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Packages beginning with letter I

ibacm-29.0-3.el8 InfiniBand Communication Manager Assistant linux/aarch64
icu-60.3-2.el8_1 International Components for Unicode linux/aarch64
ima-evm-utils-1.1-5.el8 IMA/EVM support utilities linux/aarch64
infiniband-diags-29.0-3.el8 InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools linux/aarch64
info-6.5-6.el8 A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation linux/aarch64
initscripts-10.00.8-1.el8 Basic support for legacy System V init scripts linux/aarch64
integritysetup-2.3.3-1.el8 A utility for setting up dm-integrity volumes linux/aarch64
iotop-0.6-16.el8 Top like utility for I/O linux/noarch
ipcalc-0.2.4-4.el8 IP network address calculator linux/aarch64
iproute-5.3.0-5.el8 Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools linux/aarch64
iproute-tc-5.3.0-5.el8 Linux Traffic Control utility linux/aarch64
iprutils-2.4.19-1.el8 Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID adapters linux/aarch64
ipset-7.1-1.el8 Manage Linux IP sets linux/aarch64
ipset-libs-7.1-1.el8 Shared library providing the IP sets functionality linux/aarch64
ipset-service-7.1-1.el8 ipset service for ipsets linux/noarch
iptables-1.8.4-14.el8 Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities linux/aarch64
iptables-arptables-1.8.4-14.el8 User space tool to set up tables of ARP rules in kernel linux/aarch64
iptables-devel-1.8.4-14.el8 Development package for iptables linux/aarch64
iptables-ebtables-1.8.4-14.el8 Ethernet Bridge frame table administration tool linux/aarch64
iptables-libs-1.8.4-14.el8 iptables libraries linux/aarch64
iptables-services-1.8.4-14.el8 iptables and ip6tables services for iptables linux/aarch64
iptables-utils-1.8.4-14.el8 iptables and ip6tables services for iptables linux/aarch64
iptraf-ng-1.1.4-18.el8 A console-based network monitoring utility linux/aarch64
iptstate-2.2.6-6.el8 A top-like display of IP Tables state table entries linux/aarch64
iputils-20180629-2.el8 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/aarch64
iputils-ninfod-20180629-2.el8 Node Information Query Daemon linux/aarch64
irqbalance-1.4.0-4.el8 IRQ balancing daemon linux/aarch64
iscsi-initiator-utils- iSCSI daemon and utility programs linux/aarch64
iscsi-initiator-utils-iscsiuio- Userspace configuration daemon required for some iSCSI hardware linux/aarch64
isns-utils-0.99-1.el8 The iSNS daemon and utility programs linux/aarch64
isns-utils-devel-0.99-1.el8 Development files for iSNS linux/aarch64
isns-utils-libs-0.99-1.el8 Shared library files for iSNS linux/aarch64
iw-4.14-5.el8 A nl80211 based wireless configuration tool linux/aarch64
iwl100-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 100 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl1000-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 1000 B/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl105-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 105 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl135-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 135 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl2000-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 2000 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl2030-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 2030 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl3160-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 3160 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl3945-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 A/B/G network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl4965-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl5000-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 5000 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl5150-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 5150 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl6000-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6000 AGN Adapter linux/noarch
iwl6000g2a-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6005 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl6000g2b-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6030 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl6050-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6050 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl7260-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 726x/8000/9000 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwpmd-29.0-3.el8 iWarp Port Mapper userspace daemon linux/aarch64

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