package linux/aarch64
qemu-kvm-tests-2.12.0-88.module_el8.1.0+258+1d2a1d58.1 tests for the qemu-kvm package linux/aarch64
re2c-0.14.3-2.el8 Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/aarch64
tog-pegasus-devel-2.14.1-44.el8 The OpenPegasus Software Development Kit linux/aarch64
uglify-js-2.8.29-1.el8 JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit linux/noarch

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